Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puss in Boots

The day after Thanksgiving, everyone was here again, so we went out to eat and then, one of my sons looking at his iPhone App said that in the theatre not a mile away, Puss in Boots was going to be on in 20 minutes.  We all decided we'd like to see it so we left to go straight over.

Let me tell you how much I loved that movie  It was really good.  I could have waited to see it in 3D the next day or even later that evening but we chose to see it as a family so we saw the standard look.

If you haven't seen it, make an effort.  It matters not if you are 70 or 17.  It's fun and engaging. Antonio Banderos is excellent as Puss.  And later the next day I saw my first Shrek movie!  I have been behind the barn door for a while now it seems.

You know I have never liked apples.  But something prompted me to buy a Gala apple last week and I can't get enough of those.  Take about delicious!  I am eating one now even though I may regret the moisture content so soon before bed.  Finally found an apple I like.  I can't believe it.  Sweet and delicious.

Just wanted to alert you to that excellent movie.  I would never ever have thought of Humpty Dumpty that way though.  :-)))

Faced another power outage last night.  Started just before 8 I think and only lasted till somewhere like 9:45.  Just long enough to get a little uncomfortably cool in here.  Pitch black except the oil lamp I had to guard every second and the flash light too.  This is the second one in a week.  No idea what happened but I heard that awful deep thrumming hum outside as the power went off..came back up, off again, up again and then the third time was the charm.  That makes sense really as it was automatically switching to another "line" when the fault was detected.  That failed too so..off for good that third time.

Hope you have power tonight and I hope we keep it.  XOX

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday and Rain Coming

We SURE have been getting more than our share of rain.  BUT while I wish that didn't happen, I remember our three years drought-like conditions until about three years ago! and can't really complain.

Our University football team lost again and this is the third year we have been P poor.  We have no depth whatsoever and only a few talented men.  A very beatable condition to be in and trust me, we have been beaten every time this year and last, just about.  Only won ONE in our SEC division.  ONE.  The other few wins were outside our SEC teams.  (Southeast Conference)

The house is empty and quiet.  Have to say where *I* miss the hubbub, the cat is happy. I did sleep better last night however as I knew that what ever sound she might make would not bother anyone but me.  So I didn't have that self-imposed pressure.  They don't mind really..it's all in my head that they mustn't be disturbed one iota.  The cat says she's old and ill and she'll say something whenever she dang well pleases- so take it and lump it.  I take it.  She lumps it.  :-)

We get about 3 days of rain a week lately, usually mid week but it's moving backward and it will start today instead.  Just got over the last blast!  Here it is again.

Ever have a so-called friend that until circumstances changed , was using you for whatever they could glean from your work position?  I did and it still rankles a bit obviously.  She was all fine and dandy until I left that job position where I could have been helpful to her in hers, and she dropped me and my real friendship like the proverbial hot potato.  That was my first experience with someone like that.  It did hurt my feelings and I see since I am blogging about it, it still rankles.  Oh well.  Only once in a while.  I'll have to work on that attitude as it sure isn't making anything different.  :-)

Meanwhile, for pity sakes, I'll quit and say I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and tell you that we sure did.  GOOD food and too much dessert!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Family and friends.  You are certainly one of the things I am grateful for.  We've been together a long long time.  Some of us for six years.

I am grateful for my family as well and deeply grateful to have seen them here each year at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for three sons, for food on my table and enough to fund that food and household adequately and get to help others as well. I am grateful for the loving feeling I have when I do donate money.

I'm grateful for my small home and all that is in it including a small four legged blessing who has kept me company for fourteen years.  Helped me get thru many MANY enforced overtimes days and hours. No one could make it better like she could.  A small warm snuggle ball to hold when I got my 4 hrs sleep in between shifts :-)

I hope your day was wonderful and filled with smiles and full tummies.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They're Headed Here

My Charlotte NC son will be here very late this evening.  He teaches and he can't leave Charlotte till after school.  I'm going to go out and find something they might enjoy snacking on when they get here before bed.

It's still raining.  We are just 7 inches or so above normal..so no big deal. However,  my neck hurts some and I think it has to do with the wet weather.  Needless to say I have not been out with the camera so my Flickr account is doing without.  It's so dark and gloomy in the house even with lights on that nothing worth trying to use the camera on..not even the cat as the lighting is so poor when it rains.

Hoping you all are doing well.  Us, we are headed to my ex -husband's place for Thanksgiving dinner.   We always eat here or out but this year as we were invited again we decided to do so.  :-)

See you in your blog home soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grateful Saturday

I'm grateful my neck and surrounding muscles (which I must have laid on wrong the night before last) have stopped hurting as much as they were.  I worked out anyway yesterday morning and hoped for relief with that sort of "therapy" but no.

Oldest son is here and that is always good. I made roasted chicken with a savory yellow rice and a side of green peas (what other color would you expect, Carole??) and man, that was good!  There will be no leftovers for him to take home today.  He did his laundry and that's all ready to go.  We always enjoy a visit and he enjoys being pampered a little with my cooking.  He has his usual..biscuits, cherry preserves, bacon and eggs and orange juice this morning.  Yummy.

The Admiral says that when someone mentioned that the mouseie she caught and killed a few days ago may have been what was making her play the trumpet and sound the meow horn all night for a week.  I feel I have to agree as she has gone back to her usual shouting out from 6 a.m. onward now.  Thank heavens.  I had the worst 6 nights in my history while she sounded off ALL night long.  It was the "night (and day) of the walking dead around here where *I* was concerned.  Her..she slept all day.  Me, I couldn't.

The middle and my grandson will be here next Wednesday late for the Thanksgiving holidays.  This year we are all invited over and actually going to my ex husband's place for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Less work for me.  :-)  Unbelievable that another year has come and gone. Good grief.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Talk

Goodness, it's raining still.  The past three weeks it has rained each Tuesday and Wednesday.  The rest of the week before and after those days is sunny.  Strange how it has happened that way each of the weeks I mentioned.

Thoroughly enjoying my workouts still.  Making some progress and yesterday I was able to open a can using a manual can opener (I did that on purpose to see how it went) and while it hurt to do it, it wasn't as painful as the last time I tried several weeks ago whereupon I could only open half of both cans.  They were small too.  This one was large and the whole lid was removed.  Progress.

I have several more Christmas presents here now and the plan will be to wrap those as well and just keep up with it as I go.  The youngest son's things are almost all purchased.  The middle boy, just a few.  The oldest, just a few.

I just checked.   I was thinking of posting a video.  Apparently if it's not from uTube, you won't post a video.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I don't have and don't want a Utube account so, so much for that.

Here is the Japanese Maple tree right outside my living room.  Hope you enjoy.  This is its actual color.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

Well, I got to sleep some last night but only because I fired up the big 20 inch box fan (I covered its face with a heavy shirt draped over it so the blown air didn't circulate well.) so as to get its noise to help mask the cat's calling in the night.  I have tried to address that but she feels badly and that's why by and large. No use in dwelling on that right now.

The youngest is coming over for lunch.  When we had that string of tornadoes in April with the baseball sized hailstones, he happened to have been away from home and so his brand new Ford Fusion hybrid took a horrible battering as did everyone else's cars and trucks.  It took all the way till WEDNESDAY this month to get it back fro the shop.  There were so many claims as well as the dealerships in the area had their cars hammered too.  The insurance companies are totally slammed by the hail damage let alone anything else.  The roofing companies are just as busy as the car repair places and all are backlogged till late NEXT year. That amazing weather happening in the Nome area in Alaska was just that...amazing.  Poor folks. NO one escapes these wild weather swings.

Well, it's almost 8 so I had better get busy getting dressed. I missed my work out yesterday due to a lack of sleep and extreme sleepiness so as they are closed on the weekend I will need to get up on the treadmill and see what I can accomplish.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Energy to Spare

It must be the workout schedule but I am pretty darned back to normal as far as my energy is concerned. I always used to feel this way but it seriously flagged after my nose dive last June.  When I could start some exercise here at the house I found I didn't keep it up so I now go out to do it and I enjoy the process.

I think I told you yesterday that I went thru my clothes closets like a buzz saw thru butter and tried on things, threw away things, got a big bag ready for donations.  Well, those were delivered and today, I got out the wrap and tape and tags and wrapped the Christmas presents I already have.  LONG way to go though in purchases.  It took a good hour nonetheless.

The cat's internal clock told her that what was 6 in the morning on my bedside clock was a bald faced lie and that it was 7 in the morning thank you and- time to eat.  I was rousted rudely out of bed both mornings despite my protestations. WHY don't they find a time, pick it out and stick with it always?  What good in this day and time does it do to switch back and forth?  None.  Farming is automated mostly..kids and adults are stuck in the house with their electronics..just STOP with the time switch already! And to mess with it even more and change the usual times of adjustment is insane.  Oh wow!  A rant!  Coolness.

She's in the hall way snoring to beat the band.  I think I'll take an extra early shower and get warm.  No plan this evening..no one's coming over.  Warm PJ's sound good.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working...a night and day of it

It was later in in the evening yesterday..full dark and I decided to go thru another bedroom closet.  I had gone thru my big main closet in my room and took a lot of tops to Goodwill several days ago.  Threw away a lot of older and somewhat faded tee shirts.   I already have enough rags so I didn't cut those up for rags this time.

I put summer things away finally for the most part and rediscovered a lot of winter things I forgot I had.  I have three closets stuffed in this house with my clothes.  I have an entry way closet full of coats, blazers and jackets too.  I got rid of some of those as well and going to cut a swath thru the shoes that I know I won't wear.  Maybe someone else will want to but..I have a small footie.  I worked a lot getting things out of one closet and other things put in..thrown away or whatever you will.  I spent the better part of two hours working.  Today, I have the house thoroughly cleaned.  Floors gleaming the way I like them too (kitchen and bath) and the carpet groomed just right.  Why do I say that?  Because it is my reward for the work done.  I love sitting with the paper perhaps, looking about  (I have blogged this before) and seeing it looking good till I or the cat mess it up. Then it's every man, neighbor and friend for themselves.

The plumber offered to take the flow restrictor out of my shower head when he had taken the head off for another reason..I said yes.  Ladies and Gentleman..BAD idea.  A tiny bathroom..very tiny... and when the water was turned on, I could only take a lukewarm shower because the force was so strong that turning the handle to make it warmer would have flooded the room practically.  The shower curtain billowed into the tub  when the water was turned on, and it clung to the wall!  Nothing would make it stop.  There was runny mist all in the bathroom.  I called and he brought a new head and installed it.  The price was half of a pan of brownies I had made that day,  they were good. I gave the rest to my son who visited part of the weekend.

What's up with you?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Riddle me this

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is the best over the counter remedy for a sinus drip?  It's makingme cough.  I rarely have this problem and usually tough it out but if I can find something to help, I'd appreciate it.  The problem right now is more the post nasal drip rather than coughing.  I'm sure it will progress to that however.

I LOVE my work outs.  Never thought I'd say that.  I can tell a difference already.  Never thought I'd say THAT either.  I was getting so I allowed other things to get in the way of my home workouts which were excellent.  I had, emphasis on HAD the musculature to prove it.  But after falling down and breaking my crown last mid June..that absolutely took away ALL of my gains and then some.  This way though I hate to go somewhere for it..I'm always glad I did.

Any help on the drip would be gratefully appreciated as I said.  The other symptom is stuffy nose and sneezing.

This is one of the windows to the old origional Grist Mill.  The Header is its door.  This is a working grist mill..built in 1798.  This next is taken from the State of TN.

Originally constructed in 1798 along Lost Creek, this mill was operated by four generations of the Rice family. The mill has had many changes throughout its history. At times, the mill was also rigged to power a sawmill, a cotton gin, a trip hammer, and even to operate a dynamo that supplied electrical lights for the Rice home in 1899.

HUGGLES to you.