Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Windy Wednesday

Another un-naturally warm the 70's and rain and severe winds and finally a tornado warning.  That wasn't fun at all nor was the wind because of my often talked about several stories tall trees that surround me and the house.

Last night was kind of fun in that my new kitty gathers up her toy mice and brings them into the bedroom and into bed too many times but when she does, she always announces her victory with the smallest softest little kitten-like meows.  There is inflection enough in them sometimes to sound like a few seconds of a babbling baby.  Truth.  Only twice for that much "talk".  Usually it's just very soft meows.

I was just checking in to see how everyone is doing.  I'm still working out and my clothes fit better after all these 4 1/2 months.  I have no concern about losing weight.  My goal is to regain all my strength.  So, having a smoother appearance in my clothing is important but being strong is more important.  :-)

The birds are nesting already and have been.  The dogwood trees have set their blossoms although there should be another 5 weeks before they are fully bloomed out.

I have been making a few cards make them personal when I send them out.  I am enjoying that activity when I do it.  I may become a crafter after all.

See you over at your place. That'll be me..the one with the beautiful hair ;-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes Something Nice Happens

I had hurried off to the PO to get a particular bill mailed (just feel better mailing them there instead of the drop boxes) and on my way out of the door, an older lady kindly deferred to me as we met at the same door at the same time.  I held the door for her however after I exited.

On the way down the steps and to the car, she caught up with me and whispered "You have beautiful hair!"  Made the rest of my YEAR!  I usually am the one who says things (if they're true) to others and rarely do I get a day (evening really) brightener like that one.  I'm still smiling.  It's mid back length again..really need to get it cut.  It's slightly wavy. That was so nice of her.  Thank you dear lady.  I had freshly shampooed it and I was wearing a prettyand  thin linen blazer that set off the color I think.

Ever have a time when you stopped making excuses for someone who is usually being a jerque?  I made excuses for a long time for this person (female co-worker) but those times are over.  You just have so many cheeks to turn sometimes.  LOL.  Especially if you've been turning them for years.

Meanwhile me and my beautiful hair will get on over to your place.  Cookies are welcome if you have 'em..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nice weekend

One son is coming over the mountains to see us and he'll get here tonight late.  His school doesn't let out till 1630 (he's a teacher) so it will be late when he gets here.  2200.  BUT he's coming to see the new family member with four legs.  A lovely girl kitty called Katie.  I may fit in there too, but I reared three cat men.  Now she has met two out of comes the third one.

I understand there is a limit to how much space for pictures is allowed to be used in your blogs.  I also understand all of our pictures are in a Picnic album.  Where is that?  Anyone let me know?  Is it also true that if, assuming you find it, you delete those pictures, there goes the blog's pictures too?

So, off I go after a change of font.  I would have thought it would apply to all I have written so far but then, why am I surprised that it did not?  I know better.  :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Are You Alriiiight"?

Oh noes..been a while since I had a proper kinda -sorta rant.

It's only this:  At any given time in any given circumstance someone will: 1.  Cough 2. Sneeze 3. Clear their throat 4. Do the Felix Unger sound in clearing their sinuses 5. Maybe expel gas? 6. Make an audible "ahem"! or something similar.  Point being there are sounds just as I just described that will almost always bring the silly but presumably well intentioned inquiry "Are You Alright"?  WHY?

Save those inquiries for someone in obvious distress--- perhaps: 1.  Fell off a curb and got hit by a car 2.  Choking or gasping and showing a blue face.  3.  Doubled over in pain anywhere.  4. Bitten by a vicious gerbil or woodchuck or 5.  hemmed in by a skunk.  6.  Being butted by a billy or nanny goat.

You get the picture.  You may say, "but Carole, it's all well intentioned.  Why should that bother you?"  Well, probably it does or annoys me really, for several reasons.  1.  It's a phrase  always spoken loudly or shouted at the top of someones lungs who doesn't truly care about the answer.  I have seen many an example of this.  One was where I work out a few weeks ago.

 The person in charge asked an elderly overweight and laboring for breath lady that ubiquitous  question shouted from the middle of the room "Are You Alriiiiight?" and when the poor lady in the chair said "I'm OK" the person in charge just went on with her inane chatter to others.  I got off my machine and went over..stood close and asked if she needed assistance.  Rather than go thru a blow by blow here..I'm just stating an example of what I mean when I say asking that questions is  often said for no good reason, firstly...see examples I stated above for fun and sometimes if someone IS in obvious distress, taking the embarrassed persons verbal word for it when it's obvious the person is in distress.

Yes..I know.  There are naysayers who will argue with me and tell me there are many many times when someone does ask, asks for good reason rather than trying to look like they care, demonstrate that they do care.  I know.   I'm only presenting the other side.   Just my thoughts.  You know how that goes.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Sniffle, snerk, snort and hack.  I have a cold.  It'll get gone before the next week is finished.

My bulbs are up and blooming I'm sorry to say.  They started blooming in January.  So far we have not had a freeze to kill them.  I don't want to kill them but I so regret that the weather is so mild that they were confused into blooming.  That will mess up the farmers too I would say with some plants/crops starting too too early.

Still keeping up my workout schedule.  Good thing too because I no longer have the treadmill.  Goodwill indeed came to get it and an old TV that was in my room that I never used.  It worked well but I'm never one to watch TV in there.  I rarely watch it anywhere.  I wouldn't want to do without it, but I just watch it occasionally.  News mostly and local news at that.  Except I got hung on Dancing With The Stars.  I already know all of you who do NOT watch it.  More  don't than do.  But I sorta got hooked on it.  :-)

Have the expense of a new water heater tomorrow.  Hard to believe they and the labor is that bad!  Gees. Makes you almost wish for a wood stove and a big cauldron of water always simmering on the back of it.
Not really but you know what I mean.  $$$$ everywhere you turn.  I get continual sticker shock at the grocery store.  I'll quite eating peanut butter before I pay five dollars for a jar.  Coffee..hold me back.  I am reduced to buying the less expensive house brands and yes, there IS a difference.  I treat myself to the good stuff every other time or so.

So, what's going down over at your house?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whatta Reward

Well, I left Friday am early-ish to head to Charlotte NC.  Got there in the usual to house in 4 3/4th hours.

We went out to eat, came home..both of us were tired so we headed to our rooms.  Could I go to sleep despite being up from o'dark early?  No.  I napped off and on thru the night and gave up at 0440 and got up.  We left the house at 0550.  Stopped somewhere down the road for a fast food brekkie.  Continued on and made it to the Military School at 1000...just in time for Family Day.  All of the Cadets were out on the Parade grounds and each troop put on a wonderful drill/exercise.  That was the 4 week mark and they did great considering the short length of time.  My grandson did better because he is used to all that from several years in the Naval ROTC.  He's quite good at it really.

They were finally dismissed and we went to town for lunch and shopping and for him, phone calling to his friends.  He hd to be back by 1500 so we had to say goodbye then.  I have hand made some cards for him with a military theme.  He really likes them.  He also likes being there and he's in such spectacular physical shape before he got there, no one can scare him with the physical requirements.  He's as liable to say "Please Sir, May I have some more"?

We got home back to Charlotte about 1930 after stopping to eat and get a few craft things so I could make him another card..and went to bed, exhausted at 2130.  I slept like a rock as I knew I didn't have to worry about the clock going off.  I got up at 7...headed back here to home at home in the afternoon and slogged thru frozen slush for a while on the Mountains..higher elevations. NO fun.  Not even a little bit.  It certainly had me at attention.  I had to stop at a rest area to use the little room and I had to negotiate the frozen ice and snow from the minute I stepped out of the car till I stepped back in again.  Bah humbug.

Slept great at home Sunday punished me a few hours but slept glued to my back to make sure I wasn't leaving again AND...ta dahhh..the mouse was caught before I came home.  Ded ded ded.

Monday, I got up, worked out and had the first symptoms of a bad head cold..sore throat, one ear and yukky drip in the throat.  Must be the really COLD damp/rainy VERY windy conditions we all had to stand out in to watch the Cadets.  LONG cold miserable time. Worth it though.  I'll do it again next month.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goin' Over the Mountains

Well, giddy up let's go..I'm headed out over the mountains tomorrow for an arduous weekend.  I'll get there as usual..we'll sleep fast and head out at 0600 on the road farther east for 4 hours or so and arrive at Family day.  We'll leave 3-ish from there, return to Charlotte and I'll stay the night and come home Sunday.  Just driving and sleeping mostly.

Missy here met her sitter.  You might think they'd known one another for years.  I have not know that friendly a cat in all my life.  She loves everyone.

I think my hot water heater may be on the verge of croaking after all these years.  My water bill went up some and so did the electrical part.  It is just like summer in the kilowatt hours used.  So I have left a note for the plumber for when I return home.

SIGH.  $$$$$

Hope all is well with you.  I've made some rounds.

Daddy with all three of my sons. Rent--a-bed in the background we got when he came visiting.  Boys took up all the bedrooms.  :-)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Gratefulness

Here it is a sunny day with blue sky.  That is increasingly rare these past three years.  These have been the most overcast and rainy years in my memory since coming here to live.  We have rock slides in the mountains and even the hills as well because of the excess rain.  Thank goodness they have one lane open  again after full closure with detour on I-40 now as of yesterday after the rock slide there a week ago.  At least is was "small" and not like that horrendous national coverage of the slide that occurred a few years ago.  Kept that part of I-40 closed you may as well say 9 months.

I took off like a big bird with the camera.  I was hunting things to take a picture of with hardly any luck at all.  They say the pictures ARE there..just some of us can't see them.  That's a good way to put this affliction I have..not being able to see them.

So this Friday morning I leave for over the mountains to Charlotte and then farther east, about 4 hrs additional driving 6 am Saturday morning for a Family day, back to Charlotte that evening (Saturday) and then, back here to my place and Katie on Sunday. Not my idea of fun but has to be done.

Here is the one picture I didn't trash that I took this morning.  BUT at least I was out in the sun and not the usual rain, dark and gloom.  That was gold and gems.

Friday, February 3, 2012


What an awful night.  I had a difficult time falling asleep.  Took several hours and then a difficult time staying asleep.  But I got up, went to work out anyway and got my other things done.  As the saying goes, I hate it when that happens.  I was a bit uncomfortable so I tossed and turned too.  Oh well.

Yesterday I took an end table to the Big City to give it to my son.  He was at work..I just decided to remove the glass and set it in the car and then bring out the table.  And a beautiful crystal and brass table lamp with a silk shade.  I counted 9 skunks dead along and in the roadway on the way there and an additional 3 more when I got off the Parkway and was on another 4 lane road going onward to his subdivision.  How in the world could so many skunks be dead on the road?  I have only seen no more than one occasionally but 12?  In one way trip to a house?  That's a passel o' skunks.

I have  Mac computer and Apple has my permission to send me occasional ads.  I got one a few days ago showing how to use iPhoto (our picture program) to make a calender. So I got my courage up and chose 12 of my flower pics and one collage of the Admiral (for December)  and arranged them.  The calender came today.  Wow, I love it.  It's a big one.

It is still way too warm and while that saves me in my natural gas heating, still, it's just not right.  You saw the daffodil in yesterday's blog.  The others are starting to bloom also.  Sigh.

This afternoon against my better judgement and usage of time, I sat in the chair and Katie Isabella hopped up and settled on my lap.  One warm curled cat on your're toast!  So since I was so short of sleep the night before all this..I drifted for half an hour.  I don't like doing that as there are other things that need doing.  But a warm cat on your lap,'s all over but the napping.