Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My First Tomato This Season

I just sliced and ate half of my first tomato this season.  It's that slightly reddening one in the picture last blog.  He is delicious and all warm from the sun and the 97 degree temps at the moment.  I had a bacon (pieces) lettuce and Cherokee tomato sandwich with mayo.  Um Ummmm good.

Carrie, if you see this, when I went out to tie up the tomato plant some more (my stakes have gone missing) I did as you said and applied a liberal strip of cello tape to the broken trunk and I am hoping to goodness that enough goes thru to nourish those tomatoes.  I'd lose quite a few otherwise.  I can't believe that this year I failed to stake the plant!  I have never NOT staked it before.  I allowed the robust look to lull me.  Cherokee Purple are Heirloom tomatoes by the way.

He sure is ew-glee; the one I picked but oh so good.  Very big...and I think I read they are beefsteak-like.  Purpley red and green with black look to them too.  Inside when you slice it is odd colored as well.

I'm alone now.  The company has gone and the oldest was just here to do his laundry and stay overnight.  We enjoy his company.  My Katie Isabella loves my sons..those that she knows that is.  She still hardly knows the youngest one.

Well, back to the living room..see you in a bit. I'm looking for a fur baby to nap on my lap.


  1. I'm sure your lap will not go furbabbyless. :-) Glad you enjoyed the tomato! Our Uncle Roy tomatoes (aka URTs) also tend to be highly unattractive. They have no commercial potential at all, not even at a "farmers market", I'm sure. a couple of years ago, we grew one plant of a supposedly heirloom variety called Black Russian. We were disappointed with the taste and wouldn't recommend the variety.

    1. Ack! These blogs need an after-the-fact edit feature. That should be "furbabyless".

  2. Kind of likes long legged tomatoes, that wiggle n giggle as they walk. Ohhhhh that long necked pony tail,,,

    Have'n a good 4th?

  3. I gather that the Tomato branch did not tear off completely. Hope the cello tape works for you. You never know the branch may just heal over. I to love ripe tomato's fresh from the vine. The taste is so awesome. I have some growing on my Big Boy plant that looks real good. You never know I may be eating fresh Tomato's in about 3 weeks. Will take some photos when that happens. Have a great 4th of July.

  4. Now there is a benefit of the very hot weather! Holding "thumbs" for your broken branch to do ok. Tomato sounds deelish! (the Mom, not the Cat).

  5. Yummmm - you are so lucky to have your own tomatoes to go out and pick right off the vine. I do hope the damaged vine holds together long enough to save your other tomatoes.

  6. YUMMM on the BLT. That is what I am having for supper. My tomato came from the fruit/veggie stand on 11th & Broadway as my tomato plants have died on me. xoxo

  7. Yummy, you're making me hungry!

    My tomato came from the grocery store, alas.

    BTW, it's 39C/102F with the humidex factor right now. Can't believe the boys went out into the garden, but I suppose it's cooler under a hosta than in this house! (No a/c)

    I hope *you* stay cool!

  8. Oh, yum! What a tasty treat you had with that tomato!

    Our house always feels a little empty after all our visitors head back to their own places.:(

    It's a calm evening here. We may watch the symphony and fireworks on TV. Have a good evening with that fur baby!

  9. That tomato sound SO yummy!

    Glad you and Katie had a good time visiting with your company and your son. Enjoy that lap time, and stay cool, okay?


  10. You having a lovely tomato all days Sis!!
    spend some time thinking about how for tune for Katie??
    I can eat all the years....

  11. Been a while but glad to see you are still blogging. Also glad to hear the tomato was good.

  12. My dad used to have a garden every year. There was nothing like a salad made from just picked veggies from the garden. He even used to plant watermellons. They never got very big but they were sure sweet and delicious.

  13. our tomatoes are mostly flowers still at this point...but oh the perfection in picking that garden tomato...almost heaven isn't it?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy gardening!

  14. I'm not sure I've even tried the kind of tomatoes you've got actually. See what I'm missing by being so far away? It's way cooler here today...yesterday was cool too...still overcast as I type. I hope it brings some relief to those fighting fires in the state. Bless you Carole.

  15. Oh your tomato sounds so delicious!! Back in my hometown, my parents grow many kinds of veggies in the garden and they include tomatoes. I love picking them and eat right after. So fresh and sweet!

  16. My neighbor decided to grow his own tomato plant this year for the first time. He had been bragging about how big it was, how many tomatoes he had and how they were just about to ripen.
    Then Monday night... the deer must have heard him bragging because they came in and chomped down his whole tomato plant!

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