Thursday, December 31, 2015

Here Comes Another

Well, here comes another New Year.  Have a HAPPY New Year my friends.  Maybe there are a few who will be as glad to see the end of this year as I am myself.  A tremendous lot happened here at my house this year  A new baby in the family, wedding anniversary of my son and his wife, my surgery, the added "attraction" of the mother of all sciatica attacks and as a farewell of the Old Year,  a sinus infection with a high fever.  BUT!  It's all relative. Truly  Things could be worse.  I could be dead, and the sciatica could have stayed for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving but it didn't  :-)

What is there (at least for me) about hot rich tomato soup.  I love it.  I admit I certainly don't make it from a recipe,. I eat Campbell's.   Oh it is so good.   Many times I don't recall that I have a can of it in the cupboard.  When I do see it, if there is a meal time anywhere even near I get it out.  I like  it diluted with half water and half milk. Just had some for lunch.  "That's what Campbell's Soup is, Um Um Good"!

As always to start my New Year off right...the usual of 2-3 days of sun and then the usual 9-10 days of overcast and gray.  Better than some folks have to have had.  I should learn to stop complaining. It did not used to be like this weatherwise until about four years ago.

I have shown this picture once before.  Took it on my way back from Charlotte.  The meaning of it made me want to learn more and more about what that meant, where they were and why.  I started Googling as soon as I got home.

See you laters


  1. Happy New Year, Carole. May 2016 be a good year for you and your family, a healthy, gentle, kind, joy-full year. Purrs and peace from the boys. :-)

  2. A year full of ups and downs would not be putting too fine a point on it! This is one for the books and I'm happy to see the back of 2015. Onward, upward and toward more lessons of love and faith. Peace to you, Sister.

  3. Happy New Year's Eve Carole. I hope that 2016 surpasses your dreams and that everyone is healthy and as happy as can be.

  4. Happy New Year Carole, hope 2016 is better for you.

  5. Sending along the best of Happy New Year wishes to you!

  6. Quite frankly, I said "goodbye" to 2015 with few regrets. Though, 20 years from now, I may want the year back with apologies to it. Who knows what 2035 will bring? LOL!

  7. That's 2015 done and dusted *wipes hands* Moving on.......

    I like Baxters soup, don't know if you have it over there! spicy parsnip or carrot and coriander! At this time of year, it's very welcome :) Happy New Year Carole xx

  8. Happy New Year Carole.
    This is going to be a good one, I hope
    I have high hopes for this year, but I am not very "hopeful"
    I am trying. Maybe I should start drinking.... haha
    I am not usually negative, but I have been lately.
    My hubbs takes 3 different eye drops for glaucoma. the side effects are depression. He does not get depressed, but he does get grumpy.
    That does make me depressed.
    We are going to fight through the struggles this year.
    -- and try to do ONE healthy thing a day :-D :-D :-D
    Love always

  9. Happy 2016 to you and Katie.. I will always remember 2015 as a hard year for me and one of loss of a dear friend. I pray God gets us through 2016 well and happy and at peace.

  10. May the troubles of 2015 be resolved in 2016. Bless you Carole!

  11. Happy new year, Carole! You had a very eventful year...good and bad. But you are right, bad could be worse - it wasn't and that's great :-) I hope the new year will bring you nothing but good things!!

  12. Happy New Year! I hope that 2016 brings good health, happy times with your family, and more fun with Katie.

  13. Have to tell you I hear ya about Campbell's Tomato Soup...i think it is the memories from childhood that it evokes. If I weren't so fat, I would LOVE to have it with some grilled cheese!! Happy Happy New Year!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  14. Another year is history, I found 2015 to be a year of ups and downs, but such is life, I hope 2016 is a great year for you and yours along with myself

  15. Happy New Year to you, Carole. I just came by to wish you a great 2016, hope you all is well with you.

  16. Happy New Year to you and Katie, and your family, Carole! We love you all lots, and are grateful for you every day. :)

    P.S. - we saw that the Vols won their bowl game. What a great season, and what a nice new year's gift to wrap it up with a win!

  17. Happy New Year, Ma! I am fascinated by the Divides, too. I took a picture of the western one, out in Montana, when Bill and I traveled there. We lived in a Ford van and traveled for 3 months, as newlyweds. Yep: hippies (though conservative). XO

  18. Dearest Carole,
    Sounds like you were feeling the very same as I did for the final part of 2015! Glad my head has cleared up as it is awful if you cannot take any over the counter meds due to chronic kidney disease.
    Now I still have to cough up but my nose got a break from running! With enough rest and good food I will fluff back.
    Wishing you the happiest of a healthy 2016. Like you, I want to close the book of 2015 for many reasons.
    Good thing is that today I had a check in the mail form the fraudulent over paying by my AETNA insurance to the hospital and I'd paid them as well. $ 177.93 is welcome! Not many will complain after sorting out their messy billing system (for scaring you off!).
    Trying to stay out of their fingers by being healthy is the best.

  19. Hi Sis!
    Happy very very new years Sis!will you liaevie your house I will very much coming to see your home..I still keeping your home doors keys. because this day was so cold to your ways maybe she is talking about her nice in keep warm herself. You had hot rech tomato soup whit is compbellis it in the cupboard with half milk in lunch. The compbell's soup um um good Sis Love that it was beautiful in many ways Throughout this time however the present with its good memories of family and with me I love your life,
    xoxoxoSis,Katie,miyuki,and Victoria,

  20. Happy New Year Carole hope is a good one.
    I sorry have not visited of late.