Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And Then There Was the Time When

... today, after finding out from the cardiologist that I seemed very well indeed, I  left to check out.  I saw the Dr. I like so much and his nurse, a male nurse that I like a lot as well while standing there. Seeing them both walking out of their office, I made tiny (thank goodness silent) clapping motions  with my hands and grinned like an idiot at them!  Good part is, they grinned back just as much. That's how much I like them and how glad I was to see them both.  I see them when it's not the "Big Man" I need to see.  Like those guys and hey, handsome!  Whoo WHEE!  Got a hug for my trouble.  Heeee.  That wasn't the idea but I'll take it. :-)

Rain of course.  I found out that my town got 90 all sunny days last year.  There were 200 partly cloudy to fully cloudy skies and the rest, rain.  Told we get a lotta gloom around here.

See ya later alligator  After while crocodile.

(Did I ever tell you that I developed quite a liking for alligators while living in Florida?  Sure did like seeing them.  Still do, when the chance arises but that doesn't mean I want to snuggle up with them).

See the fog rising up from my valley?  Taken from the deck 0630 cold cold cold morning last week.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bias in Media

Older folks...and you'd have to be a minimum of 50 something to possibly recall, had the privilege of hearing national news and local as well told in balanced terms and speech.  No bias was discernible. in word or tone or facial expression.  That is not to say that the reporter wasn't personally biased one way or another, but he/she were not permitted to show anything but neutrality.

Why can't we again  have news reported with neutrality?  Without all the roller coaster up and down clownish speech to gain attention to the latest media favorite. and sensationalism.   Time was ...news was spoken into the microphone.  Necessary details were provided but not graphic details as you have to endure now.  And not graphic pictures and not endless talk about those "details" over and over for 2 1/2 hours each night.  In the mornings too.  They start at 4AM and keep it up till that circus called GMA comes on with its own sensationalism.  Back to the local stations however...I would love to not see close ups of victims with tears running down their faces with so close a focus that you can count the eyelashes as well as pores in their noses.

Yellow journalism is all we have these past 25 years and hours of it.  Our local affiliates start at 4PM 12 hrs after the 4 am fiasco.  Local things are repeated in a biased manner over and over and over until 6:30 PM.  Endless re-showing of tragedy, tears, blood, maiming of innocent animals, killing of people.  Endlessly repeating in loud, voices with liberal nodding and looking at one another for "back up" if there is a co-anchor.

Just sayin'. I so wish there was neutral delivery of just news without all the gore and sensationalism.  Do I keep watching?  No.  I turn it off.  I try another channel and of course they are all the same.

Seems they save a lot of money having college interns doing all the work so they can "gain experience".  Finished rant.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blue Skies

I am so grateful  today after the past week of gloom, drizzle, rain and fog-- that we have sun today.  Most of yesterday as well.  However, as always, punishment follows as the weather report long range says the usual:  Rain, drizzle and fog for the next at least 7 days.  This pattern has truly been going on for five years.  I am going to ask our local network weatherman how many non -sun days we have had for the past several years per year.  I feel certain they will absolutely outnumber the sunny ones.

Because of the sun and  the not totally freezing temps, mine and others spirits out in town are high and we are all enjoying this sun while we can.

I worked out this morning early.  Had coffee with friends afterward.  Did a bit of grocery shopping for fruit and some nuts.  Went home..popped right back out just to add some steps to my Fitbit.  Went to two large department stores and walked the floors.  I did buy something, not much.  Still glorious out.  My mood still most excellent--- so I left a voice mail for the cardiology group PA and his nurse, also a male I might add, who have the absolute best manner of ANYONE in that organization including my very good but very uninvolved sounding cardiologist.  I love being referred to the PA and his nurse.  Professional, excellent, not -missing -a -thing exams if necessary, but with that all important to me sense of humor... and ...SMILES!  Yes!  SMILES!

Went back out again and found two wicker bistro set type chairs that I needed and they were on sale!  18 dollars each!  Can't beat that with a stick.  Happened on them. Bought some Katie food, went somewhere else and walked some more.  Came home and made a smoothie. at 1330 for lunch.  (I have gained five pounds which will be there when I go see my regular cardiologist for a follow up on Monday.  Sigh.  So I am back on a diet. Smoothie was: skim milk, ice cubes, a banana, 2 sweetner packets, a serving of Hershey's chocolate syrup at 40 cal for 2 T.  That's perfect for a cup of skim.  I threw in a scant 1/8th of a cup sour canned cherries with that much of their juice and whirled.  And... HAVE MERCY!  A perfectly thick enough 240 c. utterly delicious chocolate cherry banana smoothie that did it for lunch.

Then, I went to the dump with the old bistro chairs all unraveled (wicker) from their frames.  Headed to the big box store and got a new grill cover to cover my tiny bistro set.  Cleaned my big cabinet of a kitchen trash bag of won't -use -'em T shirts ill fitting and ew-glee as well.  Dumped them too as no one would want them.  Trust me on that). Vacuumed, washed dishes again, cleaned Katie's box again, dusted, ready to get on my walking pad and do some more walking or stepping I should say.  Making hay while the oft missing sun doth shine and the mood does too.

Horst, it says I am not a "team Member" so it won't let me in. but I did get to look this time.

Irritatingly happy and bouncy, I remain


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Handsome Mysterious Stranger

Now lest this sound like intrigue...let me tell you that it happened across the table of bananas in the grocery store produce section this afternoon.

I was quite presentable in look as I always strive to be, but that is neither here nor there.  What happened was:  I was inspecting all of the varying stages of ripeness of the bananas being laid out on the large table even as I stood there.

I wanted some that were mostly green with some yellow coming in, and some that were ready to eat.  So as I stood and pondered, I felt the impetus to raise my gaze.  I did so and across the table was an extremely handsome and I have to say it, sexy looking man.  He was looking directly into my eyes and held my gaze.  He has a slight smile on his face as well.  I dropped my gaze.  I picked up several bunches of bananas to look at and as my head rose a bit, the stranger in the grocery and I locked eyes again!  How romantic a story this is!  Heeee.  Anyway, I looked directly back hoping he would look away but no, this time it was I who looked away.  I hardly ever do that.  I always accept the ol' visual staring challenges but this time, I glanced away.  I must be getting weak!

I noticed he was standing by his wife (had to have been) who was also looking at the 'nanners.  He was still smiling slightly at me.

If his wife were not there I would have gone straight over and asked if we had worked together in the recent past although when a man is that striking, you ain't gonna forget him.  I did not ask as it may have embarrassed him in front of his wife.

Let me hasten to say that Mr. Dark Brown Hair, probably 6'2 handsome person  built very well with a wonderfully trimmed and stylish dark beard was a good 30 years younger than me, so it was not a flirtation on his part, guaranteed.

I have wracked my brain trying to think who that could be as that HAD to have been recognition on his side of the nanner table.  Alas...I will never know.  Darn.

Strangers in the store...exchanging glances.
Something in your eyes was so inviting....

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Answer! Another Drum Roll Please...

Telebone! That's how skeletons communicate! Several of you got very close and really, just as good!