Tuesday, October 29, 2019

LONG Week Ahead

Guys, the bathroom is being spruced up.  I didn't know it would be nekkid and bare for the week, more or less.  He took the things out yesterday, save the toilet.  That article will have to be replaced at night before he leaves when the time comes to uproot it.  I only have one bathroom.  BUT I reared three kids that away, and once upon a time there were five household members.  You do what you havta.

I found my old lit make up mirror from aeons ago.  The remaining one useable  ceiling light in the bathroom is too dim to apply my daily disguise, otherwise known as makeup.  So I have the dimlight on, but the mirror's small florescent light helps me apply mascara to my lashes not my chin or something.

The photo was taken in Charlotte NC

Going to be this way, well, save the dry walling and painting, all week I guess.  Moan.  Whine. Sniffle.  Sigh.  Moan again. Watch wallet deflate rapidly- even if I did save for this. Moan.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Well, Bless my Heart

As Katie meowed everyone this morning, I am on my way over the Mountains in the morning.  Can't wait.  Been too long since I was there.  The son who lives there spent all his summer break in Uruguay and in Costa Rica as a Fulbright Scholar,  so he wasn't available during a good part of the year.

And here at home,  there are many appointments that Favorite Brother to Katie (she has two more favorites as well...) has quite a few appointment to keep and I like to support him by being there.  Trying to match schedules with the rest of the boys is hard sometimes,  BUT I am on my way in the morning.  Please tell folks on I-485 Sunday morning to behave themselves and let me merge off  the  too short ramp onto the Interstate.  That's the only place that makes me nervous.

Going to my two fave consignment stores..oh BOY!  I always show you some photos from there or from uptown.   AND I am going to the Cat Cafe  that Charlotte has now!   I love Charlotte.  If the cost of housing was not so high..I would live there.  There are many bank Corporate Office
flagships there.  They are all uptown in skyscrapers...just gorgeous architecture inside and outside of the buildings.  Charlotte is the second largest banking city in the U.S. with NYC being the biggest, I understand.  I always like taking the DSLR and walking uptown (beautiful City) and taking pictures of the bank buildings.  My bank,  Bank of America, has THE single most impressive looking on there and the tallest.

Here's to us! (Going back home after a visit...about half way home)