Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Vagaries of Living on a Steep Hill

I say vagaries, as I have written about this quite a number of times since I started blogging on MSN Live Spaces and here.

It snowed to beat the band all day yesterday and really picked up the pace mid-afternoon.  Here in this area I am pleased to call our form of snow "ball bearing snow".  Why?  because it is like trying to navigate thru a sea of ball bearings.  SO slippery. The snow here is rarely the "packable" kind.  It is always icy and rather reminds you of pellets though certainly it is not in fact.

Well, as mentioned several (hundred!!) times (I know) I live at the highest point in my town and trust me, it is high.  AND the couple of miles to get to my house from the main drag are many turns, and all going up and up and up.  Quite a decent grade too.

I am saying this as it is always an experience to see those who either live up here on my street beyond my home or just people trying to get from point A to point B.  An experience because the street is icy.  No ifs ands or buts.  Even if it's snow, it is STILL icy.  If there were another ice storm NO one gets ANYwhere around here.

Yesterday as expected cars were trying to get up the road at less than a walkers pace.  Wheels spinning, slipping and crabbing sideways.  Making it up excruciating foot by foot.  When they get abreast of my home, there is always the problem of them veering over toward my yard and in this case missing my chain link fence by a cat's whisker width.  I had my heart in my throat as these people had their own in their own throats as they slid helplessly over closer and closer.  I know they saw me at the window.

One year the ice storm brought us well over an inch of ice.  People literally crawled on their hands and knees, I am not exaggerating, trying to get up the street-- yet they still slid.  Once, my then husband went to get the boys from Boy Scouts meeting one evening  and it took 5 hours to get home. A two mile trip.

All righty.  Just checking in.  xox  That is one of my pink Daffodils in my yard.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside

Here's the river out there, though a small part of it near residences, that has frozen over.  COLD!

Not often I see the river frozen though this is a branch of it and not the main Clinch River coursing along where we have regattas all of the time.  We have an extremely popular river for collegiate rowing and the thousands of people the races bring in each time is amazing!

No regattas here in this portion.  This is a small waterway off the main river, as mentioned.  We had gone to a good restaurant for lunch, and we happened to have noticed the iced over condition.  Woo Wheee.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lemme tell ya...(a rant, in other words)

Oh come ON, some of you guys out there.  19 degrees and you are standing with your kid at the corner across from me at 7 in the morning wearing what looked like PANTIES.  Red in color.  And a tank top complete with flip-flops  What in the world is the MATTER with you???

In other "news",  I noticed when I was downtown in The Big City for the last year and up until now only a few, as in 1 or 2 men/boys/whatever are wearing their "pants on the ground".  Most are up with belt intact and working.  W-H-E-W!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish I had a fish hook on a line I could cast and hook the back of some of these silly looking people's pants and yank 'em down to the ground.  Seems some very very very overweight fellas like to wear the pants below the curve of the buttock whereas most guys aren't doing that any longer.  Not where I live, anyway.  But the very heavy men do seem to be among the most frequent wearers of fallen fashion.  :-)  Now this LACK of fallen pants when I have been going through the University campus area..down the main drag and so on.

Well, I had better hop on my high horse and head on out to town.  I know I will likely find something to complain about..surely.


Friday, January 17, 2014


The weather guessers keep saying snow every other day in varying intensities or amounts and here where I am, thank goodness, nothing.

The header is in the University Arboretum a couple of miles from my house.  It's where I go to get tick bit, totally sweat logged and oily enough to slide off my car seat.   Mosquito bites are part of the action.  I love it there.  I go whenever I can starting early Spring.

By the way, to my unending surprise, here come the daffodils and hyacinths..waaaaaay too early.  This is the 4th year.  We will have a killer cold and some killer frosts and their poor little bodies will suffer. I always feel actually sad about that.

I am still hopping along here. Hope you are too.  About to go take an early shower.  Guess I won't say come join me.  That would be embarrassing for all concerned.  :-)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where's the Snow?

"They" said snow (the weather guessers) and I would swear he sounded defensive this morning when nothing but 40 degrees and sun showed up!

Now half of the day is passed and I have hardly had a chance to sit down and read the paper.  I like being busy so that is a plus.  Got my getting-long-again hair shampooed and set and brushed out.

The house had a welcome and fun visitor this morning for awhile and now, we are eating lunch.

I still need to call for hers and my Vet appointments. (I am kidding,  I don't personally go to a Vet but I call my Dr. that.) She needs to go to get her claws trimmed and probably a blood test.

Just checking on you...see you laters.  xox

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Happiest Birthday

Happy Birthday second born son.  You were a joy to me then as you are still to this moment in time.

I have said so very many times for each of you all's birthdays, certainly since I started blogging on MSN Live Spaces  ears ago when they still existed, how fortunate of women I am to have children and to have you three in particular.  Life cannot get any better for me than that.

Mothers will love their children always.  The childs age does not matter.  The child can be 60 and if the mother is still living she will still put him or her first above herself in safety, love and service.

Nothing can sway a mom's love for her children.  No one stands higher than her children do in this earthly world.  No greater privilege can be given a woman that to become a mother and bring their child or children up, shaping and instilling values with love and firmness.

Happy Birthday Bruce.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Here is sunrise off my deck this morning while I was shivering my timbers in the cold wearing my flip-flops and jammies. I have so many trees you can't ever see anything clearly here.  Going to street level would have been even worse.'s my sunrise.

I have appointments to make today.  One for HER Vet to get er claws cut and one for my human vet for myself.  Hate those times but we gotta.  I have a form of WCS.  White Coat Syndrome.  Always have had since my mother took me a hundred years ago for a pre-school physical.  I will never forget it.  The rottenest doctor ever hatched and NO empathy or otherwise for kids who are in the dark as to what is happening and why.  Mother just took me there and never said that is what we were doing and the Dr. was from Dante's Inferno.  Seriously, although my mind knows better, I still have the heebie jeebies when I have to see the Dr. unless it is for something very very simple and innocuous.

I am fortunate in having a GP that I like  and who is kind plus very knowledgable.  I once had a stone in my salivary duct but who knew?  I had been to the Urgent Care place quite a few times between work shifts etc. and they never figured what was wrong with the pain and the BIG swelling.  I looked like I had a goiter! I finally got an appt. with my own Dr. (the one I spoke of a few lines up) and he took one look after asking two or three questions and pronounced I had a stone.  He called the surgeon himself and I had an appointment the next day.  It was removed and that was that.  (hurt like heck for a day afterward though).

He is a very good diagnostician.  I had something going on with the palms of my hands.  He asked maybe three questions and told me what it was.  Whouldda thunk it was what it was?  He prescribed a cream, and that took care of that.

My point is that my Dr. can look at the more unusual odd things and accurately diagnose them.  Cool!

Well, have to go play with my little Katie who is waiting..see you later.

Friday, January 10, 2014


I have never cared for the name Nutella and I never knew what it tasted like because I was put off by the name.  Nothing on its jar said anything that "spoke" to me either hence...I have never tried it.  It's expensive too.

I asked several folks if it was good.  They attested to me that it was.  But they never explained how it was good.

Today I found a little two sectioned snack pack with tiny bread sticks in one side and Nutella in the other.  Still too much $$ but, it was less expensive that the big jar so I bought it today.

Oh! MY! GOODNESS!  That is the most delicious spread I could ever imagine having.  Horribly calorific (I like that made up word!) so one couldn't have much at one sitting but good?  It's like chocolate icing!  No one ever said that and I will beware of ever buying the large jar.  For that matter, after this experience I will beware of a small jar.  If I ever have it again it will be one of those tiny snack packs I got today.  It is too too good.

Arctic Vortex and now...rain.  And more rain.

Who published in their blog a recipe for BBQ Meatloaf, please?


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday and the Redneck Gang Meet Again

I am looking forward to being loud and raucous (same thing really) with my colleagues today.

I have my best face on (that means a smile) and looking forward with both eyes to this several hours of shouting and laughing and the close companionship that only a group that has very specialized things  type of job only, can have.  We aren't in "ordinary" jobs.  So we stick close--- and even if we couldn't stand one another on occasion..all that passes by when we all get into a loud group!

So it's off to the Red Neck Room  (just a term...we are all Southern and a dear blogger friend said once "I'll go get the Red Neck Room ready" once when I said we were all meeting to shout, laugh and run other people out of the restaurant! and I absolutely loved the term.  I miss him.  J in Georgia, come back sometime soon and visit.  I go in a very short time ready to step into all the above mentioned.  Can't wait!

Also, I can hardly wait till early spring when maybe I can do as I always used to do and head on out to find some pretty scenes to take pictures of.  Been far to busy and occupied to for awhile now.  Looking forward to crawling through the bushes, getting tick bit, ant crawled on, and stickers imbedded in my hide.  Sweating mightily and hotter than a Saturday night special with the heat and humidity to come!  :-)

A welcome Christmas present from one of my sons.  Bruce, you know who you are.  :-) 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Word to the Wise about smoke

Guys and Girls, Ladies and Gents, if you sell from home, beware of sending goods to customers if you smoke where they are stored or made.  Believe me, even former smokers as myself (I quit over ten years ago) can smell the stale cigarette odor immediately when the package is opened.  Consider keeping your sellables in an area that is smoke free. (Yepper, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine now. P-U. Heeee)

Back story to the above; yesterday is three times I have gotten  a package in the mail that almost suffocated me when I opened it.  They have all looked wonderfully done up inside.  The products were impeccable as was the packing but the smell was so overpowering I had to set them outside for a while to air.  Oh that reminds me, my "check engine" light came on a few weeks ago so I had to take it in for the computer chip to be read.  Close to $400.00 later I got the car.  It was test driven first and man, when I got  into the car, I assumed the person who had test driven it smoked in the car.  The smell was nasty, and stayed despite my best efforts with the windows down all the way home in frigid weather.  I have sprayed and sprayed Febreze in it and now, it is OK.

I called the Garage to request they not do that.  He said it was that they smoke in the bays while working on the cars and one window is always down in the event of an accidental lock out.  Then they can get in as the keys are in the ignition.  He said no one drove with a cigarette but it may have gotten more than a dose there in the bay.  He said they may have to rethink how they do things in that regard.

I was nice about it.  I just requested they not smoke in the car again and I did it very nicely.  That is when he said it was in the bay that it likely happened.

Well, just saying'.  And those who have known me for years know I never have said anything bad about smoking and smokers.  I used to do it myself.  Just saying the stale smell will assail the customer when the customer opens the box.

ALL that to blogging friends who wouldn't do that.  In other words, I am venting.  And how,  xoxox

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year dear friends.  May this year be the start of new hope, new aspirations, fresh thought, enduring Spiritual love to all those people and creatures you will meet.  May you rise each day and be grateful that you could and did.

May you be thoughtful with and considerate to everyone you meet.

May you be kind and may you be generous with your smiles and compliments to your family and to friends and strangers.  You never know who you will meet as a stranger after all.

Lift one another up and in doing so remember, be a cheerful giver.  Do not complain if you can help it, for it is all to strengthen us.  Be truly grateful for each lesson.  There will be many lessons as we pass through this time here that we have.

With Love,

Carole Schulman 2014