Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Day

I have a brand new grandson as of yesterday.  He took his time getting here but now he is, and he is as perfect and beautiful and gorgeous and angelic as any baby in the world...of course.  Oh what a love!  He will be one day old today,  closer to midnight tonight. Oh I am so happy I feel like Snoopy doing the Happy Dance!  If my ears could fly as his do, they would be.  So I am happy to be privileged to be a grandparent to this perfect tiny soul.  You already know how I feel about children of any age.  I consider them to be THE best gift we as humans are given.  No exception.

Happy Day to you all as well.  Thank you for letting me speak of him and my and his parents' intense love for him here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Long Time No See

Been busy as all of you are and  while Katie insists on keeping her blog up (to a point) I am not allowed to be the same.  Seriously though, I am extraordinarily busy with several things going on, not the least of which is my grandson will be born VERY soon.  He's a whopper too.  Over nine pounds! Can't wait to see him in person.  His last scan which was done because he is so large was to determine his weight which they can do within a few ounces.  He is over 9 pounds and his due date arrived already.  That scan (they do very few of them) showed him in two pictures.  One was him looking casual and about to put his great toe into his mouth.  The next one seconds (if!) later showed a very frustrated furrowed brow grumpy tiny face trying to get the toe into his mouth.  It was just at the start of its journey.  It was SO fun to see.  :-)

I have been keeping up with most of you.  If not here, then in Face Book those of you who are on it.  There are two pressing things going on and those will be finished soon.  The birth of the baby if the most important to us.  But I am keeping up with you.

Teacher son will be here for his Spring break so as to be able to enjoy the baby. Can't wait to see him as well.  These are dear times for all of us.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Strawberry Plant Flower

That is last years Strawberry blossom(s) and I did get me some strawberries from it.  I hope you like my picture.

Today was warm enough for me to change to shorts and a tank top in the house only.  I had both front and side doors opened, screens locked and luscious sunshine streaming in all day LONG!  I get one more day like that and then, back to rain.  That is the pattern here.  Two days of sun punishable by 7-9 days of rain and/or leaden overcast skies.

Lots of busies here for me.  Something I didn't expect came up and having to tend to that.  I will and see how I can make things work.

Think Spring and strawberries!  xox

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Come ona My House...

Now that's an invitation if I ever saw one.  Katie is showing you her new house  that she got for Christmas! AND her invitations are hard to come by so grab a couple of nip mouses and join her.  Or she will share hers.

Can you believe it?  No snow.  SUN!  And the last of the snow finally melted off my deck.  Today! For one reason, most of the year (when it is not snowing) we get rain.  SO much rain and so many cloudy days.  It didn't used to be that will till the past three years.  Weather patterns have changed whether we credit the reason or not.

Sitting about waiting on my hair to just magically decide it's beautiful and then I will go out.  Have to wait till about 1330.

I m sitting here eating Claussen's dill pickle spears.  I go on these "gotta have 'em" tangents every now and again and the time has come.

I broached a topic on FB yesterday about the horrendous heartbreaking pictures some people post.  They affect me deeply and I can't erase them from my mind; so as I go unsuspectingly through the time line, one of these horrors scroll by and I...others as well it seems...will carry that horror with my till I draw my last breath.  A person's pictures generally are seen by your friends.  Mine are anyway.  So you're not affecting or changing the world when you choose to try to make "people aware".  You're preaching to the choir.  You'd be better off taking ads out in local publications and publishing what you feel than harming others in a manner of speaking who are not culpable.  FB apparently has agreed that animal torture pictures are OK with them.  It doesn't go against their policy so I have read.

Off my soap box.  Sorry.

Monday, March 2, 2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy Day...er Night...er Day.

It was dim seeming in the hallway yesterday morning about 1100 as it was raining outside.  I came from my bedroom at the end of the hallway and as I passed though on my way to the living room.  My eye was caught by an image on the wainscoting brought about by the knots and burls designed into the wallboard, for the first time since the wainscoting was installed by yours truly years ago.

I saw a head!  Of course it's not a head.  Just a fluke of design.  I didn't see any others but I was too busy looking at and identifying any parts of a face I could find.

Here is a picture I took with the iPhone.  Then, here the picture again is with arrows applied pointing to the facial parts I fancied I saw.  How about you have a look at the first picture and see if you see what caught my eye as I hurried past the wall on my way through to the next room.

Let me know.  xxoo  Biggafy for a better view.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cocktail Parties...

Upscale dogs don't go to the dog park....