Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Birthday First Son

This is, as are all my children's birthdays, a momentous day!  You likely already know how I feel about my children, and having the privilege of their being in my life, as I have written about it each birthday as it came along.

It was a cold day with the windows open in the delivery room as I lay shivering occasionally while waiting for my boy to appear! This happened to have been in Europe while my husband and I were there.   The tree leaves were only in bud form that May 29th.  A brisk but sunny day.

And the memory of that sun and my son that day have been in my heart since.  Today is the anniversary of the first son to come my world and forever effect how I see it.  He and the others are the best gifts I have ever been given.  Today I celebrate that first treasured and loved son.  He has been through a great deal and I as well as my and his friends have stood with him shoulder to shoulder while he traveled a hard road.

Happy joyful Birthday dear dear son.  Many more to come.

Here's to another sunny day with your brothers and your friends.  LOVE those sunglasses!  :-) Happy Bird watching too.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Should I say it?

Well, this is what happened.  And a friend sent me a picture of what I will be talking about, so I will use that to illustrate the garment I am going to tell you about.  Thanks Mary.

After working out last Friday, a friend and I were sitting in McDonald's having coffee.  A quite older lady walked past us on her way to the ladies room.  I am guessing at least her 60's and past the middle of those years I would guess.

It was quite startling as she was making her way past us (took a little longer as someone was blocking her path).  She wore on of those men's muscle shirts with the exaggerated arm holes down to the waist.  She wore nothing under it and it was terribly embarrassing to see.  I don't think she really knew that her entire upper anatomy was exposed to all.   A young man and a young woman were with her. Maybe their mother.  I wish they had persuaded her to wear something else.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I get my hair done and then I will come home and bake my oldest son' birthday cake.  Chocolate with chocolate icing.  His birthday is the 29th but he will be in town for a doctor appointment---just the GP.  So, he'll stay here and entertain Miss Katie Isabella while waiting on his brother and his sister-in-law to arrive and his birthday will be celebrated a day early as he heads home on that day.

I am so disappointed that the arboretum has nothing I can take pictures of that interest me even a little bit.  This is the third year in a row.  I want wild flowers and they were an excellent source until these past several years.  I will try the municipal garden, but driving past, it looks dull.  Looks like I will have to head to the Big City and their gardens.  My camera will get dusty.

I am starting to eat a lot of protein and counting calories.  Hoping I stay with it. xxoo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And THEN There Was the Time I......

And then, there was the unfortunate time I did a thing I won't soon forget.  Left a bad taste in my mouth.  What is that, you may ask?  Let me start by saying I was peeking out onto the deck about five minutes ago, looking to where my hummingbird feeder is, and I saw a girl hummer there having a good meal.  Then memory crashed onto me like a towering wave!  (I was corny on purpose) (as usual).  The reason follows.

You know I went to see my middle son who lives over the mountains for Mother's Day.  My extreme pleasure to do as usually, for whatever reason I am here with the other two sons.  However, I traveled over and satin his house waiting for him to come home,  I wanted a glass of cold water so I opened the fridge and took out the filtered water carafe and poured a 16 oz glass full.  I hefted it up to my thirsty mouth and lo!  I quickly found I was quaffing the home made hummingbird nectar that son made for HIS Hummingbirds.  I cook nectar for my birds and he does  the same for his.  ALL that nectar wasted, as I poured it down the drain--that which was left in the glass as I did not want them to share MY germs.  I sent him a text saying: "next time, LABEL the hummingbird nectar why don't you!?"  He read it after he got out into the parking lot.  He thought it was funny  I didn't as I needed several spoonful of peanut butter to kill that sweet taste.  He just changed carafes and gave them the older one and had a spiffy new one in the fridge for water.  Who knew?

He had the Nursery and Landscaping person over today after school as there is now a severe drainage problem at the end of his driveway.  There are TADPOLES living in the standing water at and on the driveway! so as soon as possible, that will be fixed. An estimate will come on Tuesday.

That particular son will be honored by World Affairs Council of Charlotte (WACC) with a black tie dinner and recognition in Charlotte NC where he lives, on June 3, 2014 for being chosen among all the City-wide applicants, the  2013-2014 Council Scholar.  He will be headed to Belize and Guatemala for several weeks somewhere in July I think,  to impart ways and means of learning to institutions of learning there.   I am always proud of all my sons and here is an accomplishment  by this one that makes me proud all over again.  

Oh, Mark, that was a mother's day gift, the plate with the kitty.  :-)

Friday, May 16, 2014

OK...What's the Deal?

I bought this while gone

Here is a numbered plate I was given for Mother's Day along with flowers and papers to grade. 

Here I was coming out of a grocery store and the woman and her baby who were behind me came out as well.  The temperature is 49 degrees, there is a light rain and the wind is very brisk.  But while you the mother wear a sweeter, your baby girl, about 6 months old maybe, is in a pair of shorts and a baby T shirt.  There she went out into the cold rainy wind with baby in her arms.  Lady, WHY?????

Just saying'.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day with my son who is in Charlotte.  I just put all my concerns on a table here at home and left without them.  I had a fabulous time while there.  I got to go to several of my favorite places but I bought very little.

One of my favorite places is a higher end consignment store.  I can hardly help getting something small.  There is beautiful furniture in there too...and HIGH prices.  :-)

Here are flowers son gave me
Here is MY share of the stack of homework to help him grade
Look at this.  Got to be from the 50's. Consignment store.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to Come

Happy Mother's Day my dear friends.  That includes single Dad's who are rearing their family by themselves just as I reared mine alone.  Happy Day to you.  I will wish you the same on Father's Day, you Dad's who care for their children and I will wish Mom's as I have been a Happy Father's day too.  We are both to our families as are the dad's.

I am headed tomorrow morning over the mountains to spend Mother's Day weekend with a beloved son.  I have not been there for That day in quite a time.  I am looking forward to it very much.

I am so grateful to have children.  The greatest blessing there is and the greatest gift there is.  NOTHING..not money nor any other thing could equal the absolute joy of having children.

I will be thinking of each of you while I am gone (yes, matter of fact, I will).

Have a happy day today and a wonderful weekend full of love.

Here is a rose in your honor.  I took it last Mother's Day.  The header was taken a few days ago.