Sunday, September 29, 2019

Hm. Izzat so?

Guess I got my ears pinned back two days ago on Face Book.  A local town group.. I don't go too often but, if I want to know what all the police/fire/whatever/ are gathered, someone always posts about it.

It seems in the free-for-all-this Country seem to be having-- whereas if you don't like, or if you disagree with someone who tells a story, mentions an opinion,  or worse still, a fact..there are self styled "auditors" and pseudo "administrators" poised, ready to flay the skin off your hide for daring to say what you think about something unless they agree with it.  Even if it is the state of grocery carts.  (that was me).  Within a minute, I got one helpful comment, and then, the trolls stepped up to bat.  I'm still smarting from the verbal beating I took.  There are two more local groups as well and I see there are much the same people who "administer" them as well.  Lots of verbal blood is spilled if you dare say something that is not in line with that little groups' opinion about whatever it is.

Rather than  continue to cause a world war by speaking about grocery carts, I deleted the post and quit the group. Quite a few townspeople are in the group.  I was in it for years but I refuse to watch what I say about grocery carts.  So, I left the group.  I will stay in the other group for awhile longer as nothing has happened to me so far, but I saw them gang up on a few others last night.  The topic then on that particular local page, was about grocery stores donating food quickly to shelters rather than throw it away if there is a power outage.  The suggesters that stores do so were thoroughly beaten down.

Pet your dog, you fellas out there in FB groups doing hurtful things..hug your children and appreciate your wives.  Help your fellow neighbor or worker. Do some volunteer work.  Read something uplifting.  Go be a cuddler of infants at the neonatal unit in the hospitals. Plant a garden.  Take a walk.   Be kind.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Taste buds and stuff

Remember that things tasted really good when we were young?  I mean young..under say, 15 or so.

Ice cream used to be made correctly back then in the dark ages.  Cream, milk, sugar and fruit flavor or vanilla beans etc.  Always creamy, always totally perfect.  Not like the filled with gums and other fillers they have had in the past 30+ years.  Some of it doesn't hardly melt it is so full  of fillers.  I don't buy much of it.  If it looks like a watery melt...that's all I need to want to buy it.  No fillers of any consequence.  Oh gosh it tasted SO good.

When Tang came goodness it was delicious.  Didn't stay that way but a few years.  They took measures to use fillers and artificial flavor stuff...there it went.  BUT anyway, I was going to ask if you recalled how good food tasted back when you were much younger?  Gosh, butter was more the thing than margarine...and corn on the  cob (Dad's fave way to get my loose baby teeth out) (and it worked every time matter how careful I tried to be)  drenched with butter...what a taste sensation. Salt, pepper...oh, my word.

I don't recall cans or boxes of frosting as I made mine the usual way with confectioners sugar and so on.  (yeah, I could see the dinosaurs out the windows while I glanced out every now and again).

down by the marina

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sweet tater

I have a sweet tater pie in the oven.  🥰 🌞 🥧

I'll open the winders fer ya.  Maybe you'll catch a bit of the fragrance.

Bought two very small chairs for when company comes this Thanksgiving.  Katie LOVES them.
BUT no place to put them in this tiny house, so I asked DIL if they could keep them till then.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Part 2....Coming Right Up

Regarding the brains and eggs, I too, even though I was young was aware that was a breech of courtesy to mention the hair.  It was a bristle or two really.  Ewww. Right?  The sailor had a nice was simple curiosity on his part but doesn't call out the host.  He could perhaps have mentioned suddenly becoming very full.  :-)

A confession however.  I never hitchhiked~ BUT what I (we actually) did was almost as bad insofar as danger possibilities were concerned.  You be the judge.  Think like a parent. (you may be sure my Dad didn't know). (and if my brothers had known I'd have gotten told on quickly.  And punished by my Dad.

On  warm Summer Saturday mornings, a best girlfriend, 12 years old just as I was, and I met at her place. I walked up to her house,  and we started walking down the street until we reached the edge of town.  There was an entrancing dirt road that stretched four miles through woods on both sides.  The dirt road ended up by a highway that went back to town (unless we wanted to hit the dusty trail and walk on the dirt road to get back home again.  So this time we decided to walk down the highway which added another mile to the distance back to the edge of town and therefore to our homes.

Here we were, starting our trudge on down the side of the road, two stupid girls without a clue walking along with the occasional person stopping to ask if we needed a ride.  Since they were usually fellas, even we knew to say "no thank you".  Besides, we were full of energy and willing to walk the 9 miles total round trip.

A car bore down on us from behind and stopped.  The window wound down and a loud man's voice said "GET IN THIS CAR"!!! There was a lady in the passenger seat who looked death rays at us.  The man said again in stern loud tones "GET IN THIS CAR NOW"!  We did.  We huddled in the back seat and looked once at one another and then at the floor (truth) while we were berated every inch of every mile back to the town.   He told us how we put ourselves in stupid we were our parents would punish us, and what if the State Police had seen us...what would THAT be like with our parents being called from HQ.  He laid it on every inch of the way.  At Cherry Lane, the street I lived down, he kicked me out and watched as I started walking the block down to the house and drove off with Dorothy.  When Dorothy got home she took a minute for a whispered conversation on the phone with me telling me that was HER neighbor and his wife who by the way had a store three doors down from her. She said she was begging that they give her another chance and not tell her mom and dad.  Neither of us got a whuppin' so I guess we were given a pass on telling  the parental units!

It taught me a lesson though.  Never did walk down a highway again.  Not after that guy flayed the skin off our 12 year old minds as we were taken back and dumped off at out places with more warnings.   (we did still walk down the dirt road but turned around and walked back that way).

Whew.  I still wouldn't do it after the blasting out Dorothy and I got.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hitch hiking? Part 1?

I was reading a dear blogger's offering this morning on her blog that featured a picture of a woman alongside a road, trying to hitch a ride.  The responses were fun to read.  All of them were more lengthy than usual.

Of course it set me to remembering many things about that topic, hitch hiking.  I wonder if you too will be thinking of your own experiences if you had any, and times passed by as well?

I may go into a two-parter or something here, as I could (and usually do) write a book instead of a blog when I get started on something that is fun to write.   :-)

If so, part one won't be about hitchhiking too much... though Dad always picked up military would be all the times my father, and me too, of course, would go pick up whichever of my brothers were on leave from the Military.  One in the Navy, and one in the Marines.  I was about 9 to 10  years old for these trips--- to go  get them and bring them back.  The longest trip was getting my brother who was in the Navy, where they docked up in Rhode Island, and of course taking him back  to his destroyer when his liberty was over.  For the brother in the Marines, it usually wasn't too far..maybe half a day's drive. We'd listen to the radio for entertainment along the way.  Then, it was entertainment.  Far from what is served up now.

The boys often brought friends home with them without mentioning it to Dad . So Dad had to scramble to be sure he had enough food to feed everyone, and find a way to bed the guys down.  He'd give up his bed and open up the couch..sometimes one would be on the floor along with Dad.  It was a pleasure to Dad that they would bring their friends home and it was fun for me in a way as I was just a little girl and many of their friends had little sisters and brothers at home and knew how to talk to them. We'd take them back with my brothers of course.

I'll leave you with the memory of a breakfast one Sunday morning around the table in the kitchen.  Dad was a good cook by the way.  Anything I ever learned, I learned from him, and that includes cooking.  Anyway it was a pretty sunny day and we were to take brother Paul and his friend back up to Rhode Island to a Naval base where his destroyer was...the USS NK Perry.  I still remember its name.

Everyone sat down at the table and dug in.  Dad had served scrambled eggs and biscuits and preserves that morning.  We were tucking in really well into the second  generously sized portions.
My brother's friend stopped shoveling the eggs in for a moment and mentioned as politely as he could that there seemed to be a hair, short and stubby, in the eggs.  Dad said that it must be from the brains.  My brother's friend stopped eating and asked what did Dad mean?  Dad said something to the effect that "Oh, this are brains and eggs". He explained the the calf brains that had been parboiled, drained, diced, placed in the cast iron pan with shortening and diced onion, very lightly browned.. and added to a dozen eggs and cream and all of it scrambled.  Brother's friend said they sure were good...and he said that was obvious as he ate a huge helping and was on his second one.   He said that he would try to finish what was left in his plate.  He apologized, and said he couldn't.  Dad nor Paul nor I had thought a thing about it as we had that dish every once in a while.  It was normal to us.  Once I saw someone else's problem with the main ingredient, I too began to think it over.  I left off eating the eggs scrambled that way and dad quit making them.  But I recall as does that Navy pal who came along that they were good.  No two ways about it.   Next one if I do it, will be me as a very young girl, and a girl friend and it will pertain to what Pam's blog was this morning.  :-)  I likely did it already in MSNLive Spaces blogs. It was fun to remember.


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Dad's Birthday

It would have been Dad's birthday today, Sept. 1, if he was still with the family.   So, today, though my system is not used to fatty foods and the like...I went all the way to my Southern roots and made fried chicken, floured and fried in Crisco, with skin still on.  That makes the chicken extra moist and juicy and oh does it taste good.  (never eat it, and never cook with it..just this once)  It browns beautifully as well.  Just salt and pepper on it.  I did make the concession of checking its internal temp and after finding it done..I made the gravy.  Been YEARS since I made gravy like this..back to my roots.  Leave the pan drippings.  Make sure there is enough shortening/grease in there...brown those drippings more, add flour and stir rapidly making a roux.  Add water, stirring like crazy then,  add some milk..also stirring like crazy.  Salt and pepper.  Very plain, very delicious.    
ready to turn again...

I had the barest amount for supper.  Tummy isn't used to rich food any more.

  Dad would have wanted that chicken and gravy along with some quartered boiled potatoes richly adorned with butter, salt and pepper.  Or mashed with a masher...very buttery.  Some corn on the cob, some green beans cooked to death  with a piece of fat back,  a whole sliced perfect red tomato...a sliced cucumber, thinly sliced onions, with some oil and some vinegar atop it all.  Biscuits for the gravy.  Dessert was always a home made yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Also home made.

Who has had to give a pet gabapentin before before a trip to the vet?  Does it make the pet fall sleep?  100 mg? I hope not.