Wednesday, September 26, 2018

LOVE it When That Happens!

Well sir, yesterday was my birthday.  I was in the pet food store when my cell phone rang. It was my teacher son calling from one of his classes in Charlotte.  He had asked his class if they wanted to sing Happy Birthday to me.  IF they say they do, they get the opportunity to do so.  He holds his cell phone up and the kids sing.  These are middle school teens.  I LOVED it.  Almost every year I get that serenade some time in the day.  Sometimes three times in the day from as many classes.  It never fails to be such a great gift!

I have the best sons in the world, and Katie, Admiral, Robin, Hopping John, Smokey,  ExCalibur, all of our babies, have the best brothers in the world.  We are each and all so fortunate to have one another in our lives.

I still have all the tons of handmade cards, notes and sentiments from the kids for many years!  Last year they totally outdid themselves!


Hopping John

Katie Isabella

Robin...Matriarch who reared my children all by herself. Cherished.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Oh For Pete Sake

Well, the tech from you-know-what-company left that morning and the internet was perfect the rest of the day and evening.  However the next day it went off and on every minute seriously, all day and night.  I called you-know-who again and reported that it wasn't fixed.

They sent another tech out and he found more bad cable going around the house and took that away and replaced it.  Now...the rest of the day yesterday and all day today...perfect.  I hope it stays that way.

Katie was hard to catch but didn't say anything.  She went through several indignities while at the Vet.  Nothing was found about her side.  Go figure.  She was sure almost snappish to ME while I combed her.  I am happy to see it was temporary!

AN organization is coming by on the 25th to pick up clothing and small appliances for donation.  I have 4 giant leaf and lawn bags filled.  About 50 hangers that are not needed and just the cheapest they will go to the dump.  But those 4 bags go out on the porch 9/25.  The house will be able to breathe better getting that bunch of stuff OUT.  I found still  hangered and still in the store bag woman's suit I bought back in like '95...Haberdasher Brand...expensive and well made.  Sadly out of style with wide lapels.   I just looked them up on line just this minute and all they have are shirts pants and hooded sweatshirts.  How the mighty fell! Back then, they were all about business clothing.  At the time I thought I was leaving uniform and starting a courier job back and forth to a large city that could use someone with my expertise.  Had three interviews, won the position...tried to resign from where I was doing what I did, and "they" said no, they needed me here.  Well, that shot my plans straight out of the water!  I had a lot of dress clothes for the job after accepting it.  I actually tried to get "them" to pay for the clothes I bought after getting the new position.  Never heard a peep.  Just never used them. Made me mad every time I saw them.  Nowadays they'd still get away with was not an everyday situation. they go, sadly out of date and someone else can possibly make use of a lot of it.

OK...whined and groused.  OH..forgot to tell you once I got started on all the closets, I cannot STOP! I feel topped off with energy and can't be still.  I never can but now, worse than ever.  I pop up off the chair and head straight for a door.  Open it and here we go again.

Coreopsis I took a pic of.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Another Day...Maybe a Dollar?

Well, I had C*m**s* out today (their people troll the net for a mention of their name and they've contacted me several times via my blog's mention of them).

I cut the cord a year ago. I have an antenna, along with another phone service to serve as a landline and the only thing that comes in by cable is my internet. Instead of $2256.00 a year, my bill from them is a fourth of that now. I do have their fastest net which cost $12.00 a month more than standard but...I stream from Netflix when I ever watch the TV and it pays for me to have the faster.  Oh, Katie watches her baby shows from PBS each day.  But that's free and available with my antenna. I get 26 channels.  I (and Katie) watch 2.  Anyway, my landline (yes, I still want one) costs for a year what C*m**s* charged for a month.  I'm waaaaaay ahead.

I did have to go from the usual phone driven burglar alarm to a wifi alarm system.  It reports even faster via wifi. The tech came out today as I do have the inside wiring added on to my bill.  I chose to have that feature regardless of it's $7.00 per month--- just in case.  Today was one of the times I needed it.  He found lots of loose connections and the ancient splitter I had out there had about had it completely.  That's why the cable was cutting on and off.  Now I should be up and running with none of the horrible interruptions I had every few minutes for months.  (it would stop doing that for a few weeks and then, start up again).

There was the thing today; and in two hours I have to take Katie to the Vet.  Her side is sensitive to touch.  I hope I can get her into the carrier.  The minute she sees the carrier with its door turned upward so as to lower her into it...she runs.  If I can't, then we go another day when I can.

No wonder it's hotter in here!  I went to the thermostat just now and I had it set to a much warmer temp because the tech was going in and out and left the front door open. Now it will cool off.

Looks like it will remain hot and raining as it has been for 7 months now  Maybe in January it will cool down.  Anymore, the bulbs are up and blooming in January!

What are you all doing?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Change is coming

Katie is asleep in the corner here is her room, on her other favorite blankie, the red one that her Auntie Karen knitted for her as a welcome to the family gift back when she was gotchad. She is snoring to beat the band!  At night when she heads into bed, she parks next to my head and slips her face into my ear.  All is well despite tickling from the whiskers; until the snoring starts.  Hers.

Anyway, I posted in Face Book that I went to the park this morning as there was a vestigial coolness to the lightest breeze up there as long as I was under the shadows of the trees.

You can see the shadows on the other side of the park as well.  I love Fall, and it is well on its way.  My Dogwood is losing a few yellowed leaves now and its berries are out in clusters.

I sweated as though I had swam (swum??)  the entire walk!  I haven't been up there hardly at all since the heat and humidity that stayed without a break (until today) was so horrible.  I joined a gym so as to use their treadmill instead.  At least, though you work up a sweat, you're not in the same shape as though you were outside under the sun.

Thought to take a chance this morning and got up there just about 9.  Plenty of shade so I started trotting.

Did I tell you that as a gift, I am being taken to Biltmore House for my birthday this month?  And over night as well.  The entire family are going as well.  This is a first.  The boys are renting a Van so we can all travel together.  They are paying my Hotel fee,  admissions to functions, meals, the trip-- and I have the pleasure of their company as well.  Riches to me, having them all together including grandchild and my daughter-in-law, whom I love.  We are also headed to Blue Ridge Parkway too for photography opportunities.  I can hardly wait!

You guys doing anything good today?  xx

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Going Hunting

For wildflowers.  It has been so hot and so humid that this summer I haven't been enthusiastic at all about going hunting as I call it, for wildflowers to take their portraits! They always sit so well for me.  They never complain or ask to get out of the assignment.  BUT they DO wriggle and bob about to my annoyance.  They are just kids so it's to be expected.

There isn't a lot left where I am able to get to so I'm not expecting anything.  I did have a bonanza of flowers in the Spring.  Some of the places I traditionally went are flower-less and have been for several; years.  Not sure why.  But it's sad.

I could take pictures of standard flowers, roses, daisy s and the like.  I enjoy them but wild flowers are my favorite.  They have the best conversations with me. My Flickr friends know of those whispered convos through the years.  I ask the flowers first and they gave me permission to tell their story.

Here's an old picture from a few years ago.  Won't find these about today due to season and availability ...but I can enjoy them from several years ago.  I hope you do as well.