Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Gracious!

The Big Bad Boogyman Flower...Raaaar!
I am all alone but not for long. They were gone all afternoon..came home for an hour and left again so I took that time to read, brush the Admiral, aka Miss Catt, read some more..take a bath, and in other words, veg.

I got the car detailed yesterday and in one of the blogs I spoke of that. Miyuki looks like a girl again she is so shiny and gorgeous. All hand waxed, tire dressing, the whole ball of wax. And do you has been 2 weeks since I broke out the camera. I was so bitten up with insects those 2 weeks ago, I took a break for a bit. I am thinking of another excursion within a week or so.

I am SO glad to see a goods many of our blog family here. We are a tight knot of friends/family and so glad we are staying that way. It would be awful not to have one another to lean on any more.

I'm tired of the drama over there but I still have a fondness for them. that fondness for Spaces will evaporate at the merest next change. I'm used to them but they are going where I don't want to be.

I have been trying to check in on everyone. Spaces is like a ghost town as far as our family here is concerned, seems like, anyway.

Have a great rest of the evening. Despite Miss Catt being such a completely quiet girl, and me sleeping soundly, the sleep deficit is still very real for me and I am deathly sleepy even this early.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

Whatta day! HOT and HUMID . The boys are here, so I am cooking. Made Swedish meatballs and egg noodles and man alive was that GOOD! Had corn on the cob too, and broccoli with cheese. Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. I am bursting. OH my BELLY. And French vanilla ice cream... the premium kind. Nothing too good for the birthday boy.

Got the car detailed.$$$$$$$ but worth every penny. Miyuki looks like a new car. Got my new car cover on for the first time. Nice silky like one. Fit great.

Got more grocery shopping done (every day so far) to feed everyone. Too Miss Catt to the V-E-T! She was swooped down upon, gathered and lowered into the carrier..the heart rending sounds commenced. But she is still 10.3 pounds and has not budged an ounce in a long time. She seems so healthy except for her pitiful allergies that she did not have to have her blood test to see how her hyperthyroidism was doing,.as her weight says- all is well.

Speaking of her, she was in such itching misery last night that she pulled out all the stops calling and alerting me (jumping on me and calling) in the bed from 0130 onward. It was a horrible night..and the boys had to listen to it too. I couldn't wait to get her there to the v-e-t. She should be much much better now.

My tomato plant is still flourishing. Nothing is ripe, no, but the maters are still there and not bored into by bugs that I can tell. The plant has about 15 tomatoes in various stages.

Just saying hi. Red heart Since they're here I'll likely pay attention to them. Wink

Monday, June 28, 2010

Whatta Bummer

I made an entry about 4 this afternoon after I had cleaned the house, all that stuff and voila! It was empty except the title. Now maybe that was a good thing! However, since there was nothing there I deleted it of course. All that fer nothin'.
Finished the 3 days/3 midnight shifts and thank heaven I am home till I start days on Monday. (I say that for the family who reads...I know no one else is interested).
Got a sort-of compliment kinda sorta the other day before I started work. I was in the music store trying to find some good loud headbanging music as per usual. A young guy was also looking and when I picked up several things he asked were they for my kids. I said no, they were for me. A little discussion ensued regarding music choices. I said that I also loved Classical.
In any case, he said " Man, I wish my mom was like you." I asked why, and he said what was funny enough to make make laugh helplessly for a minute or so. He said " Mom's are so old!" I said I had son's his age and likely they would be pleased to hear him as I never did think my boys want me to be "old" in the way he meant it. I feel he was referring to certain personality styles, and an open mind perhaps. That is not to say that being my age means it's curtains for being spontaneous and fun loving. In HIS eyes it did and to him, I seemed an anomoly. That's why it was funny.
I have a family statement. It's "I'll never assume the uniform!". One could argue with me if I wrote what I mean by that, and it is not my intention to offend anyone. My sons have heard it for years from me.
Oh, I won't be an old lady one day wearing teenager clothing..not that (and I wrote a blog on that issue last month or so.) but I won't ever stop being who I am. A young woman in a middle age woman's facade. GRIN. As Pop Eye would have said and often did, " I yam what I yam" and that's not what one might expect.
Gee, if I keep this up, I'll tell all!!! Better quit. For now.


Some folks are just, well, just trolls, aren't they? I mean, you wonder if indeed they really DO live under a bridge, just like Billy Goat Gruff from old children's fairy tales.
About everyone has met a troll in their lives. It may be a relative, a neighbor or someone with whom you work. The ones with whom you work are the worst ones to clang up against 'cause you can't get away from them. It's always you who has to compromise; not them. They're having a blast.
Where did this all come from? Well, a friend just returned a book I bought some months ago and lent to her. It has made the rounds of a lot of my friends. I saw the author on GMA one morning being interviewed. It's called " The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, PhD, and I am here to tell you that it really sheds light on those people you dread to deal with. I highly recommend it. It opened MY eyes to two persons I have worked with and why they are what they are. They are sociopaths. That is not the same as psychopaths, by the way. Did I spell that right? I swear, I wish this thing had a spell check.
Another book I heard about also on GMA and bought is called " He's Just Not That Into You." by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. We are talking a major eye opener here folks.
No, I am not being paid to do this. Just I feel it is worth while reading.
Any way, I am struggling to stay awake till at least 2200. Had 3 hrs. of sleep after I got home. Me and the guys all went out to breakfast right after work. We do that on the last midnight shift as a celebration. That got me into bed late and I still had to get up at noon in order to get my nights and days turned around again. So, I am sleepy and trying to be a big girl and stay up. That way I will feel like a million dollars tomorrow.
If I go sit down to finish reading all the papers that piled up waiting on these 6 days/nights work cycle to end, it will be curtains for me. The cat will be in my lap all purring and I'll go right off to sleep. That would be OK if it didn't mean I'd be up and at 'em at 0400.

Running or at least walking fast

Been out all day. It's 1519 hrs. so that's a long time. Loved it all. And for the 3rd of February, I can't believe I needed the vehicle's air conditioning on for a while. It got downright too warm in the car. Partial sun and dark clouds both. Supposed to snow tonight or/and tomorrow. Go figure.
Now that I haven't any excuse to avoid it via errands to do, I guess I need to go clean the tub and tub surround. Sigh.
I'm going to make some chocolate walnut frosted brownies to take into work Monday. I seem to bring something about every month when I start that particular set of day shifts. I guess it's an internal celebration that once I get those 3 shifts done, it's long break (7 days). Hopefully, weather permitting, I will try once more to head over the mountains to Charlotte on the weekend of the break. Too iffy though. Last month, it was snow, heavy amounts in the mountains, some snow locally and a suspicion of snow there. I had to give up and remain home hence missing one of my son's birthday. That's OK though as after September, time will not be an element in my plans.
I have made no plans whatsoever for this particular break. I haven't called anyone nor have they called me. So this may be some real and restful downtime for me. I like it either way as long as it isn't work.

Blankety Blank

Anyone who has a companion cat knows whereof I speak.
I got up to clean up HER hairball she urked. As I was in the kitchen disposing of said object, I returned to my chair and magazine to find a head turned towards me, green eyes looking at me straight in the eyes, two pink silk lined ears sticking straight up and there she my chair!
You know, you can't leave your chair without a cat taking advantage of it and getting into the warm spot you made before you can blink an eye!! I had to watch the rest of the basketball game (UT won!!! Go VOLS!) from the cold vantage point of the couch!!!
If that isn't enough, another service she provides is laying her head on my hand. The one that moves the mouse, and the one I also need to hit the shift key. So you lump along, trying to type with one hand because a furry head is positioned on the other hand.
Right now I have slipped my hand out from under her chin but she is keeping the mouse warmed up for me. Sigh.
That reminds me, I need to see about a cat sitter.
Made her mad last night. She'd settled in, curled up tight against my neck and shoulder when I heard fire engines and an ambulance stop right outside my house it seemed. I couldn't stand it and after a few minutes I excused myself and left the bed. For my reward ( it was 2 doors up the street, by the way) I had to just sleep by myself when I came back to bed! She said she wasn't coming back.
There's yet another service she happily provides. Supervision of your meals, your bathing and your getting ready to go to work. She also helps you put on your clothes by holding on to them. She's just anchoring them so they won't get away..I know. She helps me type, write, read and get some exercise.
Wouldn't do without her though.


Tomorrow starts the day shifts. My break is over and in half an hour I have to go to bed. I'll read for about 20 minutes and turn out the light.
I watched accidentally a golf tournament this afternoon. Just as I did yesterday afternoon and saw an emerging phenom named JB Holmes. And I don't even LIKE golf. Not even a little bit. But this man is just 23, a rookie and he WON. Won by just blasting by the other guys. He just blew their doors off! A rookie. And cute as can be. He's from Kentucky, went to UK and this is his first win of this magnitude as he is a rookie and hasn't had hardly any chances yet.
We have a saying in this part of the Country when some one is delicious looking in weight he's fluffy. This young man is 5'11, 200 or so pounds of adorableness. That, besides him having been an SEC champ while at U.K. is what made me watch for a few minutes yesterday. Forgot about him supposing to be on today and again, I'm not a golf nut so I didn't mentally earmark watching. But I did, by accident and he won. Since he's from the neighboring State and even had KY Wildcat golf club covers, I had to watch. First time I ever got all wound up in a golf game for pity sakes. I was delighted he won.
Other than that, back to the grind. As always, I'm grateful to have a grind to go to.
Hope any who read this have a productive and happy week.


Gees. I'm now off on my long break and what is it doing? It's snowing. I was hoping for a trip to Charlotte Friday. May still happen. I will have to keep a weather eye out.
I deleted the last 2 blogs as terminally uninteresting. This one will be too and may meet the butcher's block in the morning. Just keeping my hand it as it were.
What in the world is it about tiny cuts on the pad of a finger? Some how I did that, again, and it hurts enough to feel like someone pouring turpentine in it every second of every minute of every hour..etc etc. Of course, if this is the worst I have to endure I will have it made.
RSS came by and picked up my blog entry where I described my lower back pain. Hmm. So did Krystal's. I must have mentioned them somewhere.
I remember, speaking of snow a few lines ago this area being hit by the blizzard of, was it '96? No, not 1896, turkey! I went to bed, all unknowing and it was March, mind you, and when I woke..the wind was howling in the 70 mph range, the snow was falling in sheets and my Z28 was covered over. I have a picture where just the one rear view mirror edge was showing from the blankets of snow. That was one of THE most impressive snows..well, blizzards I have ever been through. In this Country anyway. In Europe we have been through some impressive horrifying snows. With thunder!!!!!!! Anyway, they called me in to WORK I will have you know. I'm like..."right. 70 mph winds...18 inches so far, of snow where it's flat and drifts up to 4-6 with a Camaro Z28, suuuuure I'll be right down my mountain in a jiffy. Stand by". So, no I didn't go and no one could get here to get me so we all stayed here and believe it or not, didn't lose power once. That blizzard took in the entire Southeast for sure.
I remember too that my youngest son had to dig a trench to the dogwood tree so the cat we had then, Robin, could go to the bathroom. She was an indoor/outdoor girl and never used a litterbox. Not even in extremis. So when the wind stopped, he headed out, dug her a trench and that poor little thing really made use of the trench and her favorite, ahem, watering spot. I don't know how she held out so long but she did. She made frequent use of that trench for days as the snow was very slow to melt.
Shew..not my favorite of memories...that was scary. Not the cat..the blizzard.
Hey, good night. My eyes are burning.

For your consideration

What you are thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882)
I read this probably about a year ago and it was so profound (to me) that I saved it.
Anything I add to it will not be needed and simply an annoyance as the message stands by itself.
We most of us have, and I will call it this, an every day facade we present to those outside the immediate family. This is our "face" as it were that we assume each day before stepping out the door to go to work, the supermarket, a club meeting, whatever you will.
This face usually is comprised of a pleasant manner, courtesy and kindness I would like to say. We try to be a good neighbor, we try to get along in the workplace.
However, as that quote says, what you are will speak far louder than how you act. One always hopes for the inner person, the one that others will always see ultimately will be the same as the outer facade we present. Good, kind and loving.

When you're 16

I was emailing my youngest a little while ago. I mentioned I had not read anything new in his Space for a couple of days. ( Something or Other) He said he hadn't anything on his mind to write just now and I encouraged him to write about family or himself. I love those entries, few of that type as there are. He apparently doesn't get into the nostalgia mode as I do.
However, unfortunately for him I am waxing nostalgic and wouldn't you's about him. Poor guy.
He had one probably somewhere in September or so about when he was 16. It was New Year's Eve back then, the time he was writing about and for once I was home on a holiday, such as it was. Those who read me know I am a shift worker.
In any case, he and I were up and around about midnight and he began thinking about his future. I won't attempt to re-write his blog but it was his usual maturity shining through that evening.
He was reflective and started the conversation which I just listened to mostly as it was fascinating, with how he would soon graduate high school and then go to the University. (all of my son's knew they were going on after high school..that was the plan since infancy with each).
He reflected that within a decade of that very night we stood there, he would be graduated from high school, college, maybe graduate school, have a job that interested him and who knew? Maybe he'd be married!
That's just an over view really but it made me intensely proud. And intensely conscious that my son wasn't a baby any more. To borrow a phrase I could well see time was moving and at warp speed.
Every Mother knows what it's like to see their children grow up and move on toward their own lives. It is a wonderful thing and a thing of some special sadness.
Just standing and listening was a privelege. You don't always get to see them dream.

Well, what about this? '06

Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship. -Oscar Wilde, writer (1854-1900)

What do you think about this? Any truth to it as far as you can tell? For the record, I do not agree. I have several male friends who are that, friends. I would be interested in opinions.

At least my decision not to go see one of my sons was vindicated as it is snowing and it's particularly so, west of here.

I saw the Hershey's cocoa box in the cabinet a while ago and the recipe for hot chocolate was facing me. I couldn't resist and for the first time in a LONG long time, I made some. Nothing like hot chocolate home made as opposed to the mix. Something to savor as instead of gulping down as though it was medicine.

I must finally be relaxed. I slept well last night and for about 7 hours. However after reading the paper about 1100, I accidentally drifted off into a 20 minute nap. I feel as though I could sleep several hours. However I know that would prevent me from going to sleep in a timely manner tonight. I'll resist.

Guess I will bundle up and head on out for a while. I don't care to stay in the house hours on end.


Cold, man

A son came by and we went out to eat but not before I made a big pan of walnut brownies. (No, he didn't know I was going to do that. GRIN)
We came home and ate some of those and headed out to the marina so he could take some digital photos. He is an accomplished photographer ( there is a link to his page in my page called "Something or Other" if you would like to see them). For a Software Developer, a nerd (bless 'im) he can do most anything! That's mah boy! ( among 3)(advertisements for the other 2 will follow! grin)
We went on to the marina and a huge cold wooly windy piercingly cold snow shower came along as well. We were, like, blasted constantly by all of the above. But two memory sticks full of photos. There were sea gulls there! I asked him what in the world they were doing here in East Tennessee. He offered their GPS must have gone down on 'em. There were Muskovie ducks, Canada geese, gulls. He has some super ones of the gulls in flight. And some awesome close-ups. Took some of me too and I was not tickled with the results. Hey, digital cameras are very unforgiving of ladies of 'a certain age'. Give me the old grainy stuff any day!!
Someone asked me via email what I thought a soul mate is. They offered that there was only one chance for one in this life. I countered that there has to be more than one person on this Earth for you. I also offered that a soul mate is another word or phrase for someone you get along with either on all levels (that are important to both) or at least on most levels. Liking sea food or not liking it for an example, doesn't count. . That's just one of life's bonus points if both do.

Valerntines Day 06

You know how it can be sometimes..I who always feel like a million dollars was feeling like 86 bucks this weekend. Just not at the top of my game. However nothing major. Just extremely tired and sleepy and a little dizzy. (people who know me would jump up to declare that me being dizzy is always true, the cads!!)
However, I am back to a million dollars again and just came back from lunch with a friend. Just glad the downtime occurred while I was off work.
It is still exceeding cold and windy. All this hair I have floating romantically (yeah, SURE) about in the blastingly cold wind needed a thorough re-combing when I got back in the house.
Left my paycheck in a manner of speaking at Wally World before lunch. Man, you go in for cat litter and come out 66 dollars lighter. Is it a mesmerizing spray or something the minute you pass through their portals??? Or is it a bad case of "I need it" coming thru? I think it's the latter.
At 1530 my time I will check to see if I won an eBay auction. Probably not. I get sniped most all the time.
Expecting company in about an hour but Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.

Amber 2

I was just watching NOVA on PBS. It was about amber and the episode was called "Jewel of the Earth."
Talk about a great program, this one was. Well, almost all Nova programming is.
I am familiar with amber and what it is, what it does and the wonderful result for us when we find it. Many times it contains bits of plant, insect or animal matter. If you are fortunate it will have an entire specimin within.
I bought a piece of amber several years ago at too high a price for the size of it. But I was enchanted as it has an entire ant inside. So, I hauled it out of the curio cabinet where it resides with my fossils and gemstone roughs. Oh, it glows and since my oldest son is here, I got out the 10X loupe ( we are all avid coin collectors) and we looked at the ant again.
Of course, it newly inspires me to acquire more. I am always on the lookout for fossils and gemstone roughs and tend to forget amber. But not now. I had my eye on a 20 carat peridot rough but I have changed direction. I have been influenced by the amber yet again.
Think of the treasure within many of the fossilized resin pieces!!
They did examine the impossibility of a Jurassic Park type event as the DNA within the plant/insect is useless. It's there, but not useable in the way scientists wish it was. Knocks that out of the park, (no pun intended)dang it.
They, of course, went into far more detail than I just did. Perhaps some of you saw the show. It was well worth the hour's time. The Olympics are on, so NOVA probably didn't get too much of the audience share. If NOVA and shows like that were on to the exclusion of anything else, I would watch all the time. I love that sort of programming.
I know where I can get my hands on some amber so I think I will make that my next venture.


I have to shut down and go on in to work. But I remembered something too late that I wish I had included when I wrote the Amber blog. That being how fascinating it is all that you can infer from the type of insect that is often captured in the drop of resin that is amber.
The narrator took the viewers through such a surmise. I know, no such word but I just coined it.
The scientists had opened a drop of amber that was given to the narrator 60 years ago by a refugee from the Baltics... and removed the insect. In this case, it was a bee. Millions of years old and yet they fancied they could tell what her forest was like and what she was doing when the resin oozed onto her. She still had sacks of pollen on her hind legs. And it was fig pollen.
There are no signs thus far that fig trees were present where she was, however there appears to be irrefutable evidence that there was indeed a number of fig trees.
That realized, one could try to determine the probable weather story in that time and put together with other evidence found in various amber insects, one could assume a climate and even fellow creatures. A way that the assumption happens is knowing "prey" even then. If the creature existed as is evidenced by their presence in amber, they had to survive. And survival depended upon getting food. I am not speaking only of bees at this time. They, of course are not carnivorous. Some wasps are to a degree and there were known species of wasps also captured in the sticky goo hence the assumptions grew. Fascinating topic. One I can't get enough of. I found a 200 dollar piece of amber. I may just buy so as to hold history in my hand.
Off to work.


I am more or less blanked today. Could be because I am on the midnight shifts and just got up an hour ago. Not at the top of my game.
But I was thinking even as I wrote that, about why individuals "do" blogs.
For me (and I was asked that once by a reader, cannot think who or why) I started this on a lark. My son has one and I thought it looked fun to do. So, the main reason for me personally is fun.
A secondary reason is a means of communication to friends as well as immediate family as to what shift I am on and when my off days start. That way we or they can plan ahead as to visits, lunches, dinners and so on.
Back to the 'fun' concept.
Have I occasionally gotten swept up in the readership aspect? Yes, occasionally. If something I have written or expressed says something to a reader it is a lovely thing, as then, you find once again there is a like mind out there. It's rather like making a friend. You never see them, likely never will nor will you necessarily know them in any other way than a comment. But, when you see someone whose thoughts are along the lines yours are, it is a bonus. In getting 'swept up' as I put it, in the readership aspect the blog may sometimes become a burden rather than just, well, fun. You might perhaps feel a pressure to create rather than express.
Nothing wrong with that, a blog centered on creative thinking, at all. My point was simply, different folks have differing reasons for their blog. Some have a blog where the focus is to create and have a place where everyone can share their thoughts; others just want to have fun with no pressure.
Do I let that sway me in choice of topic matter? No. They, the readers, have their blogs in which they express their thoughts and I have mine. I go back to my original lines here and say this blog is a communication to all, and specifically to those who keep up with me. And it is a joy as well as fun.
So, off to get ready for work. I am barely even started.

Truth in Packaging

Just came back from the grocery store. In trying to save some room in my cabinet where I generally put boxed cereal, I thought to take the cereal out of the cardboard box and just put the soft pack containing the cereal into the cabinet. On doing that, I saw half a package of the round O shaped cereal. Now I know that is not a surprise to anyone. It's not even a surprise to me, not really. Just to me it appears so deceptive seeming.
We know about the disappearing one pound coffee can/bag which morphed into 13 oz. (if we're lucky). We know that the one pound package of bacon is 12 oz. now and as with the coffee example, still the same price as the pound used to be. ( allowing for inflation of course).
With some cereals almost 4 dollars a box if you buy premium (so-called) brands you wish they would just go ahead and package it (I know about room for settling and some air for cushioning) more to it's real content size.
I got curious and went to an FDA Fair Packaging web site. I will put here what I learned.

Whenever the promulgating authority determines that regulations containing prohibitions or requirements other than those prescribed by section 1453 of this title are necessary to prevent the deception of consumers or to facilitate value comparisons as to any consumer commodity, such authority shall promulgate with respect to that commodity regulations effective to -

  • (1) establish and define standards for characterization of the size of a package enclosing any consumer commodity, which may be used to supplement the label statement of net quantity of contents of packages containing such commodity, but this paragraph shall not be construed as authorizing any limitation on the size, shape, weight or mass, dimensions, or number of packages which may be used to enclose any commodity;
  • (2) regulate the placement upon any package containing any commodity, or upon any label affixed to such commodity, of any printed matter stating or representing by implication that such commodity is offered for retail sale at a price lower than the ordinary and customary retail sale price or that a retail sale price advantage is accorded to purchasers thereof by reason of the size of that package or the quantity of its contents;
  • (3) require that the label on each package of a consumer commodity (other than one which is a food within the meaning of section 321(f) of title 21) bear (A) the common or usual name of such consumer commodity, if any, and (B) in case such consumer commodity consists of two or more ingredients, the common or usual name of each such ingredient listed in order of decreasing predominance, but nothing in this paragraph shall be deemed to require that any trade secret be divulged; or
  • (4) prevent the nonfunctional-slack-fill of packages containing consumer commodities. For purposes of paragraph (4) of this subsection, a package shall be deemed to be nonfunctionally slack-filled if it is filled to substantially less than its capacity for reasons other than (A) protection of the contents of such package or (B) the requirements of machines used for enclosing the contents in such package.
Number 4 looked interesting to me. It certainly appears to be appropriate to the cereal box self imposed dilemma. However, rather than go on and on, looking and researching and complaining..I think I will do what probably many have done. Go to see -through bag cereals. They really are just as good as the twice as expensive boxed ones where you get a surprise in every box i.e. not much in the box!!

Wild Thing

A few weeks ago, I was standing by my deck door. Through the vertical blinds, I noticed the security lights come on at the far left side of the house.
I opened the door and saw the reason. A gray fox. The first one I have been fortunate enough to see here in the yard. It was glorious; all sleek and shining.
In my city, which was carved out of a forest, there are public and privately owned greenbelts as they are commonly called here. I happen to own a home that is situated right on and in a greenbelt. All of our homes on this street (which, by the way, is approximately 4 miles long), back onto our part of a greenbelt. That is just my city's way of saying that you are living on the edge of a forest.
The City has done a magnificent job of maintaining the Public wooded areas through out the town with preservation a priority. And with the greenbelts, public or private, come wonderous and beautiful surprises every day.
The fox I saw was just one of many creatures that visit all our yards and areas in the entire city most of the time.
I have deer coming up to the chain link fence in back and usually, they vault over the fence right into the yard. I see them frequently. And they haven't eaten nor have they destroyed anything in my yard to this point.
I have been priveleged to see the fox, the deer that remain constant visitors, the usual assortment of raccoons, opossums, coyotes and since the re-introduction of red wolves, (who have migrated from the National Park very near by), I have seen a wolf as well. Sitting on my neighbor's screened in porch just at twilight last summer we had our first and so far, only personal sighting.
This town is covered up with deer. There is no getting away from them. You must watch for them on the streets as they are out in places you would not necessarily think they would go. They have no particular crossing point. They roam where they please and when they please. Up to and including downtown. I have seen them and read reports of vehicle accidents in the area of the Police Station for example. It is the proximity of all the greenbelts that shelter them that bring them out.
I live about seven miles from work and when coming home or driving to work, I travel carefully as I never know when I will be surprised by another brave hearted deer crossing right in front of me. There are some heavy shrubs here and there along the street I live on. I see holes worn through those shrubs and bushes and deer just leaving the entrance of the holes they have made. So I have an idea of some of the more popular places they cross in my immediate neighborhood.
Where I work is situated in the city, yet at one of its farthermost points. There I have seen all the animals I just mentioned and Elk as well. You read correctly. Elk. They were introduced into the area several years ago and as they are protected from hunters, they have flourished. They haven't breached the town nor do I think they ever will. They are and will remain less seemingly domesticated than the deer population.
My deck is up perhaps 6 or 7 feet from the ground and there I have a good vantage point.
At twilight, in the Spring and Summer my delight is amplified many fold.
There is not much greater pleasure to me than sitting out at twilight and in the evening by myself or with a friend, talking quietly, with the good company of clouds of lightening bugs flashing their greenish/gold light all around. The crickets and frogs singing add to the music. The scurry of chipmunks, the green scent of all the towering trees around me. I know the rustle of the trees and brush well, as a deer is approaches the salt lick my neighbor supplies them. The snarl of raccoons fighting over my neighbors thrown into the woods dog food is a discordant but natural note in the symphony that plays just for us while the warmth of the evening slowly our melts the ice in our tea. The stars so clear but shrouded from the telescope by the canopies of the trees.
The feeling of peace is almost surreal.
I am anticipating the turn of the season in a month and I can put out the deck furniture, the table's umbrella, set a tall glass of tea on it and compose myself to hear the sounds of wild things.

Questions for yourselves

  1. What is the nicest sound? One you love to hear?
  2. Of any, if any, bad habits, what is the one you would like to leave behind you?
  3. What is your greatest passion? Hobby, family, work, or any other.
  4. If you could just leave your job, assuming you would like to, would you change careers? What would you be or do?
  5. Have you ever had a day of introspection that was defining enough personally that you made needed changes in your life or career?
  6. What do you do that ensures your inner peace?
  7. What is meaningful enough that you would give your life for?

No, I don't expect any answers to me; these are personal questions. They are just for you. I did this, as the blog entry from last night made me see what I do, or at least one thing I do for gaining inner peace if it seems illusive..I go outside.

How's THIS for a Fine Howdoyodo?

I was running late anyway what with reading the blogs. So I gathered up that canvas bag with all the stuff I take in to work, my cell phone (off) and my keys in my hand to hit the road. It was 6 in the morning as I stepped out and locked the door.
Half an hour previous, I had been standing by the TV and the security lights came on. I opened the door a little and heard and saw a large dog. OK. I went on doing my hair and getting dressed. Heard the dog panting again as I opened the deck door. OK. Maybe he'll be gone I thought. I have a high privacy fence on the street side of the deck but I was peering thru its cracks.
So, out I went and I was challenged by a big German Shepard. He roared up to me barking and snarling. I had a choice (not) of trying to get into the car, turn back and try to get into my house again meaning unlocking etc etc. while he was surging around me. I could stand there with that big heavy bag and swing it at him to defend myself if I had to. But, to my intense dislike I head a man's voice saying something. Then my attention was drawn to a man and what looked like a boy (but I later found it was a woman) who had been crouched in the 32 degree cold for a minimum of 35 minutes in the shadows of the tree across the street. It was their dog. They finally called him off. His name is Jason, by the way!! But he only backed off maybe a couple feet. They kept talking and I couldn't hear them over the loud barking. Finally they rose and came towards me saying they always took the dog (who was leash-less, obviously) for a walk at night. Um, yes. Take the dog for a walk without a leash; let him harass ME, crouch in the weeds peering at my house for 35 minutes in the bitter cold. Check. I got it. This was at 0420 hrs.
How do I know it was 35 minutes minimum? The dog set off my lights 35 minutes before I left. It was their dog. They were partially hidden.
Not the way to start your day.
I got in the car, fired up the cell phone and called the police. I also called my neighbor and rousted her out of bed to watch them as they were pretending to walk by the inches slowly away.
As always, you wish you'd seen them; you wish your reaction had been better when you did.
AND you think about getting your legs chewed off by a vicious dog.
It will bother me some when I leave in the morning, my last day shift but...I am a great shot, I have a can of mace...and I don't get rattled that badly.
Just thought I would tell you and it further serves the purpose of getting it off my mind.

Ready for my Closeup

I am up...close to ready. How do I look? Sterling silver jewelry today and do ya like the white shirt and black velvet cardigan?

I have been listening to the random sounds outside which usually I don't thanks to the event of yesterday morning.

I have the task of going and coming back in the dark most times except full summer. A few years ago, I was in another Department, same place of work and my hours were 6 to 6. Still a shift and still a rotation. 0435 (or 1635) found me rolling into the parking lot. I brought that up because after the stalker I had a few years ago (wrote about it somewhere in the blogs, months ago) and now this event from yesterday morning, as a woman, it's not always the optimal thing to have to be gallavantin' around in the dark even if it is to your car from your kitchen door.

The cat was right, by the way. She's still on patrol but while I was doing my makeup yesterday morning I heard gnawing in that closet she is affixed to! So, I did set the trap. I can't open the door to see if there is any result as she will run in there. If the trap isn't occupied, she might get pinched. So, when she's occupied elsewhere I'll check. Of course, common sense says if she's still interested in staking out the closet door, the mouse is still there and alive. She did come in last night after I got into bed and stayed on my chest long enough to say goodnight and left to do her duty at the closet door. I know..boring. I'll quit.


It's Monday all Over 2/06

Here it is Monday, even for me. That just meant that when you are a rotation shift worker, any day of the week is liable to be a Monday. When I went into work last week on Friday after my break, that was a pseudo Monday to me!!
But, I start my midnights tonight and finished my day shifts last night. Like a bad movie that keeps on with the re-runs. :)
It is an absolutely gloriously beautiful sunny but still cold, day.
I will be back in bed at noon to attempt a long nap before tonight and so I won't be able to get out and enjoy it. However I DID get the dead field mouse out of the closet while the cat's back was turned.
Got all my girly stuff done before the nap. Hair still in rollers ( hot rollers fall out too easily or I would gladly use them...curling irons make a disconcerting hissing sound when I use them as well as the wafting scent of burning hair in the air around me discourage me from using those either. So, 3" rollers it is for a couple hours. My nails are shining..hey, what's not to like here?
Several of my favorite blogs went private. I'll miss those..they were fun and thought provoking.
Nothing new whatsoever. For that I am grateful as the past several days were more or less action packed :) and I could do with less of that!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh my! A Rant? Surely not!

I was listening to the noon news some months ago when they reported that one town in New Jersey will now ticket the driver of a car $50.00 if they are smoking and there is a child in the car! (the second hand smoke issue) No, second hand smoke is not a good thing but read that will tell you I am aware of that. Why are people such sheep? Why do they allow this persecution? No, I do not smoke. No, I do not drink. Heck, I don't do much of anything at all, but I DO know that it is unfair to target smokers constantly.

Why don't you also fine and tax drinkers for example? They go home and may say or do something not fun to the family if they are inebriated. That affects any children in the house or on the street doesn't it? They may kill you by driving why not set up some 'dragnet' to 'catch 'em and tax 'em' if they dare drive after having a drink? Why smokers all the time? Because they are an easy target! Why not people who consume alcohol? Because yon lawmakers are imbibing. They don't want to jeopardize themselves!!!

Every time you pay any attention at all, someone or some group of consumers are being jabbed. It's get money any way you can for the towns and States they are in. You smoke? Pay up. What's next? If you weigh more than 5% over your ideal pay a levy on each pound? Did you forget your deodorant today? You pay. Ante up $100.00 in a fine to the City each time you "offend" someone ( and of course, "their" word will be taken over yours...) and after 3 such offenses, you go to Rehab.

Did dogs or other animals forage through your trash cans last night while you slept? Too bad. You offended the eye of a passer-by. Pay up. Maybe "they" will goad you into believing it is politically incorrect to have red hair (gasp! I hope not!!) so therefore those of us with it mindlessly apologize that we have it, and go dye our hair the correct color whatever that may be. Gosh. Can't have what the masses are taught is not correct! And by the way, jeans will not be tolerated. Turn them in to be donated to the Man who lives on the Moon and then you will be issued loin cloths. Ah yes....

Yes, I am being silly, but by the same token, this constant attack on people exercising their right to ruin their lungs and their health and NOT attacking those who are guilty of even worse, gets my goat. So there!

How about concentrating your State and City wide efforts on real criminals...on dr-ug push-ers, on pernicious
drunk drivers out there kil-ling people, children included? Oh no. There might be some effort involved there. We'll just go after the soft targets.

End of rant.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Question and an edit..I explain why I asked.

So I have a question. It is thus: When does one give in to one's chronological age? What do I mean by that? Well, not cosmetically. One always wants to look ones best.
I mean, when does one cease attempts to be " young" regardless of their chronological age? You can read that as in mode of dress; activities, interests, and the like.
Should a 60 year old person for an example realistically push themselves to feats of action or suchlike or realize their limitations in reaction, speed, endurance and so on.
Should a woman of " a certain age" dress in mini skirts just because she is slender? When does a pretty woman become...a handsome woman? A man who flirts, an aging Lothario?
Should men or women who are in advanced middle age or older marry those who are a generation younger than they?
Should one push oneself into the currant mold of youth when one is old?
When do you start to look rediculous or garner the pitying looks from others?
What are the guidelines? Are they realistic or are they societal?
In case you're wondering, I don't do any of the above. I am just asking.
Later dudes

Day in he Life

iminey Crickets! I have been busy as hound's teeth gnawin' a bone.
Got up at 5 this moirning ( oh, that hurt!) and got ready to head out the door at 0630 so as to get to the 2 Dr. appt. I had. Not to worry, it was the Dermatologist with one right after it with his PA.
Went to the drug store and they didn't have my med. They'll have it Monday which makes me have to pick it up after work at 1930.
Came home, re-fed the cat, got a snack and headed back out with 6 watches that needed batteries and 1 of those a crystal. Guys, do you KNOW how much a crystal costs nowadays? That woman at Wal-Mart cracked mine while changing the battery a month ago and didn't tell me. Had it all in a sealed up little envelope when she handed it back. Later I saw why. She had damaged the crystal. Anyway, I took these to a jeweler and turns out a work mate of mine was right. I thought she might be mistaken. $40.00 I will have you know to have the crystal replaced. I decided it wasn't worth it. My how times have changed. Once again I am brought screaming and kicking into the present day times and terms.
Went back out...took the watches in..while waiting went to the grocery, came back to get the watches, bought a new watchband for my Cherished Teddie watch. I have a T tiny wrist and that band was like 8 inches long. I couldn't cinch it up to my specification ( 5 inches) so I ditched the band. It was a cheapie anyway. Band I mean. Ew-glee too.
There were other stops along the is noon and I have to go out again for another EXPENSIVE dermatological type perscription, gas for the car and so on. This will be a busy day but I like it like that. I made no plans with friends as I was far behind in things I had to do because of the family's visit last week. to the races again.

To Tell a Tale

I was talking with a friend on the phone awhile ago and we were anticipating my leaving this jaob and shift rotation in close to 9 months. I had mentioned that many times I had wanted to call in..the ol' so-called Mental Health Day thingy.
We remembered one time when I had told her " By gum, I am calling in tomorrow! I am. I'm really really going to do it this time!". I no longer remember her reply but she knows me as well as anyone outside my family does and I strongly suspect she knew I wouldn't. I swore I would. I double swore I would.
Next morning ( of course it was the hated day shifts) I woke to the alarm at 0340. I silenced it and said aloud to the cat " I am calling in this morning. I am.". She prudently remained silent but I can almost see the thought bubble over her head with the words " Suuuuure you are. Uh huh!".
I went to the kitchen and had a cuppa coffee that had already brewed. Made my breakfast and sat stubbornly in the living room drinking it. Went and booted up the my mail..ever conscious that the hands of time were creeping silently forward. It became 0430. " I'm calling in" said I to myself. " No hurry!".
At 0445, I was in the bathroom doing my makeup simply because I was going to have to have it on anyway while I went carousing about town on my Mental Health Day. I repeated aloud " I'm calling in sick. Sure am!" and did my hair and got dressed. I think it was unconscious on my part to get ready for work but at 0515 I was dressed, face on, hair done and I was gathering food for the day. (12 hrs. ya know). I said to myself " Better go on and call in..they need time to get a relief". I also justified fixing lunch and stuff as " I'll need it tomorrow when I go on in". Next thing I know I was in the car backing out of the drive way. Torqued my jaw! I thought..I really did think I could call in sick when I wasn't.
I just can't do it. I have threatened to do it so many times and I just can't do it. I have an enviable attendance record..why? Because I just can't make myself lie about being sick. I want to. I tried a time or two but I just can't do it.
We were reminiscing too about my having the horrible gall bladdar thing going on way back in the late 80's. Heck. I came to work anyway when I could hardly stay upright I was in so much pain. Doofus. Now THAT I will never do again. I was afraid of losing my job which was, unknown to me then, a false fear. I had the 3 kids to care for and I needed the money. We rank and file had to be out 3 days before we could get sick pay with the first 3 days unpaid and I just could not afford that. So I put myself in peril health-wise. I got promoted soon afterward and became an Officer having full sick leave instead of being hourly with little sick leave... that promotion was soon after I recovered from the 9 days in the hospital with the surgery and the 8 weeks I was out trying to recover as I had the invasive surgery because I waited too long and the stones had migrated into the Common Duct. ( and that too was why I had such acute pain).
Anyway, I was just thinking.." man, I don't want to go to work Monday" but you and I both know, barring death, I'll be there.

Mother's and Kids

I went to the local K-Mart to get a dust mop and a few other things and while standing in line to pay for these items, I heard from the front of the store a little child's voice saying with tears in their voice " I'll be good. I'll be good." That put all of us in line on the alert as it were. I for one kept straining to see what was going hand on my pocketbook to just leave the line if I had to.
Eventually they made their way into the store. It was a set of parents (presumably) with two little ones. One little girl maybe 18 mo. old and a little boy who is about two and a half I would say.
He, the little boy was the one crying. He had tears in his eyes as they made their way further into the store.
The little girl was in the cart, the little boy walking. As they came abreast of us in the line, it just broke my heart. A little precious blonde haired boy with his pacifier in his mouth and tears in his eyes. The mother leaned down close to his ear and threatened him. I stiffened and drilled them with my stare. She jerked that little jacket from his hand. Jerked him, not too roughly,to come along with the others. I left the line. I followed them thru the store for awhile assessing the little fella's look. He was well cared for, well fed, clean and neat and he did have his little pacifier. I came to the conclusion that she, the mother was stressed. That doesn't excuse being unloving and unkind to a little defenseless sweet heart.
Which brings me to my point. God instills we mothers with a super abundance of love and compassion for our children. And it spills over to other children as well.
I can only assume that this mother was impatient for whatever reason and unable to pay attention to the love in her heart. I know too that I am well supplied with love for little ones. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable and sometimes a little sad if I feel something is wrong as I felt this morning in K-Mart and I make myself ready to come to the child's defense if need be. And when it's a little boy even more so. I had three of them after all and little boys will always have top place in my heart.
I will do battle on behalf of your little ones regardless of how I may look to the general public at large.
And no, I don't go charging after people with drawn sword. But I will watch you and listen. Just in case.

Blonde Headed Wimmin

Well, I was in the right place at the right time to have my day brightened a little.
I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up something to make candy for the shift tomorrow and as I was getting out of the car, a guy next to me said.." Ooooh, I love blonde headed wimmin!" I wasn't sure I really heard him right as I was thinking of ingredients so I said an inelegant " huh?" And he repeated his statement. I said " Well, thank you. I'm glad to hear that." He wanted to talk a little more but I just smiled and said to have a great day and headed on in. He was one of the bigger fellas. I like big fellas. He also had a wonderful mustash. (I know I spelled that wrong). Ah well...
Do you know how hard it is to type with a cat's head on the top of the hand that is using the mouse? Just thought I would ask.
Guess I will be using the touch pad instead. That'll foil her!
I don't think my candy came out as well. I accidentally chose semi-sweet chocolate and that just doesn't go down as well as milk chocolate. This may be a batch that will go into the trash. I will try one as soon as they cool and are formed.
I give up. Too much help from this lovely guest at the keyboard.
See ya dudes

Raise Your Hands

Ok Guys, raise your hands if you have ever been unintentionally rude.
Nope. Eyebrows don't count. Git those hands in the air!
I was reading something this morning and I will put it here for us all.

There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it. -Dale Carnegie, author and educator (1888-1955)

Reading the last part of it "what we say and how we say it" started me on a train of thought. We many of us occasionally interrupt others. Perhaps we are enthusiastic about the topic and can hardly wait to share our like experience. Perhaps we have a point to make and unthinkingly interrupt to get that point across in an effort to enrich the conversation. The key word is, occasionally.

My increasingly obscure point it, I have been growing conscious of MY contribution to unintentional rudeness. Most often it occurs between my boss and me. He has a 'considered' way of talking. Nothing wrong with that, just you would think *I* would have that well figured out by now. But no. It has taken a long time to quit interrupting him. No, not while he is talking. To me, that is the height of rudeness; interrupting a person, just horning right on in while they are still talking. No, mine is replying during a silence. What has taken me so long to understand about him, for an example, is he waits politely for me to reply then, then he finishes what he was going to say until I interrupted him.

In my line of work and additionally in the trenches as it were, one doesn't verbally dilly dally. You have to say what you need to say and git 'er done. No thoughtful pauses, no seemingly undue consideration to words..jest git 'er done. There's usually little time to thoughtfully consider what you have to say and how you're going to say it when it has hit the fan...know what I mean? So one comes to the habit of being short worded and succint.

Oh that I could be that way I might add as an aside, at off work times. My ex used to say "You Southern people. You take a week to get to the point!!!" Yes, we Southerners as a rule go all the way around the block, take many bypasses and byways in our journey to the end of a sentence. BUT when you are in my line of work, as I said " Git 'er done". Short, to the point concise information. So I am a dichotomy. To the point at work, (to my bosses probable dismay) and all the way around the block in real time at home.

My point...oh yes, I am being a Southerner again I see. My point is I am practicing. When my boss and I are talking in general terms and subject matter during down times on the midnight shifts..I am increasingly saying to myself " Wait. Give about 10 seconds before you respond. Don't interrupt". No kidding. I really have to talk to myself to stay quiet till he's really finished with his thought.

So, I have to raise my hand. However I am truly working on giving others a chance at talking and finishing what they have to say before I reply.

With that treatise on courtesy I say...

Later dudes

Who Knew?

Anyone in my family will tell you that I am a fan of Napoleon. The first Napoleon. Emperor of the French. I have two handsome busts of him in the house, one here in the computer room and one in my bedroom.
I love history and world history is my favorite. A lot of reading time has been joyously spent reading world history ( I know, I'm a freak). And the history of England and France during those times..Nelson and Napoleon..I hardly knew whom to root for as I loved 'em both.
I happened on a quote from Napoleon that stands true for all of us today in present times. I will put it below.

Those who failed to oppose me, who readily agreed with me, accepted all my views, and yielded easily to my opinions, were those who did me the most injury, and were my worst enemies, because, by surrendering to me so easily, they encouraged me to go too far... I was then too powerful for any man, except myself, to injure me. -Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of France


And injure himself he did ultimately, by taking on a failure as a project at the end. Trying to rally once more when had he the child's toy the Magic Eight Ball to consult, he would have read " ALL SIGNS POINT TO NO." Of course, hind sight is always 20-20.

Lacking that device ( and I am kidding here) he failed miserably and we know the result.

But take what he said and apply it to every day. If no one says "no", if no one disagrees with us, if no one will point out errors and fallacies, then where are we at the crunch? Sometimes flat on our backs and out for the count. People disagreeing with us is by and large no insult to our intellect. It is a help- and another point of view that would many times benefit us to take into account before we take a big step or commit ourselves to an action or plan.

Just 'rambling on' guys. Saw the quote and thought it was cool.

Who's on First? What's on Second? 06

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Sometimes you don't!! I didn't feel like a nut last Winter while shopping at 0530 the local edition of the gigantic store that is all over the world these days. But someone was sure acting like one! The store's founder I think had the first name of Sam.
In any case, there I was. I went in to buy a new alarm clock. That clock purchase was vital because if the cat had not meowed me awake when the coffee started, I would have still been sleeping and missed getting to work on time. The old clock had hummed its last.
So, on arrival and after hurrying back where the clocks are, I chose one. On my way back up front with the clock, a pair of leggings stuck fast to me as I walked by so had to buy them too.
At any rate, I got on up to the counter and handed over the leggings and the box with the clock in it.
With apologies to Abbott and Costello and " Who's on First" this is really the way it went.
She rang up the leggings. Then, holding the box in her hand she said " You got a watch?" I obligingly looked at my arm and said " Yup, It's 5:40." She said " No, have you got the watch?" I said, " Yes, I have a watch. And the time is 5:41." She said " No, the watch. Have you got one?" I said " Yes, I do. Do you need the time?" She said " No. I need the watch." I said " Sorry, it's my watch." And I said it in a slightly irritated tone this time while looking at said watch tellingly as time was marching on and I needed to get to work.
Another clerk came over, swiped the clock box out of MY clerk's hand and said " LOOK! It's a CLOCK! Not a watch! And here's the clock! See?" and the woman said to me, " She thought there was a watch in the box and couldn't see anything inside. That's why she was asking you. But now we know it is a clock, not a watch and we have found where it is in the box and we're good to go."
I was grumpy by then so stayed silent and took my change and hurried to work.
Now..perhaps if I weren't only up for an hour and 15 minutes at that time and a little more " with it" I myself might have recognized what the problem was. But someone did and all went OK afterall. I got to laughing by the time I got into my car in the pitch dark, and told the guys at work soon as I went in.
Just one more adventure in W-World.

Colder'n than....06

My real world is starting again. I'll nap at noon and tonight starts another set of shift cycles beginning with, as implied, midnights.
I'm up...all the girly stuff done, hair, nails, and clothes laid out, food ready.
And it is cold out there. Cold as the heartless neighbor with the mufferless ( is there such a word? I don't think so!) Roto Tiller high noon on my midnight shifts while I try to sleep. By the way, I know well that the neighbor has every right to do as he pleases when he pleases..just it impacts me so much I notice it) Too, when this goes on for three years, it gets old. I asked his girl friend what he was doing and she replied that he was attempting to dig the ground ( with the Roto Tiller) in preparation to building a little out building to store tools. I told her with a forced smile I would gladly PAY for a metal building if it would help the process. She must have told him as he is a bit more in tune with when I am in bed during the day. That's good. He didn't have to do that. That is the plight of shift workers though. You are more or less at the mercy of the neighbors.
The neighbor on the other side is usually excellent when I am sleeping. I appreciate that. However there was the time when a tin roof was being installed during my midnights and the time several trees were cut down during my midnights. Just something you have to live with as no one owes you quiet. It's ME who is out of sync with the rest of the working world..not they with me.
But, I start another adventure (sigh) tonight.
Later dudes

Is That You, Margaret?

Ladies, lock your doors when you are at home. Dudd'n matter if you are alone or the family is there. And by the way, that goes for your vehicles too when you are out and about. Pain in the neck, yeah, but one day you may be glad you did. We have all read in the papers or heard on television about what the reporters call 'home invasion'. That's when the dastardly deed doers jest 'walk right in, set right down' and make themselves at home. ( after knocking ya upside the noggin)
A friend came to see me yesterday when I was sitting with an audience of one (small cat), in the throne room. This friend would never have just opened the door and walked in, no. And the house door was, as is my habit, locked. However, it reminded me of an occasion when someone did.
I was just back from grocery shopping and after having been out for several hours, headed straight for the small inner chamber after dropping the grocery bags onto the counter.
Thinking no profound thoughts, I heard the door open in the kitchen and steps sounded on the kitchen floor. I shot up and slammed the chamber door shut. Thought that was probably not the best idea in the long run and so I shouted (I hoped not fruitlessly) " Who is it?" The answer was benign so the surge of adrenalin ceased and I was able to come on out and greet my caller. Thankfully a lady friend.
But my whole point really is, you do need to keep your doors locked as it may not be a friend when you hear steps over your threshold.
I can see me now doing my best Chinese Emperor imitation as I haul butt down the hallway with my jeans flapping in the ankle area challenging the " home invader"!
Just up an hour ago. I guess that means I start another midnight shift.

Cat and Mouse Game 06

Oh no. The dreaded sight among sights. My cat is on patrol.
I wondered where she was as I am getting ready for work and I was going to fish with her a few minutes before the great makeup putting on session.
She, I found, is poised with determination in front of the washing machine. Looking intently at where the machine meets the floor. That tells me (I'm no dummy!) that there is something under the washing machine. I could go the rest of the year and not see that sight and be happier!
If there IS something under there and my gut tells me there is...and if it dares to come out and she sees it..what good is she? I have been through this before. I live in an extremely wooded area and field mice tend to come in on occasion. If I could find where they do, I would block that unwelcome visit (they are cute though). She has on occasion succeeded in finding a mouse and all she does is treat it as a toy. This isn't her fault. I got her as a kitten and she has been gently reared :) in the house. No momma cat to teach her hunting skills nor what to do once she gloms onto something that moves. She just has fun batting at it till it gets tired of her and goes to another area where she isn't. That leaves ME with an unpleasant task. So, guess I will have to get out the ol' trap and set it. I detest that as I hate killing anything. With my luck there would be a run of Hanta virus and I'd get it if I decided they and I could co-exist. (not likely).
So..the dreaded 'crouch in front of an area' scene just greeted me and now I have to take some sort of action. Ewwww. Times like this I wish I had a husband.
Now my former cat, Robin..what a huntress. For good or ill she would happily hunt down whatever it was and bring it in for inspection praise and as a gift.
She was black (and passed away at age 16) and when she asked to come in a thousand times a day and evening (we kept her in at night. She wasn't allowed out till morning) how many times we fell for just opening the door and letting her in. As she was black, we couldn't see her at night really, or what she may have had as her contribution to supper. We just knew she was there as she knocked in a manner of speaking, at the window to come in. We'd open the door and there she'd come, with snake, rabbit, chipmunk, mouse,birdy..takes yer choice, into the house and deposit the gift on the floor.
FINALLY after years of this (we learn slow!) we'd take a flashlight to the deck door and shine it on her before we opened the door to let her in.
We had to deal with many an animal (she never killed them) at large in the house and trying to catch it to usher it outside again.
My son, in the link Something or Other could probably... if he was inclined regale you with some harrowing times we had..namely the mouse who got caught in the door, the mouse who was brought into the bed..etc. He may or may not. (hint hint).
Meanwhile, later dudes

Lord Nelson '06

The repair guy is here. It will be cold while he works. For him, that's for sure as he is now out there in the below freezing temps. I will be cold soon as he turns off the unit. Whoops. Talk about timing..there it goes. Off.
Tomorrow starts the 6 day thing. The 3 days and then the 3 mids till I get off work again next Thursday at 0700. I will be reading blogs but probably Sunday evening when I get home for my 24 hr. break and turnaround to midnights will be when I write one.
I have little to do today with the exception of getting things ready for the 12 hr. shift tomorrow.
But I have been thinking about Lord Horatio Nelson, my other hero aside from Napoleon. The two, Nelson and Napoleon were enemies and Napoleon has the most of my hero worship as does Josephine, first his mistress later to become his (Napoleon's) first wife. Lord Nelson also had a wife and then a mistress, Emma. She later rose to some power. As did Josephine by the way although neither lady would have become as powerful as they were without the husbands they had. Perhaps Josephine would have, now I think of it. No, not Empress of France. Only Napoleon could do that for her (and crown himself!!) but her, Josephine's, political savvy was uncanny and no doubt she would have risen at least somewhat on her own. And she knew how to manipulate on many levels. Not just the expected ones. Emma too was a manipulator however she didn't have the same level of learning that Josephine did. She depended more on her contacts made after her discovery so to speak, as an artist's model for Romney. This telling and powerful beginning was brought about by her paramour, Greville. Oh this isn't a book report. I need to stop. Sorry. I get carried away.
This is a later addition: Lynn ( My Second Life) said that the men mentioned above probably would not have gotten as far without their women. I agree with that almost completely. Those two men had an edge to them that I fancy average fellows didn't have and they were already successful before they met the two who eventually became their wives. However...big however...Josephine really DID enhance her little Corsican. He was rough- edged and only concerned with the Military. His family sacrificed to send him to France and to school. He gave it his all, and that was a LOT. When he met Josephine, she smoothed many of the rough edges and cajoled him into a certain social setting with the requisite manners to go with that setting. That in turn caused him to become acquainted and network with those French aristocrats who would help him somewhat in attaining increasing power.
This is all just my ideas. I don't profess to be an Historian nor am I particularly educated toward these things. Just my opinion and thoughts on the matter.
Later dudes

Woo Hoo '06

Here I am, on my 24 hr. break. But even if it is awfully short, I am grateful for it. Midnights start tomorrow at 1900 hrs.
I stopped off at the drug store. Going to try that product called Abreva. I think that's how it's spelled. I have the barest beginnings of the second fever blister I ever had in my life. Eww.
I am SO glad to be home. And so glad my middle son is better. He got extremely down and sick. He had taken the flu shot, he said. As he is a Teacher, he needs one. However, the flu came and got him anyway and this is a very bad case of it. Tamiflu to the rescue. That stuff apparently works wonders. Yesterday to today he feels 2/3's better already. Reminds me of the time back in the mid to late 90's when all the boys were home and he, a teacher then as well as now, got a horrible case of the flu from the kids he taught. No flu shot either. Me...the iron maiden got it too. From HIM. The two of us were so badly off we laid or sat on the couch and the loveseat respectivly for three days and nights not moving. Ask my youngest! I remember him full well saying in exasparation " Shave!" to my middle son and " Put on some makeup!" to me. He was so tired of seeing us starring at nothing..not moving, not eating, not talking, not watching TV, reading. Nothing. That's how bad we had the flu. Luckily he didn't catch it.
That was the second time in my life I ever had the flu. And the first time was just as bad. I swirled gracefully to the floor while trying to make up the little one's bunk beds. I crawled to my bedroom literally, and heaved myself into bed where I didn't move. The phone rang mid morning. I answered and it was the school saying the middle boy ( about 7 years old then, had the flu and come get him. There is no more conscientious mom than I was and am. But I had to tell them I couldn't get out of bed. Not even to go get him. Would they please bring him home. They were upset with that and likely didn't believe me; but they did. The Principal drove him and he crawled into bed beside me and there we lay till the other two boys got off the school bus.
Their father had to take care of us for several days. That stuff just knocks the pins out from under you.
Anyway, hello...'see' you soon either tonight or in the morning.
Later dudes

Flowers 2006

I was just reading someone's blog a moment ago and thought about flowers. Some people just
They are a gift to others, fragrant with good , strong and beautiful with pliant resiliance against every day doldrums.
I would like to be someone's flower, at least occasionally. When I deal with the public (which I do in huge numbers) I like to greet them and leave them with a genuine smile, courtesy, and something to make them smile as well. As I am in an occupation not like many others, so I have many chances to do this.
It's a way, albeit a small way, of being of service to others. I hope that the bouquet I offer is taken each time I hold it out. But even if it isn't, that does not affect me as I will hold a fresh one out to the next person as well.
My personal countdown has begun. Have to head back to bed in little over an hour. Hopefully I will have a good nap against the coming home time of 0700 tomorrow.
Guess what I want to do came Fall? Visit some more National Parks. I have a Passport ( issued to keep track of the National Parks one visits) and can't wait to get the next stamp in it.

Already - 2006

Gee whiz. When I get off in the morning it will be February! Thsi year is passing fast for me.
It really is something we shift workers have spoken of many times. We live for the " long break" which for we 12 hr. rotation people consists of 7 well earned days off.
Looking toward that long break, though we have to endure all the other days of the month still seems to speed the process. You turn around ( as they say in these parts of the Country) and there's another long break to enjoy. Look up and bam! You are starting another work cycle with your first set of midnights. All in all, the months fly by. It will be the 4th of July before I can even realize it happened and hot as it will be..I'll blink twice and here's Christmas again! Another year of my life flown by. Scary in a way how fast time passes.
I think his name is Alan Tofler but he wrote a great book called Future Shock. In it, he gives an explanation about the seeming or real rapid passage of time the older you get.
I ought to get up and make sure of his name. But instead I will log off and assemble my face and get ready for work.

Friday, June 25, 2010

As Always, I'm fuller'n a Tick.

Had to go to an appt. at 0930 this morning after which time I went to WalMart and then home to put up the cold stuff...stay here while Miss Catt fella sleep in front of her Nature TV set..I had to wait till she woke up so I could close and lock the door. Then, I headed out again on the lookout for a cosmetic. I think that this town is populated by women who have paper white skin same as me. I say that because it is exceeding difficult to find a foundation in a flaxen fair light light color. They are many times sold out of the real light make -ups no matter the brand. That's a bummer. So I came home empty handed.

However I did not come home until I took myself by myself to Shoney's and I sons know what I got without me typing it here..the "Country Fried Steak". That's a slab of like fairly good and unfatty burger if you ask me, breaded and fried..white gravy over it with a baked potato and butter on it. I got me a tad of green beans and some corn too from the hot bar. I couldn't finish the veggies or the meat and even left some of the potato. That's unheard of but..I had come home the first time and ate 2/3's of a coffee filter size amount of Snyder's mustard pretzels. I was starved after the appt and needed something in my belly. Smart move to go to a restaurant right afterward. Smile with tongue out Oh well. And too, I never mind going to restaurants by myself though I seldom have to. I'll go to movies, restaurants and they're lucky to see glorious me, that's how I look at it.

It was the Dr. office I went to this morning and I took a print of that last butterfly I posted in Flickr..he is on a purple flower and his wings are purple too. I gave it to the nurse and she loves it. That was gratifying. Smile

It's hotter'n who dunnit here agaon and I was in a full forehead sweat just getting the groceries in much earlier. Humid is what I should have said.

My foot is 100% better, thank goodness and thank you for the thoughts. Seriously, I needed some sympathy or I w
ould never have brought it up. Red heart

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24, 2010

It finally showered out there. Not for long..maybe 10 minutes but it was a hard rain and faintly refreshed the grass.

It has been beastly hot..horribly humid but then, it's summer. We got spoiled in a way the past three years when it was cooler than normal as it rained practically every day! That was a gloomy several years with sun every few weeks or so for maybe 2 days and then,. back to the grind.

I was sad to see the one tomato that had ripened on my tomato plant was rotten from the bottom up about half way. I hope I get a least 1 of the 15 or so tomatoes in varying stages of formation! That was so disappointing.

This blog is incredibly boring..even for me. I was just trying to get us into the present day and I hadn't a thing to say other than the tomato sob story. So I'll do a kindness and get off of here.

Still Kickin'

Beat up" for three day shifts; having my 24 hr. break as we speak and about to embark on the three midnight shifts tomorrow evening. But I'm still alive and kicking.
I am as glad as though I were having a 7 day break almost. Hard as it is, I am holding on and not headed to bed ( at 2059 it is past my day shift bedtime. Having the 24 hrs. off plus having to take a long nap tomorrow at noon means I am trying to be a big girl tonight and stay up. I'll get up 6-ish tomorrow morning and head back to bed at noon for 3 hrs. And then, go on in to work.
Supposed to have snow showers on toward morning. Some more during the late afternoon and evening on into the wee hours. Snow showers.
Just finished my shower and applied the fake tan. Funny, it doesn't make me think warmer. I'm still chilly! ( I'm kidding, folks)
Tell me, does the chewing gum really lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?
Does anyone really race with the moon?
What did the cow hope to accomplish when she jumped over the moon?
Fame? Fortune? Weight loss?
How do skeletons communicate? ( telebone!!)
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? ( always assuming a woodchuck can chuck wood?)
Little dogs laugh. Does that mean cats smirk?
Peter Piper has issues, doesn't he??
Who's on first?
Later dudes