Monday, January 31, 2011

What? Tuesday Already?'s MONDAY, you doofus

Next thing you know, it'll be Wednesday for pity sake. I already blogged about the progression of days on WP so I won't do it again here. Of course, there are my WP friends only and my Blog Spot friends only. Rarely do the twain meet except Sis and Twin and my sibling from another mother JennyD. ♥♥♥

I have enjoyed, as I said yesterday, the weekend of sun. Today it's chilly and gray and about to rain for the next three or four days and the threat (as usual!) of snow. But nothing we have or will likely to get even comes near what everyone else is putting up with. I will say that this past summer was about the worst for heat and humidity I can recall in a long long time. We get an extra blast of summer and of winter it seems. Having either extreme is not usual in these parts but it may be something we will have to become used to.

I was sorry to see, despite all the cold and snow and ice here that some of my daffodils are up out of the ground and a few hyacinths. :-( I really wish they would go back to sleep and no idea why they are doing that. We absolutely have NOT had unseasonably warm weather what will all the snow.

I've been around to you guys. A couple of you got blogs for a comment. :-)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a peerless weekend

We have been gifted with  beautiful beautiful weekend.  As with everyone else, we deserve it as we too have had snow after snow..rain, sleet..the works.  Gloom.  But Saturday and Sunday, 57 and 62 respectively with sun all day.  I sat on the deck after all of the things I had to do, in the sun...reading the paper.  What a pleasure.  Oh, the summer will come and it will be miserably stifling hot and humid and too awful to sit out but I will take these gifts anytime they come along and express gratitude for them.

Beth, love that header on your blog.  Mine is from a shot I took last summer. I'll have to change it eventually.

Meanwhile, here's summer...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Saturday

I had the oldest here for the night and part of today but he went back to his place, carrying leftovers of course (and some clean laundry) :-)

I took the motorized Droll Yankee bird feeder down for a badly needed cleaning. I probably won't get it back up again till sometime tomorrow as it has to dry thoroughly. It hold 5#'s so it's a big one. Boy that was a job of work! My youngest gifted me with a long brush specifically for Droll Yankee feeders and while it helps, you sure do get a good splattering all over yourself as well. I don't like that cheap bird seed, sunflower CHIPS, not hearts, from W-Mart. I won't buy it awful waste of money as it is like dust.

In a few minutes I'll run down to the feed store and stock up.

Miss Priss, the Boss, is acting afraid again. A commenter in her blog suggested that she may have something akin to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as she panics at anything I do that she associates with going to the Vet. I don't blame her. It's hard to be a little 9 pound kitty and someone snatches you up and no matter how sorrowfully you cry, she won't relent and you have to go every third day to that place for unpleasant things! That was too much for my girl, and now, all I did was put food in her dish and this time she thought I was going to snap her up and she ran and hid. It hurts my heart. But I can't make it go away. Every other day or so she spends most of her days under the bed. It's sad.

OK. Getting ready for getting some seed. Come on along. Make sure I get the good stuff.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Admiral Lampooned!

I will tell you what!  I have laughed SO hard I have tear tracks on my face and there went my eye makeup!  The Admiral was featured in Wendy's LOL Cats and I have not had a good belly laugh..and lots of them like this in quite a while.  If you know the Admiral, go have a laugh at her expense.  She'll just bite you for it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


JennyD gave me and many others a wonderful award called Stylish Blogger and I have it posted up here on the blog. Top and right. :-) I am going to award it too all of you because all of you deserve it. (((HUGS)))

I can't think of too much about me (that I am willing to share with the entire cyberspace world out there) that you don't already know. But I will try a few. :-)

1 I had always had a career that I absolutely have loved and was suited very well to me. Very happy by and large.

2 I am a feminine tom boy. Yup. 'Strewth. I have had to be strong and determined in work but the feminine side is my love of family and animals and my appearance. Not just kitties. All of them.

3 I would expire if I didn't have a book to read. It needs to be paper with a binding too, or a paperback. No reading of books on a device for me except the ones on my iTouch that I read only while waiting somewhere. If you like the devices, why, that's great. Just I'm allowed not to want that for myself.

4 I am a very sociable person.

5 I'm no longer afraid of public speaking. Had to take a week long course at work in Supervisor's Training and that got me over it.

6 I don't like clutter and my horizontal surfaces are almost completely clear in my house.

That be it. If you all want to tell some things about yourselves, it serves to make us know you even better. ♥

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You ever tried that flavored carbonated water, usually 69 cents for like..a liter or more? Good stuff. I love the mandarin Orange and the lemon. It's clear..never colored. You know what I mean don't you? Over there where they sell the water bottle and jugs?.

I just had me some peanut butter on a slice of bread. I put the jar back into the cupboard and lo and behold, once again I slid it onto the shelf with the label to the back. Just two days ago, I didn't know what any can or jar was because about 99.9 % of the labels were facing backward, for pity sakes. So at that time I took all of them out and put them back in, label side out. And each time I have put things in there from little forays out to the grocery, danged if they aren't always facing inward again. Beats me how I keep doing that when I absolutely do not make a conscious effort to do that silly thing. GO FIGURE!!! SO annoying! I had to take out several things and put them back in. How in the name of common sense can a person inevitably pick up something and mostly always have it facing the wrong direction. Murphey's again, I guess. I should have included this with my Jelly Side Down post last week. :-)

I looked in the dashboard to see who blogged..not too many of you. Come on..we're all waiting. ♥

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Long Goodbye

Before I forget, geese don't have teeth per se. What I had mentioned in my blog yesterday was their beaks have serrations on the edges (like a bread knife's edge) that LOOK like teeth as can be seen by that photo I took.

I went to Calvin's family's receiving of friends last night and it was jam packed with all of we colleagues, as well as family and other friends. I was not surprised. I knew it would be. Parking was difficult to find. I was so pleased for Calvin and his family that so many of his friends were there to say goodbye.

Calvin would have loved it! Seriously, he would have worked the room if he could. It was a happy reunion as well as a sorrowful goodbye to someone we cared so much about. After the long line had gone past the where Calvin lay and we had greeted and spoken to his family, we went about speaking to one another..many of whom we had not seen in years. That usually happens at wakes and funerals afterward, or before any services. And I remarked to my two dear friends as we stood outside later that Calvin would have loved every second of that gathering. It was a tribute to him, yes and it was easy to see the family feeling among the colleagues that we all of us have for one another. That bond is the reason why our monthly meeting is so well attended by those working and not when the working have a day off (shift workers usually or higher up monthly supervisors who can take off for the luncheon). Calvin would have, had things been different, right among us all, a treasured "family" member of a tightly knit group..all of us bound together by something extraordinary. The last thing regarding him that I will say here is: I have never laughed till tears and so helplessly except when Calvin said things at my expense. If you said something, however serious sometimes that could be used as fodder to make fun of you...he would find it, say it and you would be laughing until tears ran..all at your own expense. (nothing mean natured, trust me).

Well, I had to say it..sorry I took you along for the ride. I'll miss 'im. ♥

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday means Marina

I went to the Marina this morning and was thoroughly cussed by the geese who honked and snorted, hissed and chased me BUT I got one picture of that gimlet eye! And I went to the unprotesting ducks who continued napping in the morning sun..wings were sometimes spread out to warm in the blissful sunlight.

One of my colleagues passed away Saturday. I will miss him terribly. Here are the last words I heard him say, and these were 4 years ago! "We're good lookin' ol' broads, ain't we?" meaning he and I. I still smile when I remember. He took ill with lung cancer very soon after that not six months, and had surgery for the one lung to be removed and then, he developed cancer in he other one. I am glad I quit smoking some time ago though, so that I don't deliberately make more trouble for myself going forward.

But today is full of sun and the joy of life as we choose to make it. And tonight, I will go see Calvin one last time and remember all of the laughter, the fun, repartee, serious nerve wracking work assignments and shooting on his target once during weapons qualifications. That of course was punished by BOTH of us having to do it alllll again holding up everyone else. :-)

Here is that hard hearted mean goose. Biggify it and you will see beautiful blue eyes and serrations serving as TEETH that he LONGED to bite me with, the sorry thing!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Way of Things

FINALLY got my old polish off (always clear because I take too long) and new polish on my fingernails.  A slight bit of color this time.  Shocking pink back on my toesies.  I did the nude color thing too long.  And I have dry hands and tootsies so I'll slather them suckers up tonight after my shower.  Life is good.

The small Boss will have run out on the effects of the pill that enhances her appetite.  We wish to see how she'll do without it after these several weeks.

I am still looking for things that I want to take a photo of.  One friend said it well yesterday, that the photos are there, I just don't see them.  Very astute comment.  I did see something several days ago in Knoxville and as we were gone for the day doing girl stuff I didn't bring the camera and I saw TWO  things!  One was an old old OLD Motel with the  Tourist Court sign from like, the 50's or something!  Coolness!  And the other was a slender young tree with one branch removed on it's side and treated with something so that it looked like a Cyclops type eye.  NO CAMERA!  NEVER fails!  Victoria Camera is in a large carrying case, and her extra lenses are in there too as well as several filters.  A lot to carry on a shopping trip..dang! Wish I had.

Oh OH!  We stopped at this restaurant in the huge huge shopping area and had lunch.  Must have been under temperature or something else, because the next day, oh, man, I had some effects from that meal. 

Hope you guys had a good weekend.  Ours was sunny. Coldern' geewhiz but sunny.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grr...gnash of teeth...

Well, me and the camera went out and neither of us saw anything at all interesting, even to us, to take a picture of.  You got'cher brown leafless trees and limbs sticking up.  You got'cher brown dead grass.  You got'cher cleaned out and sleeping for the winter flower beds.  Then there are the sere brown and lifeless landscapes that almost have the word "cold" stamped on it.  No snow, no ice, no anything.  Nature is asleep and renewing itself for March and onward.  Until then, it's birdies if they stay still long enough.  I found a so-called babbling brook.  I thought it looked good where I took the picture but though you would think I'd learn after at least seven attempts, no, it's really not picturesque. Wishing doesn't make it so.  Nope.

So...another sunny day (I am most grateful for that) and frigid with not a lot to capture on the camera.  Maybe next time.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bet it won't happen

I am supposed to take the cat in for her fifth day visit to the Vet. She has decided that in order not to be vulnerable, she will sleep and nap in protected places. As for example, she is in her cube right now. I could get sliced and diced trying to get her out and create a lot of stress for us both or wait it out and hope she forgets and goes to her rocking chair. However, after snapping her up for a visit last Monday, she has put two and two together and decided that caution was called for. Therefore, it is late in the afternoon before she might go to the bed or chair to nap. She must know that no visits can be accomplished at those times, hence, she can sleep where I can see her. So..the time for her appt. approaches and ain't no way no how I will be able to scoop her up. This means, throwing ourselves on the tender mercies of the Vet staff and hope she can be carried in sometimes unknown, during the day.

That's all that's on my agenda right now. The snow they promised indeed did get here last night but left nothing on the ground. However, there is snow predicted three times throughout the next week,. Man, nothing to look forward to.

Let me see what you all are doing. Here is the sky off the deck yesterday morning. Because of the electric wires it's not going to Flickr but the sky is pretty through the wires. That was me on the deck peering around the privacy fence in my PJ's at 0630 yesterday. Freezing. But the sky changes quickly so you haven't got time to dress first.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It really happens!

That book entitled Jelly Side Down..Erma Bombeck I think it was who authored it, is really true as we each of us know. You would think that with the law of averages the worst possible outcome wouldn't always seem to happen but the jelly side down rule supersedes the law of averages.

Yesterday, I reached for a tube of lipstick in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and voila! straight to the commode..hitting the seat first to knock the lid case off of it and from there, into the water..and smearing red on the porcelain for good measure. Fish it out, toss it to the trash and of course, it bounces off the rim and hits the tile instead and makes additional red smears.

Position the cat's steps just slightly off from where they usually are at the desk..just a mistake of perhaps two inches..voila! separate your baby toe from the rest of your toes. Not once but every time you pass it no matter how careful you think you are. Finally move it. Now it's only in the way but your bare feet are safe.

Pick up your Tylenol for one of those, and the bottle slips through your boneless seeming fingers to scatter half a million tablets onto the floor where you scramble to get them up before your pet ingests one.

Drop a glass of milk. It paints the ceiling, the floor, you, the cabinets, the walls, the appliances with not one square inch left unscathed. Amazing phenom. If it's a half gallon, you may as well close the doors of the house and move.

I have more examples but you so too so I will leave you in peace with the thought that no good deed goes unpunished. That's a whole 'nother blog though, ain't it?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, all day long

It's raining and toward the end of the week they say the possibility of a few inches of snow. I just keep the snow shovel handy next to the kitchen door.

I love it when my Pest Control man comes to the house once a month. He is also an avid sports fan and we go over the entire football and basketball team and agenda and then, we go on to the NFL so we can get them lined out too. Good thing he is the owner. He loves jawboning about it as much as I do, so I feel certain the hour he is usually here..always standing and always spraying corners here and there, is planned. If I happen to be making lemon muffins, and that's once in a while, he gets a few of them before he leaves.

I made an error the other day in someone elses' blog comments and it seemed as though I wasn't what I am..a career gun handler. That has been my career and certainly I own a few of them as well. I accidentally implied otherwise with my unthinking remark. Just wanted to set it straight. Two of my friends who know me better than most were puzzled and asked me about my little comment. So..

I fried a lot of chicken yesterday..all boneless skinless breasts and took them over to the youngest's home while he was at work as a surprise, He could have some for supper when he got home after working out and I even sliced some evenly for use in sandwiches. I'm a mom first, and a web slinger later. :-)

This is why I can't sit in my new office chair..pardon me..HER office chair.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday...all day long

IF I can, I have to do that thing again of trying to catch the cat to go to the Vet yet again. He asked to see her again today and it's 3 days since the last pill. It always hinges on me trying to fool her. I can't wear jeans..she knows we're going to the vet (even if we aren't) and I can't take my hair down..she knows we're going even if we're not. (might be the grocery, might be lunch. might be who KNOWS what but to her..we're going THERE!) I don't blame her because it's always hard for her when we're there. I'd hide too. I DO hide sometimes when I have to go to MY Dr. but..only in my mind..I do go.

Me and my Words With Friends..i.e my iPod scrabble games are going much better. I win maybe half- but I still get thoroughly thrashed by one of my sons in between my winning some.

I am dressed and made up..of course that means we're going there! And this time it does unfortunately if she doesn't catch on, and I'm biding my time till I swoop and scoop her up screaming her warrior songs all along the way (I hope).

Glad you liked the bee and flower. It's a look forward to what's to come.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Semi Sunny Sunday

I'll take it though... semi sunny or not.  The long range and short, for that matter is rain or winter mix the next 6 days.  Man alive. 

I had to go get food..the cupboards are as bare as I have seen them for awhile.  On purpose because I had too much out of date.  Can't use it if you don't see it.

I'm trying to get up the nerve to go in and remove the dresser drawer that is stuffed to the top and more with undies.  I confess:  I am a bra and pantie o'holic.  I have so many it's ridiculous.  Yeah, they've been worn but not winnowed out.  I keep a drawer full in the chest by the bed for every day,.  The others are there in the other chest of drawers all because I said " Oh, this is so cuuuuute!" too many times. I am going to have to be brutal.  I also have too many tops for the same reason.  Gees.

OK.  I'll go get to it.  I just hate thinning out clothes.  I know..quit buying them.

Here is a reminder of seasons to come with a crop of one of my summer pictures.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Credit Card

I have something nice to say.  Believe it or not.

My credit card company starts with a C. and the statement for the month came in the mail yesterday.  It was late, about 5PM but I called the 800 number anyway as there was a mysterious interest charge of $1.90 on there.  I just was curious about it as I pay month to month in full.  So, I called, and even though it was a foreign call center (think "Peggy" in that commercial that's SO funny on TV) when I asked very pleasantly what the interest charge was for, he told me the previous month I had reversed two numbers and instead of paying $121.00 I had paid $112.00 and therefore the balance was just that..balance and so it rolled to the next month and interest added.  He kindly offered to remove the interest  for which I thanked him.  Then, he told me I had 3000 or perhaps more..I forget, reward points, did I know?  I said no, I didn't pay attention and had no idea what that was all about and if it means a discount on merchandise, I was not interested.  But I said it softly and in a good tone of voice.  He said if I wished he could give me a credit of $44.00 or something like that  credit off my next bill by cashing in the rewards. I said certainly I would appreciate he did that for me as well.  Then, he told me about something else the card does, and I think it has to o with cash back.  I asked why they do that and he said because they wanted to be my best card..(more business that way, of course) so I said I would think that over.

I appreciated the help, the customer care and the entire experience.  I have never failed to find their customer service excellent, few times that I call..or the former company before this company bought it, Carolina First.  They were terrific.

Just thought I'd tell you.  ♥♥

Here is today's sky.  This was IT in the entire sky!  I have not seen that pattern before.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ah...special day for us

You who knew me in our MSN Spaces days know I love and cherish my children.  Well, the second born, Bruce is having a birthday today.  Each child makes me know all over again, even if every DAY, how fortunate I am to have them as my children.  Nothing on this earth can surpass them as my greatest gift ever.  Happy Birthday Bruce.  Much love. Wish I was there to celebrate the day with you but your youngest brother will be, at least.

I am having the oldest here this evening and thru tomorrow and his fried chicken is already done.  I stuck the little poultry thermometer in it..completely done.  Oh it smells heavenly.  I believe some yellow rice and some peas to go with it all.

 Tomorrows breakfast is no surprise,  Potatoes O'Brien, biscuits, bacon and eggs and coffee.  Nummy.

Busy busy so I will be mercifully short.  ♥

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Cold as can be, as always and no end till Spring of course, in sight. Single digits last night and not a lot better right now.

Laughed at Dave's (Horace Manure) comment in yesterday's blog.  Ain't it the truth.  If it happened, no matter  where or by what circumstances, of course,...blame Bush.

Meanwhile, I am certainly dressed as I was awakened rather early, and ready to go out and charm whomever I can find. That the way I roll.  I'm also wearing Burberry Brit as a fragrance this morning instead of my usual Chanel Mademoiselle.  I love fragrances.

I'm going to be like my Twin, Beth.  I think I will try hard not to complain with the blazing heat of Summer if it means less gloom and darkness and cold. I'm like the cat.  I like sun puddles too!

There's a dearth of picture taking going on here because I am too much of a sissy to go stand in the freezing cold without gloves ( need finger tips w/o gloves to do the settings and shutter) to get some birdies and so on.  I'll be so desperate for signs of spring I'm likely to showcase just emerging from the ground, bulbs  and stuff like that.  The first tiny leaf bud will be a big find for me!

Hope it's a great day for all of you.  Loach, if you read this, how is Emma?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 I took this picture last Spring.  OH I can't wait to see these sights again.  :-)

The sun has made its way through the cloud cover just enough to give us a taste of cheer.  But it's playing hide and seek,,mostly hide.  However the couple of patches of blue that occasionally show is fabulous.  AND I could turn out the lights in the living room finally.  They have been blazing since LAST Wednesday when all of this snow started in my area. 

I have been out, done my thing and stopped at McDonald's (rare for me to do..very) and got myself a Big Mac.  Sometimes you just have to have one.  Just as with Burger King..when you have to, just go get one and quit craving one. 

Oh, and a sentence here to say, while I appreciate the kind replies and thoughts, I STILL don't buy it. (2 blogs ago)

Now, to the papers and another cuppa coffee.  Join me?  I have plenty.  ♥

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow..wish it would quit

Well, I just saw Horst's back yard and I have nothing much to say about our snow here after seeing his snow THERE where he lives in Canada.  Good grief! I will say I am well and over it here.  We usually don't get much but last year and this year we have.  but nothing like they get in the Northern States and Canada.

One last word on last blog topic..I am not convinced in any way shape or form that these animal deaths all over the world are a natural phenom.  We'd know, even if we had to use Morse code  or beat on drums through the years, if that happened on the scale it is now. That said, I quit.  I just won't bury my head in the sand over it.

I did get out yesterday and today briefly and there are snow showers right now.  Just not any rerason to spend any more time outside than I already here I yam.  Just like Popeye!

Making my way around on the blog walk.  You guys seem to be doing alright so far.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fireworks, my TOE!!!

OK.  What's YOUR opinion as to what is going on in this Country and other Countries with thousands upon thousands of dead birds and dead fish?  When we first heard about it, it was Arkansas.  Oh, it was fireworks they said in some lame attempt to explain the unexplainable.  Well, if it was fireworks then that would happen every new years and every 4th of July and it doesn't.  Now, we learn this has happened in other places in the US as well, and fish too!  Then, we learn it's happened in other Countries.  Fireworks?  I think not!!  How stupid to even try to pass that off on us. 

While I'm at it, the Wildlife officials in MY State at east, are saying something about allowing hunting of Sandhill Cranes.  How stupid is that when the still small numbers Whooping Cranes, back from extinction in a small way, make their migration along with the Sandhill cranes.  Yes, let's just shoot then down and while we're at it..make the Sandhill Cranes also near extinction after a sufficient time passes. 

Wednesday Rant Day is today.  And this picture represents how I feel about the topics I wrote of.  Mad.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready, Aim, SNOW!

Gee whiz good grief!  Wednesday's snow put a hitch in my gitalong and now, it's about to fire up again and again all the way thru next Wednesday.  A solid week of it.,  Last year was bad for snow too. It's messing up visits too as no one can get up and down the hill here much once it, the snow, lets loose.  I can't wait for Spring.  Whining already.

I just made a pot of hot chili.  This will make you reach for the water glass.  I was going to make a meatloaf for the oldest but looks like he can't visit what with the snows coming over and over.  So chili it is, and I'll probably freeze it.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral has updated her blog and we have been over to WP as well..making the rounds on hers and my blogs and it seems everyone is OK. 

Here is a reminder of Spring.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look what *I* have?

We have had more snow than usual these past two years and this was the surprise snow that started yesterday afternoon not a few hours after I returned home from The Redneck Room ( I still thank J for making up that name). It is supposed to start again tonight.  If I understood correctly, it will keep it up, every other day or so for a solid week.  :-(   Can't wait for Spring again. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Us loud mouth rednecks are all going to meet again for lunch. A couple of hours of loud rowdiness...what's better?

I went out to dinner last night. We were going to Calhoun's on the River but wound up staying in town here and went to Ruby Tuesday's. Their salmon patties are excellent but they tend to stay with you for hours so I didn't choose those as it was later and I would have had to go to bed with them on and in my belleh. That is called indigestion. SO..I had, what else, the chicken fangers. Not a mis-spell..I always call 'em that.

Came back here and sat around talking politics (luckily we are on the same side) and had some coffee (not me, I would have stayed awake till next year..I had water) and generally enjoyed the evening. Slept like a rock until the bright cheery tones of a few meows sounded reveille at 0630.

I have started my way over to your houses..hope all is well there. Wish you could join me for some hootin' and hollerin' in a few hours. You'd have fun!

Pee Ess: If you'd like to feed my fish over there on the right hand side of the page, click in the square and you'll see food appear and the fish will eat it. They said thank you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Look-New year

I decided to get my hair cut yesterday and when I said that sitting there in the salon's chair, my stylist said "are you sure? It's just past the middle of your back when wet." I looked and waffled some more and finally said let's just do it. So it is shoulder length and in a shoulder length bob. The style is the same as I always had..just it was very long. :-) Now it ain't. Long, it took no styling as all I had to do was put it in a knot on top of my head at bedtime and it would tumble down in waves in the morning when I took out the pins. Now, I will have to work at it but..I needed a change.

I may include a picture for awhile. It is exactly the same as my hair looks now, which is shoulder length. This is a year and a half ago.

I am waiting for a call as we may go out to a bridge and take some pictures. I will call him myself in a bit..soon as I get my face on. :-)

See you in a while. ♥

Monday, January 3, 2011

Things Might be Looking Up

I think Miss Catt turned the proverbial corner with the administration of that pill to enhance her appetite.  She has kept it up regardless that she was sue another today.  She had a good lunch and supper last night of her own food..and again today.  Decent water consumption..not great but decent.  Most of all she is playing a bit and noisier.  I like that now..I didn’t before she got sick.  So, I will monitor her closely and we will keep dealing day by day will she is normal again.
Heck of a way to start the new year and end the old one.  She is a family member after all. :-)

Other than that I do want to say again the deep appreciation and care you gave me during this time.  Trust me when I say I am completely sincere.  I have, as I said on FB, the best friends in all of the blog world. ♥

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have cleaned this house top to bottom. I would never trade a clean house for no kids. Not even in a nightmare. So, I truly don't mind that everything is dirty. I know I can clean after they're gone and that is soon enough. So I got cracking in the kitchen first off and then, made my way back to all of the rooms by virtue of vacuuming. The Lady doesn't mind this vacuum. She does not like my spare vacuum as it's not the sound she's used to. But this one..she never even raises that little head.

After all the cleaning, waxing and dusting I gritted my teeth and cleaned the bathroom. The tub and shower surround and sink were in dire need. One wee lady such as myself and a little girl don't leave the bathroom without drying and cleaning up and squeegeeing after ourselves. :-) We understand a pack of men don't look at it thataway. And I absolutely don't care. I can always clean later.

My girl scared me some this morning as it appeared she didn't eat. But later she had some food. Then, throwing caution to the winds I cracked open her old food and threw it in her plate, cold. (I only warmed it to get it stinkier to tempt her appetite) and she tucked right in! That was her late lunch and her early supper consisted of the refrigerated same food..(that's what she's used to) and again, she tucked right in. Now drinking..that's another story. Sigh.

We are so looking forward to sinking into the freshly made bed (she got there first when I was trying to make it!!) and the sun filled pillows that I put out early in the morning till 1400. That will smell heavenly all night.

My last three pictures of the cat in Flickr made Explore. Amazing!! Two were re-posts as I was telling her kitty friends on Flickr about her problems asking for any ideas. One was taken New years Eve. But all three made it to Explore. Coolness. First smile for me for a few days.

I've been around and have more rounds to make. ♥

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Dear Blog Family,

Happy New Year. I love what our friend JennyD published a few days ago.  If she hadn't (and if I had found it first!!) I would have published the same thing.  It was a winner!!  Those are all of the things I wish for you as well.  :-)

I haven't been here or even at Miss Catt's blog (aka the Admiral) because the boys didn't leave till yesterday and we were always put or doing something.  Or I was being trounced in Scrabble.  (I won a few!) Or I was completely tied up with the Admiral trying to get her to eat or drink..preferably both.  We had another Vet intervention and she'll go back Monday for another appetite stimulant.  (pill form and NO way Jose can I pill that cat!)

I hope you all had a good Christmas, peaceful and putting a smile on your face. I hope you have the best of years ahead and that whatever challenges you are handed, you will meet them with bravery. You're not alone. Even if there are tears running down your face..still, you're not alone.  ♥

I slept fabulously last night because I was more free from worry for the day and night and because, much as I love having them here, it was more like a normal night to be just me'n'her. We could walk around in our undies if we wanted to.  And may have!

See you soon.