Thursday, December 31, 2015

Here Comes Another

Well, here comes another New Year.  Have a HAPPY New Year my friends.  Maybe there are a few who will be as glad to see the end of this year as I am myself.  A tremendous lot happened here at my house this year  A new baby in the family, wedding anniversary of my son and his wife, my surgery, the added "attraction" of the mother of all sciatica attacks and as a farewell of the Old Year,  a sinus infection with a high fever.  BUT!  It's all relative. Truly  Things could be worse.  I could be dead, and the sciatica could have stayed for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving but it didn't  :-)

What is there (at least for me) about hot rich tomato soup.  I love it.  I admit I certainly don't make it from a recipe,. I eat Campbell's.   Oh it is so good.   Many times I don't recall that I have a can of it in the cupboard.  When I do see it, if there is a meal time anywhere even near I get it out.  I like  it diluted with half water and half milk. Just had some for lunch.  "That's what Campbell's Soup is, Um Um Good"!

As always to start my New Year off right...the usual of 2-3 days of sun and then the usual 9-10 days of overcast and gray.  Better than some folks have to have had.  I should learn to stop complaining. It did not used to be like this weatherwise until about four years ago.

I have shown this picture once before.  Took it on my way back from Charlotte.  The meaning of it made me want to learn more and more about what that meant, where they were and why.  I started Googling as soon as I got home.

See you laters

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Little Tuna With That Celery?

A friend of mine was telling me she was going to have a tuna sandwich after we talked.  That set up a longing and a mouth watering for me as I love tuna salad.  BUT I make mine (for me when no one else is involved) differently.

For me, when it is just for me, I use water packed tuna of course, and of the better type if there is such a thing realistically.  I drain it, add maybe a teaspoon of sweet  pickle relish and maybe a tablespoon of light mayo...some black pepper, and then, just for me at least THREE stalks of chopped celery.  All that celery with 6 oz or whatever it is, of tuna.  I pile it on as high as it will go onto a piece of wheat bread, top that extremely lumpy mountain with the other slice, cut diagonally and tear into it.  For other people were they with me, I would not do that.  I would probably ask if it is alright to add a bit of celery.

I am getting a new computer today sometime or there.  I checked the tracking and it is out for delivery.  This one is four years old and while good still it has become slower as the operating system is not lending itself to updates any longer.  Oh I get other updates but not the ones that would come with a current operating system.  It's all good but with 7000 pictures on here, that doesn't help I imagine.

(No, they aren't all of Katie tempting as it would be to think...Admiral either).

Here's an extra view of a former topic here.  I took two pictures of that model plane in a Charlotte consignment store.  I LOVE that place!

Monday, December 7, 2015

How Nice!

Well, I got to go work out today and I went Friday of last week.  All of my physical problems are behind me now.  The surgery of course and I had begun working out after several months recovery only to get sciatica on a long long walk.  BUT!  I am over that too and I have begun to get some exercise at LAST!  I so dislike not being active so maybe now my active times have come again.  I hope so.  I even did lower back exercises on the machines today.

I have spent several months whining and moaning about those ills.  Now thank goodness I can't any more.  I did spend a decent amount of time writing on the website of the hospital I was in back at the end of July. I had nothing but compliments except for one thing, to give.  The fact that I came out of there after eight days and nights after rare surgery with NO infection...that is worth writing thanks for.   So I wrote a long note to the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) of the hospital and said all the accolades that the hospital deserved as well as the surgical group who cared for me.  AND the anesthesiologists!  I still can't get over how they handled the half hour or so before my surgery.  I had been wheeled down to a low ceilinged not garishly lit room and "parked" on my gurney in a far aisle near the wall.  People smiled a bit, murmured good morning and were so calm and I had NO idea who they were or why I was there for.  I thought it was for more testing before the surgery.  No.  It was for my pre-op times and they handled it so well, so nicely that I had no concerns or anxiety at all.  They made sure not to "alarm" me with conversations or other things.  I just know they said something about getting the IV started...I had no idea what type, and all I know is I woke 6 hours later looking at the kids. They were superb as were everyone else I came into contact with except two women.

I checked in the night before the surgery.  When I was conducted to my room, two women were there and commanded that I not sit anywhere, to get into the bathroom and when I got there, they commanded "STRIP!".  Um, pardon me?  "STRIP!".  Why I asked?  "You have to" I was told.  "STRIP"!  So, no matter my protests, I was forced to disrobe in front of them.  Turned out it was only to remove any fuzz I may (I didn't) have.  They could have done that decently once I got into bed instead of showing their power over me with disgusting rudeness.  Then I had to take the antibiotic shower.  I told them no way they were going to stay in there with me then!  They also made fun of my modesty by asking how did I ever have children?  I actually answered in a loud commanding tone of my own that I didn't have them being told to "strip!!" by two strangers who were rude!

I complained in my letter to the CAO about that duo in my room after having said all the positives about the surgical group and the anesthesiologists as well as some of the nurses in particular for attitude toward me, ALL of them however insofar as excellence of the job were concerned.

OK.  Life story finished.

Waiting on repair people to get here.  My new, 6 months old Whirlpool stove had a screw come off or loose when I pulled the burner out from the plug in order to clean the drip pan.  That's gonna cost me $$$ for a defective component in the stove.  I'll get them to tighten all of them while they are here.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Big surprise of the unpleasant variety for me yesterday,  I bid on a cookbook from the church my DIL and her family attend.  ( DIL goes with my son, her hubby to his church where they live now).

It, the cookbook, was described as clean, unmarked in the margins and in good shape.  I read the eBay description of good.  This person lives right here in my town, so I asked if I could just "buy it now" and meet at Starbucks and let me get it without paying the postage which was more than the cookbook.  She said yes.  I could not skip the postage (I should have thought of that) and so as an added attraction, he husband dropped it by into my mailbox.

I was tickled until I opened it.  Nasty stale horrible cigarette smoke came out of the package and book as though  it was an empty (or not) butt tray!  The cookbook stinks so badly I have it in a large thick plastic bag.  There is writing in it and it is not clean.  I could return it but I won't.  I put it down to the first bad experience I have had on eBay. and I'm not out that much money.  Besides, they know where I live as it would have had to be sent through the mail as you know. Don't want a flaming bag o' poo on my porch.

By the way, this is not an attack on smokers. Smoke if you want to.  I certainly did till I quit cold turkey 15 years ago and never looked back even once.  But I did not subject folks to the smell, even before the trend to smoking outside became THE thing you had to do...I had never smoked in my home.  Not once.  The smell, the tobacco staining of the walls and light fixtures, but most of all the smell that everything reeks made me not even tempted.  I didn't smoke in the house because of the children.

I recall the house next door when I still smoked was horrible to be in.  The couple smoked constantly and when the door was opened (I didn't go there much unless it was to sit on the porch) a thick gray cloud just roiled and rolled out of the door. I smoked, and I couldn't take it.  I finally told her. So we sat in her screened in porch.

The sciatica is 99% gone.  A bit of muscle pain remains but that is from walking in a strange way while this was going on. Too long a post.

On Thanksgiving, had I been here most of the time I would have written a Thankfulness blog.  For all of you.  You have been with me through good times and some very bad ones.  My gratitude is real for each of you in my life.   I am all better from both afflictions and I feel that I am finally able to look over the top of the fence and see some sunshine in a manner of speaking. XooX

Our new accomplishment

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A blur

Sometimes it seems that life flies by in a blurred movement barely detectable to the eye.  I was going through the dashboard here before I came to write this blog and I see several old old friends I knew in MNS Live Spaces blog times.  Paul, if you knew Technogran,  she passed.  Gerry said so in his own blog.  It was a title  of his blog, so I saw that but I am not "invited" to read his blog.Hence there are no details I can glean.

  Boy am I ever doing better now.  I took a 4 mile walk in early October when I had a backache.  I will never do that again as walking on uneven surfaces with my back already aching resulted in sciatica for me.  That nerve pain is as bad as childbirth pain.  But with childbirth pain something good comes.  This...nothing but more pain and man, it was on the pain scale as a 10, same as childbirth pain.

I'm finally coming up out of it and I was about in despair that I would always be in agony. I'm about 70% better now.  I can walk and do my house work.  That's an accomplishment!

I am fully recovered  finally from the open heart surgery.  Nope, no bypasses.  My arteries looked good ---while they were in there, they looked.

First really cold cold night last night.  Will be in the higher 20's the next few nights but fairly mild days.  As soon as the sciatica is completely cleared up I will begin my walks and working out again.  Can hardly wait.

We are headed to my son's Mother-in-law's home for Thanksgiving day.  We did that last year too.  Now I have a grandson to enjoy seeing there as well.  One of my sons is coming up from Charlotte to be with us, staying with me, and the other one will be coming from where he lives only a half hour away, to join us all over at Mary's house.  I appreciate the invitation. I don't know yet what I will be asked to bring.  I think I will text her in a minute.

Guess that does me for now.  XXooXX

Saw this in a consignment ship...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sun, Fall Leaves and What can be Better?

The rose in the header and its visitors are in my front yard.

Oh what two beautiful days have passed to be enjoyed after practically a week (what else?) of rain and drizzle and gray skies.  It's been wonderful.  So nice not to have every light in the house turned on against the gloom.  I am surrounded by tall tall trees so it takes some strong sun to light the inside well.

It was a degree of 80 today and I had the heat on for one round this morning and the air on for one round late this afternoon.  It's that time of year again.  Roller coaster temperatures.

Didn't get to go over the mountains for Halloween as the sciatica flared up badly, but it is fading now so I hope to go before the snows flies in the mountains.

Anyone else having a problem with a disappearing cursor here on Blogger?  I sure am.  You never know where it is until you start typing.  Not sure how to "cure" that.

I bought me a few pounds of grapes today  Um Um good.  Won't be long and they will be soft and rubbery as the markets try to sell off the no longer fresh and ready -for- the -trash grapes.  I got some of the better ones today.

With the house as hot as it is (it is close to 80 in here) the thick fleece blanket on the bed and the closely woven thread count sheets are gonna roast me alive tonight, assuming I'm silly enough to pull them over me.

Oh!  A dear colleague texted me yesterday mid morning and said how 'about if I come over bringing lunch'!?  I said absolutely.  He's been asking me to have lunch 4 weeks now.  I was finally able to accept and had to cancel due to therapy times.  So lunch came to me and oh what a great lunch it was.  Wendy's chili.  I love that stuff. We got caught up on work talk and planning.  I was supposed to have been to the meeting at The Redneck Room today at 1100, but I had enough time to only go to the grocery so I missed my guys and all the shouting and fun we have.

Hope the week stays fine!  xxoo


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wish it Would Stop Raining!

If it would stop raining every day all day I could go out and do better at getting some pictures of the Fall colors.  But I don't want the camera wet.  It's a DSLR. This is off my deck into my woods and one standing next to my driveway looking at the woods and deck and the privacy fence on my deck...out there in the rain but partially in shelter under the carport.

What do you all have?

Looking off my deck 10/28 & into my woods

Off my deck into my woods

My deck to the right & downward sloping backyard

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Days Are Here Again

My sciatica or whatever in the world it was is about gone.  I was able to go to the store 2 times today after therapy where I swear she tried to annihilate me.  (Via hard hard hard gouging massage).  I had electro stim therapy too and the ultra sound therapy as well at the point on my, um, well, sit-down area up at the top  where the sciatic nerve is, and also on the IT band at  the side of my knee that was also just as painful as my back.  Not being able to walk to the end of your own house's hallway and not being able stand for more than a few seconds was excruciating.

My DIL won't see this so I will share with you all that I ordered some flowers for my precious daughter-in-law.  They will be there tomorrow.  Too much to expect them to be there this afternoon.

She has gone without being asked with me to every appointment at the cardiology office and at every surgical appointment to be that extra pair of ears you need many times..  She went with the rest of the family the hospital  during my surgery and texted friends from there after surgery so they would know I was still kicking.   She helped this week when my sciatica was so excruciating by showing up and going to the store for me and hauling my pet to the Vet and she is 30 minutes away by car.  She brought food on several occasions and she is always a listening ear when I am in need. She is a precious girl and I feel fortunate that she and my son chose one another over all others and became a tightly bonded unit.  And now with their baby as well...oh, bliss.  I hope not to be as needful any longer.  This is the first time in my life I have been down and out physically that I needed help.  I hope it will be the last. Friends and family are gold and gemstones in my life.  That includes my Blogger and Twitter friends.  Very much includes them.

All the prayer and work on my behalf lifted me up to heights I had not known before.  Thank you, each of you who are reading this as well.  I am here for you too when or if you need me.

Fishies were I was walking before the sciatica

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

16 Years Old Today!

That's what I was.  Sixteen years old all day long from the time I went to work out  this morning till this minute.  I have not laughed that hard and so many times, just as hard each time, as I laughed today.  Most of them  were moments that "you'd have to be there" to appreciate...maybe.  But it started with a dear friend having come over for lunch and beyond.

I made sandwiches, she brought a dessert she made and after having lunch, off we went to the store because the blender, a cheapie I had bought months ago was not going to really work for what I wanted it for.  So...enter part one of my, hers and my adventures today.

 We took off to the store and saw the 'no cruising' sign posted where we parked  This was one of those "you'd have to be there" ones, but I expressed sadness and disappointed feelings as I  told my friend I had every intention of asking her if she wanted to cruise the parking lot with me because I sure had it in mind!  (not)  We were already laughing hard when we got out of the car and all the way to and through the doors.

We calmed and went for her to get a skein of wool and for us to choose a more appropriate device with which to make my would-be smoothies rather than what I had.

There was more tear making laughter as we were walking through the aisles and one ridiculous situation or scrap of conversation  after another would strike our funny bones and we'd stand there laughing hard with tears flowing from our eyes the way me and my girl friends did as teens and young moms, one with the other laughing our silly heads off. One more regret voiced by me as we went back to the vehicle that we couldn't cruise the parking lot with loud laughter from the two of us--- and we came back here to the house.

Then we washed out the container for the smoother maker and I poured in some milk, some blueberries, a few sweeteners, and 2/3's cup of ice cubes.  I followed directions and pressed  down on the container to start it the way you're supposed to.  Nothing happened.  I said "Nothing happened" so my friend commenced trying.  Nothing happened.  We put our backs into it by turns, and still nothing happened until simultaneously we saw at the same time that it wasn't plugged in.  I swear, we were BENT over laughing and I had to get the tissue box for us to wipe our eyes and blow our noses.  My belly hurts and this IS the best day I have had in a LONG time.

Smoothie turned out well.  I will be PLUGGING the smoothies maker in and trying more each day.

What a great day! I sure could have used it.  It's great when you have someone that you march in lock step with on opinions usually, and that you can share all manner of thoughts without concerns.

Still smiling!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coming Up (I hope)

I have asked my middle son when I might come to see him over the mountains and through the woods.  If I wait too much past October the snow has a disconcerting habit of coming down in the mountains starting in November through till early April, as I strive to get home in one piece.

I've not been free to travel since I was there on Mother's Day this year.  Physically I could  have done better while there, but I did all right.  This time I will do fine.

I put a picture I took from son's vehicle as we rocketed along back into Charlotte.  We were only a couple of miles away.  I forgot what we were doing but I suspect it may have been a consignment store that I love.

It's raining.  What else is new?  Will all the week and started Monday evening.  Again, what else is new?

I'll get my britches on that I will wear out instead of these ripped up jeans and head on out to get more bananas.  I dislike them pretty much but I have been eating them since April.  They sure are good for me though I don't care for them AND they sure beat some of the things I could be eating.

Worked out for real yesterday!  I admit to a tiny bit of soreness in the sternum area.  I was so happy to be back there again.  They don't have the adductor/abductor machine any more and I am just so disappointed about that.  It worked.  Not sure what to do to target those muscle groups in particular.

Hey...I sure wish we could all, not just a few but all of us have a meet up.  That would be awesome.



Friday, September 25, 2015

Terrific Friday

Today is a special day for which I am grateful.  My birthday.  I am a squillion years old now.  Or as I persist in saying "39 again". (And again and again and again and... etc.)  So, I just got the first of five phone calls from a classroom over the mountains in Charlotte NC.  My son who teaches 7th grade asks the kids if they want to sing happy birthday to Mama S. (me)  If they all agree and it has to be all, my son will fire up his cell phone and the kids will sing Happy Birthday to me.  This occurs five times each birthday.  It's a thrill and I love it. They all agreed  to do so for the 0840 class. I have four more coming if they all want to, in the next classes throughout the day.  I've seldom had a better reason to remain home in the day, don't you think?

Well, Donkey, who is a friend of Katie was operated on yesterday and he is feeling oh! so much better.  Whew.  What drama we had until he came out of surgery what with his broken back and all.  His innards were spilling out too and Dr. Mom had a time of it getting him set to rights again.  BUT all is well and he re-joined us last night but on the floor.  I guess he wasn't up to be carried into the bed by his thirteen pound mistress.  His stitches are uneven but sturdy.  He'll be good for many more carries into the bedroom.

I feel great, and  I took a good brisk walk yesterday.  Not the first one I have done recently, but the most brisk.  It was gorgeous out and I loved every minute.  My Fitbit was pleasantly surprised as well.

Hope all is well where you are today!  Would it help if I insist on that?  ❤

Thursday, September 17, 2015


The flowers of the Kalanchoe plant I have outside are only 1/4 of an inch wide.  So,  I chose to focus on several with a close-up lens.  I put their photo in my header.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life Sure is Good, Ain't it?

Howdy.  Sure am glad to be up, doing well and back to normal.  I have been for several weeks but I declare it official myself now.  I've been dragging in bags of groceries after putting them in the vehicle to come home.  I clean house (sorta) and I take decent walks in a new park here in town that I never thought of.  My DIL told me about it.  That part of town is her old stomping' grounds.  I required level ground and I think that is the only level ground in all of the city!  In a week or so I will go back to working out, but gradually.

Today my DIL and the grand baby came here to see me so I could push his carriage (he is 5 1/2 months old now) through the paths in the park.  I had a blast!  We came back here and I made lunch for us.  Perfect day.

Katie said to tell you who know her that the v-e-t tech came at noon and pilled her with the second of 14 antibiotic pills for her UTI.  That condition likely happened as she could not get an appointment with her regular vet, had to wait even longer despite she was sick with diarrhea.  So bacteria likely traveled to her urethra because I could not get her totally clean near the back door so to speak.  And couldn't get an appointment so she could be groomed.  Her regular Dr. was really mad that she was turned away when she had a fever and not eating or drinking much and had diarrhea.  So that's her update.

Me, I found for inexplicable reasons I have become somewhat sensitive to salt and I have had to be careful what I choose to eat. (water weight)   Grrrr.  There go the lower sodium (50% lower!!!) chips with my sandwich.  Oh well, it's worth it.

All of and hugs for all the support through these months.  If you are a friend and can find my email, or know my phone number you may call me or write me but I am not up to telling everything on the internet.  But I do speak to friends.  And you're friends.  xo

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday all Day Long

What a gorgeous day!  Katie sent me out for a walkie.

 I see while I was gone she was tearing around the house.  I see feet  prints dug into the carpet where she was running hard.  I can even see where she put on her brakes so to speak.  She had a few bites to eat in addition to her early breakfast but she was and still is sound asleep now. A girl has to rest.

She sent me to a park where the sidewalk or trail in places is smooth and perfect for a first outing in a while.

I am about out of food and that is serious.  I ate down all that I had except a few frozen dinners  and a few cans of veggies.  I will wait till tomorrow when I have a friend come and help me haul all the food I will be buying.  I love the company too.

I was going to include a few pictures but blogger won't load the thingy you use to post pictures.

Just checking in and saying thank you again for caring.  That's a blessing to me.  xxoo

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rainy Day as Always but Hey...It's a Day, Right?

Hello, Hi and Howareya?  Or is that Hawaii-- pronounced HIwawyee?  That's another way to say  howareya!

WE have had SO much rain that I have three HUGE fungi growing in the back yard.  They are not toad stools.  these are almost leafy looking, tan in color and they are about 18 inches or more in circumference and about that high!!! I called the mower and can't wait for it to stop raining so he can get here!  It's like a jungle out there with overgrown weeds and grass.

I am close to being all better now.  I see a doctor next Wednesday to hear his pronouncements and then, it will be history for me.  Well, not withstanding checkups.  :-)

Katie's favorite brother has been here six weeks and will be going back to his place next Monday or close to that.  Katie will miss him terribly.  They are very bonded.  About as much as she and I are bonded.  She has been snugged tightly into my midriff at night which precludes me turning over without disturbing her.  I won't do that so I suffer.  I can feel her using her feet on the mattress to push herself backward into my midriff all snug and tight.  Sweet girl.

Just saying a few words and Susie, I am thrilled to see you here.  Thank you so much dear friend.  I miss Beth as well and I still have her address in the computer contacts and her phone numbers in my phones.  Can't bring myself to take them out.  No harm that they are there except it's bittersweet when I see them.

Boston Boy, I will send you a quick email.  Hope you see this.  All of you...thank you for staying with me.  Tabbies, you are a smile making lot of fish chomping kitties!



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here I Yam, as Popeye Would Say!

Howdy fellow Popeye enthusiasts.  What?  You aren't one?  What's up with that?  That's alright.  I'll enthuse enough for all of us.

A cloudy day today and it will shower off and on after noon time.  I wish it would not but I have noticed that what I wish doesn't seem to be very effective!  Hm.  I must be---as the saying goes---holding my mouth wrong.

I had a procedure but I am getting around pretty well if I say so myself.  That's good as I have people to annoy and places to go.  All in good time.

Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for not forgetting about me.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Almost Bastille Day!

Well,  tomorrow the 14th of July it's Bastille Day in France.   Just sayin'.

Next week I will be taking another 3 week or so break from all blogging and Tweeting.  Katie decided to do the same.  She has a Twitter account too and she does far better than I could ever hope to.  No way I could ever hope to catch up with her in followers.  That girl has it goin' on! (she's far prettier than I could ever hope to be, and her personality is so full of joy...I haven't a chance) She and I will report back after our bloggie break (again).

You'd be really surprised at how many times one or the other of you comes to my mind and makes me smile.  Many of us have been walking this same roadway for a LONG time.  You get to be a family albeit a blog family and you get to be friends too, I think.

See ya in a few weeks..and I'll tell you all about my time off.  xoxoxox

I love these guys.  Speedwell I think?

Monday, June 22, 2015

WOWZERS! Amazing How SOMETIMES Stuff Gets Done!

Last evening, I wrote quite a to-do list of things that had to be done as soon as I could get them done.  Most involved calls but some will require action on my part.

Today, I called my local hospital to tell them the info re: my personal physician and name of medical clinic was wrong.   I like many folks have a patient access to my personal doctor's office and any other medical facility I may use.  You can message, make appointments, etc.  They remedied that  problem I brought to their attention and I had the opportunity to bring up several other vexing questions as well for answers and, I got them!

I got to find how and where to compliment an entire organization for its fabulous customer service too after another call to find to whom to address this really fun thing to do.  Compliment thoroughly.

I called to get a plumber for a slow running bathroom drain and darned if he didn't say he'd be here in ten minutes!  The stuff of dreams!!!

I called the car dealership and explained a really need-to-fix problem and asked if it could be done.  Yes.  And the appointment is next Monday.  0900.  $150.00 later I will be so much better off.

I called to cancel an appointment I had at 0900 this day and got that done as well AND I had the opportunity to speak to someone knowledgeable about a problem I fancied I had.  All today.

I went out for a while and did some recreational shopping.  Just a bit.  I had a few days where I was feeling a bit badly so I did nothing that was not needful for those days.    It happens to everyone sometimes but I am fine now.

I am so impressed with how things are coming along in plans I have.  They are coming to fruition flawlessly.  I am so grateful for that.  God is good.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening.

What a day.  It was 101 degrees f just a few miles away and 97 here.  Hot hot hot.  Better than the 107 and 105 and 104 we had several years ago.

I only wanted to keep my hand in and say hello again.  There is so much going on here that while I am thinking of you (yes, I actually am, believe it or not) I can't always make that known to you.

All of my old friends are precious to me from Spaces and all of my new friends from Blogger are equally precious.

Thank you for your friendship.  Things will calm down here.  They have no choice!  :-)

From the Cornell Bird Institute

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Amazing How Time Won't Stand Still.

Kidding.  It's not amazing at all.  Just there are a few times in one's life when you would like the moment to last.  It doesn't except in our memory.  Debatable as to whether or not that is the better thing...time moving on.  After all, getting stuck in one moment until we pass away does seem a bit overwhelming, doesn't it?

I am still reeling from the passing of Beth Marie.  Though we spoke often and I knew where she was, a hospice, still I did not expect her to ever be in one. I was devastated at her continuing diagnosis and then I never expected her to leave us so quickly.

I'm just checking in.  Instead of the usual things each day that I set to do or accomplish, I have decided to take part of the day to rearrange the drawers in the bedroom and some of my pajamas in the linen closet.   I have too many ancient sets of pi's that never see the light of day and now I am certain they won't.  Off they go.  I don't need them as rags.  Too many already.  I think I may head to the dump and recycle center before the skies open up again.

Why not head on in there with me while I pull out the last drawer and sort the things in there and get rid of "I will never wear this again" stuff?  I need the company.  Boring job.  Come on..get up..let's go.  We'll have some sparkling mandarin orange water for a treat afterward.  Last one in by the dresser is a rotten egg.  *zoom*

Saw this on FB this morning.  LOVE it.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

YEA! SUN! For Now

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Erich yesterday.  That was a hard won birthday.  xoxox

We went to Applebee's and had supper.  They have a wonderful sling-like thingy to hold an infant's bulky carseat.  That worked great!  So everyone ate and I had to have a half Caeser  salad with grilled chicken.  I ate it nekkid, no dressing,  as I hate salad dressing almost always unless it was what my Dad used to make back when I was a girl.  So I left even half of the chopped lettuce types there and ate the chicken and some lettuce.  I am on a diet despite not looking too bad, as it is better for me to do so.  AND I wanted a piece of cake when I  got home.  Oh my goodness was that good  The other son stopped and got ice-cream on their way home here to go with the ice-cream.  YUM.  There went the diet what with the cake and the ice-cream but gee..ya gotta do that sometimes.  Nommy!

James was a model baby!  Kissed the hide off him,  each one of us.  He got passed around like a bowl of candy while we all loved on him.

Just wanted to say thank you for coming by for his birthday greeting.  You'll not realize what it meant to me.  xxoo to you each.  Thank you.

THIS would have been appropriate YESTERDAY had I thought of it!  Dang!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015


Happy Birthday dearest son.  Each birthday of yours and your brothers is cherished as a reminder to me how blessed I am to be mother to all of you.  What a privilege and how thankful I am that I was given the gift of motherhood.  

Today is your own day out of all of them in the year and I give love for you this day as I do all of days of the year.

I have your birthday cake made and it will be waiting for you when you get here!  Thank you for being my son.



Katie will take care of refreshment at the party tonight.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Take 5

Boy, I have been really going through a tough row to hoe here what with what I now know is Bronchitis.  It's untreated Bronchitis till recently as the persons who saw me the first three times assumed it was a reaction to a blood pressure pill.  They even x-rayed me to see if I had pneumonia and I did not  & do not.  But no one ever thought of Bronchitis until my Dr. got back from vacation and said it was.  Now I am going to be better as I have a Z Pac to help and some working prescription cough medicine to help with the incessant coughing.  It has been a rough almost three weeks.

The cough syrup makes me terribly sleepy and it is all I can do to keep my eyes open until time to take the night dose so I will sleep tonight without coughing my lungs up.  I got to lie down to sleep last night,  I have been sitting up in bed trying to help the horrible coughing fits.

It has been a beautiful day and I hope it was a good one for you as well.  I have a few Dr. related things to get done this week and next and then, I will be out from under that.


Momma and babies.  Resting and sleeping on Momma

aint it the truth!? 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Oh my oh my

I have a very bad....something...going on.  Incessant coughing all day and all night.  No fever.  Some sinus drainage but the coughing keeps me and Katie the beautiful Tuxie Cat, up most of the night.  She usually just abandons ship and leaves me after putting up with it as long as she can.  She wrote in her own blog that it was like trying to sleep on a trampoline what with me rocking the bed with all this coughing.  So neither of us sleep much.  I am starting to feel sorry for myself.  My Dr's Clinic has emergency appointments on weekends.  On Sunday they start at 1200.  I will call and ask if they can see me just to assess what it is.  It could be bronchitis, a cold or something worse.

Anyway,  had to complain.  See ya later, gator.
Close up taken by my Nikon. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

"There's (was) a party goin' on right here..."  Well, there was with son, daughter-in-law and the most important guest, little James.  Six weeks old!  They came to take me for something to eat as I was gone to the other son's home on Mother's Day.  And my son wanted to make his wife's first Mother's Day special.  So they were occupied with that and I, with Charlotte NC.

Here are my Mother's Day flowers from my son who came to visit last evening.

And they gifted me with a gorgeous (truly!) midnight blue soft as a cloud stole.  Dinner and even dessert.

Here is their biggest gift on his way here.

I got to feed him!  And hold him of course and smooch the hide off his sweet little head.

Look at the dear and precious to me gift that a distant blogging friend made just for me.  That was so meaningful a gift and hand made.  I will always have it out on display.  I may put it on my headboard.  I was moved to tears on seeing it.  Thank you dear dear friend.

XooX to all of you.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Friends,  got to go to visit one of my son's in NC for my Mother's Day with him.  I haven't gotten to go there for a year due to some family circumstances but I was there and just got home.  He gave me a card from him and Katie combined, and a bottle of pure cherry juice that I love.  Not just cherry flavored..pure juice, nothing added.  And another charm for the Pandora bracelet he started for me last birthday of mine.  AND a Chia Cat Grass planter with the grass seed to make grow.  I haven't seen the other two boys yet.  One celebrated his and his wife's first Mother's Day today!!

Want to see some things I saw and wanted to buy but could not afford them
ain't he neat?

at my two favorite consignment stores in Charlotte?  I'll post them.  Well, I didn't want the gorilla nor the preambulator, no, but they were fun to look at as was the model airplane.

Here are some pictures that I hope you like too.

Makes you wanna have a good time, huh?

Hey dude! 

"One for the Money, Two for the show..."

A boys dream come true

He is sitting in an old fashioned wheelchair for sale.

Hm.  Illuminati stuffs?

8 Track!

I bought this.  Japanese style cat

LOVE to have him

Monday, May 4, 2015

Beautiful Day

I am amazed.  We have had six beautiful days in a ROW!  That NEVER happens.  I am grateful!  Heck, I'm grateful for every day.  Doesn't have to be a sunny one but that is sure an added pleasure.

Headed to The Big City to visit grandson this morning along with his great grandmother in tow.  He is a month and four days old now.  And changes are apparent.  I think he will be, as a good blogging friend put it yesterday, a suitable contender for the Princess Royal's hand by and by.

I got the house cleaned up as is my habit.   Once a week it is a thorough drubbing; the rest is on an as needed basis.  I love to sit later in the thorough cleaning day and just look at the vacuum cleaner marks through the very trackable carpet.  The minute either I-- or anyone else including the cat walk over it, it's (steps) very visible.

For once the air conditioning was on yesterday.  Not terribly needed but delightful anyway.  The yard was mowed and weed eater was used so everything looks good out there.  I hire out the job as I have a steep hilly yard.  I had them cut any brush and weeds away from the back fence as it is facing onto the forest and wild things grown up to it and tries to take over the yard in back.  Have to keep after it.

Anyone know a good English Ivy killer?  Round Up Tough Brush and Poison Ivy Killer does not seem to have done the job.  It's still out there looking like it's ready to celebrate another century of living well!!

My poor rose tree (that's what  it's called) died.  It had come back well after the horrible ice storms and all, and then, two killing freezes killed it deader than a door nail.  My poor Gardenia had made a comeback as well and the ice storms killed it before the hard freezes could even try.  VERY sad for me as I love both.  The yard is too hard for me to dig in so I have to hire THAT done as well if I find a plant.  Ground is like concrete.

See ya over at your place...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good Day to You All

Friends, I did have the opportunity to speak to Beth through her sister's speaker phone two days ago and it was an honor to be allowed to do that.  Her sister is most kind.

It's difficult for Beth to talk as there is a physical difficulty.  So while she does speak a bit it is not much.  I got to tell her I love her and she said she loved me and my son as well.  That she would pray for us from heaven.  It broke me in two.  But that is alright.  I am grateful to hear her and speak to her.

I told her all of her friends love her and are praying for her.  I did not ask her sister if she is reading this blog or not but she was in the beginning of this journey so I imagine she and Beth know what you have commented.

Just wanted to let you know that I did get to speak a little and I will try again in perhaps a day.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beth...An Update

Dearest friends of Beth Marie,

I have been told by Beth's sister that I may let you know that Beth is in hospice now.

We bloggers from MSN Live Spaces are a family.  One of our own whom we have known and cared about, Beth Marie, has little time left with us.  Her family are gathered; and we who consider her a member of our own extended families are gathered too, with tender caring love for Beth and her family.

I love you Beth although you will not be able to read this.  May our Lord wrap His arms around you and steady your journey back to Him.  Love and peace be yours, precious dearest friend.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Rainy Day in Tennessee. (What Else is New)?

Raining, raining, raining.  And raining.

It made me laugh when I read in our local ABC news affiliate's web page someone asking our weather man why it rains in east TN every day!!?? I have wondered that as well.  I have often said here and in person that we will get maybe 2 full days of sun.  then about 7-9 straight days of rain.  No, each day is not a gully washer.  But it will rain either hard or a sprinkle but it will rain and it will be overcast.  It is soooo gloomy.

Here are three pictures taken a week ago with no sun (which, bright sun is not needed for pictures) but windy.  Every blinking' day is also windy.  Just wind wind wind rain rain rain.

Two of the pictures are slightly out of focus due to the constant movement the flowers had on their slender stems.  One, the magenta tulips are a lot out of focus also because of wind but I don't care.  I LOVE these ladies!!!  I love the soft lack of focus.  I know..I'm cra-zee.

My Daffy's and my tulips.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin'......" (Journey)

It does indeed keep on turnin'.  "I don't know where I'll be tomorrow".   Journey.   There is no stopping the world, no stopping any type of progress.  There is only continuing.  That is, a continuance of anything.  Nothing is singular in this regard.  Time and circumstance is, to not coin a phrase, as the world turns in human terms.

Why did I start that?  I was thinking of friends.  Thinking of events and thinking of persons and how it all fits together.  It's a Thursday night.  I may as well.

Regarding my friend Beth, our friend Beth, I am awaiting word from her sister to indicate I may blog or Beth's sister may blog herself for Beth.  We will see as time passes.

Thank you all my friends here and hers.  It was deeply appreciated that you commented and lifted Beth up.  She knows.

Much love to all.

 My very new grandson.  ❤

Friday, April 10, 2015

Urgent Request for Prayer for Beth.

My friends, I beg you, please pray HARD for Beth Marie.  Right now.  As much as you can.

This is a request via her sister who is with Beth at this time.  And MY own request.   love this precious dearest friend.

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Awardie and Thank You

I was given an award that I truly appreciate.  It is meaningful to me here at my "human" blog and  a vote of confidence in me from a dear friend, McGuffy Ann Morris  whom I have long enjoyed getting to know in her blogs and in some emails as well.  The award is called The Very Inspiring Blog Award.  She understands me.  That is quite a feat.  And very appreciated.

Thank you Annie.  I would like to nominate Marks Mews, and the kittie's Daddy's blog, Cave Bears Lair too.  Mark is a multi-faceted Cat daddy and a loving one to the three cats.  And a fascinating man as well.  He shows us glimpses every now and again of what he is made of.  Well worth visiting.  You'll be back.  And like me, Mark OR his kitties either one have opinions, and neither are  hesitant to tell it like it is.  Please enjoy the awardie Mark.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

A special meaningful day today for many of us.

Happy Easter friends!  I am fortunate to have an extra son here in town.  All three within 15 miles of one another.  That's really great for ME1  :-)  Man, I am on a diet whether I like it or not and there are times when it just ain't easy.  I do NOT like salads at all.  BUT I am having one each noon but with added chunk chicken to it..makes it more palatable.  The first 24 hours I lost a lot of water weight.  That wasn't fun in the middle of the night!  Sigh.  Had to get up. I never get up.  Sure did that first night and hit about every fire hydrant (figuratively speaking) the rest of that day.   The other meals I am eating small portions of foods I like.  I have a goal of 20 pounds.

Katie is getting the short end of the stick these past several days but things will settle for her before long.  This below is why.  A tiny usurper of her domain.

Meanwhile, I am not cooking today.  The son who is staying with me and I made a decision to eat out.

I just wanted you to see one of my tulips although it turned out too large in the header.  I thought it would display better than that.  But you got the point.  :-)

I also wanted those of you who allow it-- to wish you a Happy Easter.


Me and Her

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Day

I have a brand new grandson as of yesterday.  He took his time getting here but now he is, and he is as perfect and beautiful and gorgeous and angelic as any baby in the world...of course.  Oh what a love!  He will be one day old today,  closer to midnight tonight. Oh I am so happy I feel like Snoopy doing the Happy Dance!  If my ears could fly as his do, they would be.  So I am happy to be privileged to be a grandparent to this perfect tiny soul.  You already know how I feel about children of any age.  I consider them to be THE best gift we as humans are given.  No exception.

Happy Day to you all as well.  Thank you for letting me speak of him and my and his parents' intense love for him here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Long Time No See

Been busy as all of you are and  while Katie insists on keeping her blog up (to a point) I am not allowed to be the same.  Seriously though, I am extraordinarily busy with several things going on, not the least of which is my grandson will be born VERY soon.  He's a whopper too.  Over nine pounds! Can't wait to see him in person.  His last scan which was done because he is so large was to determine his weight which they can do within a few ounces.  He is over 9 pounds and his due date arrived already.  That scan (they do very few of them) showed him in two pictures.  One was him looking casual and about to put his great toe into his mouth.  The next one seconds (if!) later showed a very frustrated furrowed brow grumpy tiny face trying to get the toe into his mouth.  It was just at the start of its journey.  It was SO fun to see.  :-)

I have been keeping up with most of you.  If not here, then in Face Book those of you who are on it.  There are two pressing things going on and those will be finished soon.  The birth of the baby if the most important to us.  But I am keeping up with you.

Teacher son will be here for his Spring break so as to be able to enjoy the baby. Can't wait to see him as well.  These are dear times for all of us.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Strawberry Plant Flower

That is last years Strawberry blossom(s) and I did get me some strawberries from it.  I hope you like my picture.

Today was warm enough for me to change to shorts and a tank top in the house only.  I had both front and side doors opened, screens locked and luscious sunshine streaming in all day LONG!  I get one more day like that and then, back to rain.  That is the pattern here.  Two days of sun punishable by 7-9 days of rain and/or leaden overcast skies.

Lots of busies here for me.  Something I didn't expect came up and having to tend to that.  I will and see how I can make things work.

Think Spring and strawberries!  xox

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Come ona My House...

Now that's an invitation if I ever saw one.  Katie is showing you her new house  that she got for Christmas! AND her invitations are hard to come by so grab a couple of nip mouses and join her.  Or she will share hers.

Can you believe it?  No snow.  SUN!  And the last of the snow finally melted off my deck.  Today! For one reason, most of the year (when it is not snowing) we get rain.  SO much rain and so many cloudy days.  It didn't used to be that will till the past three years.  Weather patterns have changed whether we credit the reason or not.

Sitting about waiting on my hair to just magically decide it's beautiful and then I will go out.  Have to wait till about 1330.

I m sitting here eating Claussen's dill pickle spears.  I go on these "gotta have 'em" tangents every now and again and the time has come.

I broached a topic on FB yesterday about the horrendous heartbreaking pictures some people post.  They affect me deeply and I can't erase them from my mind; so as I go unsuspectingly through the time line, one of these horrors scroll by and I...others as well it seems...will carry that horror with my till I draw my last breath.  A person's pictures generally are seen by your friends.  Mine are anyway.  So you're not affecting or changing the world when you choose to try to make "people aware".  You're preaching to the choir.  You'd be better off taking ads out in local publications and publishing what you feel than harming others in a manner of speaking who are not culpable.  FB apparently has agreed that animal torture pictures are OK with them.  It doesn't go against their policy so I have read.

Off my soap box.  Sorry.

Monday, March 2, 2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy Day.

It was dim seeming in the hallway yesterday morning about 1100 as it was raining outside.  I came from my bedroom at the end of the hallway and as I passed though on my way to the living room.  My eye was caught by an image on the wainscoting brought about by the knots and burls designed into the wallboard, for the first time since the wainscoting was installed by yours truly years ago.

I saw a head!  Of course it's not a head.  Just a fluke of design.  I didn't see any others but I was too busy looking at and identifying any parts of a face I could find.

Here is a picture I took with the iPhone.  Then, here the picture again is with arrows applied pointing to the facial parts I fancied I saw.  How about you have a look at the first picture and see if you see what caught my eye as I hurried past the wall on my way through to the next room.

Let me know.  xxoo  Biggafy for a better view.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cocktail Parties...

Upscale dogs don't go to the dog park.... 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh, Fer Pete Sake!

An ice storm.  Woo Hoo.  They said snow...for four days.  They said 1-3 inches, then they said 12 inches, then the said 3 inches, then they said maybe ice of 1/10th of an inch.  Then they said 4 inches of snow with sleet and ice of one half inch thickness.  They said it would start Saturday night.  Changed it to over Sunday night.  Then they said it would start at noon Monday, today.

Well, the ice started at 0830 as I went to get just a little extra cat food for Katie as this stuff, snow and ice is to continue thru till late Saturday, so they say.

The temps will be bad.  That won't help us as the ice can't melt.  It will be single digits and some -0 temps as well.  So, we'll see.

My daughter-in-law is having a baby shower Saturday here in town.  I hope she and I can get to it.  There will be a huge turnout.  Christi is blessed with many many many friends.

I have Katie's PBS shows on.  She loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and the Dinosaur Train and Tommy Train too.  She actually watches.

MY poor daffodils and hyacinths will be coated with ice. Jonquils are blooming I am sad to say and have been since last January.  Daffodils are still blades coming up from the ground but the hyacinths have produced flower bracts.

Did you watch NBC's SNL last night?  I laughed a lot as I loved the old stuff they showed clips of or re-enacted with the same starts if able, meaning if they were alive and there.
  Paul McCartney probably should have just made a smile and a bow.  He was terrible.  It;s his frail with age voice and the cracks as he hit some higher notes.  Sometimes we have to know that our day came and we were good.  But time passes for everyone if we are lucky.

Just talking'.  Hope it's better where you are except you Paul.  Bless your hearts there in Boston.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The New Left

Left is the new right,   Or, right is the new left.  What do I mean?  Well, I have mentioned it before in MSN Spaces days.

I mean the people,just moseying' on along are largely in the so-called passing lane or for my purposes here, the left lane.  Those who wish to pass the 10 or so MPH under the speed limit motorists  must needs pass on the  right which is against the law.  Remember the old "no passing on the right" dealio that we learned among other things when we got our drivers license?  Well, for the past fifteen years or so if you want to pass, it's largely going to be on the right.

Why in the world would a fella or lady wanna be in the passing lane if they ain't passing or speeding?  (not that I mean all who go in the left lane should speed.  It was a figure of speech pertinent to what I am saying here).

And then, there are the SUV's who have become a sentient being  all on their own as a group.  The group of them throughout the Land I mean.  They love to feel the love by nestling up against your rear bumper, gently (ahem) urging you to go faster and faster or at get you to least levitate so they can go under or around you.  Traffic conditions are not to be a hindrance to you getting out of their way.   Yup.

If it's a two way entrance or exit somewhere and you have a gigantic SUV, yes, indeed, please DO ride down the middle of it leaving the pitiful compact car no where to go and oh!  glare down at the pitiful being who's driving the wee car and forcing you to possibly accommodate by moving over.  How rude of the compact car owner.  No manners or sense of whose right, those little people.

Observations from here.  Do *I* drive in the left lane as a habit. No.  Do I crowd folks and glower when I am behind the wheel of my little Toyota?  Nope.  Just sayin'.  Happy Drivin'

I'm riding double with Katie from now on.  I'm sure she's safe. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

When it's Worth Getting Up in the Morning

It's worth it when you are absolutely suffused with peace for however long that peace is granted to you. It's worth it when you hear the sound of an airplane above, a single engine plane, and smile.  (My used- to- be- hobby till I had children.  Then work got very much in the way.)

It's worth it when the sun is brilliant in the sky and the blue of the sky reminds you of eating a little oblong shaped lemon pie for lunch dessert so long ago in school.  Gazing out of the classroom window at the deep blue sky waiting for the teacher to tell us it was lunch time was torture when you were hungry AND had a TastyCake brand TastyPie lemon pie in your lunch bag.  Oh, the mouthwatering wait.  Those pies of dreams were made in Philly.  My favorite pie except for the blueberry TastyPie.  I used to beg Daddy to get them for me.

Getting up is worth it when you sleep well enough that when your eyes open, you greet your room with a smile and that  means you feel alright and that you are grateful for the safe passage through the night.  It's worth it when you walk through the quiet and ordered stillness of your home, making your way to the kitchen to feed your pet who is patiently waiting. And then, it's worth it when you smell the coffee brewing.

It's worth it to walk easily and swiftly throughout your home attending chores and that work done with a smile.  The smile is because it's a privilege to have a home and the means to maintain it.

It's worth it when you drive past the elementary school and in the distance  the children are on the playground shouting and playing.  That is music to me.  And it's worth it to smell the freshness of the air on setting foot outside first thing on the way to work out.

That small drift of aroma that is fresh roasted peanuts that appears somehow and someway through your car window when you are lucky. The smell of fresh tar and asphalt too as it brings strong memories.

It's worth it, that getting up in the morning when you are  out in the quiet of a hot and summer scented wildflower meadow.  Or on a fresh smelling slightly damp dirt road winding through the woods with green perfume all around you to absolutely get joyful about.  And it's worth it to hear bird wings and bees buzzing, and to look upward and see the leaves beautiful greens almost appearing to be etched onto the blue of the sky.

 These are some things that make it worth it to me to get out of bed.  Each person has their own personal ingrained list and I would love to read what yours is.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seriously Siri

I likely should not, but I am going to tell one on me.

I had just learned something about the new location of my workout center and on my way home, wanted to tell it to a good friend.  So (and no lectures please) I whipped out my iPhone and pressed the instant on to Siri button.  All I had to do was say "send message to-------"  When she asked what did I want to say, I started my message.  I got one sentence in. I said "Carolyn, you were right......" and Siri said "Do you want me to send it?" I said No.  I started again.   I pressed the instant to Siri button again (you can do this from the lock screen) and said the same thing. "Send message to Carolyn." Again, I got about one sentence into it when Siri said "Do you want me to send it?" I said "NO" emphatically!  I pressed the button again.  I started saying the same thing when I got into my message.  I got as far as one sentence, perhaps a word or so after that as well and no surprise....  "Shall I send it?" "NO" shouted I.

She and I went through that two more times and finally after she asked if she should send it on the sixth and last time!!!!! I said loudly in frustration "What in the @$%* is the MATTER with you????" No, that was not nice language of me.  It was the H-E-Double Hockey sticks word.  Do you know my friends,  she answered and said to me "I try to look on the bright side of things".  Gotta laugh.  I was still laughing when I got to my destination.  A fight with Siri.  Good grief!

PS That is a magnolia I took a picture of.

Monday, January 26, 2015

All of You

Thank you each one who replied to me regarding the last blog about FB--- that reaction from the woman I wish had not happened.  I have never been controversial on purpose. Oh,  I get preachy about rude people sometimes, and about cruelty to the helpless both animal and human.  I very much am emphatic in expressing my intense feelings about those topics.  That may offend those who are not of the same mindset as mine.  I am VERY strong in my thoughts about babies and children in general.  I am for them from the first second.  Others aren't, but I don't set out to state all of my opinions.  All of you who visit me are kind and loving people. I can tell from reading your blogs.  Sometimes I read and you don't know that I was there because I'm out in a public place with the iPhone  when reading and I don't comment because of time constraints. I know the face you show us all.  And I like it.

Now, with thanks given I feel buoyed up again after the embarrassment.

I feel so badly about those who are having to endure the snows again as they did last year as well.  What in the world is WRONG with the world?  Once again, for the fourth year in a row some of my precious wild violets have been showing for almost two weeks!  And there was a sole dandelion bloomed several weeks ago and sad to say, the narcissus and daffodil bulbs are already about 4 inches out of the ground,  Nooooo.  Not again.  The poor tulips and hyacinths will be right behind them within 3 to 4 weeks.  It's sad.  Here is my sweet violet whom I love.  Long story that I love them so much.  Some may remember.

I hope NanaDiana is much much better physically, and Paul, if you even read this any longer, I pray for your safety there in  Boston.  I will always be your friend and always care what happens with you.

Just checking in.  XXOO

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Times Have Changed. Drastically.

My friends, I had a chance to see yesterday on my Face Book page how times have changed and everyone seems to have an agenda.

Yesterday morning after I just got up I was saddened to see someone got very upset over a cartoon I shared from someone else's wall and proceeded to rant (her word, not mine) I call it venting, ranted about what she saw as a blatant example of ageism as she called it.  I had only just gotten up not ten minutes before so I defended myself, but privately in a message.

Thing was, I should have just deleted her comment, not messaged her and gone on with my day even if it rankled (and it did). We none of us like to be criticized.  I thought and still do that the cartoon was light hearted and in no way reflected on older people personally.  It was a spoof. It showed Sly Stallone in a lift chair headed up to the top of the stone steps in contrast to many many years ago in his movie Rocky, that he once ran up while strength training.  He was hollerin' to his friend "where's my back pills?" and I thought it was hilarious.  Stallone is  67 years old now and apparently reprising his role in all the Rocky movies.  That is what I gathered.  The person who vented about it said she and her husband were in the sixties and very fit and didn't appreciate older folks being portrayed as old and enfeebled.  OK.  I deleted it.

I thought to myself then and again now that if now in the age of "correctness" I have to watch even more vigilantly each and every thought, act and word as well as deed, I may as well just throw out the computer, stop phone service and stay in the house and order in.  IF my voice and tone while calling an order don't offend as well.  Freedom of speech is supposed to be still there but many feel free to attack anything someone else says or writes unless it agrees with their thought.  Sad.  And I suppose I will have stones thrown at me here as well.  Wait,  No one hardly read this so I MAY escape.  XXOO ❤️

I DO take up half the bed!!! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Another Chance to Get it Right.

We all of us have been granted another year.  More time we hope, to do the right thing whatever that means to each individual.  I know what it means to me personally.  I shall let those things remain with me for now.

If for you it is opportunity missed and that regretted,  then here is another year to create more opportunity to accomplish that which is important to you.   Don't be as it is written, "a sluggard in the race".  The meaning of this can be found in Proverbs 26:16 although it will be phrased  differently and explained more thoroughly than I have done here of course.  Regardless of the origin of this phrase, the meaning is still of particular import.  Do not be a sluggard in the race.  Whatever it is you hope to accomplish this new and promising year will remain unrealized if one simply waits on whatever it is that might perhaps motivate them.

It took years for me to look beyond the everyday survival tactics and see past my figurative nose what needs to be done.  I took up the so-called cudgels and worked hard as I could to change errors of my thinking as best I could.  I am referring to the "I can't" I won't" "It's too hard"  "It's not amusing"  and all the other human excuses I could summon. More than that but that will remain with me as it would be even more boring to you if I wrote it all out here.

I am still a sluggard in the race most of the time but I have improved.  I hope if you need to act on something, do something, gain something for yourself or for your family....something vitally important to your life while you are here in it; please do it.

Happy New Year dear friends.