Sunday, January 31, 2016

Drum Roll Please...

Whattaya get when you cross the World Wide Web with a bunny rabbit?  A HARE NET!  Austin, you were right on the money!!  That kitty brain was really churning overtime.  I bet your Uncle did help!

I hope for another glorious perfect day weather-wise.   Oh the day yesterday was unseasonably warm at 62 degrees Fahrenheit and I so hope today will be that or more.  But what I loved best was being able to open the front door and enjoy the sun pouring into the entryway.   Katie the cat was there in a flash taking up position to patrol and guard against intruders.  She is astoundingly good at that as there are some gorgeous intruders who persist in wandering through the yard.  However it looks as though it may be overcast again.  Sun seems rare in these parts.

My son went on home about noon yesterday and took a filled container with my own home made from scratch Sloppy Joe.  Two pounds of meat in it so that ought to last a bit.  A paean of praise to me...nobody does it better!

Well, that was the answer to the lame corny joke of the day!  I am a fan of those and laugh till my face hurts when I read or hear them!

So, how do skeletons communicate? Think about it.


  1. Envying you your weather, at least the warm temperatures of it.
    Oh YUM to that Sloppy Joe mixture.

    Hmmm, skeletons communicate. Hmmm....

  2. Hare net! Hahaha, that's a good one!
    It was very sunny and warm here yesterday. Today, it began with clouds. Now sun is shining but everyone is napping. I guess we'll nap away :-)
    Happy Sunday xoxo

  3. Dearest Carole,
    Yes, we too had a lovely sunny day today; good for a walk!
    Sorry, I cannot answer your riddle...

  4. Bone phone! MOL! It's been in the upper 40's in Chicago this weekend. Raining today but sunny at the weekend. Not bad for winter 2016 esp. given that the past two years were polar vortex time.

  5. Hi Carole.
    Your jokes are funny. I used to be an orthopaedic nurse in the days of olden. So I should be quick to know the answer. ---- uh, "with a handshake" ?
    Uhm..... "with a skelaphone"?
    I do not know.
    Today I hope to stay home. I want to just chill
    I have to square up some days that I could go see Christina and Sarah. WE ARE SO BLESSED, Carole.
    We are so lucky
    Yesterday I told my mom and dad that when I am 92 years old, they will be they will be 135 years old and we will all sit around and make up jokes.
    Have a fun, sun filled day

    1. Oh and I hope to tidy my sewing "heap" and it is a heap. and do some sewing

  6. oh lawd HA!! bone phone? phony bone?

  7. Bone call?
    Still warm here. Of course I only visited your previous blog a few minutes ago.

  8. Love the riddle at the end, but I can't cheat. I happened to see the answer when I read the first post.

  9. Now you are making me hungry for sloppy joes. Love them. Must make a batch soon.