Sunday, September 29, 2013

HOO boy!

Well, all seems all right for me regarding my malady, but I managed to pull muscles in my lower back a few hours ago.  Oh well, it will pass.

I managed to clean house today.  Something I haven't really done in close on to three weeks.  Oh, I got the very necessary things done, yes, but not what the house deserved.  I feel much better looking around now.  Good I hurt my back after it was all over and not before.

We won this football game of ours yesterday but we will surely lose the next four Conference games.  We are too "young" in players, barely any experienced ones, BUT we do have a great set of recruits coming next year.  Those players who were battered this season for us will have experience for certain and training.  The new  folks will add more talent which we certainly need.

I must say, no one here in the Vol Nation are lamenting Lane Kiffin having been fired.  Not after what he did to us..sneaking out of his contract/stay/coaching job here in the middle of the night, literally.  Tried his best to get away without anyone knowing but he was seen and made to have a media conference which lasted all of a couple of minutes.  WE have had four coaches in 6 years I believe it is.  THIS one will stay and he is good.  BUT he needs time.  We are at the bottom and you can't get SEC Conference important wins out of a bottom placed team in a few months.  The lunatics already calling for Coach Jones head should just go sit and read a good book.  Maybe on "How to Think".

Who, if anyone watches besides me, likes DWTS new format?  I don't.

Just stopping by.  See you soon. xo

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Awesome Breakfast

Guys, (ladies) I had the breakfast of champions and that is a sure sign I am better.  My breakfast was: three left-over chicken fingers from Ruby Tuesday at my celebratory birthday supper yesterday with and by my available family, i.e two sons and my daughter-in-law.  Oh, how delicious.  I had the chicken fingers and a square of tender home made chocolate cake with thick butter cream frosting.   Now that is the breakfast of dreams!  DEElicious.

I started coming up out of this unhappy siege two days ago.  My doctor said on Wednesday "you are experiencing the perfect storm" of problems brought about by medications and the illness.  I would hate to write and won't bore you with a recitation as it were, of the worst of times this week.  Frightening--- but it's over now.

They gave me a beautiful wedding photo book they had made for themselves and for me.  AND a years subscription to my favorite hometown newspaper both at home delivery and digital.  The paper went up so high for a subscription I threw in the towel and quit after as many years as I have lived here.  I missed it so much.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  That sincerely meant the world to me.  Those of you who came from Beth's page, bless you.

Someone who is four legged and furred is summoning me into her parlor to play.  After all, it's 8 in the morning!  What's the holdup?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birfday to me...

I had the VERY good pleasure of having Happy Birthday sung to me by my middle son's middle school class.  I had just dropped the oldest off (I am not infectious now so I was able to e around him) and was on my way back to get gas, lunch and come home.  That was my fast food birthday lunch gonna-be at Wendy's.  I no sooner made the turn onto the main road out of my sons' neighborhood when my cell phone rang and it was my son announcing to me that the class was ready to sing Happy Birthday to me.  It was so much fun and such a lovely gift!  He has done this for my birthday all but a few years when it was impossible for administrative reasons at the school.  So..what a joy.

I still have a lingering cough but surely that will end one day.  :-)

I just wanted to check in for a minute and say howdy and thank you for coming.  This is about the most tired/sick I have been for two weeks in a while now.  But things are looking up.

This was taken along I-40.

Friday, September 20, 2013

At Last! (Isn't that a song title?)

Well, at last I feel like a less sick person.  Last Saturday was the beginning of a swift downward trend.  I developed (and didn't know it) a fever and a whalloping case of bronchitis.  The tightness of my chest and difficulty breathing AND the 7/24 coughing took me to the Dr. and luckily I was granted an appt. on that very day, a Monday.  I went in person with laryngitis and lots of notes to explain why I was there.  I got a Z-Pac and a certain cough suppressor.  Don't want to say its name here what with the troll engines and all.  The cough suppressant did NO discernible good AT all.  Or so I thought until I did without it one night and the coughing was the worst ever.

I have three thermometers and none told me I had a fever.  I kept taking my temp and it was always below normal.  I was sweating, like a cold sweat sorta, and fanning myself even tho the house temp was 72. Still, the 3 thermometers tricked me into thinking I was sweating for no good reason, until I begged again in person at the Dr.s office for another Dr. appt. as I was getting worse, not better.  Granted.  At 1330 I got my own Dr. this time. And I had my temp taken where it was not taken on Monday.  100 degrees. Still it showed me I had 2 new and one older lying thermometers!

He said indeed I had bronchitis, listened to my chest and could tell the intense tightness and prescribed the steroid pack wherein you take 6 the first day and then one less each day until the end of the dose. I took my six at 1600..and I will tell you my bronchial passages opened enough to allow some really loud and impressive productive (not tight any more) coughing and even a bit less.  I sat up to sleep bolt upright in bed with four thick pillows and had a decent night for the first time in a week just about.

I am still sweating but at least I know why.  The Z- Pac runs out after today's dose.  No idea how long the low grade fever will remain.  OR if I will be infectious until it is done.  I forgot to ask.

Left the keys in the door all night.  *smacks forehead*.  Felt horrible when I got home and just didn't think.

Sorry for the litany.  At least I feel decent enough to write the litany.  :-)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday and you know what THAT mean!

Saturday football is what that means!  In three more hours Katie and I will see our team beat like a drum.  BUT I have a great feeling about this coach and his recruiting for our future games next year and onward.  This is a very much freshman player out of HS team...starting again from scratch and the changes in defense from the past four years are marked!  I have great hopes but it WILL take a year or two.  Oregon is too much for us right now but I am hoping that the goys can show what they are made of.  If they play the entire 60 minutes then that alone makes the experience, even to we fans here in the VOL Nation, glad.

I need to go play with said Katie before the game starts so she will have some reason to nap in between my sighs and groans as we get trounced.  So, off I go to find something she'll play with put of her practically 100 toys!

Friday, September 13, 2013

My goodness

I remember a flurry of activity by me earlier in my life; cleaning the house including taking glass light shades down from all the fixtures and washing them and remounting them.  Mopping, sweeping, windows washed, waxing, dusting, rearranging things and all just a few days before I had another child.  I think they call it the nesting syndrome.

Well, today I got up and readied myself for the day..and of course I am neither married now nor pregnant, and went to work out.  After that I had brunch with a friend, came home and washed the car.  Then, I came in the house and washed the windows! Then, I cleaned and polished all of the wooden cabinets in the kitchen..the upper ones on both sides of the room and the lower ones all the way around.  Then,  I cleaned the stove and hopped up and did the microwave too.  If I had not answered a phone call I would have emptied the fridge and cleaned it inside and out as well as the linen closet.  But I did wash down the washing machine and the dryer.

I am telling you this because I feel 20 years younger today.  I feel free and I have no concerns.  Not for me nor anyone else.  It's the most free I have felt in a year.  The day is beautiful and so am I, inside.  

I have enjoyed every minute of every hour in this day since daybreak.  I will take this sparkling effervescent and finest of gifts any woman could wish for, happiness,  and be deeply grateful through and through.

I refuse to worry for tomorrow, to be concerned, to anticipate or decide what will happen. I think I will just wait and see.  It's good to let go of the control you never had in the first place.

Whatever the new day brings, it will happen without my concern, worry, anticipation or machination.  Without a river of words to those who don't want to hear them.  I think I will keep relinquishing that pretense of control that I have realized I never had..and keep doing that if I am able.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

You Just Can't

Sometimes you have to realize that you just cannot solve all the problems in the world. Not even in your immediate world. It's a hard lesson- and for me needs to be re-learned over and over.

All the good intentions in the world will not make a wrong, right.  All the reasoning you put forth can't make others listen and too, maybe your rationale is flawed and you're the last to know.  That's just the way it is.

A person with an overabundance...even an abundance of care and love can only do so much at any given time despite wishes to the contrary.

It's a good thing to quit trying to change the unchangeable, immutable.  That does NOT mean give up nor does it mean to stop looking for ways to help others.  It just means here in this blog anyway, to do ones best and let go, figuratively speaking, of the steering wheel and let our Maker make the decisions, which he does anyway without our help, thankyewverymuch.  :-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Sunny and Furry

I have a furry here to enrich the day and it's sunny.  Can't do better than that.

I loved my meeting of colleagues Wednesday both working and not.  As always we were bulging out the walls with noise.  I called a dear friend so she could hear that cacophony--- but she wasn't there.  Her husband answered and I shouted that I just wanted Mary to hear the noise.  :-)  He told her later that it was pretty impressive or words to that effect.  :-)  had the best time!  Always do.

Meanwhile, as it is sunny (OH..imagine!  SUN here!) I will have outside things to do.  But to do that, I must get up from the keyboard and get dressed.  I must do my little housework and get ready for the day and I must play with the Mistress of the house.  She is in there by her tunnel waiting.

Reading again today the mind bursting dragnet the N*S*A has out for us (yes gov guys, I am talking about you.  I know you're reading this) it is enough to make you throw out your phones, both kinds.  Disconnect the computer and do the following:  Tin can and string network to communicate with friends.  ( long distance).  Use a typewriter, and hire your own pony express to deliver.  Oh and throw out all the little tags (if you can see them) that manufacturers put on clothes and other durable goods that track where said goods are.

Meanwhile, time to get up and be about doing the business of shopping and camera toting.  I will smile at all the cameras watching me as I walk along.

This is a view of my deck with a privacy fence on the street side.  Ready for Fall? This picture was taken last Fall.