Monday, February 25, 2013

Blessings and Friends to be Grateful For

At last, after three weeks of being home here with me, my oldest has regained so much strength and the rest that he needs, that just one more small hurdle to come and he will go back to his place.  Right now he will work from home (here) which pleases him no end..he was chaffing at the bit to do so.

His boss, owner of the Company he works for and his wife came over last evening and stayed several hours.  I enjoyed that visit as much as my son did.  We all had a great time.  I just served fresh coffee and some Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies.  I LOVE those things.  They did too.

But after some business talk the rest was all just relaxing talk and laughing.  He has his laptop here, my son does but he needs an extra keyboard and monitor to start his work so that will be delivered very soon.  I have a table set up for him in his room he's using while here.

My friends, you have been exceeding kind to me these past three months and patient while my boy and I have trod this thorny and troublesome path together...shoulder to shoulder, liberally moistened with my tears and sweetened with my prayers.  This is what love truly is.  Being willing to take the bullet, the disease, the hurt and the treatment-- just to take it from your child or any loved one and them having to bear it.  You would willingly assume anything to make it better for them.  Nothing is too much, nothing is too hard.  I always said that being a mom is the richest gift The Lord has ever given me and a gift I give thanks for every day of my life.  Now I can show that love by putting my words to work.  :-)

Things are getting much more relaxed now and I should finally be able to visit more.  I know I have said that but then, another complication that was serious came.  Now that is conquered so we go on.



Yesterday afternoon at the Marina...

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Amazing how time flies when you are so busy you can scarcely draw a breath when you are still and quiet--- unless your are preparing to sleep at night.  My breaths are all drawn while constantly moving and doing.  That's alright.  I was blessed to be able to do it.  :-)

Here the weather is a revolving array of surprises.  Some (very little) sun, too much rain, too warm and up to 60 a few times, bitterly cold as it should be in between those times, snow, early Spring growth and then more snow or snow showers.  We had one ice storm so far.  I sincerely hope that is IT! on those.

Katie, my Tuxie kitty loves her human brother and has truly been an able nurse since he arrived here last Sunday.  She checks on him in the bed, she watches as he has his physical therapy, she brings her (truly she does) FAVORITE toys in the night.  One night it was her (stuffed)  Lion...the next night her (stuffed) Donkey.  She even brought her crinkle stuffy, a Kickaroo.  She sits at his feet to watch his progress on physical therapy as he regains his normal strength.  He can't do any better than that for encouragement.

I want to thank you again for coming by to check on me during these several months.  I never dreamed that this much time would elapse before things were progressed enough to start some strength therapy for him, but that is what we have been doing as we progress.  Someday soon all will be as it was before.

I so hope all is alright with you all.  Miss you and I wish and hope for some free time to be able to read all of the blogs again and comment as I really want to do.

I got this off of Yahoo News page a week ago.  It is a view from the space station looking onto Earth and our moon.  Isn't it glorious?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

State Trooper

So, I am in a public transportation vehicle with my son coming back from an appointment in the big city.  I hear the horn of our big van being blown.  It's our young driver blowing the van's horn.  I hear him do that again and finally I saw there was a Jeep along side.  Our van surged forward a bit and I saw the driver and why our van driver was blowing the horn and using his hands in a sort of typing motion.

In the farthest left lane against the concrete barrier on the Interstate was a State Trooper busily TEXTING away with BOTH hands, steering with his elbows.  Yup.  It's true.  Our driver was gesturing to the Trooper that he could see the Trooper texting illegally.  The trooper sped up in his "I will catch you all out here doing something wrong because I am in an old beat up Jeep and you'll never know it's Police behind you".  That was just wrong!  Texting away with his eyes on the phone and steering that near to people and the barrier.

I am exhausted and my back is killing me but I wouldn't have it any other way.  <3<3<3

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Guys, my son is finally home and this is the first really normal day for him.  He'll be here for awhile transitioning but then, he will go to his own place.  I am so glad.  So relieved. It's all over but the small things which he will get to each in its turn.

All of you who thought about us..prayed for us and who cared, my ever lasting sincere thank yous.  From my son as well.  We both needed every one of you who helped in that way.  We  had our backs to the wall.  You kept us from staying there.

He had 9 visitors here this afternoon in my wee living room.  We all laughed, had a great time the entire hour or so and it was the best day of either of us's recent memories.  Friends are just like gold.  They came with fresh baked and FROSTED pumpkin bread...puppy mix (oh, to die for!), "chex" mix, a huge container of home made veggy soup!!! Cookies and cornbread.