Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Won't Happen Again

Guys, I had already been to workout.  I came home from there  and did some work here...then I decided to go out again to walk.  Stopped by a store first and passed by a mirror.  I am vain, so I looked and I did not expect to see a woman whose mid back length hair was frizzled from being out a long time in humidity yesterday morning.

  Nor did I expect to see that my yoga pants were hanging longer, looking limp and flappy about the legs.  Nor did I expect to see the T shirt that I wore was too long, bedraggled looking in that it was limp and flappy around me as well.   The pants and shirt were well faded navy blue.  All cotton  I might add and all horrible looking as they are old..the pants alone are a good 10 years old and  they are washed frequently as they are (were?) a fave pair of pants.  Not any more.  I was so embarrassed at how I looked, I left to come home and change clothes.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

OH good GRIEF! Can You HELP!?

Guys,  EVERY time I comer here to my own blog, Google puts me through this horrible line up of information they have that"you MUST click thru this EVERY time you try to log in.  Stuff that forces me to go through all their account security info.  It will let me sign in but then, there is this horrible SAME thing with  pre-set boxes of info that I am forced to click thru wasting quite a few minutes of time.  I can't get OUT of it.  Does anyone  else here suffer with the same treatment?  Katie only has to go through it once in a while.  MY blog, it is every time and I can't find a way to get out of it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things to Note

Hi Guys and Ladies...Ladies and Guys.

It seems that my policy of not allowing comments to appear unapproved after 48 hours is causing a problem to some folks here and there.  I do that  as most of you know because it keeps the SPAM out of my old blogs in archives here in Ramblingon as well as  keeps SPAM out of those blogs dated two days ago and then,  going backward.

I have occasionally sensed hurt feelings from a  friend or two  when they do make comments occasionally who are not sure why their comments aren't here.  They are here--- after I make my way over here, and log on to this blog.  That's when I read and approve the comments that were left after 48 hours.

To those who are sometimes puzzled why  I am not here as often to approve comments,  my deepest apologies.  My plate is usually full daily with much to do and accomplish...but Katie will NOT wait, so she rules the roost on blog typing. What she says goes and if she says I have to help her, I do.  I can wait  for mine and will.  Ain't like anyone is tearing this blog down to read it, so I take my time on this one anymore.

Meanwhile, it's HOT HOT HOT.  I haven't been taking walks much now even early, as the air is super saturated and too warm as well.  I do work out however and try to get a few extra steps in that way.

Katie got an ear infection Sunday and went to the Vet Monday morning.  He instilled an ointment into her ear that is supposed to last a week.  It's apparently new for cat use.  Anyone curious can email me for what it is.

Come on in...Baby take your coat off.....this is one of my favorite views, strong hot sunshine  out of my front door.  So, come on in.