Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday and Saturday

I think I shall go to the Farmers Market tomorrow and I think I shall not get any more of the Cherokee Purple tomatoes to grow.  This is the only bad year I have had ever.  I probably got 8 total tomatoes off of it and only 4 were fit to eat.  NO peppers but two small 3 or 4 inch ones.  I have NO idea what happened there either.

Olympics opening ceremonies are on.  I enjoyed the London Symphony Orchestra with the focus on someone playing only a single note on the instrument..using his smart phone and dreaming of running by the ocean with his mates.  It was funny.  Chariots of Fire was the background music for that imaginary run on the beach.  Funny.

Here is a Rose of Sharon.  And no rant today.  Peace.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Excuse me?

Ok!  Who died and  allowed/made Mayor Bloomberg in NYC, or for that matter ANY State or City official, or the government  responsible for what YOU want to drink (or eat). I am referencing Mayor Bloomberg in NYC with his Bill wanting to make it impossible to buy a sugar soft drink larger than 16 oz. if I read it correctly.

I for one do not ever drink sugar soft drinks nor have I since I was 11 years old.  However, that is neither here nor there.  When will this intrusion by government and State cease?  How dare they claim to  control or even attempt to control what an individual drinks or eats? I don't give a rodents pigtail who is or is not overweight or who is or is not obese.  That is  individual choice and that same individuals decision as to the quantity he/she eats or drinks. That is NOT a matter for the government in any form to control.  Will they tell you next that you can't eat meat?  How about candy?  Should salt that be metered out to you as individuals too?  Has the liberalism of the government gone too far? Where or even will it, end?  What freedom of choice will be taken next?  We are not all 4 years old and needing close supervision. Why not take away liquor?  Now THAT kills.

How about the drones that business, law enforcement, oil companies, farmers, real estate companies and many others will have right here in the US to for their private or commercial use?  With cameras.  And some will be armed.  It's all true.  Google it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday all Day

I've been for a workout and I've returned revitalized.  I'm waiting on the pest control guy who after all of these years..maybe 10 has become a friend of sorts, to show up this morning.  By that I mean he goes around and does the spraying etc inside and out but I follow as he goes and we are 100% talking about college sports.  I LOVE college football and sort of pay attention to some other sports and  I can talk about sports with the enthusiasm I feel.  Our team, the U.T. Vols has done abysmally these past three years due to a new coach a year. No, I mis-spoke...prior to that three years it was a coach a year.  Now we have Coach Dooley who has been coach for this is the third complete year and this is also a year he had better produce or I'd say he's history.

That's a shame because the Coach can only work with the men he can recruit and the rest is  up to THEM to follow thru with what they have been trained to do.  THAT seems to be the missing link.  The team has been PITIFUL these past three years.  We now rank at the bottom of the SEC East and that has never happened until these past three years, especially last year.

However, my point was I can talk to the pest control guy about football and he never tires of it as he is just as much a fan and very knowledgeable about football in general.  I admit that I only watched maybe three games last season the Vols stunk so badly.  I will start out watching again this year and I have slight hopes.

Lastly I'll say if I glom onto someone (and there are PLENTY of fans around east Tennessee) who loves the Vols or college football they sure have a friend in me.

This is my wanted poster.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things I'm Suddenly Tired Of

That title is a phrase that was coined by the former owner and editor of our local newspaper.  It was the title of an editorial he made probably four times a year.  It was a collection of tired phrases or words that were over used terribly and he was sick of hearing them.  I feel the same way about some of them and I'm afraid I am about to do a rant about them.

Fortunately for my unwary friends, I can only think of a few just now but please..allow me to mention them.

The first thing that makes me want to stuff a sock in the mouth of any announcer, TV personality, the usual parade of so-called celebrities who stink up the airwaves each day...even strangers standing in line next to you talking on their phones etc. is hearing that SO over used phrase "at the end of the day." S-T-O-P!  Q-U-I-T!!  CEASE!

Then there is the incessant over use of the phrase "Good Morning to you!" on ABC's morning, evening and in between shows.  Here we are perhaps with some awful happening somewhere in the world and even that "coverage" starts with a perky sprightly " Good MORNING to you------" (whomever you are) and of course, the requisite wait while the reporter out in the field or sitting across from them replies with an equally sprightly and smarmy " Good MORNING!"  STOP!  Don't keep saying that!  Get over it.  Get on with the so-called news. Quit with the puerile fake greetings. (I don't watch ABC news any longer.  Not balanced at all in reporting.)

Then there is the word "fail" Find another word, will you TV folks?  "Epic Fail" is even more tiresome after hearing  or reading it in dozens of ways each day.  Find another way to describe something not done.  Look for synonyms.  Get a thesaurus!  Find another word for "fail". Please.

Lastly there is the wanna-be word "physicality" on the sports channels or sports portions of your newscast.  Um...physicality?  How did that become a word in the dictionary  as it actually is, or perhaps in an etymology book? one died and made me Queen after all.   Instead, can you say someone is in good shape..excellent shape perhaps and able to perform physical game maneuvers well instead, O sportscasters? Please stop over-using that word.

Just griping.  My blog, my gripe.  :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Girly type post (I know, they all are..)

I was telling a friend about consignment stores and what great things they have in them almost all of the time.  I have gotten a few treasures myself but I haven't room in this small home for much so I am particular and always choose small things as a rule.  that oak library card catalogue cabinet was the exception.

Here is a cup and bowl that charmed me because their inside is also covered with flowers.  Because there is no way of telling with these pictures that offer no prospective, I will provide a couple of measurements for reference.

The bowl is 4 1/4 inches tall and 19 inches in circumference.  The cup is 4 1/2 inches tall and 12 1/2 inches in circumference.  I love these two pieces.  That is all that was there so I have no idea if there were ever any more but I knew I had to have these.  I wanted Nellie to see these.  And I wanted Mary to see the card catalogue.

That's it.  Purely girly stuffs.  :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordy Wdnesday

My goodness, for over a week we have had crashing towering BIG thunderstorms each day long about noon to an hour later.  Strong sustained winds and powerful gusts..sideways rain that looks like a huge gusher. Lightening and ear splitting cracks of thunder.  The winds were so strong they bowled over my tomato plant each day.  I don't know how much longer it can take it.  (Carrie, that cello tape worked!  Saved the branch)  But then, my "crop" isn't as good as I had hoped for.  I will try another type next year.  I only got 2 very small peppers out of the pepper plant too.  NO idea what happened with either.  They are fed and cared for the same as I always have done with success...until this year.

I am still working out.  Enjoying it and getting the benefits.  There is one person there however..a hired trainer that I wish would simply not even notice or speak when I come in.  We just don't gee and haw well.

The oldest will be here this weekend and that will please Miss Katie Isabella.  Extra lovins and kissies.  I'm thinking BBQ chicken and yellow rice..with perhaps green peas for supper.  Yum.  He'll have his usual Saturday morning breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Not sure if there will be biscuits yet though. If so, grape jam on them.

I quit feeding the birds for awhile hoping that if that stranger cat was coming by for a quick feathered meal he would see his gravy train done went offen th' tracks.

Hoping to go over the mountains in a couple of weeks assuming all is well both here and there.  It's been almost a YEAR since I went with no other agenda as with this year, each time I went, we got in the car and drove 4 more hours toward east Carolina so as to visit the grandson in military school.  NOW I can actually relax a bit!  Go to uptown Charlotte  and to Matthews, Pineville  and visit all my favorite stores that I haven't been able to get to in about a year due to the other agenda.

The cherries weren't good this year that were offered in any of the stores here.  Slightly softish and not very sweet.  Saved me bundles tho I was disappointed as I would have bought pounds and pounds and foundered on them for a few weeks.  This time, one bag..that was it.

I took this picture at the arboretum.

Coming to see ya.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Grief!

What drama.  I was in here at the computer this morning when a stray cat came to the all glass storm door where Katie was and challenged her.  There was a full fledged screaming and hurling themselves at the glass going on.  I had to spray Katie to get her away and then I closed the door.

That did not end the confrontation.  Katie continued growling in the entryway at the closed  door and she was at full puff including the ridge down her back and her tail was like a feather duster.  I waited and then luckily I found the Feliway spray that never worked for the Admiral and tried that.  It seems to have helped a lot.

I was able to approach Katie after a bit.  She scurried from window to window scouting for further outrage.  I kept spraying Feliway Calming spray which again, helped.

Meanwhile, I called all the pet stores to see who had a certain brand..Lambert Kay Boundary indoor/outdoor spray to apply outside.  It has to be applied daily but small price to pay.  I got some locally.  I also got some other super potent stuff 30 day stuff that can't be sprayed on many surfaces so I put plastic over the door mats and sprayed those.  I also took advice and bought mothballs.  Those are around the door steps.  I myself just need to be careful about NOT walking thru that stuff even tho I take my shoes off on entering the house, I don't want any traces brought in.  If I know tradespeople are coming I will have to temporarily remove the mats so as to provide entry without carrying in the "stuff".

So much for the Farmer's Market today.  I can't leave while she's in full outrage because she may hurt herself or get beside herself even more without me here to try to diffuse the situation.

I DID go out, yes, to get the sprays and mothballs and hurried right back.  But for awhile, I will stay here.

Good grief.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a Whole New World Out There.

New world and as many others do, I have thoughts and--- GASP--- opinions.

The other night I saw an interview on National TV that was supposed to be news but as always it was junk and titillating things--little (highly slanted)  news.  So, here's the intrepid reporter, a female interviewing a woman with a 12 year old girl who was just going into a waxing salon to have a bikini wax.

The intrepid reporter interviewed several woman on the street (wonder why no men?  OK I won't go there) and asked what they thought of the increasing trend of waxing salons advertising to get pre-teens in for intimate waxing.  They all said "Ew" more or less.  But then, same intrepid reporter asked the mother about her daughter and she said " Well, she was adamant about it."

OK.  WHO is the parent?  Who is supposed to teach a child about things, guide the child uprightly, prepare the child for the child with homework but most of all: BE A PARENT?  This thing of letting the kid, male or female, run the family (and they do), make decisions about any and all things with no experience and completely under the influence of advertising has me completely aghast.  So, the daughter was adamant and you, the parent are so afraid of angering your child or worse still imposing rules and making learning situations for reference in the're SO afraid of your child's disapproval, you allow her to go in for a mostly un-necessary bikini wax at the behest of the salons who solicit them?  When did THAT become a good idea?  Are you so bent on being the kid's companion/friend/buddy/co-conspirator that you throw all common sense away and let them make all the decisions?

There was a letter in a magazine asking a columnist how to handle a 15 yr old boy and girl who displayed embarrassing PDA in the living room with the family right there having to see it all.  You're asking how to handle it?  I say get a bucket of cold water and throw it on them and tell the half that doesn't live there to go home. But then, I would never allow such behavior to begin with.  It's disrespectful and it's wrong.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Such a Decline...very much so.

Those who have been with me since Live Spaces days know how I feel about this hot button issue for me.  What I term (using the old term from before my days) "Yellow Journalism".

It is rife in two media forms in particular.  Meaning television and newspapers.  Thinking more about it, it is rife in computer "news" too.  It is inescapable no matter where you turn.

What is my meaning here you may ask. For one,  I am referring to the two hour local news casts in some areas, mine for example where they are compelled daily to fill those two hours with whatever mundane, pandering to the lowest common denominator in humanity events (I will never say news) there is to rub into our collective faces.

If the local networks went back to the thirty minute formatting there would be less time for the "directors/producers" to be forced dredge up old and mostly untried theoretical happenings and conjecturing as well as any and all tragedies that have happened over night and during the day to fill those two hours, and more time for reporting the genuine world and local news.  Real news, not so-called "human interest" drivel.

In local news matter which city I view it matter what State of the Union I am in, when there is a human or animal tragedy (hoarding for example insofar as animal tragedies are concerned) that has occurred or animal cruelty, there is the intrepid "reporter" thrusting a microphone into the face of an injured or bereaved person who is being exploited by the network for all they're worth...and there is the cameraman twisting his lens for an extreme close-up of tears or other private emotions.  The recording goes on with the camera focused close up to the point you can count the pores on the person's face making sure to ask deeply hurtful, useless and personal questions to force the person to re-live whatever happened, a death of a spouse or child perhaps, and the more tear filled and wavering the victim's voice is, the more likely that is the segment that will be showcased over and over in the local news. These poor people are usually dazed and don't realize they can say no if they wish to. Just SAY what happened and stop re-victimizing whomever it is you are invading with your microphone, camera and invasive insensitive questions.  Then move on!

National "news" does not escape my assessment either.  They have felt compelled to show horror and murder.  If someone is being beaten to death that day somewhere in the world, it will be televised with a gratuitous sentence that it may be "disturbing" to the viewer,  then quickly we have the atrocious happening thrust into our faces if we don't turn away in time.  Tell me please, what use is it to see beatings happening, murders in progress or afterward and accident victims?  Don't tell me people demand that.  So far no, they don't.  But keep this up much longer and we'll have the old Roman Colosseum days back again.  How far off from that are we at this point?

I have the pleasure of reading a local on-line newly developed new site here in my town.  Great local and Statewide coverage. There may be National news on it as well but I have not read each issue thoroughly yet.  I will however as I can learn what is happening without being subjected to the parade of horrors and might-have-beens and sheer conjecture plus atrocities that I have see on TV.  Magazines, so called news mags are just as bad.  The pictures are many times nightmare inducing.

Well, I am entitled to my opinion.
PS I rarely ever watch TV at all, certainly rarely the news.

Saturday, July 7, 2012 hot hot

The heat isn't letting up at all.  We may get a break from it during the coming week.  I sure hope so because it's miserable trying to do anything outside now except early morning.

I picked and almost have finished my second ugly but delicious Cherokee Purple tomato.  I am waiting on others to ripen.  I took Carrie's advice and I have literally taped up the thick stem that broke 3/4th of the way, and tied it  up/supported it with soft tee shirt material strips.  I HOPE it works or as I mentioned I will lose about 8 tomatoes in various stages of developement.

Man, I had a horrible nightmare last night and I guess the cat had enough of me shouting "HELP HELP" which I really was doing.  I heard myself, because she stood on her legs and came down with her "arms" onto my side with all the force her little 9 1/2 pounds could muster and after several of those she woke me up out of the nightmare.  It was a wild animal coming after me in the dream and he had already gained on me and I was fighting for my life.  Katie Isabella to the rescue.

That horrible big- as- Wyoming fever blister is almost gone thank goodness.  Still a line of red there and I am continuing to dose it with Abreva.  Good stuff for OTC.

Went to work out Friday and they hadn't even bothered to turn on the a/c and it was cooler outside than in there.  I asked the attendent if they didn't have a/c and she allowed they did and was I hot?  Well DUH! you big dummy!  YES!

Anyhow, just saying hello and that 70 mph wind and crashing trees and power outages in half the town the night before last  can not ever come back if I were Queen and could declare that to be so.  Thing is, they now term this Dixie Alley with all our tornadoes.  No matter what time of year too.  WINTER! Yes, we had them in the WINTER!  I am thinking there may be something to the climate change after all because it sure has changed.  Warmest winter ever in this region.  Hardly had below freezing temps..just a couple of times and only to the high 20's. My daffodils were BLOOMING January 29th.  That should never ever have happened.

Take Care guys...I took this picture up the street.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My First Tomato This Season

I just sliced and ate half of my first tomato this season.  It's that slightly reddening one in the picture last blog.  He is delicious and all warm from the sun and the 97 degree temps at the moment.  I had a bacon (pieces) lettuce and Cherokee tomato sandwich with mayo.  Um Ummmm good.

Carrie, if you see this, when I went out to tie up the tomato plant some more (my stakes have gone missing) I did as you said and applied a liberal strip of cello tape to the broken trunk and I am hoping to goodness that enough goes thru to nourish those tomatoes.  I'd lose quite a few otherwise.  I can't believe that this year I failed to stake the plant!  I have never NOT staked it before.  I allowed the robust look to lull me.  Cherokee Purple are Heirloom tomatoes by the way.

He sure is ew-glee; the one I picked but oh so good.  Very big...and I think I read they are beefsteak-like.  Purpley red and green with black look to them too.  Inside when you slice it is odd colored as well.

I'm alone now.  The company has gone and the oldest was just here to do his laundry and stay overnight.  We enjoy his company.  My Katie Isabella loves my sons..those that she knows that is.  She still hardly knows the youngest one.

Well, back to the living room..see you in a bit. I'm looking for a fur baby to nap on my lap.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh Dear!

I didn't stake up my tomato plant.  It's in a cage for support and it's been pruned here and there but it seemed so sturdy that when I glanced out this afternoon I was horrified to see a thick branch had buckled under the weight of the growing tomatoes.  Late with it, I went out to tie them up and hope for the best.  However, I will wager that the broken branch will cause the death of itself and its 7 tomatoes.  All preventable if I had used my head.

Here is a picture I took this morning when it was standing tall and sturdy.  These are Cherokee Purple tomatoes.  Giant I believe it said.  They ARE large.  One had blossom end rot. :-(

I have a fever blister.  Talk about ugly and somewhat is.  Only the second one I ever had.  Maybe trauma to the lip brings it on sometimes as I had a severe paper cut to my lip a week ago last Thursday licking a birthday envelope. Slit quite a cut on the underside of my lip.  Several days later it started swelling and I hadn't any idea why.  I found out another day later when: ta dah...the tell- tale crusty look started forming and the awful "tingle".  By the time I applied Abreva it was too late to prevent it taking its course.  I hate the thing but of all things to happen to a person, this is nothing so I am grateful its not something worse.

Here's the first ripening tomatoes.