Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Well, not a gift really.  I made salmon patties last night with the best canned salmon out there.  No, seriously.  There is a taste difference.  Royal Pink is the brand.  Anyway, I made the patties and I could hardly wait for them to cook, I just wanted some so badly.  They did and I had two.  Nothing else..just the patties.  As expected and as usual, hours later I had the salmon patties a current thing going on.

I can never eat them without memories lingering on and on and on.  In other words, they were right there nearby..indigestion-wise and urpping-wise.  I keep saying it's worth it but admittedly I don't fix them nearly as often as I would like to because they are so hard to digest for me.  I went straight to the TUMS and had two.  Took care of it. Thank goodness.  This morning my mouth was watering wanting more so that was my breakfast too,  and yes, it's time for the TUMS again.

Our blogging family seems to be alright so far with those I have heard from in hers or my blog.  WHEW!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


I am deeply concerned for those in the path of the hurricane.  Both humans and animals.  Pets are always a concern but the poor animals out in the open who have no choices at all in the matter...large and small animals, it is also a concern to my heart.

Things are beautiful here as they have been for several weeks.  We could really use some rain however.  That won't be any time soon.  The grass is brown and shriveled but that's how it has to be as the town charges us gazillions for water and even more for sewer. So I, and many others don't water unless we just must.

News will start here in about four minutes so I'll head on in there to see what they say about the path of the hurricane..whether or not it has deviated.

Please lets all hear from one another with posts if power is available and if possible..those of you in the pathway.  xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not an auspicious beginning to the day

I went to therapy early this morning and after having seen the Orthopaedist yesterday and heard his pronouncement that he would like to see even less swelling (this despite the fact that the swelling has gone down well)  and the prescription he called in for me.

So...I mentioned this swelling and the gel the Dr. had called in  that I was going to pick up right after I left the therapy visit.  She knew what the gel is and so applied some to my wrist before mashing and bending me into a arm shaped pretzel.  So.with that, I headed off the the drugstore whereupon the pharmacist herself spoke to me and requested confirmation that I am deathly allergic to apririn/ibuprofen.  I acknowledged that I was indeed and she told me that the gel is an anti-inflammatory with aspirin-like substance in it.  "Oh noes" I said.  I told her that it had been applied to my wrist both sides and ultrasound applied.  Se said that as it was a topical application the results would be slower for me allergy wise.  I should be cautious.  Cautions my toe!  I headed straight to my doctor's office where they worked me in pretty quickly.  The left side of my tongue in the back started a half-hearted swell, but that was it.  WHEW!  So, word to the always, when you are allergic to something, try your best to prevent exposure.  All of my doctors have the notice that I am allergic to it but..Dr. who prescribed must never have noticed.   That was a close call.  Could have been a close call I should say.

The cat has spent last night and the night before making absolutely sure that it was indeed me in the bed all night.  Multiple inspections, sniffings of my hair and ears and sounding her meow horn let me know that her valuable patrols were in progress.  A load off MY mind, for certain.  Sigh.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bizzy day

Today August 22 is my youngest son's birthday.  He was a blessing to me when he was born as were all three of my sons and certainly he still are they.  I am the most blessed of all mother's in the world as far as I'm concered to have these three young men to call my own..even though they are adults..they are still mine. A great and loving gift to me from which I can never say often enough how grateful I am they are in my life.

The new header picture is one I took last week.  It's about a mile away from here and of course, out of the city.  I hope you like it.

I got back from Charlotte late yesterday where we, my youngest and I, had a wonderful time.  Saturday we went to my son's school where he teaches and helped him arrange his room.  They--the Principal-- surprised several of the teachers and unexpectedlychanged their rooms..hence a big "move it all out and rearrange everything" was in order.

We didn't take a single picture other than the ones at school that I may post.  I smiled at his class room which has the stamp of Tennessee sports in it..despite the fact this is North Carolina and Panther country, etc.  There's more than shows in the classroom picture as he hadn't gotten it all out of the boxes yet.  The other picture is the main entryway into the school proper.

I kept up decently with my home therapy exercises while gone.  Sunday was a bust though.  Got one done at his kitchen so-so one in the car, two more decent ones here at home and so for 2 days I lacked 1 each therapy session.

I have one last orthopaedic doctor visit and that should do it for me.  I will keep on with therapy for some time though.

My little girl was sure glad to see me as she expressed in her blog yesterday and today.  I was equally glad to see her but she did make it a little hard in the night to sleep..both of us as she kept checking to make certain that was me in the bed and not some impostor.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who's In My Chair?

Three guesses who took over the computer office chair while I made a sandwich?  Oh, and another three guesses as to who is on the three legged wooden stool.  Yepper, that would be me.

Today was the last day for me to get my hair shampooed and styled at the salon.  I can now gather my hair up for night time as I used to..thank you therapy!! And I will bumble thru trying to style it.  Amazing to be this far along.  Pain in therapy makes for faster progress it seems.  I can painfully gather my hair up atop my head and manage to get an elastic band around it.  No more pitiful going from person to person begging "will you put my hair up for me please?"  Not an exaggeration.

Anyhow, that new picture in the header is one I took in Charlotte NC last October.  It is a reflection of the Bank of America Corporate HQ in another beautiful building..whose name escapes me just now.  I'll ask my son.  Charlotte is to me one of the most lovely cities there is.  Their downtown (they call it uptown, go figure!) is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  Clean, wiring is buried or otherwise invisible..I love seeing it over and over.  If I didn't own the home I'm in free and clear for so long..and so on..Charlotte is where I would love to live.

I gave the cat a pouch of food...a flavor she hasn't had before and she sure showed me what her opinion was...she tried to bury it.  She kept kicking it with her front feet as if she had used the litterbox.  Needless to say, I removed it from her royal presence.

I hope all is well with you all?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday and Tomorrow is Therapy Day. :-(

I have 2 of five daily therapy exercises done and soon as I publish this, the third one will be underway.

I went out, shifting my car's gear shift with my right arm,  and whoa Nelly!  But ultimately it's good for me.  I headed to a large woodland park and took some pictures. The one of a little whirlpool was not I failed to adjust the speed with which I took the photo.  :-(

I went out for a combo heat and cool pad ( microwave or freezer..whichever you need at the time) at the drug store yesterday evening and an old lady, guess nearing 80 walked up to me pointing at my brace and edema glove.  She'd made up her mind I had had surgery and so wanted to know all about it.  As I didn't have surgery it was a little difficult to get her from that mind set until I decided who harm  done if that was what she needed my story to be. Though I didn't know her, I allowed close to half an hour of standing and listening to her talk about her children, her life and all the places around here she has lived.  She needed to talk or she wouldn't have approached me.  I hope I made her evening better. I'm glad there was no pressing reason to leave.

Have my lesson to study here in a few..soon as I do my exercises.  See you later.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day o' Pain

Back to the therapist today.  I did not know that there is a difference between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  I have an Occupational Therapist who specializes in hands.  Occupational therapist gets you ready to get back into you regular every day life or work.  Physical therapist works with whatever is ailing and as with legs for example, gets you walking again.  Occupational gets you back into the normal everyday things.  Such as with me..eating with my right hand instead of my left as I have had to do..combing my hair. etc etc.

But man, tears to my eyes again.  No, not rolling down onto my face but my eyes smarted with them as my hand was bent backward since it is as stiff as a cardboard cutout..and as each finger was forced down into my palm..when they don't "meet" my palm by two inches or more,  yet.  Too painful and stiff.  But I had no choice today, down to my palm they went.  However, on the last few moments she said not to baby my hand any more and let it do anything it could in every day things.  To try regardless and yes, it will hurt.  Not to be ridiculous like trying to lift pounds of things..not now, too weak, but to go ahead and let my right hand assist with driving in any way it can..and to try to lift ordinary household things with my left hand assisting.  I actually went out, started the car with my left hand..too hard with not hardly any range of motion to turn the key...but..I used the gearshift and shifted.  First time in weeks and yes, it hurt.  A lot.  :-)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Many folks, if not the majority have completely lost their listening skills.  I have noticed that increasingly thru the past 10 years.  You are in a conversation with start to state something and they chime in with an answer/thought already!  Though you are not finished, they jump in because they have presupposed what you're going to say and they are completely wrong.  OR you do get to state whatever it is, and while you yet speak they change it in their mind to something  completely NOT what you said because they change your words to something that fits their way of thinking.

I have found myself repeating what I just said a few moments before because whatever they thought they heard had nothing at all to do with what I said.  Amazing phenom.  Scary too.

Today I was in charge of cleaning the house with no help forthcoming so I took it slow and one handedly cleaned and shined my kitchen wood floor the way *I* want it to look..not some clouded mess that the hired women would do.  It wasn't their floor so why take any pains at it?  I paid $18.00 an hour for some pretty poor help BUT!!! It beat nothing at all.  I polished all of my counter tops again.  That felt so good.  Everything is gleaming. I cleaned the bathroom in 2 day stages.  Today was the tub and surround which is white and I want it blindingly clean and shining so that when I walk in, assuming the sun is shining in the window toward me, I can see myself reflected in the tub surroud and area. (I can)  All this for the first time in 8 weeks.  Ah....Took the pillow out to sun and managed to one handedly change the sheets. Did the wash and believe it or not, got the sheets folded.  Life and God are good.  I am progressing and Mercy was shown to me through this ordeal.

Here is another attempt.  Of 60 pictures, 10 survived as not quite as out of focus.  Painfully but joyfully taken.  I was having the best time in two months out there struggling with the camera.  Truly happy and I came home feeling like a million dollars albeit a painful million.  :-)))

xoxoxo  You friends are the best.  Don't mind my clean house silliness.  No one can see under the beds and in the closets.  So I have everyone fooled. Love you all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bend and Stretch..

I'm telling you..she's trying to kill me.  She bent my fingers inward to approximate a fist, and I stood UP! My gosh that was p-a-i-n-f-u-l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, bent my wrist back and front..tears formed in the corner of my eyes.  I never made a sound but intakes of breath that sounded like the hissing it was!  HURT!!!!!  Man, that session hurt!  I had 2 Tylenol an hour no avail.  She said she had to get my fingers working.  I have them half way able to close..and the tendons were screaming when  she stretched them.  The mashing and spreading of the tendons back of my wrist..oh, man.

So, that was my morning.  It's all to the good though.  :-(

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They're after me!

The physical therapist is a slip of a blond girl..but boy, she can go for where it hurts.

I had a session there today.  I should have known something bad i.e. painful was going to happen as she wrapped me up (wrist) in heat.  I cooked 10 minutes.  Then, she started working the tendons and stretching/pulling my wrist/hand as well. I almost came up offa my chair several times.  She said and I can tell from the lack of range that the tendons were tight as a drum.  She really worked me over.  BUT I know it can only do good.

My helper is here and this is the last day.  I sliced my own tomatoes and got everything folded from the dryer but the two bottom sheets.  I am allowed to lift a cup of cofffee but my hand droops down so much I would rather not.  So..on Thursday when I go back, that will be one week down.  I was encouraged when  she said she can tell I have been doing my exercises.

I'll go help the me good.  This is her gentleman furiend, Nik.


Monday, August 8, 2011

The Rest of the Story

So...yesterday as I looked so frizzed and tumbled I couldn't go to church, instead I took my receipt for the Salon and headed there instead at 1100.  (remember, I can't do many things including my hair and I can't hold anything in my right hand yet).

My Salon is in a large department store..hence it's open on Sunday' hours. As I started in, I happened to cross paths with the store's manager.  I whispered the incident to her (so as not to include bystanders) and she said that was totally unacceptable and the Salon  Manager was there that day and took me to her.  She recognised me also as she has seen me two years now.  I told her all I was asking for at this point was to put my hair back on  top of my head as I had to take it all the way down and run some product in it trying to tame the horrible dry frizzies from  not having proper care the day before.  She plugged in an iron..noted my burn on my forehead and the other two burns..and applied some deep conditioning to my hair.. and styled it.  Then she piled it beautifully on top and I was in business.  She asked for my credit card..and refunded the charge from Saturday and sent me on  my way fully satisfied.  She said she would talk one on  one with that person about the incident.  To be burned three times was completely unacceptable and to be sent from the Salon looking like that was also unacceptable.

She said she had spent 8 years building their (most excellent, truly) reputation and wasn't going to have that work brought down.  I said if this caused the stylists to be so and so's when I next come in I would just make it easy and find another salon.  She said she'd rather have her leave than lose me.  I said I did not want that to happen and that I hoped the woman would handle it well and learn.

So, I did go and it is settled.  I have an appt. with another person Saturday and my regular one will be back three days later.  (death in the family and an already planned family reunion).

I was nice when I stated the problem, I assure you all..and all I wanted was to have my hair put back up after I tried to douse it one handed with  Redkin  Satinware.  I got so much more.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still working for improvement

This starts day 4.  Soon as I leave here I will start the PT for the day.  Five times I will do that.  There is a tiny improvement in a few motions, none yet in others.

Yesterday I kept an appt with a salon to simply have my hair washed, styled some and piled atop my head. My hair is thick and heavy and sort of long hence, even in a/c, hot on my neck.  As I can't manage styling my hair as I can't yet grasp anything at all..I have to pay to have someone do it ad it's stuck there till I pay someone to do it again.  So...moving on.  I was shampooed..and then it all went down hill. This is a new woman there in the salon I might add.  She started blow drying my hair.burned my scalp pretty badly with the hot hot setting too close to my scalp.  Then she hauled out a curling iron that looked like it came from the Dollar Store's shelves where old merchandise would be if they had that.  One inch rod..pinch clamp.  She burned my scalp with that as well.  Then, in attempting to do my bangs, she laid it ON my forehead burning a postage stamp size burn on me.  Yes I protested all 3 burns  She gathered my hair and threw it on top of my head with my elastic band. I handed them the money and left.  She kept saying "are you mad?  Are you mad?  I'm sorry." I said in reply  was burned and it hurt. My hair has nothing in gel, no's frizzy and seriously bad looking.  I'm helpless to fix it.  I will be there Monday a.m. and speak to the manager.

Gotta stop staling and get in there and do my PT.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 1

Started physical therapy today.  ZIP range of movement.  Hurts to try to turn palm up..impossible to right now. Can't touch thumb to anything but forefinger and that's a strain but I still have to spin my wheels trying.  Break was on the inside wrist bone..not the outside so work with my thumb is affected for now.

She gave me a size small edema glove..silky material with finger tips only sticking out..goes about 6 inches above wrist.  The intense swelling indeed went down a bit but that is because of the gentle compression.  Still have to wear the brace sleeping and driving as this glove gives no support.  I take it off for therapy exercizes I do 5 times a day.  5 pm will start round 3 and I'll get 4 in.  Tomorrow I'll time them better. Sure feels better than that flesh eating brace 7/24.

Oh, before I go..there are no breaks visible in my x-ray last blog.  My break was a tiny fractured tip on the inside wrist bone.  Those lines you see are fluid build up in the palm of my hand.  Dr. was very pleased with this x-ray.  ;-)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday news

They never called me so I called them!  Therapy starts Thursday and will happen every Tuesday and Thursday.  That's the only time the therapist will be there.  Going to hurt but who cares?

I'm proud of me!  I just deleted an unkind sentence or two!  ;-)  It occurred to me that writing about that topic I was going to mention does no one least of all me, any good.

Having the next to the last home help today.  That is horribly expensive so glad not to have to have it.  There will be a few things that will take time for me to do but..oh well.   can opening and bill paying are two things and folding sheets.

Just checking in.  going to be 98 here today..feels like will be much higher.  This is me 4 weeks ago.  :-) I bet I still look the same...inside.  xox