Thursday, December 8, 2016

What is Good Here

Goodness, I love seeing this little footie propped up on the edge of my dining table.  He can keep it there forever as far as I am concerned.  He is a baby now and our last concern is his manners.  Nah!  Baby feets are much more important.  And enjoying a nanner is too.

Here below is the living room each time I have the pleasure of seeing James here.  Works for me. Grammie is enchanted.  Katie too, believe it or not.  James is learning manners with her.

I didn't ask permission to feature James and his Mom so I blurred their faces for this one.  I wanted you to see James continuing to look and not touch for now, and Katie taking that to the bank.  She just enjoyed her sunpuddle with no concern.

All is well with us.  And me..I am out in the cold cold wind walking as fast as I can loving every minute.  The rains were terribly hard for three days so I reluctantly stayed home those days, but the past two, cold and windy but mostly sunny.  Gotta walk.  Wish you were there too.  Yu'd love it.  I showed you the park.  Gorgeous place.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Almost December

Amazing how time rushes past us and though we know that, it is still always a surprise.  Around here the way times passage is frequently mentioned is similar to this:  It's Christmas day!  Turn around once and it's the Fourth of July.  Blink and it's Christmas again.  The passage of time seems so rapid.  One wants to say the rapidity is "unfair" sometimes--- as though that were a consideration!

But here it is, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas hard upon us.  Another year will be dawning and we repeat the pattern.  Rejoicing all the way here at my home but nonetheless it is rather like a film that runs out and is re-wound endless seeming times.  I am happy to hit re-wind as often as I am granted.

We all of us had Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter-in-law's parents home.  The house was filled to bulging I would swear.  Ham and turkey both with the ham as tender as anything I have ever eaten.  The turkey was moist and golden.  Grilled green beans that were enwrapped with bacon that was also grilled.  Mashed potatoes, and a delicious potato and cheese casserole was made as well.  Sweet potato casserole, buttered steamed sweet corn.  Squash casserole,  and many other things that mom tends not to eat, so she didn't take especial note... as well as moist delicious stuffing.  There were four pumpkin pies, each homemade including crusts, a towering chocolate trifle, a delicious moist applesauce bundt cake with true butter cream frosting.  Even more was on the two long tables.

The home is large and the younger kids ate in the front room with tables in there and everyone else at long tables in the dining and family rooms.

Many members of the extended family were there with my side numbered only by my three sons and myself and of course my daughter-in-law now and baby grandson.  We in my nuclear family are few, as my parents passed early in age; but I am fortunate to have my dear daughter-in-law to love and be grateful for.

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, each of you.  Truly I do.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ahoy there Mateys

Here I am again...feeling like Popeye the Sailor Man! Strong and longing for a can o' spinach. Just hope Bluto isn't in my near future~!
down by the river...

I got to see the super moon sorta kinda last night.  It was tangled up in the branches (still have leaves on them) of my giant tall oak, poplar, maple and hickory trees.  So any pictures were of moon white here and there among the branches.  And there is a lot of smoke and haze from all the arson fires that were set.

I got through my little surgery thingy in less than an hour and my friend carried me back in style to Casa Katie.  She is in the window at this time soaking up rays to enable her constant care as soon as she wakes up.  First things first, she always says.

Her fav Tech was here last night to administer a mani-pedi and oh, what a trauma Katie felt.  You might think the world was coming to an end because as she lay there on her back getting her claws cut...she kept saying  "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow".  She forgot to say the ME part of meow and just said "OW". Cracked us up.

So...I'm still standing!  Thank you so much for caring what happens to me.  xxx

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thanksgiving Soon...Wasn't it Just Spring?

Time does fly, to coin a phrase.  I just try to fit as much as I can into the time I am allowed.  I like to litter done of I can.  Thing is, each day starts with the same things waiting all over again.  But to coin another phrase, it sure beats the alternative.

Ordinarily I would head out tomorrow morning early to work out and then make my way around and around in the park for my walkie.  Tomorrow however is different.  I leave everything undone except making the bed and doing the dishes.  I head to a little one day surgery thingy.  Tain't nothing.  Only be gone a few hours. I'll be home to wrangle Katie in the afternoon.

Middle son will be here for Thanksgiving.  He's coming from over the mountains.  Can't wait.  We will have our meal at the youngest son's in-laws home.  We have done that the past three years.  I will bring a vegetable and some Sprite and Diet Coke.  Can't have much of anything as I am trying to keep to 1100 c. a day. I can eat turkey though and a green veggie.  It's kind of them to always have all of us over.  Of course, youngest son and wife and baby would be there anyway but me, and the other two are also invited each time.

Just checking in guys.  Checking on on you all and showing myself too while I'm at it.

See you in a bit...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ACK! ONE handed and now TWO handed!

Just this last (I promise) word.  Today I was in front of someone driving with both hands at the 12 o'clock position on the steering wheel.  The knuckles were sharp looking and they pierced the air with eight impressively tall bony knuckle peaks.  I would hate to get a knuckle sandwich from him!   It must be when you do that two hands at 12 o'clock high position long enough... perhaps then you don't over correct.  Me..I put both hands up on top of the wheel the other day to experiment...nope...ain't gonna work for me.  If I would have tried to make turn with both hands up there, I'd be doing circles!

I notice too that there are increasing numbers of folk who like to rush up behind you and stick to you trying to make you go faster.  If I pledge to you now that this is in the so called "slow" lane even...know I am telling the truth when I say I am doing 5 miles OVER the speed limit over there.  I guess what it is turns out to be is my ignorance of the fact that they own the road and that no one but them knows how to drive. Sheesh.  By now I should have learned.  More lessons will be forthcoming I am positive.

I have smiled thru time hearing people in my social circles saying "I wish people would learn to drive".  Usually that has meant that the incompetent  oaf in the other vehicle should get out of the speakers way.  I really love the comments that never change and never fail when it snows or there is an ice storm.  "If they would stay off the roads" " if they would get out of my way" "Why don't they go faster up (down) that hill?  They'd make it if they would go faster the incompetent boobs."

Snow and ice and east TN hills and mountains have no meaning or consequence to these intrepid super heroes.  I wish I were like them.  Maybe one day when I grow up.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hm....One Handed

Ladies, Gentlemen and Kitties and Woofies or two, I am thinking that I may be the only one left in the U.S. who drives with both hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle.  Nope, not speaking of texting here.  Just regular run of the mill driving.  Both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel.   That's the name of my driving game. Maybe 9 and 3 position or 10 and 2 sometimes.  Most others that I glance have a knuckled fist up there on top...knuckles sticking up like pyramids from the grip on the steering wheel OR...a languid wrist draped ever so comfortably atop the wheel.

I have wondered how on earth you control the car with that wrist draped over the steering wheel.  That's worse than the one handed knuckle bearing grip on top of the wheel.  By the time you run over something and it comes to you that you may need to grip the wheel to prevent a disaster...seconds are lost in rearranging hands to hold the wheel.  Oh well.  At least I can say I hold on to the steering wheel.  This was not going to be a rant but durned if it didn't turn into one!

Its finally chilly here!  I may be under my fleece blankie tonight.  Of course some else may be as well.  IF she isn't draped over my forehead! These whiskers of hers feel like stiff nylon thread!  She comes down close to my eyes and nose and purrs extra loud.  Whiskers are very distracting!  Tickly and like little pin points!

Hope I get to walk tomorrow.  Have a small trip to make.

Fried chicken and saffron rice tonight!  Shall I set a plate for you?  Oh.  Green beans.  Buttered.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Year

Guys, Ladies, I am grateful  for another year.  Had a birthday last Sunday.   I try to use that gift of another year each day, but particularly now that it is not so grueling hot and humid.  I am out on a brisk walk after my workout unless something else stops me.  My very hilly street (all of them are hilly in this town though) is not practical for my walking routes nowadays as I can tax myself just so far in climbing hills and keeping up a pace.  I therefore go to a fairly level park and go for it!

On my birthday I was on my way home from seeing my middle son.  He usually invites me to his home on that occasion.  Sunday, on I-85 I was rocketing along at just over the speed limit when I became aware that there was a car exactly on my bumper...close enough to tap me I would say.

I had just passed someone so I was in the passing lane still.  Not able to go back to the right-most lane until the vehicle next to me either sped up or slowed down.  The dimwit behind me used the very narrow place that suddenly opened up to my right as the car beside me did move faster, and  dimwit shot around me nearly shaving my bumper...and decided to gift me with a "greeting" on that, my birthday.  I certainly gained the knowledge that he was very angry with me for daring not to crash into the car next to me thereby letting him by.  Had I slowed down so I could get back into the right lane he was magnetically attached to my bumper...he would like have shot me if he had a weapon.  He was in the way of my trying to get out of HIS way.  

He has to be proud he got around me at last and expressed his thoughts.  Way to be respectful.

Me, I continued on...not angry at all nor bothered.  I know what is important and that ain't.

I took these two photos with my phone way early this morning.  I will get out there with the Nikon in the morning assuming the builder and home are still there.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Been busy today.  Let me brag about it.  No, bore you about, tell you about it.

Up and change the sheets with Katie's able help after feeding her and opening and closing the front door multiple times for her.   Travel to the kitchen again and remove whatever is on the counter surfaces and clean and shine the counters.  Ooo la la.  I love shiny counters.  Put it all back (not much...I do not like clutter) and begin sweeping, then cleaning and shining the floor.  I thank the skill of my surgeon every single DAY that I can do all my housework and not draw a single troubled breath from cardiac issues.  Wanna wrassle?  I think I can best ya!

Then, I took that flat 2 pc. drainboard I like so much apart and cleaned IT.  No fun. And clean the stainless steel sink.  Change throw rugs. Set the kitchen to rights.  Travel to the bathroom and clean the tub and surround, potty, vanity and floor.  Travel back out and get the vacuum going for the full house as I always do.  Empty it and wax furniture after swiffering it first.  Clean all the glass table tops and anything else.  Already got the bathroom doors, both  of them cleaned , inside and out. (finger marks from everyone not using the knobs). Dust the tops of all the door frames in the house.  Already took everything off the dressers and bureaus and spit shined and re-did it to where it was. Did the wash, folded and put away.  Have to iron three items.

Shampooed my hair to take up where Katie left off last night.  Going to take a curling iron to it here in an hour.  Had lunch.  Got more to do but waiting till my toasted cheese sandwich settles.   I also had a  made with fresh fruit, smoothie.  I add two T of lite chocolate syrup to it (20 cal), non fat milk, ice, blend and oh MY it's good.

S'up wif yoo?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

It's Not Like I Said Two Wheels!

Ya know, when someone who is driving is going to turn a corner (and of course not bother with a turn signal) it would be refreshing that they make their way through the turn in a timely manner rather than come to a complete stop, then turning. stop sign involved nor any traffic light to make them stop.  Just a very very slow driver who seems timid.  This is usually at a business where the driver wishes to go into a parking lot.  Ah...but I duly note that no one made me Queen nor Supreme Ruler who gets to say who does what, and when.  Drat!

 It's a bit  more aggravating when you are waiting to make a left turn at a traffic light with no left turn lead and you see that the opposing traffic has a vehicle approaching about to that point where you cannot safely take a chance on turning until they go by.   That vehicle you're waiting for to come on through so that you may turn left surely has a brick wedged under the gas pedal so that the accelerator may not be pressed to afford more than, say...oh, I dunno...perhaps 15 mph until they labor through the intersection.  (Where you have waiting, hoping for a chance to turn left before the next red light).

I also have noted that I don't get to say that MY timetable is more important than theirs!  Double drat!

At least it is not as bad as being behind someone who is texting.  They continue to sit at the light when it's is green.  They weave and wobble as they proceed down the street after some heartfelt honks of the horn at them.  However, I would rather be behind them than approaching them from the opposite direction as you never know where they will veer off to.  That thought just brought a memory from "back in the day" when mobile phones had not yet been made available.  I have seen folks with a newspaper propped up on the steering wheel hurtling down the interstate.  They stayed in the "slow" navigated around them.   Also, back then I used to see more men driving with their wrist stationed  atop the steering wheel.  Naturally I never do anything wrong.  I am total perfection all the time.  Sure!  I have more than my share of aggravating driving ways too.  I just won't talk about 'em!  ðŸ˜Š

P.S.  In my header, I took those pictures of those Indian Blanket Flowers...a form of daisy... several years ago.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  I will bet I would never say a word to one of them if I had to wait for them anywhere in the world.  Love them.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

How Could I Forget THIS One?

"Reach out"  The media always reaches out.  The can't possible just contact reach out.  EVERYone in media  uses that phrase.  Reach out implies you are feeling empathy, sympathy, concern, all the other terms that I will spare you from.  "Contacted" is more like it as far as the media's use of the word is concerned.  The false implication of concern  they don't even realize they are doing, is annoying.  Gosh I'm on a roll here with overused inappropriate phrasing in media!

Meanwhile, I am pruning back, or trying to, my use of exclamation marks from a constant THREE of them when I wanted to emphasize something to a mere one!  Now, if I could prune back my over-use of commas I think I would be cited for some writing awardie.  I am the comma QUEEN!

I have aways used ellipsis throughout my writing of anything.  Stories, blogs, you name it. They come in handy but I had to break myself from too many of them as well.  And no one can write in phrases more so than I.  I have no idea where or when I picked up that habit.  Wait.  I think I do know.  It was during  my career where a written documentation of all conversations, telephone particularly  or otherwise was of vital importance so I invented  my own shorthand out of necessity.

Here..have a cookie with that coffee and you over there, pull up a chair.  Plenty of room here at the table.

Whoops...carry on while I steam clean the bathroom floor.  WAY overdue for a good thorough cleaning.  Like Arnold, I'll be back.

See the heron?  I got him (along with the chiggers) in the wetlands.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

And Then...

Guys, I loved all the additions you all put in, in the last blog.  One I may have forgotten...too lazy to go back and look right now--- is the phrase "change up".  Please.  Just say change.  WHY is the word "up" such a grand additions?  This awful phrase has been going on a good six years or more.   But who's counting, right?  The ol' "having said that" is right up there too!!

  I had included all my loathed words in the last paragraph of my last blog, trying to be funny.   *Whispers*... I don't think anyone noticed my feeble attempts.

Ennyhoo, I love reading your own "suddenly tired of" phrases and please use my blog to add them in any time you feel like it.  Doesn't matter the subject matter I may have posted about.  Tired phrases are always fun to read as we see we're not alone!

This just in  ;-)  Sitting here with my bottle of A&W diet root beer.  Slugging away at it and almost done.

Oh.  Meant to say...I started a diet about three weeks ago.  One thing I wound up doing from the git-go was cease any bread/sandwiches/baked goods.  Not sure why I did that.  They are not evil.  I think I was trying to cut the intake of carbs and that seemed to be a good way.  Simple carbs.  Not complex carbs though I have not had hardly any taters in those three weeks.  I love potatoes in any form except  potato soup. So it HAS been a little bit harder for me to avoid much of those however.  Sugary type things are easier to avoid because the craving goes away after several weeks of having none.  I do have fruit smoothies though and a banana to hold me when I am extra hungry.  I dislike bananas, but I will eat them when I am desperate.

It's lunch time and I believe I will head into the kitchen and have my strawberry smoothie.  I use a cup of skim milk, 2 T of Hersey's Lite chocolate syrup at 40 calories  for two T.,  a cup of cut up fresh strawberries (I have found some great ones in a local store that taste GOOD!  Not like the wooden tasting hard things in other places), a sweetener packet, some ice cubes and turn the blender on.  Um Um Good.

My usual mish mash of talking.  I feel as though I am sitting at the kitchen table with you.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Things I am Suddenly Tired of + Reading the comments is a whole other blog and fun too.

Tain't much, that which I am tired of.  Just a few phrases that are over-used so much.  If words could ravel and turn ratty and worn, these several phrases would.

Come on media and TV talking heads...really now.  Can you change up  (that's one phrase right there I am "suddenly tired of" ) your phrases for a little refreshing change please?

What do I mean?  Well, the almost every other sentence from TV channel to channel (news) you hear "At the end of the day". Over-used by everyone including friends and local newspaper pundits.  Please.  Just say another phrase.  I know if you try there is one out there. As "later" "Finally"  nothing at all?

Then ya gots yer "going forward" thingy.  Please don't Announcers and Talking Heads. Please,  say something else.  What did you bunch of folks say before that phrase and the others I will mention here started up about ten years ago--- along with the "at the end of the day" horror.  I think the first time I heard that, it was a sports personality/coach, some such.  Oh, did it EVER catch on.

Lastly but not leastly...I just wanna not hear "Gone missing".  Got lost?  Disappeared?  Why use a British turn of phrase?  Sounds better?  More fancy?  To me, it sounds affected.  Get over yourselves media writers and speakers.  "Change it up" to another way instead of always saying the exact same set of words year in and year out.

I know what you're thinking.  Don't listen.  Usually I don't unless it is something I need to hear that will affect me.  But I will hear whatever talking they choose to say--- however they choose to say it--- with their key catch phrases, unfailingly.   These are the most often heard by me.  I know there have to be more. Just at the end of the day, going forward,
I would like to see medias change up their mode of speaking and writing or I will be gone missing from the telly, which usually I am except for Katie's baby shows she sleeps thorough in her recliner.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


 "We got da hots outside dere" is what Katie Isabella said and I agree.  No open windows here for the duration and I only open the front door for her to patrol for us in the earliest part of the day.

I said on Face Book today that my Fitbit probably thinks I am deceased or something as there is so little on there.  Well by that I mean no 10,000 steps.  Just over half that is all I have been getting in the past month because of extreme heat and humidity.  Not walking in that.  Till this morning.  It was only 81 F. , and the heat index was 69%.  No sun was shining down at 1000 hrs to make it feel hotter by baking me, so I just decided the heck with it and took a walk.  Got 2 miles in and that's better than I would have had!

The baby is sick with a virus (he's 16 mo. old now) and passed it to his Dad who came home from work yesterday morning about 1100.  I recall those days well.  Child passing it to the parent.  But mine waited till they were in Kindergarten.  They oughtta call it GERMGarten! Man, I stayed sick with them for a good 8 years of school.  Flu and gastro- enteritis were our middle names around here!

I feel like a kazillion dollars.  Totally recovered from you-know-what! 😱 and I have been working out all along whether I felt like it or not.  I am beginning to push my personal "best" a bit each week.  Today I did that by an extra lap or two. I'm going to have a small procedure 5 August so that will slow me down for a week, but that won't take away anything I have gained.  I will be anxious to get out and walk plus my usual working out.  Just a short week.

I wonder how all of you are?  And by the way, does it seem to anyone else than me that time is like...totally flying by!  I can almost feel the whoosh as it flies by.  You get up...fix coffee and an egg. Feed you pet first of course if you have one, go work out and do your errands rtc.  Look at the clock and it's after noon time!  What happened?  Look again in three blinks of the eye and for pity sake, it's 1600.  Then, BEDtime.  Whoa Nellie.  A blur.

Temp showed 100 last Sat. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Out Into the World He Goes

Kitties know a tunnel is a teleportation device.  James is headed out into the world whether Katie granted permission or not to use HER tunnel!

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Beautiful Day

My friends, look at these gorgeous beautiful fragrant roses that my dear friend and Sister sent me, Miss Karen.  She is far away in Chicago or she would be here for this truly momentous-to-me weekend to help me commemorate the one year anniversary of my life saving critical surgery.  Tomorrow will be the day of the anniversary.

I am grateful each moment of each day for the gift of life I have been given and vigor to enjoy it.

Dear Karen, and all of you who have been kind and loving as well and  having written me their dear wishes for me on this wonderful day to come tomorrow, thank you.  Every word  each of you have expressed to me last blog is like a gemstone to me.  I will always and ever be grateful for each of you.  You know it is true.

Love💗 You  Each

Friday, July 8, 2016

Blackberries and Chiggers

I'm still whining on about those chiggers but here are some blackberries up in the header picture that we found in the wetlands too.    I'm still itching but not as badly.  Just behind my knees and the poison ivy still itches too.  One day it won't.  And the old saying holds true.  If this is the worst I have to complain about..hey...I have it made.

He would NOT turn so I could get his iridescent blue color! 

This week was mostly about me personally being up on the rack.  Wednesday was the most important one and I found that I am doing very well!  I had a video I had done while hot footing it around the park so that he could hear my footfalls (the cardiologist) and my voice with the sound of my breathing at that pace.  He was actually very happy for me.  That made ME very happy too of course. I had a new baseline echo and so, I'm good to go.  Wanna wrassle?

Today was my eye professional appointment and nothing unexpected there.  Very grateful.

Don't know what it was but I stopped to take its picture and probably take on a load of chiggers.

Guys, I wish you could be here July 17th with me.  That is the anniversary of my oh-my-goodness-surgery.  I would love to celebrate that anniversary with each one of you.  I wish we had us a great big room where we could meet, eat a great meal and talk loud and laugh and tell jokes! I'll think of you even if you aren't here because without that surgery last July 17th, I probably wouldn't  be hunting and pecking this right now.   And you are valuable to me as cyber friends.  Those cyber friends are as important to me as my here-with-me friends are.  Love is love,  don't you think?  Whether here near me or somewhere else in the world.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

What Luck!

Well, some of ya know I was out in the wet lands Tuesday.  Flickr and Face Book each have a picture I took among others while there.  It was very humid, very hot and we sweat like the dickens.  But we had a fabulous time.  Our t-shirts were wet with sweat and so was our hair.  Both my daughter-in-law and I have long hair. though we had it back in a pony tail, mine was gathered at the nape of my neck, it's heavy and hot none the less.

Every second was worth it.  BUT one thing kinda made me miserable.  As I just said on Face Book, raise your hand of you are familiar with chiggers.  I am now.  I wasn't, but I am now.  I have some poison ivy on my forearm as the ivy touched the skin just above my garden glove.  I was handling that,  but Wednesday morning I woke up with nodules behind my knees and one on my knee.  Itched to beat the band.  Intense itching at the knees.  Still does itch though it's  been 4 days.  I thought the poison ivy had traveled there somehow some way.  Nope.  But chiggers sure did.  So I am trying to suffer through this and next time I will wear insect repellant.  I had long pants on but that was not enough.

Just complaining.  Ain't it purty out there though?
Here's where it, the bites, happened.  It was worth it, awful though the chiggers are. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Won't Happen Again

Guys, I had already been to workout.  I came home from there  and did some work here...then I decided to go out again to walk.  Stopped by a store first and passed by a mirror.  I am vain, so I looked and I did not expect to see a woman whose mid back length hair was frizzled from being out a long time in humidity yesterday morning.

  Nor did I expect to see that my yoga pants were hanging longer, looking limp and flappy about the legs.  Nor did I expect to see the T shirt that I wore was too long, bedraggled looking in that it was limp and flappy around me as well.   The pants and shirt were well faded navy blue.  All cotton  I might add and all horrible looking as they are old..the pants alone are a good 10 years old and  they are washed frequently as they are (were?) a fave pair of pants.  Not any more.  I was so embarrassed at how I looked, I left to come home and change clothes.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

OH good GRIEF! Can You HELP!?

Guys,  EVERY time I comer here to my own blog, Google puts me through this horrible line up of information they have that"you MUST click thru this EVERY time you try to log in.  Stuff that forces me to go through all their account security info.  It will let me sign in but then, there is this horrible SAME thing with  pre-set boxes of info that I am forced to click thru wasting quite a few minutes of time.  I can't get OUT of it.  Does anyone  else here suffer with the same treatment?  Katie only has to go through it once in a while.  MY blog, it is every time and I can't find a way to get out of it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things to Note

Hi Guys and Ladies...Ladies and Guys.

It seems that my policy of not allowing comments to appear unapproved after 48 hours is causing a problem to some folks here and there.  I do that  as most of you know because it keeps the SPAM out of my old blogs in archives here in Ramblingon as well as  keeps SPAM out of those blogs dated two days ago and then,  going backward.

I have occasionally sensed hurt feelings from a  friend or two  when they do make comments occasionally who are not sure why their comments aren't here.  They are here--- after I make my way over here, and log on to this blog.  That's when I read and approve the comments that were left after 48 hours.

To those who are sometimes puzzled why  I am not here as often to approve comments,  my deepest apologies.  My plate is usually full daily with much to do and accomplish...but Katie will NOT wait, so she rules the roost on blog typing. What she says goes and if she says I have to help her, I do.  I can wait  for mine and will.  Ain't like anyone is tearing this blog down to read it, so I take my time on this one anymore.

Meanwhile, it's HOT HOT HOT.  I haven't been taking walks much now even early, as the air is super saturated and too warm as well.  I do work out however and try to get a few extra steps in that way.

Katie got an ear infection Sunday and went to the Vet Monday morning.  He instilled an ointment into her ear that is supposed to last a week.  It's apparently new for cat use.  Anyone curious can email me for what it is.

Come on in...Baby take your coat off.....this is one of my favorite views, strong hot sunshine  out of my front door.  So, come on in.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


As some already know, my oldest son's birthday is today.  We celebrated it a day early but the day is here, the 29th.  Both of his brothers were there with the rest of us.

I always have said and I always will say that having my sons were the single most life treasure I have been granted.  What a privilege it is and has been  that I work hard to be worthy of.  No "treasure" that I can or have acquired or accumulated can even come near to the all encompassing treasure these children were and are.  If I lost all else, I have not lost the most important treasure.  My children.  And this one whose birthday is today was the first  and most complete happiness and gratitude I had experienced till then. And each boy was the same.  But today, I celebrate the oldest and I am deeply unutterably grateful for him.

Happy Birthday dear Son.  Thank you for being here on this earth.  ðŸ’—

My three Priceless Treasures represented here.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Enny Hoo

Enny hoo, the reference  at the end of yesterday's blog of mine to the sads  is only relative to my recovery process. That was a heckuva operation and one does have to recover in many ways.  About there but a good mindset is imperative.

I am especially hungry this morning.  I only had two pieces of toast and a nanner.  I see that will not do.  I always have been a breakfast eater and miss my eggies I usually have.  I was lazy today and thought to get by with no protein.  Yup.  That didn't go over well.

Gonna re-do Admiral's Twitter I think.  Have to get another email account to do it.  Hate that part.  She wants to go to the pawties and can't as she has no Twitter ID any longer.  I'll see what I can do.

Of course it's raining.  What else is new? And for pity sake; as the old saying goes...if that is all you have to complain about you have it made!

I see a black moon rising in the top crow's nest.  Barely  visible...but enough to give me an ear worm!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Smallest Thing

The smallest thing can and often does make my day.

I was on a routine trip to Kroger and since it is the Kroger Marketplace, it is very large with many things in and around it.  One of the things is a jewelry store.  But first things first.

I had gone in to get lettuce which was easily seen and some Oscar Meyer bacon pieces.  I could not find them so I asked an employee who took me allllll the way over to where they were.  I was very grateful as I had done my mile in a manner of speaking, looking for them.   She was cheerful as well as helpful.  A credit to the store.  Then, as I had purposefully brought two watches with me; one needing a battery and one needing a crystal, I went to the jewelry store.   Remember when I said a dishonest person at another jewelry store while changing the battery, broke the crystal of my favorite watch and lied saying *I* had to have broken it.  I was mad but sad as well as it is one of my favorite watches.  And a crystal, just a plain every day one,  not sapphire, is 70 some dollars.  So I left it there at the new jewelry store I have just spoken of to be repaired and get a battery replaced in another favorite watch.  She held the one with a broken crystal a long time and admired every detail of the watch's face.  It is a Mercury dime.  Usually I dislike seeing US coinage used as jewelry as I am a very serious collector.  It is defacing the coin to use it for jewelry to me.  However, I sunk to a new level when I saw this watch.  Sterling silver, except the back piece and of course silver Mercury dime  inside.  Thick black watch band. Had to have it so about 18 years ago, I caved and bought it.   The employee held it the longest  time and said how awesome it is, the watch, and I agree every bit with that.  Made my heart glad that someone else appreciated it.  So, that was the second of two events that made my afternoon.  My experience there at the jewelry store and the Kroger employee made two events.  AND for new customers, the first watch battery is free!  Beat THAT with a stick, why don't 'cha?

Then, the owner of this one came over, and  engaged me in at least 10 minutes of the most fun conversation.  Made my afternoon,,,the Kroger associate and the jewelry store employee and owner.

Sure makes up for the bad clerk who shattered  my watch face and lied.  Different store of course and they said of that happens they will make it good.

Just enjoying my day after a few days of being a bit sad.  xoxo

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Well, THAT was nice!

Me, my daughter-in-law and the grand baby were all at the Children's Museum today.  I haven't been there since my own were of an age to want to go.  It was great fun and for a one year old, he did very well despite teething about four teeth at once including two MOLARS for pity sake!!

There were many things that t were interactive and he got to play with them all.  One thing was The Water Room.  It has a play ship, and a "river" with locks that the children can operate so they might learn the meaning of the word when spoken of in a maritime connotation.

He released the wooden boats several times though he wasn't aware of  the consequences or why of what he was doing.  No consequence, as he adored playing in the water.

We saw many hats in one of the play rooms where there were puzzles, desks and other items children love.  I commented on how creative (I assumed the next part of this sentence) the women who made Some of these things were.  I said that particular gene had passed me by and I have never been creative in the usual way we women can be and often are.  Oh...I draw, paint and do decorative sewing, or did once upon a time when I had time.  But crafts are beyond me.  I despaired of that on occasion but my daughter-in-law said "Oh, you have talent. You are a wordsmith." I was very flattered.  I asked how she knew--- and she said it was very easy to know  as she has read many thing including my blog here as well as Katie's blog along with a few short stories and excerpts I have sent her of some of my work.  I never knew she appreciated it and that she knew that was ME in therm.  But I do now and I feel very happy to have learned she feels that way.  Very complimented as to me that description of me IS a great compliment.

She has gone back through the blog here and read many of my Mother's day and Birthday blogs to my sons and as the words came straight from my inner being, she felt their strength and love.  She sees I love my human and my fur children.

Great day today.  And they did have some other fascinating things  there at the museum as well.  A big ol' Underwood old OLD typewriter. old OLD heavy black phones with those cords they used to have. All thick and black and looking like a boa constrictor on a diet!

Here's my little feller....

Monday, May 9, 2016

A Conundrum

What's a fella to do?  Nothing really, as the issue I will speak to is inevitable and never ending.

What issue, you ask with perhaps feigned interest?  Well, I have a Toyota Corolla.  It's a smaller car...certainly in comparison to SUV's and giant "muscle" pick up trucks.

Both they and I in my little car have equal rights (to coin a phrase), to be out, about and thus to park in a parking lot. That's where my trouble comes in.

I will have parked, say, in WallyWorld.  All is well with birds singing, sun shining and "Happy Days Are Here Again" being whistled somewhere in the world.

I go into the store... which ever store I am there to go into...and lo!  When I come back out my car is either sandwiched between two gigantic behemoth SUV's  (or trucks, or one of each!!!) and trying to back out of the space becomes a nightmare.  I inch out very slowly only to hear the blare of a horn as I dare trespass just beyond my parking slot to try creeping out each inch of the way hoping to finally be able to see if anyone is coming down the lane so I can back out, turn and leave.  I have to move backward for several feet before I can actually see to leave my parking space.  That seems to incense those who are cruising the lane behind me to find a spot for them to park.  Seeing someone (me) dare to back out  slowly and carefully, enables a feature built into their vehicles I guess.  The feature makes the vehicle blow its horn several times and perhaps have its owner scream at me for daring to try to leave without positioning spotters that I should have brought along for that
purpose when I should know that giant SUV's and trucks will be bedside me.  How dare I neglect that!

My bad.  Tune in tomorrow as another chapter unfolds of "Stuff Happens".

Look at that! A heart.  At least my BREAD loves me!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Hazel.  Meaner than a striped snake.  Not worth killin'. The worst of the worst.  Just bad!  Would't pull her outta a burning building if she were in one!!

Oh maybe 15 years ago, a girlfriend and I started out for our long LONG walk and jog...usually a good 7 miles... and the twilight we began in turned into dusk.  Dark.  But we kept on jogging up and down all the hills on the sidewalk.  I was in good shape so much).

So, we were trotting along down the sidewalk in the dark except for street lights here and there (the pink sodium vapor ones).  and WHAM!  My right thigh connected with Hazel.  Who is she besides all the things I said in the first lines here in the blog?  Easy.   She is one of many named by Penny and I  fire hydrants in the city situated wherever the City decided to put them-- and among them is Hazel.  Ugly squatty Hazel who is still right smack in the middle of the sidewalk.  I might add all of our sidewalks are paved asphalt.

We neither of us saw her there lying in wait for un-suspecting and silly in-the-dark-joggers.  But she was there and man, she nailed me good!  I had an almost football sized black bruise on the front my thigh by morning.  I limped back home of course after colliding with her.  I went nowhere for three or four weeks and though the bruise still looked horrible there was some green forming around some of the black/purple edges of the bruise, so I started out again just walking, not running, and only for a few miles.

I never went to the doctor.  I did not apply the RICE therapy to my leg as it is spoken of as I  had no real knowledge of it.  But weeks and weeks later I got better.

Hazel is on my list to this moment let me tell you! Just looking at her you can tell with your bare eyes her vicious nature.

There are by the way far more female hydrants in town than males ones. Go figure! .  Harry was farther up the hill.

Just sayin'

Thursday, April 14, 2016

One of those weeks.

Here is a Methuselah tree.  Isn't it magnificent?  They won't tell you THE one that is the oldest for fear that people with destroy it or harm it.  But it is one of the Methuselah trees of several in the frame of the picture.

May we grow old like this first in friendship and love and with the other.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Got 'er Done

Whew.  Finally got all the weeds that I can get at  pulled and disposed of over the fence and into my woods.  I have fertilized the azaleas with their azalea food and gave the same thing to my gardenia.  I hope everyone does well.  We had some substantial rain right after I fed everyone including the one remaining rose...and it all seems to have seeped into the ground.

I had Preen left over from a few years ago and spread that thickly where I had weeded.  It is so danged nice to look out of my front door, stand on the porch, look both ways and NO WEEDS!  Took me 4 days to get all 40 ft. finished.  I could have done more each session, but why.  I needed to get my wrists and hands/knuckles used to hard (trust me)  pulling and labor.  Already doing much better on that.  Good to reawaken unused muscles and sinews.  My back is doing pretty well and so are my squatting muscles.  Good thing as they really went through the wringer.

A cat I know crawled into bed with me  last night (of course).  I woke to turn over and there was a back pressed into my belly.  My pj top had risen a bit and she took full advantage of the literal body heat.  Even if she is hotter than me by temp, she said I sure beat nothing as it was chill in the house last night.  I stayed where I was rather than disturb her.

Have to start thinking what to fix for supper tonight.  And I got great news yesterday after a test  was one which shows me  how vastly I have improved.  No wonder I feel so well.  I'm the usual whirlwind I always was.  It feels so good to go from one work project to another to another and accomplish things.  I think I took 15 years off my feels-like age.

Loved the walk this morning  Will start increasing the length week by week.  I will not get back to my 8 miles round trip per day I imagine but you never know.

I put my hummingbird feeder out.  I imagine it will be several weeks though before mine show back up.  But I'm ready!


Here's the Hummingbird family feeder. Just put out.  My homemade nectar.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What? You Gotta be Kiddin' Me.

The azalea bed won't weed itself?  No matter how I ask it to?  All 40 feet must be weeded on my hands and knees?  Really?  Poison ivy, ticks and annoying mosquitoes won't quake in fear when I kneel there with my knee pads securely fastened against the flat river rocks along the bed front?  They will still be there and I'm gonna sweat!?  Me?  Sweat?

 Sore haunches you say?  Duck walking will make me hurt?  Well, then I suppose I can't charge $$$ from my annoying next door neighbors who swarm outside to watch my upturned bottom as I wrongly bend at the waist to pull the longer weeds.

That's OK.  I am done for now, but back out again after the rains.  Those will start tomorrow.  I have 40% finished now.

I have three years worth of weeds out there to get.  I was not able to weed previous to the surgery and no one could be paid to do it.  So now, no excuses dang it...I have to do it.  SO...I started.

You can see the blurred (on purpose) flat river rock behind this guy.  He's blooming right there alongside the 40 ft. flower bed.

Live long and prosper, as Spock says.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Fried chicken.  That's what a son got this evening for supper.  He had bacon and eggs and toast this morning.  A good sandwich with the works on it for lunch.  I have to go work out tomorrow morning so I'll have to get up and instead of wasting any time, gotta do my face and hair, make the bed fix and put his breakfast in the microwave for him to heat a tad when he gets up.

I'm fuller'n a tick right now. Ate too much veggies and dressing but not even a taste of chicken.  It will take me several hours to deflate.

I had fun today.  Went to the grocery to pick up some more things and I saw the Easter Bunny!  I did! He was walking along with his basket (Good grief!  Is he tall or what!!!???) We passed like ships in the night as I was headed one way in the store and he, the other.  I looked back and he did too.  I said I'd sure like a photo opportunity.  Back he came, hippity hopping and his helper too. (who had a camera).  I was going to do a selfie with Bunny and his helper did that for me with my phone.  Then he took one with his camera and said this evening forward to a week, I could stop by and pick it up at the photo counter.

Those are Bradford Pear blossoms in my header photo.  I took those yesterday.  I also took some of my pink daffodils but they mowed my yard yesterday and the daffodils are all covered with grass splattering making them unattractive for posting.

Katie said she is a member of the Clean Plate Club.  Since her dental (she just had tartar) she has not been fussy after she had to be hungry and thirst well over 24 hours.  But she will go back to being my fussy girl soon. She sure snuggles closely now too, as I rescued her from the evil v-e-t.

What did the paint give the wall on their first anniversary?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring is ever more near!

I love the morning and though we still have the everlasting rain and overcast skies that have come about these past 5 years, nonetheless it is warmer!  AND I can move about first off in the morning and see where I'm going and not be careful of horking on the floor or accidentally stepping on Katie.  (I am not a light turner oner).

Here is a painting of an actual sign in Charlotte NC.  I don't recall where it is in actuality but it IS there.  Next time I go I will ask to go by.  But I thought it was fun to see there in the higher end consignment of two...that I went to.

That son will be here the 27th and leave again a few days later.  Spending a couple days Spring break here to help celebrate his nephew's birthday.  James turns 1 year old on the 30th, but his party is in a park on the 28t.  RSVP don'tcha know?  I deliberately don't put "good" ones of him in the blog and never in FB.  This is the second one ever..I try for him facing away. There are bad folks out there.

He was 7 months old here

Here is a display in one consignment shop.  Like the one of Marilyn Monroe, this too is not for sale.  It's really big as is Marilyn Monroe statue/sculpture.  They are placed above where we can reach.

Mark, if you see this, we'd have been a heckuva walker/jogger team, both of us.  I would do mine w/o the 50# bag o' litter though.  :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Heartbreak Hill

I was driving home the long way yesterday after walking thru the park a couple of times.  I saw an upcoming (one off many many many!) hill and remembered how-- as a power walker and jogger I dubbed it Heartbreak Hill.

It doesn't look like much really.  Here are some pictures.  One is more or less at the bottom of that particular rise and the other is half way up.
If I were crazy, here is were I'd be starting at the bottom of this rise...

Half way up, and it's a son of a gun!

I used to walk 8 miles a day.  Fast as I could.  So I didn't slow down for the Heartbreak Hill but good thing I was a lot more fit then because that hill got my heart rate to an unenviable high count!  Good grief! It only took maybe 40 yards after the top of it to have normal heart rate going again though.

Looking at it you would swear I'm missing a few brain cells--- but remember...this was when I was in my 30's...extremely fit and it still got to me when I sped up it. The pitch of the hill was just right if you wanna call it that, to half kill ya.  Nowadays I'd have to set the iPhone to the emergency number and just press the call button and wait for the ambulance!  :-)

Nowadays as I start walking again I scout out where best to go but with some gentle rises. I'll get better and go farther.  Up to about 3-4 miles now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And Then There Was the Time When

... today, after finding out from the cardiologist that I seemed very well indeed, I  left to check out.  I saw the Dr. I like so much and his nurse, a male nurse that I like a lot as well while standing there. Seeing them both walking out of their office, I made tiny (thank goodness silent) clapping motions  with my hands and grinned like an idiot at them!  Good part is, they grinned back just as much. That's how much I like them and how glad I was to see them both.  I see them when it's not the "Big Man" I need to see.  Like those guys and hey, handsome!  Whoo WHEE!  Got a hug for my trouble.  Heeee.  That wasn't the idea but I'll take it. :-)

Rain of course.  I found out that my town got 90 all sunny days last year.  There were 200 partly cloudy to fully cloudy skies and the rest, rain.  Told we get a lotta gloom around here.

See ya later alligator  After while crocodile.

(Did I ever tell you that I developed quite a liking for alligators while living in Florida?  Sure did like seeing them.  Still do, when the chance arises but that doesn't mean I want to snuggle up with them).

See the fog rising up from my valley?  Taken from the deck 0630 cold cold cold morning last week.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bias in Media

Older folks...and you'd have to be a minimum of 50 something to possibly recall, had the privilege of hearing national news and local as well told in balanced terms and speech.  No bias was discernible. in word or tone or facial expression.  That is not to say that the reporter wasn't personally biased one way or another, but he/she were not permitted to show anything but neutrality.

Why can't we again  have news reported with neutrality?  Without all the roller coaster up and down clownish speech to gain attention to the latest media favorite. and sensationalism.   Time was was spoken into the microphone.  Necessary details were provided but not graphic details as you have to endure now.  And not graphic pictures and not endless talk about those "details" over and over for 2 1/2 hours each night.  In the mornings too.  They start at 4AM and keep it up till that circus called GMA comes on with its own sensationalism.  Back to the local stations however...I would love to not see close ups of victims with tears running down their faces with so close a focus that you can count the eyelashes as well as pores in their noses.

Yellow journalism is all we have these past 25 years and hours of it.  Our local affiliates start at 4PM 12 hrs after the 4 am fiasco.  Local things are repeated in a biased manner over and over and over until 6:30 PM.  Endless re-showing of tragedy, tears, blood, maiming of innocent animals, killing of people.  Endlessly repeating in loud, voices with liberal nodding and looking at one another for "back up" if there is a co-anchor.

Just sayin'. I so wish there was neutral delivery of just news without all the gore and sensationalism.  Do I keep watching?  No.  I turn it off.  I try another channel and of course they are all the same.

Seems they save a lot of money having college interns doing all the work so they can "gain experience".  Finished rant.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blue Skies

I am so grateful  today after the past week of gloom, drizzle, rain and fog-- that we have sun today.  Most of yesterday as well.  However, as always, punishment follows as the weather report long range says the usual:  Rain, drizzle and fog for the next at least 7 days.  This pattern has truly been going on for five years.  I am going to ask our local network weatherman how many non -sun days we have had for the past several years per year.  I feel certain they will absolutely outnumber the sunny ones.

Because of the sun and  the not totally freezing temps, mine and others spirits out in town are high and we are all enjoying this sun while we can.

I worked out this morning early.  Had coffee with friends afterward.  Did a bit of grocery shopping for fruit and some nuts.  Went home..popped right back out just to add some steps to my Fitbit.  Went to two large department stores and walked the floors.  I did buy something, not much.  Still glorious out.  My mood still most excellent--- so I left a voice mail for the cardiology group PA and his nurse, also a male I might add, who have the absolute best manner of ANYONE in that organization including my very good but very uninvolved sounding cardiologist.  I love being referred to the PA and his nurse.  Professional, excellent, not -missing -a -thing exams if necessary, but with that all important to me sense of humor... and ...SMILES!  Yes!  SMILES!

Went back out again and found two wicker bistro set type chairs that I needed and they were on sale!  18 dollars each!  Can't beat that with a stick.  Happened on them. Bought some Katie food, went somewhere else and walked some more.  Came home and made a smoothie. at 1330 for lunch.  (I have gained five pounds which will be there when I go see my regular cardiologist for a follow up on Monday.  Sigh.  So I am back on a diet. Smoothie was: skim milk, ice cubes, a banana, 2 sweetner packets, a serving of Hershey's chocolate syrup at 40 cal for 2 T.  That's perfect for a cup of skim.  I threw in a scant 1/8th of a cup sour canned cherries with that much of their juice and whirled.  And... HAVE MERCY!  A perfectly thick enough 240 c. utterly delicious chocolate cherry banana smoothie that did it for lunch.

Then, I went to the dump with the old bistro chairs all unraveled (wicker) from their frames.  Headed to the big box store and got a new grill cover to cover my tiny bistro set.  Cleaned my big cabinet of a kitchen trash bag of won't -use -'em T shirts ill fitting and ew-glee as well.  Dumped them too as no one would want them.  Trust me on that). Vacuumed, washed dishes again, cleaned Katie's box again, dusted, ready to get on my walking pad and do some more walking or stepping I should say.  Making hay while the oft missing sun doth shine and the mood does too.

Horst, it says I am not a "team Member" so it won't let me in. but I did get to look this time.

Irritatingly happy and bouncy, I remain


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Handsome Mysterious Stranger

Now lest this sound like intrigue...let me tell you that it happened across the table of bananas in the grocery store produce section this afternoon.

I was quite presentable in look as I always strive to be, but that is neither here nor there.  What happened was:  I was inspecting all of the varying stages of ripeness of the bananas being laid out on the large table even as I stood there.

I wanted some that were mostly green with some yellow coming in, and some that were ready to eat.  So as I stood and pondered, I felt the impetus to raise my gaze.  I did so and across the table was an extremely handsome and I have to say it, sexy looking man.  He was looking directly into my eyes and held my gaze.  He has a slight smile on his face as well.  I dropped my gaze.  I picked up several bunches of bananas to look at and as my head rose a bit, the stranger in the grocery and I locked eyes again!  How romantic a story this is!  Heeee.  Anyway, I looked directly back hoping he would look away but no, this time it was I who looked away.  I hardly ever do that.  I always accept the ol' visual staring challenges but this time, I glanced away.  I must be getting weak!

I noticed he was standing by his wife (had to have been) who was also looking at the 'nanners.  He was still smiling slightly at me.

If his wife were not there I would have gone straight over and asked if we had worked together in the recent past although when a man is that striking, you ain't gonna forget him.  I did not ask as it may have embarrassed him in front of his wife.

Let me hasten to say that Mr. Dark Brown Hair, probably 6'2 handsome person  built very well with a wonderfully trimmed and stylish dark beard was a good 30 years younger than me, so it was not a flirtation on his part, guaranteed.

I have wracked my brain trying to think who that could be as that HAD to have been recognition on his side of the nanner table.  Alas...I will never know.  Darn.

Strangers in the store...exchanging glances.
Something in your eyes was so inviting....

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Answer! Another Drum Roll Please...

Telebone! That's how skeletons communicate! Several of you got very close and really, just as good!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Drum Roll Please...

Whattaya get when you cross the World Wide Web with a bunny rabbit?  A HARE NET!  Austin, you were right on the money!!  That kitty brain was really churning overtime.  I bet your Uncle did help!

I hope for another glorious perfect day weather-wise.   Oh the day yesterday was unseasonably warm at 62 degrees Fahrenheit and I so hope today will be that or more.  But what I loved best was being able to open the front door and enjoy the sun pouring into the entryway.   Katie the cat was there in a flash taking up position to patrol and guard against intruders.  She is astoundingly good at that as there are some gorgeous intruders who persist in wandering through the yard.  However it looks as though it may be overcast again.  Sun seems rare in these parts.

My son went on home about noon yesterday and took a filled container with my own home made from scratch Sloppy Joe.  Two pounds of meat in it so that ought to last a bit.  A paean of praise to me...nobody does it better!

Well, that was the answer to the lame corny joke of the day!  I am a fan of those and laugh till my face hurts when I read or hear them!

So, how do skeletons communicate? Think about it.

Friday, January 29, 2016

And Then There's the One....

What do you get when you cross a bunny rabbit wth the World Wide Web?

Moving on from that suspenseful question, I will tell you the house smells fantastic.  My oldest boy is here and I celebrated that fact with a New York Strip steak cooked medium rare.  Oh the house does smell fantastically good as I said.  He had mashed potatoes too and some green beans.  I even hauled out cranberry sauce and he had fruit for dessert.  He'll have bacon and eggs in the morning and biscuits perhaps...we will see.  At least buttered toast.  I love to pamper any son who comes home if they will eat.  Concord grape jelly is a favorite so I will have that available too.  And coffee of course.

 I have given thought to making some French toast! I like it with syrup.  No powdered sugar and no additions to make it dessert-like as in a popular restaurant's offerings.  I never eat "there" as the calorie content of everything they have is off the charts.  I was invited last year for someones birthday and man, after looking up the offerings and the calories on the net, I had coffee.

The dishes and pots and pans are awaiting my pleasure there in the kitchen.  Yuk.  I'm one of those nuts who enjoys seeing them all clean on the drain board.  I never have had a dishwasher in my life.  Only on holidays do I wish I had one.

Tomorrow will be a clean the house day.  I try to keep up as the week passes but one day of the week I do the things I have left for Saturday.

Don't forget that bunny rabbit up there now!!   xoxo

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Drum Roll Please.....

What do you call the boy who has been caught by cannibals?  Ready?  Are you braced?  STU!

Simba, you naughty one, you!!!  Simba cheated and found the answer but told me in an email like a good kitty.  Paul...that was a great answer but too direct.  Hehehe.

It's raining of course.  We had our 3 days of sun.  Here's the usual punishment of 9 days of rain coming right up.  That has been going on for four years.  No idea what changed the cycle so that there is so MUCH rain.  I am not referring to temperature.  Just rain.


Here is an example of a friend's recipe for scalloped potatoes  that was prepared by that friend at my home and placed in my oven.  Three and a half ! hours later it was still full of milk and burning on the top.  The sliced potatoes that were inside and the onion bits were still uncooked after all those hours as she had poured an entire quart of milk into the casserole.  I wondered at that but she said she knew what she was doing.   And for a final how- do- you- do... the stuff boiled over onto my oven floor and created a horrible burned on mess.   To my sorrow when trying to salvage the oven surface, the burner element will not stay in the "up" position so as to make trying to the clean up a bit easier.  It's a one year old Whirlpool and they SURE don't make 'em like they used to.  Less features, more cost. Trying to reach past the oven door so as to clean the oven floor AND with the element being held up with  my one hand while I swiped at the horrible burned mess with the other is not my idea of fun.

S'nuff carping.  (should thought of that before I started carping).


Monday, January 25, 2016

There be Sunshine

So glad to see the sun these past two days.  I have been to as many places as I can go...simply because I can.

As for my noggin and fetching it a good rap, I am fine.  It didn't break the skin probably because my head did have the fabric of my nylon hood between the deck's beam and it.  It hurt a couple of days and then the pain  disappeared.  For the slipping and falling, no biggie.  I popped up like a carnival duckie going around and around for the air rifle shooters.  Up for another round but thought to go under the deck as you know.  If that ever comes up again I will re-think going under the deck.  :-)

Being able to go work out has begun to show results.  I enjoy going and regaining my musculature is  a joy.

Had to call Apple Care for my new Mac guy.  Something simple that was "cured" simply by emptying the cache.  Shoulda thought of that myself.  I will tell you that I have never been disappointed the first time with any call to Apple Care.  They are superb at solving the problem and not embarrassing you in the process.  Someone I know called it "holding your hand". Hey.  I will take it.  Why should I pretend I know what I am doing in all circumstances when I absolutely don't.  I never had false pride and what's more I will even say I am wrong when I am.  Whatta woman!  It's a wonder I haven't been snapped up by now.

Someone told me that one of my 5 email addresses came to her screen with a link which she did not click on.  Good idea to never ever click on links.  She was concerned that my account had been hacked but I think it is simply harvesting email addresses and using them for spam.  Mac's aren't famous for malware etc. but I have MalwareBytes for my Mac in the unlikely event I purposefully download malware.   I did a scan and nothing was there of course.

Gonna clean the bathroom and to take a walk.  Wish you were there too. We could walk and talk.  And so a lot of laughing because I have quite a sense of humor.  Seeking of which, I am a corny joke collector and I LOVE them.  The more childish and silly the better.  Ready? What do you call a boy who has been caught by cannibals? Answer either in an update today or tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Guys, it snowed to beat the band here.  Well, we got 5".  But we also got sleet.  And I live on a high hill and my property slants down all the way to the County line.  Dad used to say you needed toe claws (his words) to navigate the back yard.  And he was right.  Now add the sloping yard from the front all the way down to the end of the property, to the snow covering all the little hills and valleys that make up the yard and the flat river rocks and what with noting but lumpy snow'd be as foolish as I was to bundle up, put on my old combat boots and head out around the back of the house to get the snow shovel from the crawl space.   Had to though, or get sued of someone falls on my sidewalk.

So, booted and bundled I walked cautiously around the deck edge and of course the ground slanted so I fell straight down on my bottom.  Got to the door to under the house and unlocked it, walked in and got the snow shovel...came out and had a brain storm!  (yeah!) "I'll duck under the deck" says I.  That'll keep me away from where I suddenly sat down," says I.  "I won't fall again "I assured myself. "This'll do 'er" said I under my breath.

So I lowered my head, bent over at the waist and started through to the other side of the deck in safe footing.  BUT:  I cracked my head on one of the beams hanging down of course, that are supporting the deck.  Durned if I didn't fetch it another sharp rap when I raised  up (smart!!!) to rub my head.  I came on back around, got into the house and checked my punkin head for blood or swelling.   No blood thank goodness.  It's tender and still hurts but no noticeable swelling.  Not one of my brighter moments.  It'll hurt to wash my hair tomorrow.


But I got the walks cleared off

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Best Ever

Friends I'm here to tell you that six months later almost to the day,  (July 17th to January 17 when it gets here) after my surgery I feel better than I have in the last 8 YEARS!  I still have the condition ,but thanks to the Dr's work I am able to live very well with it.  All that to say I went to see my daughter-in-law and my 9 month old grandson today. :-)

I had the absolute best time.  I love my DIL as much as I do my children.  She is the daughter I never had although her mother is a beautiful fine woman...still I claim Christi too.

And James the baby!  He is holding on, and before you know it he will let loose and walk!  He has a  spoon of his own when he is being fed so that he can try to feed himself and  when I sat down beside him at the table, if he didn't offer me his cottage cheese! Twice!!!  He held his arms out twice to me  to be picked up, which is really nice because due to my illness, he hasn't seen me as many times as I would wish he could have but still...I got some smiles and some cottage cheese.

Perfect day.  I gifted her with my son's baby book today as well, which is filled up.  I kept thorough baby books on all three children.  I did not find it any more than a bit sad to pass it on to her because I knew she would love and treasure it.  No use waiting on me to "turn up my toes" as Daddy used to say  before she gets's hers now.  I gave her a baby book among other things for her baby when he got here and she writes in it as often as possible .

Guys, I feel GOOD!  The discharging nurse in the CCU where I resided those 8 days told me that though I would feel OK after 6-8 weeks, after 6 months I would be feeling great.  I do.  He was right.

I can mostly tell when I walk or work out.  My legs used to feel like lead.  Now, they are normal again.  Poor things are getting the circulation they were missing for so long.

OK.  Nuff...MORE than nuff, said.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Beware. Really.

Who has not taken their watch to either a jewelry shop or a big box store and had their watch battery changed?  Safe to say many of us have unless we are wearing analog watches still.

Nonetheless let me warn you to pay attention to something.  I have been burned by this ploy two times so far.  I won't ever let it happen again.

Yesterday I took four watches to a jewelry store for new batteries.  They were just fine when I took them out of the watch case.  I put the watches into a plastic bag and carried them to the jewelry store.  The girl took them out and told me my wait time.  I sat down.  Soon she came back waving my favorite watch and when I went over to her, she said the crystal was cracked.  Indeed it was and friends. I KNOW she did it as she took the back off.  The watches WERE in good shape when I brought them in.  She cracked the crystal and she was not decent enough to take responsibility.  I had the same thing happen at the W store (you know where I mean) and that person was so crafty after breaking it that she put it in a jeweler's slim envelope and sealed it .  Then she handed it back too me.  I never dreamed I needed to open it so I went on my way after paying and a few days later I took the watch out to find its crystal shattered!

Oh I was mad.  I went straight there to (the W store) and asked to speak to the Manager.  Of course she  claimed not to believe me.  I told her how the thing had been wrapped up and sealed to discourage me from looking and that it had not been damaged prior to that woman having it  as I took it off my wrist!  She pretended not to credit what I said and made the woman come over to the conversation.  I showed her the watch and asked if she broke it.  Of course she denied it.  I asked to no avail if they would pay to have the crystal replaced.  They declined.  So I  got stuck paying over 70.00 to a watch maker (no one else des it around here) and now, here we go again.  The woman was not there working later on but several months had passed so it likely was not due to her negligence and lying to me.

Here next is what I meant by my title.  Before you hand your watch over...LOOK at it carefully and say aloud that "there is no damage to this watch" and have them acknowledge it.  Then you'll have a leg to stand on.

I am out another 70-80 dollars for a simple plain crystal (not sapphire). Thanks to someone who values a lie over the truth.  I know she broke it.

Just saying'.