Friday, February 24, 2012

Nice weekend

One son is coming over the mountains to see us and he'll get here tonight late.  His school doesn't let out till 1630 (he's a teacher) so it will be late when he gets here.  2200.  BUT he's coming to see the new family member with four legs.  A lovely girl kitty called Katie.  I may fit in there too, but I reared three cat men.  Now she has met two out of comes the third one.

I understand there is a limit to how much space for pictures is allowed to be used in your blogs.  I also understand all of our pictures are in a Picnic album.  Where is that?  Anyone let me know?  Is it also true that if, assuming you find it, you delete those pictures, there goes the blog's pictures too?

So, off I go after a change of font.  I would have thought it would apply to all I have written so far but then, why am I surprised that it did not?  I know better.  :-)


  1. Actually your pix are in Picasa web album, you can reach them if you're logged in to google, or your blog. I believe there's a link on the bottom of the Blogger dashboard for web albums. If you delete them, they go away from your blog; that's where they reside in cyberspace (address) for youu blogs. You can get an extra 20 gig for just 5 dollars a year from Google--that's what I do--works like a charm!

    I'm sure son #3 will be as entranced with Katie as we all are, she's a doll.


  2. Yes "PICASA", Trish is right. You have to be Careful fiddeling around in there.....! You have nothing to worry about, you don't load that many pics. I have 10 blogs , so I have to watch, on my garden blogs i have loaded up to about 50 pics to a post.... and I'm just a little over 1/2 way thru the limit. I believe it's 1 megabite (4,000 ? i thought i saw somewhere...?) Your good for some time;)
    You & Katie Bella Darling have a Wonderful weekend ~
    xoxoxoxoxo Angel ~

  3. Have a wonderful weekend with your son.

    You can download Picasa to your computer. Then you will be able to keep up with the pictures you have on there.

  4. Hi Carole, Hope to find you and Miss Katie doing well. Love your photo of the mountains. Have a wonderful weekend with your son, and Miss Katie.

    It was nice hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by.
    ox Dianne :)

  5. Thanks all for the info about using pictures on Blogger. I don't add too many pictures, but still good to know.

  6. Yes, I also pay Google a "whopping" $5 per year for additional storage space via Picasa for my pics. Currently have 113 albums up, so I need it. LOL.

    You can delete a post without deleting the pics from your album, of course, but if you check the boxes beside the images when you're doing that, then yes, you're also deleting the pics from your Picasa album(s), something you likely wouldn't want to do.

    Have a lovey weekend! I'll be interested to read whether Katie likes bacon, if she gets to try any. :-)

  7. Carole
    One thing that picasa did to save space was to offer all blogspot bloggers the choice of resizing their pics to 800x600 I think and it would not "count" those pics against your total storage allotment.
    That option is so easy peasy.
    All you have to do is export the pics (in picasa) and it will automatically resize for you.
    Look at the bottom right hand area in picasa and you will see (depending on how you have your picasa set up) buttons for blog this, collage, and export etc. all you do is select the photo you want to upload and export it, it's resized then blog it to your blog and it doesn't count against your grand total storage allotment.
    But everyone is right its only a whole $5 each year for additional storage.
    I have over 500 photo web albums.
    Hope this helps

  8. I hit my limit on Picasa so I went back and deleted a bunch of old pictures to make space. I don't really care if they are lost in the cyber world because I have copies of everything right here at home.
    Say hi to your new kitty friend for me. I love cats. I grew up with them and they are still present in my family.

  9. The whole family will have met the Mrs. then? Wow, a momentous occasion! I post my pictures from Webshots as I think you know and don't archive so usually yearly I burn what I want to disk and erase my on-line albums to keep space. I don't know anyone else that uses that however. It's a good site that I recommend.

  10. That is helpful stuff about pics and picassa :)

    Have a great time. I expect Katie Is will turn on the feminine charm lol


  11. I was not aware of Picnic or Picasa. And I did not know there is a limit...I don't think I have reached the limit yet but have to keep an eye on it!
    I hope Katie san will have fun with her brother this weekend :-)

  12. Yes, there is a limit, but as mentioned above, it's just $5/year for additional storage if you ever need it. We haven't reached our free limit yet, but we're getting closer to it...

    We hope you and Katie have fun with your sons! We bet you're having a terrific time. :)


  13. Thanks for the note; yes, I know you would be if you could. It helps to see how happy you and Katie are.