Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Here are the verses, not official, to TAPS which played for many and all of our  brave Soldiers


Verse 1:
Day is done,
Gone the sun,
From the lakes,
From the hills,
From the sky,
All is well,
Safely rest,
God is nigh.
Verse 2:
Fading light,
Dims the sight,
And a star,
Gems the sky,
Gleaming bright,
From afar,
Drawing nigh,
Falls the night.
Verse 3:
Thanks and praise,
For our days,
Neath the sun,
Neath the stars,
Neath the sky,
As we go,
This we know,
God is nigh.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Special Day Today

Today, the 29th, is my first son's birthday. Happy Birthday precious man. As with most mom's..I'll retain that child you were once in my mind's eye and certainly in my heart. I hope you enjoyed your day with your youngest brother and me...dinner out and a few pressies. The cake was good, wasn't it? You came from The Big City to here, where you were reared with your brothers. Here is a picture of your home while you were here and mine even now from a private aircraft taken by your youngest brother.

To my blog family..this illustrates well what I mean when I say I am surrounded by trees..we all are. And you can see how very VERY tall they are and why I hate high winds. I have seen more than one home cut in two along this street. I have that aerial home is on the right center with the white car in the driveway. The Fall picture is me standing in the driveway looking into part of my woods. The fence just contained the kids when they were little. The fence is the privacy section as that side faces the street. The lot is half an acre of forest. Hope you like them.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Night

Blogger seems to be back up and in power. I use Safari browser as I am operating a MAC. I loved Firefox and used it to the exclusion of any other, including trouble ridden IE. If you have a PC I recommend Firefox. I could get Firefox now but Safari is such an excellent browser plus the display of saved bookmarks is downright dazzling to see..I think I will keep it. If I didn't feel that happy with it, it would be Mozilla all the way (Firefox).

We had a wonderful Friday evening. The oldest and the youngest were here to celebrate the oldest's birthday which is tomorrow. It turned out to be more convenient to get together yesterday after work for them both. So, I baked Erich's birthday cake Thursday night and frosted it Friday morning. It was ripped into last evening. Oh, I outdid myself I think. It was a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting and Oh!MY!Word! it was moist and tender..whew. Good stuff. We went to a BBQ place last night..Corky's BBQ and good that good oughtta be out lawed! I had the BBQ'd beef, cole slaw and baked beans. Couple of hush puppies thrown in for good measure and lemonade. Tartly sweet. DEElicious.

Erich stayed the night and Neil went home close to 10. Eggs and bacon, black coffee and toast with black raspberry jam for breakfast.Woo wee.

PS that cat is getting fatter and sleeker!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Wrong with Blogger?

Anyone know?  Lots of folks can't make comments and I am certainly one of them.Only sporadically can I make a comment either on the cat's blog or my own.  Although hers seems to be worse off.  Anyone else?  Paul said he was having a terrible time.  I guess several think I am not responding but I am..only Blogger won't let me.  Sometimes I can't even get into this one at all.  It may take 6 or 7 times scattered thru the day to finally get it to "take".

One of the really popular big kitty bloggers has gone to a paid WP account.  I may do the same for Her  Majesty's blog. I'll make inquiries.

Meanwhile whatever is wrong, it wasn't for three years but's problem after problem.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You know what I've noticed?

I was sitting there a few minutes ago eating my lunch of some Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs. And I thought..whatever happened to those commercials we used to see on daytime TV at least, for Chef Boyardee? Remember those? School bell tolling and kids (European kids) coming home for lunch and their mom's serving them bowls of Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs.

I don't see any of the detergent commercials of yore either. What happened to washing your diapers (lots are saying "wash diapers"? don't you just throw them away)? in Ivory Snow or Dreft? Do they even sell that any more? What happened to Maxwell House good to the last drop commercials? What about the commercials for Mrs. Folgers and her mountain grown coffee? And what about "what Mr Chase didn't know about coffee, Mr. Sanborn did!"? Where did it go? And Chock Full O'Nuts, that "heavenly coffee". Wrigley Spearmint gum? Blue Star Ointment? Canned meats like Treet and Spam. Crisco Oil..Crisco Vegetable Shortening for flaky pirecrusts? Tang? KoolAid? Royal Pudding ("rich rich rich with flavor..smooth smooth smooth as silk..." SaniFlush? Red Devil Lye? Some, few really of these products still exist but I miss the ads sometimes.

Gone with the years...

Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm waiting for a friend to drop by.  I am lending a book that only took me a day to read as it was interesting..had several twists of plot and kept my interest up.  I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it.  We frequently lend one another books.  We seem to have similar taste.  Twin, it's not a murder mystery so you likely won't want to read it.  :-)  Elizabeth Berg is the author.

I can't get enough of that 2 liter size sparkling lemonade I bought.  Best 68 cents I have spent insofar as drink products are concerned.  It has cut way down on my Diet Coke consumption for the warmer weather.

Absolutely no news really.  I haven't been out for pictures in several days. The first wave of wild flowers are done and I'm waiting on the newest to bloom.  They're up and budded but yet to open.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hankerin' for Linen

I went out to several of the better department stores simply looking for linen things.  Last year I got a wonderful taupe linen jacket that goes with anything..and two linen tops.  Today I found a white linen skirt.  Gored.  I came home and paired it with several tops..good to go.  I got it    a. on sale (so they said)   b. additional 50% off and c. 20 additional % for using that store's credit card.  I think I'll go dazzle someone.

It's showery and totally overcast again today.  We got yesterday as a break after over a week of this but here it is again.  Better'n snow I keep saying.

Going to go read for a bit.  I have supper ready already and the oldest will be there this evening.  Yes.  :-)


Oh and here is an offering from yesterday.  Long eared Coreopsis.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the first day without the furnace running or an iron gray sky and without rain! I even saw the sun a few times.  Riches.

I have no idea why but one of my friends two blog spots says--when I click to go-- that the profile won't allow access.  I got there yesterday evening finally to make comments on both but today it's as it was all day yesterday, inaccessible.  I have tried all day long.  I guess that's the way it is.  Once in a while it will allow me in.  I'll check back occasionally and see if all that is over.

Meanwhile a superb day.  The cat feels great and shows it.  I did my tread milling and weights..I headed out into the woodlands and got some walking in with the camera as my buddy.  A friend called and invited me to supper..can't beat that with a stick.

My oldest will be here tomorrow after work.  Haven't decided on supper yet.  But I have been to the grocery store.  I saw someone I have worked with quite some time but her appearance changed to the effect that I didn't recognize her.  She has gained some weight and her hair is shorter.  However we stood (out of the way of other shoppers) and chewed the rag for about fifteen minutes.

I have my fave perfume on..Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.  I LOVE that fragrance even if it does cost me $120.00.  Some things are worth it.  I wear other fragrances sometimes but this is my signature.

OK.  Done.  (stop saying "thank goodness"..that's not polite!)  :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, third day is always the charm. My little girl has been very affectionate to me after the v-e-t visit and I knew the jig would be up today and it is. It's always the third day that the shying away and the hiding starts. It will take several weekes before she trusts me again. This time I don't have to take her for 2, 3 months. Unless something comes up.

Kim, if you're reading this, I can't get thru to make a comment in either of your blogs. I sure have tried.

It's still the mid forties at night. Go figure! Getting on toward the end of the month and cold, cloudy and rainy still. We did have a few good days. Yesterday broke the cold record for that day since 1911.

Here's my girl Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday..cold and drear

This is quite a May,  Furnace on several ties in the day and the night time.  Lows in the 40's.  Highs in the  mid 50's.  Hm.  Good sleeping though.

Miss Catt went thru the mill yesterday mostly in getting her mats removed.  She developed them because she won't let me brush her right now due to sensitive (allergies) skin.  So..the worst happened.  They shaved her chest lightly and got most, but her flanks, they decided to brush and that hurt her badly.  Had I known they were going to do that I would have declined.  Never again.  That was very hard to hear. I didn't have to pay a penny but still..I would pay three times for her not to have been hurt like that.

Meanwhile, it was a busy day yesterday and not so much today.  But I needed a small break after all the events of yesterday.  I cannot believe that June is almost here..half a year GONE and wasn't it just Christmas a few blinks of the eyes ago? Time passes like a rocket sled and leaves us reeling in its wake.

And I still feel 19 years old.  Sometimes I feel in about 32.  How odd to come to the realization all over again after looking in the mirror that no, you're your current age and for that you can be grateful.  I am glad I'm not all gnarly yet though.  :-)


Monday, May 16, 2011


I am awaiting her furry majesty to come out from under the bed.  Today is Vet day and we must be about that business.  We go without an appt. as who knows when I can catch her.  I just take whomever is available among the Vets though of course,  we always wish for her own.

It's chilly and drizzly and the furnace has had to run to take the chill off once yesterday and once right now today.  What a deal for the middle of May. :-(

I have my first tomato of the season.  It's the size of a marble.  And there will be the usual perils of bugs (I do spray) and blssom end rot (I try to avoid it) and so on.  But the first one is here and I am thrilled!!

Wanna see?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


You know, if you are a business man (woman) and you enter people's homes to do a service, and...more importantly if you have outdoor or indoor outdoor pets, for PETE SAKES!! Get them flea control! If there is not flea control, you, the business person will have fleas on you and you will oftentimes bring them into a flea free home and infest a flea free pet and their home.

Needless to say this is what has happened yet again. This is the sixth time I have had fleas infest the house and cat and I KNOW who brought them was the electrician I so like and who is so reasonable. The last time it was the carpenter. Both live in the boonies. I have seen both places of residence. Heavily wooded, weeded and full of pets and fleas. Thanks, guys.

Have my cat always prepared with flea meds did I hear you say? What if she gets sickened by the flea drops as she did the last time for sure? What if I have to call poison control because I, in handling her however carefully also had a reaction to the flea drops? I only petted her away from where they were applied and I had tingling mouth and tongue. Scared me to death and now..I have to go through it again. I can't even give her the drops..I have to wait and make a visit to the Vet..she has to go anyway to be weighed and have her blood tests to see how she's doing. Why can't *I* give them? because she runs and hides for days as she can smell them as I approach and they make her sick. Like any sensible person, she flees the flea med.

OK. Done. Grrrr.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Great Blue Blogger Eater

Well, I came home late yesterday afternoon to blog and blogger was down till sometime today ate my Wednesday post besides not letting me make a Thursday one.  Everyone else is in or was in the same situation.  I have to wonder what was wroong that they took it down for so long?

I had a fabulous day yesterday. Traveled to see a friend and hung out there with her all day from mid morning till mid afternoon.  Took some pictures but aside from the ones I took of her cat, I deleted the rest (her pear tree is making pears) as they were not good. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch..Oh my goodness ME!  Their food is so good.

 I had their Thursday special and though it was good to anyone else, this one dish did not appeal to me as it was in too strong a gravy which to ME..just to me, did not go with the turkey.   Everything else they have...Katy bar the door.  It's delicious.

Then, because we wanted to we shopped out there in their store area.  I got a gorgeous filmy white pin tucked blouse..tiny pearl buttons down the front.  OH it is so pretty.  I also got a sun hat that is not so darned heavy.  The one I bought last year..too too.

Oh, and I bought 2 pecan of which never made it here to the house.

We also (we're women after all) hit a few more stores and looked over everything.  She bought this time and I did not.  The hat and blouse were pricey enough.

The little Mrs. missed me I could see and I was provided the opportunity to make it up to her.  It was a hot HOT sweaty day with brilliant sun and blue skies with those puffy white clouds floating through.  Life is good.  OH and look what *I* have out on the porch!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

What a humid hot and sunny day. Just right even if I mar my pristine alabaster complexion with...sweat!! ;-) And I am still sweating.

Been out to the Tractor Store or whatever ir's called for Sevin for the plants and some azalea food- of which there was none. Only place I found it was Home Depot. Headed to the pet store too, to get her a new taller and un-raveled rope scratching pole. I have been to probably 5 places or more. Also had a coupon from Penney's for 10 dollars off 10 dollars or more merchandise, so I got a white voile peasant blouse for 9 dollars with the coupon.

Gave the printer some paper..fed the azaleas, have to wait till tomorrow to spray any plants as the sun, it says on the label, will burn spots on the leaves. Took out the trash..cajoled the cat, readied the bathroom for a good thorough cleaning. UGH. That is next. I am doing this as a stalling tactic. Twin, come on over. We'll have a nice cuppa cherry tea AFTER we do the bathroom. Good part is the floor is already clean. I and a scrub brush were at it a few days ago.

Horst, I had my close up lens on and could not use the lens hood. BUT the REAL problem was, I was there at the worst part of the day. I was experimenting with camera raw to see if I could do better at the small processing I do, gets done. It works. The focus sucked too as I was hand held as always and had to keep moving to keep up with the butterfly.

Michiko..I'll go with you. I'll use the spare set of your golf clubs I have stored over here.

Terry, you're up for the next Redneck room..come go with. too. You'd fit right in. All law enforcement those of us working and not. Doesn't matter, we're just as loud.

Monday, May 9, 2011

What a beautiful day

I am so grateful that yesterday was 80 degrees and today 85, full sun and just a delight.

Two of the three boys were here. We did go out to eat last evening and the restaurant gave me a red velvet cupcake. DEELISHUS! My middle boy who is over the mountains gave me two seasons of The Cosby's which we all four LOVE. Neil gave me iTunes gift card and Erich a great book by one of my fave singers. Who knew he was an author? We listened to 5 episodes last evening before the boys took off like big birds. did (took off). The other stayed. A question of mom doing the laundry. ☺☺I volunteer..don't mind a bit. We went to Ruby Tuesday last night. I had the chicken fresco I think it was called? Delicious. Neil had steak and Erich had chicken primavera or however it's spelled. MUCHO dollars to get out of there though. And I drank water!

The usual bacon, eggs, coffee and bacon for breakfast! Num. No potatoes or juice. I forgot. I like to spoil him. I gave him a ham steak to take home and some steamable veggies..roasted red potatoes, green beans and some garlicky sauce. Scrumptious.

Hope your day was good. I stopped off to take pictures in the arboretum in camera raw..makes any processing so much easier and better and danged if I didn't have all sucky pictures. I'll post one here so you can see that the focus was bad, too name it.. Not going in Flickr. Yuk.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all moms everywhere.  I have always maintained and I believe it still, there is no greater privilege here on earth than to carry and give birth to a child.  To nurture and teach your child is a privilege as well and is as always, to be taken as the serious task that it is.  As a mother, you prepare your child for the world even if the world starts with Kindergarten.  You are largely responsible for instilling the qualities and abilities that will lead your child to success because you are with your child more than anyone else.   You and the rest of the family mold the child until he or she is out into the world and its influence.  If you have worked hard to instill a sense of value and right, then you will have done your job regardless of the outcome down the road.

All of the grandparents and single  fathers, Happy Mother's Day to you as well for your role as parent. The way is always hard and always walked with hope in the future and love for your child.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Good evening to you!! Had to bring in a few plants due to temps in the 30's but they are "only" going to the mid 40's tonight. May as well leave who's back in the house, here till tomorrow.

Simba's mommy...does it require the plumber to come to have that handheld shower thing attached? I am useless useless useless. That would be perfect if I could have that. Rinses very well I would think. Bet it involves a million dollar (seems that way so often) plumber visit.

Small Mrs. S here still is scared that with every move I make I am aiming to take her to the Vet. She's right although it's my choice when..not an emergency the way it has been for months now. So..when the poor girl stops hiding all day, I will scoop her up again for her blood test to see how she is doing with her new pill regimen. AND her weight. I can tell she's gained. Her ribs and scapula, all her bones, hip etc etc are much better covered now. :-)

I took this picture April 31st.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's the RedNeck Room today!  Looking forward to the noise and loud talking.  Oh and the food of course. We meet at a restaurant with a large room where they put us because we are loud.

I will be headed out to there in about 45 minutes.  Then, I get to scrub the bathroom floor and clean the tub and surround.  What fun that will be.  I had it done over like a year and a half ago by Bathfitter and you have to use what they recommend to clean it or the guarantee (lifetime) is voided.  There is a huge list to choose from but all require a thorough rinsing after cleaning.  I hate that part more than any other.  I hate doing the rinsing because I have to get huge containers of water and let it sluice down over all the surfaces.  Then I like to dry it all as it looks so brand new when its dried and cleaned both.  That way there is no residue to mess with the surfaces.  Frankly I bet the deal is other cleansers will discolor (over time) the pristine white of the surfaces.  I could be wrong but I bet that's it.

Mother's day is coming and I am looking forward to 2 out of three sons here.  ♡♡♡

Monday, May 2, 2011

Time Gone By

The time is perhaps 1950. These ladies are chaperones at the 8th grade dance.
They are seated in folding chairs by the gymnasium wall, talking quietly. They are dressed in their summer organdy and voile dresses for coolness against the warmth of the evening. The girls and boys noses as they are walking by the chaperones, catch the faintest fragrance tendrils of bath powder..that magical fairy dust that resides in round boxes complete with fluffy puff. The stuff dreams are made from. The fragrance that goes to church on Sunday morning and goes to chaperone dances for boys and girls on Prom night.
The older ladies here are content with fading into the background--memories of their dances long ago, intact.
These flowers are the ladies in my story. Aren't they sweet?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Stuffs

My goodness. I was so extremely sleepy in church this morning for the first time in my entire life I was close to falling asleep. I have never had that happen before.

Since then, I came home, cleaned house and as a final fillip, I took the plants outdoors again till late September. One plant, I wish I could give away. My Christmas cactus. It's pretty and all of that but I want fewer plants. I am down to just three as it is...mother's cactus, which is the incredibly lovely and horrifically smelly Stapelia Grandiflora, the Christmas cactus and a Jade plant that is a cutting from my middle son's jade plant from when he first started teaching. That and mother's plant have sentimental value. The Christmas cactus does not. I can't make myself just throw it away. That's like committing murder or something so I'm stuck with it until and if someone will take him off my hands.

Guess what? I have a tomato plant out there again on the deck. AND a green pepper plant too. I will be chronically their growth and buds and fruits as they happen. I get so proud. I hope they do well. I have a Primrose to plant and I need to get those sunflowers out there into the ground against the fence.

I am so sleepy I am suffering. So, bye, I can't nap..too late in the day so I need to be active. xox

This is the Bull Run Steam Plant operated and owned by TVA.