Thursday, November 28, 2013

Catching a Breath of Air...

Friends, thank you for being there for me and my son.  Katie Isabella is also ill now.  I won't know until tomorrow how she will be and what is wrong but we will, as we always do, get through this with love, care, uplifting prayer from family, friends both blogging and here nearby.

That is what I am the most grateful for.  Friendship, support, care, calls, cards, loving inquiries, loving calls and just plain love.  I know how to be grateful.  :-)  And I am.  Every day many times a day I express that gratitude.

Things are hard right now but they will get less so.  Trust and faith will bring you through every time.

Love and Hugs from us to you.  And gratitude too.

Katie Isabella

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Friends of Beth on Day by Day with Beth Marie..please read and please pray for Beth and others in her town of Pekin ILL.

Beth's area was badly stricken by a tornado including Beth's home.  She happened to have been in a restaurant with her son when the tornado came through.  It blew out a window in her kitchen throwing shards into the living room.  Beth would have been in the kitchen then making supper for her son and herself but The Lord is good.  There is no power of course and she said roofs were torn off other apartments there but hers remains.  A fallen tree destroyed the laundry room, and she and her son had to walk 10 blocks to get back and discover all of this as the police had already roped off the area.  There was debris everywhere making the walk difficult.

PLEASE pray for both Beth and the others in her area who were stricken by this tornado.

I got to talk to her on her dwindling battery power.  I pray I get to again.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Puzzlement

Why in the world (as I stated on Face Book) would anyone have their bass SO loud in their car that others can hear it three cars away. Worse, even at three cars away it hurts my eardrums.  I am serious. HURTS!  I am going to start carrying ear plugs.  I mean it.  I had my fingers up to close my ears a few weeks ago with one right behind me.  I had to take my fingers down away from my ears when I had to drive on. How can the driver stand that?  If it hurts MY ears, what is it doing to theirs?  Even if they wore earplugs themselves it would seep through and damage their ear drums.

I have a lot of damage due to blasts from a shotgun in particular so I have constant ringing in my ears.  That horrible sound from the cars just breaks my last ear nerve! Oh it throbs my eardrums.  Hate it.  I guess I made my point here.  Over and over.

Hey, I got a cute picture of Katie which I will post in her blog.  I woke her up and her tongue was out.
I had to take that picture!

See you later....

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Guys..I cleaned a horrible horrible tiny file in the kitchen on a tiny little desk that should hold a few pieces of mail and it was stuffed to the gills, as well as starting to reach up about a foot from its base.  Things 7 months old in there!  Takes determination, a waste basket, three separate piles for important receipts, things to file in the file cabinet and things to go back, and things for the shredder.  Got 'er done and it took 45 minutes!!  Why do I do that to myself every time?  Because I am too lazy/busy/in a hurry to correctly file it when it comes in.

No, there is no junk mail.  That goes to the recycle bin within a minute or less of it being brought into the house.  But there are insurance things, summaries that are 8 thick pages long, bank statements, you name it.  Then, not to be outdone I finally came into this room and cleaned out another tiny plastic file thingy that was bursting with paper.  AND a basket needed cleaning out.  Got 'er done!

Going to get my new lenses here in a short while.  Horrendous amount of money to pay for them.  I get anti-glare coating, edges rounded off so the lenses can fit in a smaller and thinner frame. I have bifocals that ya can't see. I forget their name.  I was surprised that the strength of the bifocal went up.  Well, not really I suppose as I can see (no pun intended) that I can't see the printed page as sharply as I could.

Here is before..Katie is the model.  I think she needs to be on Price is Right.  She's a natural.

BEFORE ( on the right side of the pic)

After (cloudy day so dark) (How do you like my leaves out there?)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Go Figure

Here I put the heat up by 1 degree to 70 instead of 69 this morning as it was just chilly seeming in here.  Time passed and early afternoon despite my thick socks, long sleeved heavy knit Disney shirt, warm pants...I was cold.   My face felt chilled, my hands were cold and I felt chill through that thick shirt.

I paced around back and forth to all of the thermometers scattered around the house (one in each room) and looked at the programmable thermostat to see if it died or something.  IT said 70 in the back of the hallway.  Everywhere else it said 67 to 69.  NO way.  I did all I could not to,  and succeeded in not turning up the heat.  Good thing.  Suddenly later in the afternoon the heat came on and I swear that thing has not hardly had a rest since. (It is a 1 yr old system)  I am warm..have been warm and about to push my sleeves up!  I wonder if the furnace part of the heat and air system was taking a vacation?  Was it dreaming of Hawaii?  I really mean it, it has hardly ceased since mid afternoon!  The poor cat was huddled in front of any given vent in the house.  Now she is relaxing in her recliner.  (yes, hers).

I was about to fight her for that big sun puddle that appeared on the spare room bed.  But she got there first and fairly.

Washington's Crossing Park on the Delaware River two years ago

Monday, November 11, 2013

That White Stuff From the Sky

Ladies &  Germs, I do believe we will have a smattering of snow tomorrow evening perhaps. The temperature will plummet to the 20's and no higher than 43 I think it was for the day time high.  However, by the weekend the high will be 60.

So no one can figure out why so many folks except the ones over, say, 50 years old  are out there in shorts and flip-flops and tank tops in freezing weather.  I guess it will still be a mystery till I die!

Took my oldest home today.  He showed up after work yesterday.  We went out to eat last night as a treat with a gift card that my Twin gave me for my birthday.  :-)  We may have never met but she is just as much family to me as any member of the family right here with me is.  Love her dearly.  My son and I chowed down-- and I had the chicken fingers platter (had to bring some home) with mashed garlic potatoes and coleslaw.  HE had a pasta dish with some form of chicken.  It looked great!  He was a happy camper!  :-)

In that topic, I have several bloggers I consider family.  Twin, as I just mentioned, Michiko, my Japanese Sis living Australia right now. My Michigander Sis Caroldee whose addy I cannot find.  My brother by another mom in Montana,  Joe.

After all of these years, we feel close.  To others as well, of course but we four have talked on the phone.

Anyway, just checking in.

My middle and my youngest sons. One is a Master teacher and the other a Software Engineer. 

Oldest son with Hopping John, our kitten. He is a computer programmer.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Just Curious...Only Wondering...

What is this thing of the past two years or so..perhaps longer whereupon it is THE thing to wear shorts, flip-flops and a muscle shirt (or shell if you are female) and that's it out there in below 40 degree temperature.  I see it when it's in the 30's or 20's as well.  What is UP with that?  I just want to understand why a person would want to dress for 100 degree heat in the dead of winter out there walking in the streets, going to stores and etc.  You KNOW they are cold.

  I think really I have noticed it for longer than that.  I recall one woman way back a good fifteen years ago now I think of it..just the one person, who, on a snowy day was wearing short shorts, flip flops and a coat!  At least she had a jacket on but the rest of her...oh my goodness.  You know that was cold.

Last night on Twitter I had some auto corrects that were down right hilarious.  I didn't even know it until those I happened to be speaking to (you know what I mean..writing to) pointed them out with a LOT of poking fun at me.  My belly hurt from laughing at those mistakes and I had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard.  It was fun.

If I am going to work out, I need to assemble my face.  See you when I get back.  xo

My dear Sis from Australia, Michiko, sent me this and I got it yesterday.  I have something beautiful to drink my cherry tea from now.  Thank you dear Sis.  XXOOXX <3

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busy busy

Got my Bible study done, then I had to clean the house.  Been two weeks since I really cleaned because of having been gone and because of other things in the way.  Got the furniture dusting and waxing done, vacuuming done, linen changing in the bedroom done, wooden kitchen floors buffed.  Took out all of the trashes in the rooms.  Brushed the cat. Cleaned the bathroom, changed the bathroom linens too, did the wash, drying and folding and putting away---and got a large amount of summer things out of the drawers and small cabinet I use for T-shirts gone, with three tops faded enough to throw away. And I got winter weight tops and slacks and got out my winter weight workout things again.  Oh, and I washed and styled my hair too.  And I went to the grocery where I spent an additional $52.00 and change over and above the other things I have paid for as well as a visit to the gas pumps.

Here are a few things I wish would just go away.  The phrases I hear  (too) many times i,e.  "Going forward".  News - entertainment and/or  journalists saying "We caught up with______"  "We sat down with______"  And from sales people on TV, the so overused word "phenomenal" to describe whatever it is I wrote and begged then to STOP it.  And those same folks are compelled to call everything "technology".  The new "technology" of ink flowing into the barrel of a pen... a flameless candle, you name it...  that word will usually be used.  So phenomenal and technology are the most overused words in the world by the television selling y channels.

I have to mention that I have no interest, not even 1/1,000,000,000th of a percentage in the so-called "stars" and "celebrities" marriages, babies, weight, affairs, after child weight,  pregnancies, drug usage, pseudo religions,  who rears their poor children or the un-ending supply of monies they have for over-the-top houses and possessions.  I don't want to read nor see the magazines (so I don't) listen to their shows (so I don't) or turn a page in a magazine such as LHJ or such like and get hit by an article about one of them.  So, I have let a lot of my magazine subscriptions go. I keep Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, FC and WD and I have to admit I LOVE Allure and I have read it since they first came into being.

Well, that came out of no where, didn't it?  Here I was speaking of housecleaning and wham..a mini rant.  :-)

Some of you know I have other things to be concerned with and have had so the flotsam and jetsam fall by the wayside.  :-))) I found that it was just easier without those things.

Here is a picture for you.  I took it of course.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Comment Moderation

Sure am glad I have comment moderation.  I have it set up to catch the spammers as the day is 24 hrs old.  I don't have many, but one is more than I want.  I got one from some so-called dental place that was waiting for approval when I logged on.  SURE I will approve you, you pieces of flotsam.

About to go work out.  I'd better get as much as possible in while I still can.  Going to get very busy in a week or so.

Both cats blogs also have comment moderation.  Theirs is also as short a span as mine.  They love, the spammers that is, to go back into older posts.  IF you let them.  It's always an eye opener too to see what countries are coming to your site and the names of the sites coming to make a hit.  Scary.  There are some pretty scary people out there. Check  your stats.

See you later...workout beckons.