Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Windy Wednesday

Another un-naturally warm the 70's and rain and severe winds and finally a tornado warning.  That wasn't fun at all nor was the wind because of my often talked about several stories tall trees that surround me and the house.

Last night was kind of fun in that my new kitty gathers up her toy mice and brings them into the bedroom and into bed too many times but when she does, she always announces her victory with the smallest softest little kitten-like meows.  There is inflection enough in them sometimes to sound like a few seconds of a babbling baby.  Truth.  Only twice for that much "talk".  Usually it's just very soft meows.

I was just checking in to see how everyone is doing.  I'm still working out and my clothes fit better after all these 4 1/2 months.  I have no concern about losing weight.  My goal is to regain all my strength.  So, having a smoother appearance in my clothing is important but being strong is more important.  :-)

The birds are nesting already and have been.  The dogwood trees have set their blossoms although there should be another 5 weeks before they are fully bloomed out.

I have been making a few cards make them personal when I send them out.  I am enjoying that activity when I do it.  I may become a crafter after all.

See you over at your place. That'll be me..the one with the beautiful hair ;-)


  1. Kate is such a sweet little girl kitty.

  2. Sounds like you had the same type days as we did in Western NC. We are getting light rain with thunder in the distance now. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm heading over to read Katie's blog right now. Be Blessed.

    JMM (Shady Hollow)

  3. It was in the 50s this morning and really windy. The temps have been falling all day though.

    I used to do a lot of crafts. I should get out my knitting. lol


  4. "too many times"? but it's so cute she does that! mommy play mousey with meee is what Myst says to me lol.
    the storms out there have been horrible!!

  5. I always hate those severe storms, and your sure get more than your share of them. I'm breathing a sign of relief knowing you survived the first round of tornado warnings.

  6. Whew..I looked at the map last night on the weather channel and said a many in harms way..I am glad you and kitty are fine. It is going to be a long and bumpy spring.MEME kitty has that soft mew also and sometimes you can hardly know she is there she is so quiet.I have taught her to come when I whistle and shake paws.. Sis is mad ,,SHE IS NOT A DOG.. I just chuckle!! :-D

  7. I was really saddened by the awful weather that killed so many people. I have my concerns about the spring this year in this regard to be honest. It's still very up and down here. I see high fifties coming for us as of Monday. It is something I rejoice for. I am so glad for the return of your strength my friend. I keep believing for your return to where you were before and beyond!