Sunday, March 15, 2015

Strawberry Plant Flower

That is last years Strawberry blossom(s) and I did get me some strawberries from it.  I hope you like my picture.

Today was warm enough for me to change to shorts and a tank top in the house only.  I had both front and side doors opened, screens locked and luscious sunshine streaming in all day LONG!  I get one more day like that and then, back to rain.  That is the pattern here.  Two days of sun punishable by 7-9 days of rain and/or leaden overcast skies.

Lots of busies here for me.  Something I didn't expect came up and having to tend to that.  I will and see how I can make things work.

Think Spring and strawberries!  xox


  1. Hi Sis!
    Your having beautiful strawberry in spring time in your home at front both side doors opened.
    Sunshine in all day but back to rain the puttern of about 9 days over cast shils. You dont expect come up tent your how make in spring time of strawberry!
    Our was we never has raining for long time 4 month more ?
    Sis,Katie,and Victoria,Victoria,

  2. I hope everything is okay. Please let me know. You are always in my prayers. Hugs.

  3. Happy Spring Sis.. enjoy the Sunny Days... keeping your cares away...yeah I remember that song.. nice here too but cooler the rest of the week. I am enjoying it .. our snow is GONE now. Take care Prayers always...

  4. This is such a pretty strawberry flower. When I was small, I tried to grow strawberry, too. They didn't grow as good as I wanted, but still it was fun!
    It's been very warm here, too. Enjoying sunshine as long as it's here :-)
    I hope you'll get things work out. Have a great new week!

  5. Lovely picture! We hope everything is ok at your end?!! xxxxx

  6. We had a forty degree cool about uninspiring! Fortunately it will warm up again. Not many flowers here to speak of but I saw eight Robins yesterday!

  7. That strawberry flower sure is pretty! We are glad you're getting some warmer weather to enjoy; hopefully those days will become more frequent.

    Purring and praying things work out with those busies.

  8. Very pretty little flower...we don't see many photos of strawberry blossoms.

    The other day, Ron made strawberry shortcake using what was probably the last of the Florida strawberries. Local strawberries don't appear until June (weather permitting).

  9. Gorgeous photo! And I'm glad you got some sun before the rain returned!

  10. You are an inspiration. I have passed an award to you. No obligation. Just know that you deserve it. Hug.