Thursday, January 31, 2019

Of Sheets and Shirts

A  great good morning to you!  However, I am about to comment on the sad state of consumer goods these past 15 years.

I was cleaning out the linen closet and brought the bottom layer of sheets to the top so as to give the two pair I was rotating each week, a break.  When I brought out today's change of sheets...I thought of you all.  I mean, I wanted you all to weigh in on the quality we are forced to get.

One thing out this morning was a set of pure cotton printed sheets for the twin guest bed.  Heavy and tightly woven.  Very strong as the weave was tight.  Bought them in the late 80's.  Look as good as they ever did.  The sheets for my bed...I am going to put a picture in for you to see them.  The Admiral is in the bed, but no matter.  You can see how old the sheets are what with her on them and she's OTRB some time ago.  And the design, luster and body (no, not hers).  Look. Enlarge if you like and see the features I just mentioned.  And they are 100% cotton.  No fillers or added polyester. Any you buy now are thin...even if you are fortunate enough to find cotton.  No, they weren't cheap to buy.  They were probably $45.00 + tax then .

 Today's sheets are generally thin as like see -through fabric for light clothes. And smaller.  Much smaller.  They have skimped ever so gradually thru the years on the sides of the top sheets to save themselves money. They cannot do that on the fitted bottom for obvious reasons.  But they have taken a good foot or more off each side and bottom end.  And they many times are poly.  Thin, extremely light and almost no use in cooler weather.

Then, a simple T shirt.  Make it Fruit of the Loom.  Here is the old Tee shirt I just took a picture of.  100% heavy cotton.   Shirt is probably 16 years old.

There is body to this T-shirt.   It's old.  Impossible to find at least in Fruit of the Loom.  Still looks great.  Comfortable pure cotton, breathable. No flimsy poly blend that shows your contours  right through the cloth out in the sun if you happen to be back-lit by the sunlight just right.  No clingy fabric with lycra and poly that doesn't drape attractively, and with a much smaller percentage of cotton, if any at all.  A bundle of three T-shirts are tightly rolled and encased with a strip of scotch tape nowadays & bundled into a package so small it looks like a box of greeting cards, the body of the fabric they use today is so thin they can do that.

Bras are made with shorter shoulder straps and really aren't very adjustable.  Seams are rough edged many times.  I could go on about those too.    And what's up with socks always made with an elastic edge at the top to cut off your circulation?  Wouldn't it be just at the same cost to manufacture them with fold over tops the way they used to be?  But I'll quit now.

Peace and Long Life.
Live Long and Prosper   said an old friend on TV.  ☀️

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Good Grief

I was more than a tad grouchy yesterday so I took that fussy ol' blog down.  🙀  Sorry.  I get discouraged sometimes.

There's some sleet hammering down but hopefully it will stop soon.  If so, I may bundle up and head out for a walk.  I would love to NOT break my streak so far this week.  But I do have a couple of important chores to get done first.

Made one of my meatloaves for supper as I have one of Katie's brothers here. There will be scrumptious macaroni and cheese too.  And some green beans.  My meatloaf is delicious if I say so myself.  The boys love it as do friends who have come by for some on occasion.  I don't do the so-called brown meatloaf that is made with oatmeal and  recipe  used to be--- if it's not still, on the oatmeal box.  It's OK, but not something I ever want to eat unless I'm very hungry. I do the tomatoey type.  And I don't skimp on chopped onion,  and several spices. And cracker crumbs are not welcome in my meatloaf.  Ewww.

It was sleeting a while ago when I came back from The Big City! I could wait till tomorrow but I think I will head out anyway and do a little grocery shopping!  Lettuce, milk and napkins.  It's an excuse to go tromping in the stores adding steps to my iWatch.


Why was the little strawberry crying?

His mom was in a jam.

See ya later, after while....

I took this in the wetlands last summer...

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hm...What Happened?

You know, if you live long enough and interact with people, it's bound to happen.  Someone gets miffed or downright mad at you and changes noticeably (yepper, I'm talking about what has happened to me).

After *fill in the blank*______ number of years or months, whatever, they disappear like something that dropped into the black hole out there just left of Planet Albuquerque.  I've had it happen very recently by the pet sitter.  NO clue what happened. No answer to any texts etc. no explanation.  Silence.  And saying that they would come over to feed Katie  if necessary during long hours if Katie's fave brother has surgery--- and now they have  disappeared?  Not cool, Sitter.  Not cool at all. I would say "you stink" but that wouldn't be nice.

Too, sometimes a blogger gets mad, and won't say why and there you are...without a family friend.  (as the song goes, "We Are Family".  (bloggers I mean)

Unusual... to the point that I have never written of this type of thing.  Thought I might today.  It's raining incessantly...I'll blame the weather.

Hoping for spring flowers in another 6 -8 weeks. The green part of jonquils are already up on my front yard.  The daffodils greens are up too.  Poor guys. They're in for some rude cold shocks.

Up in the header is a coneflower I know.  He's witty... and as windy as a weather sock!

Hey...I'm outta here as my friend Paul says.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Busy Busy and a question

Busy having done some housework that needed doing.  Once I get going, I cannot quit.  I get a head of steam going after a good extremely cold walk and just plow on in. till sleepiness makes me head to bed. Today I had another cold frozen fog walk but I  only made lemon bread when I got home. Eating some now between word typing.  Have some?  I forgot  to buy lemons for the juice and sugar to make a glaze's plain. (as something with 6 Tbsp. of butter can be).

Yesterday was a special birthday and tomorrow is someone beautiful's Gotcha Day.  What a love bug she is.  She's having a pawty over at her place and she set herself up in a kissing booth too.  NO charge!  Her whiskers will tickle though.

I need to go out and speed around in the big box stores.  When it's extra cold out, I get a lot of steps in at the start of the morning and then,  I pick up another third  of my distance tromping in the stores. The rest back and forth here.

The question?  Oh, I've asked a bunch of times in FB and here but in an opened ended way.  I hope that anyone who does this will explain to me why and then, I'll know!

If it is from 20-30 degrees F, why would many men women and wee little toddlers go out in shorts and tank tops and flip flops?  I really cringe seeing little children out like that when their parents take them to the playground...cold cold  cold out, and the equipment is metal and freezing cold, yet the little ones and parents are out there not dressed for the cold.  The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is the kids aren't huddled and crying.  I don't understand it, I will never understand it.  Are they trying to impress?  *shrugs shoulders*.

OK.  I'm off to wash dishes hands are my dishwashing machine.  I'd rather have the cabinet space.

Chow  :-)  !  Ciao! Bye! See ya......and Au Revoir.  Also,  Auf wiedersehen.

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Very Special Day Today

Today, January 14th,  is my second son's birthday.  What a joy he was when he arrived and what a joy he still is, as are all of my sons.  But today I speak of this one, Bruce, who makes me proud and who brings honor to his name.

You likely know what I am going to say next as I always say much the same when they have a birthday.  The primary thing I always say is that all of my sons are God's greatest gift to me.  I am grateful each day without fail for the privilege of having them.  Above anything else I have ever received, these three sons are the most supreme gift I could have; one longed for and appreciated and a gift that gives me great joy every day of my life.   And today, I celebrate the second gift, Bruce.

Happy Birthday dear son.  Can't express how much I love you.

Graduating University.  You have gone far since that day.  Accomplished more than I dreamed of for you. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Out the Back Door

I am sure fortunate to have these woods as my own.  I am the neighbors up and down the street that is.  But as I have mentioned before all of us have property to the city/county line.

Ain't it purty?  All of these are off the deck.