Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Special Day

Today, I am elebenty squillion years old.  I really am.  I was there and I ought know.

It is a traditon these past years that on my birthday assuming it is a weekday, my son who teaches middle school in Charlotte NC will ask his class if they would like to sing Happy Birthday to me.  So if they agree they would like to by a majority, he fires up his cell phone and calls me three times total on my birthday so that three of the classes can sing Happy Birthday to me.  I got the first call at 0930.  I love it.  It's an honor as far as I see it.  🔆  Makes the day even more special.

Last night one of my sons and his wife and I had supper at my daughter-in-law's Grandmother's home.  Talk about delicious!  Now she can't read this so you know I am telling the truth.  I overate the broccoli casserole because I have never tasted one that delicious in all my days.  (elebenty squillion of 'em.)  I asked for the recipe but it didn't seem forthcoming.  That's alright.  Everyone has their secret recipe.

My next phone call with a song (if the kids want to) will be 1130.  Next after that about 1415.  I always get three.

Tomorrow, two sons and daughter-in-law will squire me to supper and stay a bit.  SO looking forward to that.  They can't make it today and that is fine as I have a class to attend tonight till 9. I missed last Thursday's class as I was still in Knoxville and could not make it back in time.

You all have a happy day today and be grateful for anything you wish to be grateful for.  xox

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You Never Know Dept.

The header would be pink asters.  I took that a few days ago.

I had gone to the grocery store three days ago.  While I waited in the check out I saw a woman ahead of me (duh) who was as short as I am.  She was of a certain age as they say, and she was stretched as far as her arms and tip toes would allow to reach a selection of t shirts that were displayed WAY too high for anyone to reach unless you are six feet and over.  No, you were not supposed to ask the cashier, you were expected to get them yourself.

This is the same store that had THREE times put a low heavy framed steel basket at knee level over by the milk to allow cookies to be displayed there as well.  A customer is looking at the shelves and absolutely KILLS their knee on that heavy steel thing jutting out about one foot from the cabinet where milks are displayed. I ought to know as it happened to me that many times.  Who dreams of something being there that is hard, sticking a foot outward at knee level as you walk on by looking for your product? Obviously, not me.

ANYway, she kept at it. I couldn't help because I am equally as short.  Within a blink of an eye she fell to the floor in a heap.

I bent to assist her but she would have none of it.  I asked her to be sure her arms, legs, ankles were not cracked or broken.  Meanwhile the oaf of a cashier just kept on ringing up her purchases!  I was astounded! She was finally able to rise and told me she had gotten dizzy.  (probably pressure on the nerves at the back of her skull from keeping the pressure on from her tipped back head).

At any rate, I told that man cashier that she had fallen (like he didn't know) and he finally said after she had risen in a small barely audible voice, "are you ok"?  Me, I would have called for the store manager at LEAST never mind help her up!  She stood to pay for her purchases and ol' hero there got her T-shirts down that she wanted. She was shaking all over as though she had hold of a jackhammer. Not much exaggeration there either.  I asked repeatedly could I assist her to a bench,  No.  Could I follow her to her car.  No.  So, I contented myself watching her through the plate glass window.

I wonder how she did.  I know the bruise would be a huge painful one.

Well, my oldest son will be here soon and just overnight.  So I am looking forward to that.

Happy Autumn my friends.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Light Come and Me Going to be Gone...

Busy day and will be till late afternoon.  Going to The Big City and I'll be back as I said and see if I can at least VISIT!  It has been unusually busy for me these past several weeks.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Additional Note About Beth Marie

My friends, I was so surprised and happy beyond the telling that within an hour or so of having heard from Beth's daughter, Beth herself called!  She sounded not at all like herself at first but I soon grew accustomed to the temporary change of timber and knew within seconds this was our good friend Beth.

What a joy.  She said for the circumstances, she was doing all right.  I didn't tax her by asking a lot of questions.  I just mostly listened.  She will know better what is going on very soon.

Just a note for you all and many many thanks for coming over to visit.  I treasure each of you although because of my own circumstances, I have not been about as much as I should be.

But I remember each of you..that is a true statement.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Word About Our Friend Beth Marie

Fellow bloggers, I got a phone call from Beth's  (Day by Day with Beth Marie) daughter half an hour ago and she said her mom was still in the recovery room.  

Today was the day of her surgery for the cancer on the other side of her neck.  Without going into all the detail, I will only say here that she is all right, that she got through the surgery and various biopsies here and there in that area she was operated on.  And her daughter sounded heartened.  I give thanks to the Lord for that!  I know Beth will when she is conscious and able, as will her family.

I have tried to walk with her as has her family every inch of the way.  Some bloggers are more than that; they are heart friends with a friendship shared through the years.  Ours is like that.  Regardless of our relationship, I would have prayed just as hard were it someone I did not know.

She did not ask me to do this but I know she will not mind at all.

Please join in prayer for her and for her family who have suffered much on the past several months.

My own rose and it's for you, Twin.  xxoo