Sunday, December 31, 2017

AT LAST!!! And Happy New Year too.

I have been unable to log into the blog for weeks.  That goes along with the inability to comment from accounts onto Word Press blogs except the paid-for ones.  FINALLY I was able to get in and change passwords here.  Whew.  Welcome home to ME!

Happy New Year to you all.  My year is ending sadly as my brother passed away two days after Christmas.  I (and my sons and family) will go to his services when they are ready there.  Over the mountains to SC so I hope there is no snow.  Waiting to hear from my niece.   Love my brother very much.  Both brothers are now gone.  My immediate family via my mother and dad are all passed on now. One does feel alone.  Of course I have my own family but my brothers and parents are gone.  

It is cold cold cold.  Will be the single digits in temps during the week, and not up to freezing for the high.  I have stopped my outdoor walks the day after Christmas as it is too brutally cold especially with the breeze blowing.  After this next week perhaps the temps will moderate somewhat.

We had a great Christmas.  Christmas eve we went for dinner and gift exchange at my married sons home with his wife and child.  We had a wonderful time and tried not to eat into a comatose state!  Christmas day, just my other two sons and me were here at the house and we exchanged our gifts one with the other and went out to a good hotel for Christmas brunch.  Beautiful day...sunny and cold.

this was in Consumer Reports.  

wish this were me right now..I am that sleepy.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Those Stores I Go To.

Ackshully, those stores I go to...there are two in Charlotte NC  that I love and show things fromhere in the blog...are huge.  I thought I would mention a few things because I haven't in other blogs where I show what I buy or what I enjoy seeing.

They are as large as the so-called big box stores.. and all consignment goods.  Usually somewhat high end.  Especially the furniture.  No clothing, no five and dime type things.   I never take  pictures of the furniture as it does not interest me.  I couldn't afford toby any, any anyway.  There are china cabinets for several thousands..bedroom ensembles for more than that, and desks to make you wish you could have them.  All manner of things, even paintings; and as John said in the last blog, they take you back in time when they have the old old antique things as those flat irons and gas stoves I have shown.  I ought to take a 10 second  panorama video to show how large.

They aren't pawn shops nor thrift stores...just consignment.

Wish you could come along.  I look forward to those stores each visit there !

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Still Loving Those Consignment Shops.

I found he is not for sale...

wonder if these were a bad safety hazard?

Maybe Blues Brothers

Jeep Grills?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Been so NICE!

Goodness.  It has been perfect weather.   At least it has been for me.  Cold in the mornings requiring a light jacket and gloves for awhile while walking.  NO sweating as in the summer with sun blazing and humidity settled in, no matter that you tried to get there at 8-8:30.  I love not having the back of my thick hair all wringing wet when I go home.

There has been sun each day!  Gosh, what's sun in this sunless cloudy and rainy land?  We got the sun and have had all the sun all week so far.  Makes walking all the more pleasant.  You appreciate sun when you can get it.

Got my daily step count in all four days this week.   Went out to eat supper with a friend last evening and there went any efforts to keep the calorie count down.  I had a baked potato with butter on the side (I barely used any), broccoli and a child's portion of chicken fingers.  That's where it all went to pieces.  They are so full of calories and sodium.  BUT I only do that once in a while.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Last Week

Last of the fabulous days before 7 days of incessant rain, heat and humidity that was unbelievable.

The past three days have been nice again , with very little humidity and about 55-60 degrees at night.

Here was part of my walk before the horrible weather started again.

See you over at your place.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Looky Looky

I captured a cloud Hummingbird!  Wanna see?  The wings sweep back...the long beak is at 9 o'clock...the tail streams backward as expected.  That lower right hand side wing will clip that tree.  He'd better be careful.  I don't have to feed him or her.  Speaking of that, I do believe my hummers are gone now until next Spring, in April.  I will leave their food up and change it as a matter of fact this very day to keep it fresh for any weary travelers making their way back to their over wintering grounds.

They do remember where they get food, if they are "your" hummingbirds used to eating here even if it's just a stop off  at the restaurant of Chez Katie's Mommy Cafe.  Best nectar around.  Home made meals on the menu every time!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of Those Gorgeous Days

Oh it is so gorgeous looking out there.  Deep blue sky as is traditional for an October day.  October is an always beautiful month.    There are puffy fluffy cumulus clouds highlighting the deep blue.  The sun is shining and it is hot, humid and I just decided to give up walking today.  By the time I got back from The Big City, I had to fix lunch, do a few other things and's even more humid.  Just got my hair done yesterday and don't want to sweat up my scalp!  Yuk.  When you get you roots done, you don't wash out all that good work so quickly.  Best to wait 24 to 48 hours.

I had James and my DIL here Tuesday.  What fun.  We took him to a park that is equipped with  baby and toddler things on the playground ---and he wore himself out. I had left my phone in her car so I didn't get any pictures to remember the day by.  That will teach me.

Don't have a thing to say really.  It's just been so long.  Friday the oldest son (and I) will see his Dr. and see how things are.  Saturday, we will be at one of my son's home to celebrate an upcoming birthday of mine.  I asked for yellow cake with chocolate icing.  There WILL be sparks flying off my fork as I hardly ever get anything good to eat most particularly after the surgery I had two years ago. So I will lay my face down in the cake with my mouth wide open when I see it!  NOMMY!  Well, I will WANT to, but of course I will not.   It will be an early celebration as the actual day is on a work day, so we are commandeering one of the weekend days.

Wish you could be here Saturday to have some cake and ice-cream and a good lunch too.  We've all been friends a long time haven't we?  Some have quit blogging and I am so sorry that happened.  Some just lost interest in my nattering on I suppose so I don't see them any longer.  That is always sad.

my front yard

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Busy Spider

I was out mighty early in the morning these past several days except yesterday, when it rained hard enough to break concrete just about, and there was accompanying thunder and lightening aplenty.  Copious amounts!  ALL day.  But Monday morning when I was walking I found this well built home suspended on a pedestrian bridge over a creek.  The builder was off on business, so I didn't capture his portrait.   I have posted that accomplishment as my header picture for right now.  The dew was still on the mean the webs.

Today I was out in the same park and glanced up at the sky and saw my favorite clouds.  THIS time they did not herald the ever lasting rain.  They heralded the end of the constant least for a while.  It's the "Mackerel sky, soon wet or dry" come to life.  That old saying is true every time.  If it is dry and they show will rain sure as shootin'.  If it has been raining hard for a time..they show up...dry blue skies, coming right up.  We only get about 100 days of sun here out of the year.  They rest is rain or sunless overcast.

I will head out there again in the morning early.  It's getting quite cool in the mornings now,  at mid 50's to mid 60's.  I like to take advantage of that.  There are plenty of dogs and their parents out there too.  But they are leashed thank goodness.  Some of the owners do the right thing and carry bags.  Not all, but some.  It's a shame to not be able to walk in the grass in such a huge park though. To do so is asking for trouble.

Katie's brother will come home tomorrow.  Her human brother that is.  She will be so happy!  He was here the very first day  that she came home with me.  Just worked out that way.  And they bonded as much as she and I have.

Do you know any old sayings that you have found to be true too?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Would Enjoy Knowing

Guys, I have never seen a total complete eclipse in my life until August 22 just passed.  Partials, to one degree or another but this is my first total eclipse.

What I would enjoy knowing is: How many of you have experienced the phenomena that followed in the seconds following the eclipse ending and sun starting to show; even if the sun peeking out was no wider than a hair's width when it started to show.

What am I speaking of?  Shadow bands.  I had stopped looking at the sun as the total eclipse was ended.  I happened to glance down at the ground and it was just wondrous to see.  There were others standing in their yards and I exclaimed "What in the world is THAT"? They all said that was what they were asking too! I did not know then that the phenomena I saw was called Shadow Bands.  Here is a link telling you briefly what they are.  I'm not referring to crescent shapes through leaves or pinholes.  I mean bands...

The undulating fairly even bands of dark gray and off white raced at high speed up the street covering everything..not just the street but all of us standing out and all over the ground.  I have never seen anything like it of course.  When I wrote on the Face Book television page of my favorite Weather Man ever, Matt Hinken, he answered within 20 minutes telling me that the shadow bands are a "following a total eclipse" happening.  I looked shadow bands u, and read several other sources as well.  I felt so enriched by seeing the eclipse and the shadow bands.  A once in a life time event for me unless I were wealthy and followed eclipses over the world by traveling to them.  No one really knows why the bands occur or what causes them other than saying an eclipse ending causes them.  In other words, they are pretty much a mystery.

Who else has ever noticed them ever after a total eclipse?

Monday, August 21, 2017

OH MY GOODNESS! Eclipse Day 2017 in Totality for us.

Oh guys, it was thrilling.  I have seen a few good partial eclipses (is that the plural?) but not a total as far as I can recall.  This one was worth roasting in the sun, heat and humidity for.

I did not think to get a solar filter for my DSLR.  I have a great tripod and could have done everything but I never thought to get a solar filter.  Son did, and his wife took some pictures of his view finder during various stages with her iPhone.   I have nothing but pics inside the house of what Katie saw while I was out there in total darkness.  Street lights came on of course,  Night bugs were darkness.  Our totality only lasted like 28 seconds but that sure worked for me.  It was beyond thrilling.  Everything was quiet except one tom fool  dog barking his teeth out of his head.

Maybe 10 min before totality

Kitchen just after we came out of totality.

Living room..there was a finger nail sized sliver of sun coming out the other side.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gasp! I Couldn't be Getting Older?

My knee.  Oh my knee.

Seriously though, I have a new- to- me car and the seat fits me a bit differently than my other car.  Hence on my long trip to and from seeing my boy over the mountains, the back of my right knee was under too much pressure I suppose.  I did get out two times to get coffee along the way but I must have been sitting "just right" to cause an injury.  Older?  Who, me?  Me?  Nah...just a co-inkydink.

I got home Sunday evening and the next morning, yesterday, I woke with a swollen knee, painful to walk on with the back of the knee most affected.  Don't know what to do for it , and I had hopes that today would be better.  It is somewhat but still, while not as swollen, has an uneasy feeling in it.

I had a wonderful time while there though it rained like a waterfall the trip down and the entire time I was there.  That was of no consequence as I got to see my boy.  He drove me around to my various places but this time, nothing appealed to me so I sure saved $$$.

We got to visit a friend of his whose cat just  turned one year old Saturday.  So we brought him, Joey, some presents.  He LOVED them.  Including the bag as you can see.

Bustin' out!

Of course it fits!

Eye see you!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Gorgeous Days

Yesterday was a day that was so perfect in weather that nothing could be better.  It was 60 over night and in the morning at rising time.  It stayed wonderful like that the entire day except the temperature rose to 80.  But the humidity was 37% for goodness sake!  It was like walking in a perfect world.  I had welcome company in the morning till after lunchtime and I started my walk immediately they left.  That was close to 1300.

I loved every second of it.  Cool, breezy and such low humidity it was amazing  When I got home, after doing some cleaning up I gathered the market umbrella, and went out to the deck.  I uncovered the little bistro set and put the brelly up..sat down and man alive, it was glorious.  Breeze...hummingbirds right there within a few feet.  A bottle of water, my supper, and a magazine.  I took pictures of the birds but did not have the DSLR out.  I just didn't care so I used my phone.  Not good pictures but this timeI was uncaring of that, and I was enjoying the totally absolutely brilliant, perfect evening. (as was the entire day).

Today I got out for a walk early...well 9 was the time which wasn't early but better than afternoon.  Again, no humidity and the temperature was the same.  I do believe it will be that way tomorrow too.

By the way, someone felt entitled to criticize me on FB day before yesterday regarding my car and the phone problem.  It amazes me how someone can feel entitled to tell you off.  They "read" something else into it that did not happen and decided to let me have it.  I deleted it the mean spirited comment.

Meanwhile after the lawn mowers are finished and I bring Mike back into the drive way, I will enjoy another glorious evening out there with the hummingbirds.

Below is my walk today.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tell Ya What!

Me and that phone and that car are gonna go round and round the next time they smart off at me.  Either one of them.  I said in FB a while ago that even though I threatened untold reprisals to the iPhone, it persisted in its single minded task to thwart me at all turns.   I think it laughed because it knew I was uttering an idle threat.  It knew full well there was nothing I could do on my own.

I paired it with the new car myself successfully by following directions. The fight and wrangling between us, the car, me and the iphone occurred when, with no directions or experience whatsoever, I thought that pairing was all I had to do.  I did not know that there were/are ways to make a call or communicate with others.  I had accidentally turned the radio at first  
on by a flick of my thumbnail on the steering wheel controls while reaching to brush my bangs back.  That was the beginning of a never-win situation for me as audio was then enabled. I turned the radio off. Suddenly... the iPhone's music started up the next time I turned on the ignition and it played the same song over and over and over.

The iPhone and car conspired to keep me from calling my son either manually using my phone, or thru the blue tooth enabled phone/car to tell him I was waiting for him.  We,Siri and I, exchanged heated words.  I had to pull over to wrest back some semblance of control and finally make the call.  Before the new car,  I just said Call whomever and Siri accomplished the call.  But now....oh noooooo.

It's not intuitive, the car's ways of doing things.  I actually need someone to show me.  That's not happening, so I may un-pair the phone and just go on about my business.

Me 0
Car & Phone 5

Here is that mean natured partner- in -crime to the phone!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hot Hot Hot

Guys, it's hotter'n whodunnit out there with 102-105 heat indices.  Others have it worse so while I am complaining, I'll keep it down some.

I have my new-to-me- car now,  Brought it home yesterday afternoon.  I have had a few short to- the- store type trips in it after my return from the big city as I call it, with the new car.  It is a male..and the name is Micah.  Mike for short.  His color is black but they call it mica because of the subtle spark of gleam in the paint.

Hey, after driving my 2004 Corolla for so long, this guy, a 2 year old one, is like the lap of luxury to me.  Has so many bells and whistles that I have been glued to the owners manual trying to figure some of the things out.  One thing that I was sent a video about from one of my kids is how to pair the blue tooth and my phone.  And how else to get it up and rolling.  Believe t or not, I want to hear my very rich music on the speakers in the car.  I can talk at home...I want my own music in the car for entertainment. CD's get bulky though some are in there already.

Have to say Mike looks pretty tuff what with his totally black self.  Not any shine at all anywhere.  Grill, door handles, you name

I had to look up how in the world to do the trip meter.  Sheesh.  With Miyuki, my Corolla S, it was push the button to cancel, zero it out in other words, and start again.  This thing...sheessh!

I have come onto the century I'm in.  No more simple things.

I haven't had clear coat in so long I no longer can think what to wash this car with...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Good Grief # 15

Good Grief.  It's summer so no surprise that the heat index will be upward to 105 degrees F. today.  That's 40.55 for those who use Celsius.

Needless to state, I will not be awalkin' today.  I could leave this second, but I'm not ready.  Face washing, dressing, can't leave without making the bed, and so on to do,  By the time I get out, it will be in the 80's.  While that's not hot, it IS humid.  Miserable.  Needless to say the more I hang here pounding the keyboard, the later it will be.  Gotta fix breakfast for Katie's favorite brother anyway.  He's here visiting till tomorrow morning. He'll have bacon and eggs.  If you smell that bacon cooking, come  on over.  I have plenty more for you.  AND a big enough dining table to fit a few of you.  Be my pleasure.  I'll get dressed first, so don't worry!  :-)

I wonder what car I may come home with tomorrow if all goes well enough?  I saw one at the dealership on-line.  The price is OK, kinda sorta...and their internet prices are lower than the walk in and look around ones.   My present vehicle is getting on to 14 years old.  But still is good looking except for bumps and bruises, and the clear coat is long gone.  I'm responsible for two of the small bumps (only have small bumps) and others are responsible for whatever is left.  However the a/c is intermittent and that ain't gonna work.  Car has a not-too-bad 128,000 miles on it.  Been well maintained but I am not willing to spend money and time on a paint job and air conditioner work along with replacing the insulation or whatever it is around all the doors and moon roof to reduce the considerable cabin noise.  I should have done that repair/refurbishment 50 thousand miles ago.  It's been a loud ride always, but much worse as it got older.   I'll be fortunate to get enough for sales tax on a newer vehicle in trade in, for mine.

The car I looked at is black and I don't care for those because they absorb heat more and show road dirt more.  And no one has more pollen I swear than this region.

My vehicles are always male or female.  The one I presently have is called Miyuki and she is a girl car. Don't know what I will come away with at the dealership but I am pretty sure the one I am going to see--- if it is still there--- is a male car.  Not sure of a name.  It will come to me.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wonderful To Be Grateful.

I got to go for a good, decently paced walkie this morning.   The temp was 74 F but the humidity was not 100% as it was last walk I took.  That was a misery then as I was soaked with perspiration top to bottom.  Not so today for which I was grateful.

But that is not why I have that title up there today.  It is there because, as my dear friend Karen put it-tomorrow is my "re-birthday".

Two years ago on July 17th, I had critical heart surgery.  It was a very difficult for the surgeon type surgery and I am grateful to God for Him getting us, the surgeon and I, through it.   My recovery was said to be "picture perfect" though I did not know that. Looking back and even to this day, it was every bit that.

So I am starting a celebration of my re-birthday that I have been given, for I would have not been here much longer the Dr. told me afterward.  In a manner of speaking, I have gone from 0 to 60 in the six hours of surgery after recovery.

For those friends and blog family that stayed with me and cared, I am deeply grateful.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Good Day Without RAIN.

I was out of the door by just after eight today for a walk in slightly cooler NO rain weather.

I enjoying finding all of the toy surprises when I got back home in differing places done by a "flying through the house" Katie.  I videoed her toy placements this time and her duckie was next to the water dish this time.  She always has a great time the minute I leave in mornings.  She even raids her toy basket and brings out some of those.  I vacuumed early evening yesterday.  Carpet looked good.  When I got home this morning, there wasn't a square inch of caret without her foot prints deeply imprinted and dug in with the speed she generated as she raced though the house and returned to bring out her toys to see what she did. .

Nothing pretty or even there as for as flowers are concerned this morning.  Generally speaking I just have my phone with me but I had had some decent photos through it this past month. The DSLR is large, heavy and it rides along with me in the car in a "Glass Taxi" with the accompanying lenses etc.  Only take it when I am going somewhere that there will not be a lot of extra walking.

I was looking out of the screened window in my room while making the bed last weekend when some men apparently enlisted by the woman next door set about taking the old thoroughly rotted deck down.  It had slipped downward on one side badly, and it was hanging on one side a good two feet down ready to completely collapse.  I got to the window to watch when an older man, very thin I will add, was engaged in power sawing the support leg of the deck that was up against the house.

He succeeded and the deck fell onto his back, knocked him down of course and sent him rolling down the hill.  I was going to call 911 when another man appeared and walked to him apparently asking if he was OK.  He made a dismissive gesture and continued working.  He was stumbling and having a hard time but would not admit, I guess, what happened.  After a week they came back yesterday and the old man was not along with them.  He did raise his shirt a few hours later that day for the other guy to see his back.  I caught a glimpse of fiery red.

He must be inexperienced to have sawn the leg off that was holding the rotted deck up..though it had fallen downward several feet hanging by the proverbial thread.  Poor guy.

That's the fallen deck.  The man was under it and was knocked down.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Family First

My son is in Iceland presently with his best friends.   He posted a picture in Face Book of a family first for us.   He actually caught a fish.  A cod fish.  The first family member to ever catch a fish.

As a child all I ever got were snapping turtles.  Just time after time.  Dad couldn't take me very often so the opportunity to try again in a better place just never happened.  Through time I have occasionally thought to go fishing, but thinking  about where I supposed to go for the will I learn to use a fishing rod,  where to go...all that just caused me to put it on the back burner.  Over and over.  BUT someone in the family finally caught one.  The look on his face as he holds up the fish  in that picture is  delightful.

Made my morning.  And speaking of which, I need to get going and head out.  Nothing exciting.  I need bread.  I will take the camera...just in case.

Happy Sunday to you all.  🌼

Friday, June 30, 2017

Man. The fun Never Stops

Wellsir, I was on my way home a few hours ago.  Just got off the main four lane road and turned into the meandering road up to my home.  There was a combo quicky mart and gas station on the corner I turned.

I heard loud LOUD revving of a probably 4 cylinder engine car's motor.  My eye followed where the sound came from and it was someone in a very darkly tinted windowed little compact vehicle.  White, gewgaws and furbelows all attached to the body, darkly tinted windows as well, and revving to beat the band with it singer sewing machine engine and its poor mufflers tricked out to make that extremely loud ear-bustin' high pitched whine as they speed on by at whatever revs they can muster.  Loud mufflers/exhaust always make up for a small engine don'tcha know?

So, I had that internal warning  in my head that said "watch it, girl"!  Sure enough--- instead of stopping before leaving the parking lot, he/she gathered himself and sped out of the parking lot right at my passenger side.  Anticipation helped me to slow even more (after all, I had only just turned the corner) and I had to veer over into the other lane to its the sidewalk to avoid him colliding with me.

He/she/it sharply turned away from collision at the first blasts I issued from my horn.  I checked, and saw I could get back to my side of the road again after being run off i by this jerk.

I blew that horn.  I continued blowing it.  I blew it all the way up the road behind him...he/she turned at the nearest opportunity and I blew some MORE.  I am not anywhere near a softie as those who know me I was debating whether to follow him, take a pic of his license plate, generally be obnoxious but, I did not.  I went on home.  Besides, I had HER waiting for me.

Glad I wear a Fitbit.  Heart rate got to 90.  Heeehehe.

Monday, June 26, 2017


I cut the cord with C-o-m-c-a-s-t and no longer have their bundle of services.  It was just under by 6 dollars, $200.00 a MONTH for just internet, phone and TV and all their add on fees and "taxes".  TV was basic.  No geegaws, no extras, no on demands, no nothing.  Just plain everyday channels.  Of which I watched three of them.  $200.00 a month.  Times that by 12, and I got to pay $2400.00 a YEAR for that.  And the price kept rising at least once a year...creeping up and up.  So, I asked for a break and they didn't give me one.  They had, a few years previous and I guess that was the only bone they were going to throw me.

I do have internet by them, and it is very high speed and high in cost too. But at least it isn't nigh onto $200.00 a month.  All this to say that as a consequence, I no longer have a landline.  I have my cell and a VOIP phone. So, I had to cut my alarm service off as it needs a landline to function.  I have skated by a month  but needed to re-start with another company.  I have a new style now and I am very pleased.

My new system will be installed in 24 hours hence.  Everything costs money doesn't it?  (That was a newsflash wasn't it)?

These lilies are here to illustrate that you don't have to be a celebrity or rich to be beautiful in the flower or in our world.  Look at these lovely ones.   They are so-called common flowers, not the ones I usually photograph but they deserve to be shown off just as much as any "fancy" flower.  I still can't get over all the colors on that hydrangea bush!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oh Wow, How Embarrassing Sorta Kinda

Well, me, my daughter-in-law and my grandson were all in a big mall yesterday.  I wanted to stop by M.A.C for lipstick before going to Pandora and then we'd have lunch.  Stopped at M.A.C and the associates were very busy.  No use standing there especially with a very active two year old toddler so we went on to Pandora where it too was busier than hen's teeth.  SO...we went on the the food court and had lunch.  A Philly cheese steak but with chicken. Surprisingly good.  After that, we headed back to see if things had calmed down.

I stopped at the makeup counter as we made our way from lunch,  and started telling the ladies about the lipstick color I wanted and its name.  They could not find it and went through a lot of trouble for me.   I went through all kinds of talk describing the shade I wanted.  They kept looking for it sure they'd find it.   Daughter-in-law said "Don't you want to be at M.A.C. counter"?  I said "yes" and she pointed to the Lancome  sign.  Oh how embarrassing and how funny.  I laughed so hard and apologized for the trouble I put them through.  M.A.C.was next door to them so I squirmed off in that direction and got my lipstick.  I see the price went up to $18.00 a tube instead of the $14.00 I was used to!  I may have to re-think my lipstick. It was embarrassing but I am still laughing.

Got a new charm for my Pandora bracelet that one of my sons started for me.  This one is starry sky..there are three varieties of that charm.  I chose the one consisting of two parts,  a gorgeous shade of blue disc as a background for sparkling stars that will overlay the disc.

It's raining again...sigh....


Thursday, June 15, 2017


You know, sometimes these days, I get the feeling I am still asleep.  Definitely not awake as I don't recognize  anything.  Perhaps I will wake up and smell the coffee one day.

I've started walking again.  Dr. said if my Achilles tendon does not bother me overly much,  just go for it.  I have bursitis in that tendon now.  Have had for some time, but I made it worse with the too tight grip of a heel strap on a new pair of sandals.  I did that to myself.  AND learned a valuable lesson as so many are learned...too late.  😱

I have been trying to force myself to get into the bathroom linen closet and clean off that third shelf.  I have a gigantic rag pile festering there consisting of clean but horrible looking and in bad shape pajamas and night gowns, and with some house cleaning type old dead towels thrown in. I haul those out for cleaning the bathtub as they are so soft.  They sure don't make towels like they used to.  These are wedding gifts to me. Pretty darned old. They look horrible and they are ratty, have some  holes here and there but they are still usable as cleaning things.  They have lasted forEVER!  One could also use them (one of my sons does this) for a towel to dry his head after shower and shampoo.  I doubt any I have in there the past ten years would survive as well.

I got a kick out of this!  Ah...the "cone of shame".....

pee ess:  That picture in the header is a Coneflower and a bee of course with lots of pollen on his britches.  I got that at a place near home here.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

How Wierd!

What is up with such and such company? I can't say who they are,  they'd probably sue me.   I sent a couple of lines to their contact us area on their website asking if they would consider a twist cap instead of a cap requiring you to use thumb and finger on certain spots on the cap, squeezing moderately hard and the hopes of getting the cap off.

I wrote that I understood the instructions and used them repeatedly, but that I could not get the cap off and that it had happened I couldn't  through the last several years a number of times.  I said I liked the product but oftentimes could not get the cap off.

They replied by, what else, giving me the exact instructions I had just written that I had followed.  So I got a form reply.  I asked again.  They started getting odd about it all and asked me to mail it to them.  No way am I mailing a product to them at my expense and trouble AND what's more,  they didn't answer my simple question i.e. would you consider a twist cap.  I threw the item away and gave up getting an answer to my question.  THEN...believe it or not..out of the blue, they asked for my MEDICAL RECORDS!  I wouldn't do that under any circumstances, but can you imagine the amazing nerve of them asking for them simply because I asked if they would consider going to a twist cap????  Or for that matter the nerve of asking for ANY reason? I wrote them with the one word..."STOP".

I am getting a new fridge June 2 I hope.  The defrost stopped working.  It's pretty decrepit anyway as they sure don't build them as well as they used to.  This one was bought in 2002.  Fifteen years isn't very much. I took everything off of it and from the top and I like seeing the uncluttered  look so much I think I will not have anything on the new one.  I am a person who has no stacks of anything anywhere in my house on any surface except the computer desk...some on it.  I don't care for that look of piles of paper stuff. No papers, bills, mail, magazines, stuff lined up on tables, decorations, you name it..I ain't got it.  The living room tables are free of anything.  Having kids growing up took away any propensity I may have once had (I  didn't have it...just never acquired the clutter habit). (BUT DON'T LOOK IN ANY CLOSET!  Oh my cod!)

Well, time to keep cleaning and then, my workout.  See ya later!

Friday, May 19, 2017


Still on the quest to find wildflowers of more than two or three varieties.  I used to be able to go to the arboretum and find them but the past five years has seen only columbine and coreopsis planted there for the visitors to enjoy.  Used to be many varieties there to enjoy.  There were bee magnets as well and I could always be among them and ask them to pose.  (kidding, but they always did if I waited long enough for them to sit for the few seconds it took me to focus).

Now,  just two or three varieties.  Oh, and some indigo as well.  Here's the indigo.  Very small blooms, as like a sweet pea in size maybe.  I deleted all but this one because I didn't want to display them,  But for identification sake I saved this one.   Not a good looking shot for you at all.  And it's out of focus too. That's why I deleted them.

  And wild geranium.  I put that picture in my Flickr page---the wild geranium.  And a columbine.  I have that in Flickr and on FB.  Maybe cone flowers will bloom out later and I can get some bees that way.  They have planted their so-called butterfly way station but ain't nothin' bloomin' . So getting butterflies isn't going to be easy.  Maybe in a few weeks.  Very little there.  I was talking to a business man who is a friend too and he said "so it isn't just me" when I said how few flowers were there.  Now one could always volunteer and do that work.  BUT it is too much for me.  I'm just gonna sit back and complain. 

Just stopping by.  xxx

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all moms and dads as well who care for and are or have been rearing their families. This includes foster parents, and to those pet parents who make such a difference in the lives entrusted to their care.  Without you, their innocent lives would be so different.

I am, as I always am, so grateful for the overwhelming (I mean that word fully) privilege of being a mom.  There IS no greater privilege.  I was allowed to have three sons who have given my life meaning and responsibility that I otherwise would not have had.  And most of all, the privilege I spoke of.

The gift of each son was more than any other treasure available here on this earth could ever equal.  This gift is not surpassable.

And Happy Mother's Day to the fathers who have reared their child themselves.

 As a mom who has had that honor, I know what love and dedication that takes.  Blessings to each and all today.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

There Are Times I Wish I DID Have Beans in My Ears...

When I go into a store...department store, drug store, grocery store I have started to hope I won't be subject to shrill whistling by the clerk.  Just whistling a tune or making noise...all high pitched and piercing.  Usually women.  Don't know any men so far who seem to do that at their station behind the cash register.

Then ya got'cher  folks, always women so far, who feel the need to free that song they have within themselves while you are  standing at the register or waiting to get there.  One in particular was singing along with the music piped through the drug store a few days ago. Oh my ears.  Um, no.  Please.  Stop.   The humming folks are just as awful to be next to or work with. (I have had this experience.  She was doing it to annoy the other three persons and myself).  (It worked! whattaya know)?

And how are you ladies able (only women so far in my experience) to pop your gum loud enough to the point of sounding like a pistol shot?  Captive audience here in the line...please stop.

These behaviors can also take place where you work, and it is difficult to endure hours each day as frequently you must.

I have hoped to escape those behaviors since I was a kid--- so ain't nothing new.  So far, no luck but at least I can walk away.  And do.

Friday, May 5, 2017

WOW! It Sure Has Changed

Guys...Ladies, (and children of all ages?) I was going through a site where I found a lot of old or I could say vintage patterns for sale.  '50's, 60's and 70's.  LOOK at the sizing.

Pattern:  Vogue 4092 - Vogue Special Design
Description:  Lovely fitted suit with sleeveless blouse.  
Date:  1960

Size:  10 - Bust 31 - Hip 33   Now THIS sizing was 1960.  

That would be a so-called size 0 now.

 A  used -to -be size 12--- before the manufacturers started the "vanity sizing" for all the folks who had gained weight was 34- 23- 34. The manufacturers got together and started the revised vanity sizing so that a size 20 lady could pick a size 12 off the rack and it would fit since the dimensions had been greatly enlarged.  This was so they wouldn't be embarrassed to go pick a large sized dress off the rack.  A so-called size 12 in today's sizing is ginormous.  I know because I wear that size, and trust me...I could never fit into a "back in day"  size 12. 

Just was aghast at the difference.  I don't think I could diet to those measurements of the days of yore. 😩  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Five Minutes to work on a Task? HA!

I decided to put that "just do an unpleasant task for 5 minutes by timer and quit when it goes off.  Next day, do that again till it's finished".   Two days ago I put it into action.  No timer though, but I did quit after a few minutes.  Thing is, I was indeed finished within about 8 minutes.  Very nice and I rested on my laurels newly earned.

Yesterday, I took all the frozen foods out of the freezer, threw away very little I was surprised to see, and re-organized the freezer which it needed terribly.  NOW I can see what I have.   Today, I was in Hobby Lobby and found two little storage things for my desk top in the kitchen.  I had to go through everything piled up there and file, throw away or whatever.  That whole task was time consuming.  No five minutes there.  A good half hour or better--- but it got done.

Glutton for punishment I am, because then I came in with a bag and emptied the shredder.  It's in a tight place  and no matter how careful I am, there is a mess of shreds on the carpet after lifting the cutter. Dumped out the stuff, cleaned up the mess, shredded what was waiting and voila...another odious task done.

The junk drawer is in desperate need as is the desk drawer.  OH!  Woe is me.  Shall  I do it today?  Nope.  Suffered enough.

Did you know that NO one knows how to drive?  I have been in a car as passenger quite a few times being hauled in to work as I could not get down off my hill or out of my upward sloping driveway with snow/ice etc.  A Z28 doesn't/didn't help.  (now I have a Toyota Corolla just to be clear).  So, on the way to or from work or just anywhere in general I would hear from various people "These idiots just don't know how to drive"!!! I inferred that the driver in each case was the only individual who DID know how to drive.  I knew I didn't know how to drive obviously  as I was asking for a ride, right?  Anyhoo, each driver has declared that the rest of the folks out there are idiots and simply don't know how to drive.  They made awful mistakes and caused the driver trouble.  Like the ones who creep up a hill that you are trying to race up and git'er done.  There they are. Idiots. In your way.  Idiots, and they don't know how to drive.

And so on.  I got to thinking that there were only perhaps half a dozen folks here in a town full of idiots that "know how to drive".   I never said that, or I would have been booted out of the car and told to walk, don'tcha know?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And So On

This past weekend gave us here one of the worst rains we have had.  Once in 2001 we had 7 inches of rain over night.  Vast flooding in the low part of town.  I am located on the highest point in town (and that's pretty high)  so no concern for me insofar as my house being washed out is concerned.  I think we had more than that but in three days and nights.  I will have to go to the weather Service website and see.  The sun is partially out today and yesterday so the worst is over.

I hurt one of my Achilles tendons now four days ago.  I can't take anti-inflammatory such as aspirin and ibuprofen or any NSAID.  I am extremely allergic to them.  The tendon area is swollen and I am concerned to be walking in a recreational way for fear of making it worse.  It was pressure on the tendon that did it.  It has  been" touchy" for years, but four days ago I put on a new pair of shoes with sling back heels...a strap...and I could tell it was too tight in that area of the heel, but did that stop me from wearing them? Why no.  I walked quite a bit in them and have paid the price.  The very sensitive tendon area was extremely irritated with the pressure from the heel strap and it looked like half a golf ball under the skin by way of swelling.  It is down a bit.

Guess I will go in and get my face disguised (makeup) and comb my hair and head out anyway for a very short walk.  Can't stand sitting about. Oh for the days gone by when I used to drive around all over the world to pick up blogging friends to go shopping. We had such fun on our pretend trips.  Sitting in the drive way honking the horn to hurry them out.  It was a buncha we women...going to make the rounds of the dress shops and so on.  Buy buy buy!  It was such a fun blog set with all of them.  Those days are gone.  Most are not on Blogger; and several have passed away.  I will miss them always and forever, those who passed. You get very fond of folks.

See ya later, gator.  Gotta assume my disguise as Southern Belle! ❤️

My Sunday Selfie

Monday, April 17, 2017


I never have liked bananas.  I buy them all the time in the past two years but I sure don't like them.  They are rarely tasty.  The ones I get, the two big brands...I don't buy the off brands...and usually banana colored mush sticks with almost no flavor no matter their peel color.  Yellow, spotted, you name it.  But when you get a really truly GOOD one, you see  why people like them.  I got a bunch a week ago with the label from the  "D" corporation...I won't spell it out. THE best I have had in probably 5 years.  Sweet, perfect texture.  It's a crap shoot each time I buy them.  Usually not in my favor.   Now what I am leading up to is:  Fruit flies.  Winter, any season at all, when bananas or peaches come into the house, there are swarms of them.

I finally got a clue and googled  making a home made fruit fly trap.  It WORKS!  I had a good dozen within half an hour.  I saw one more a few minutes ago that didn't get into the trap over night.  I'll take 1 over all I had.  I about don't want to buy fruit that has to stay out of the fridge.  Even with my trap.  That vinegar smells awful in the whole house.

I am hoping the price of grapes goes down soon. They will of course as they become more in season.  Speaking of which, In February no less, a grocery store here in town had out boxes and boxes of lush looking red strawberries.  I opened a box and they were hard as baseballs and had no smell at all.  So I guess they were gassed to turn them red as they do with tomatoes grown in hothouses.  Those two produce items were hard as baseballs and not worth the high fee charged.  If they were giving them away, I wouldn't have any.  I noticed the strawberries went from $3.98 a box to .50 cents. I think no one wants them even for .50 cents.  Tasteless and hard. Give your money to someone who needs it instead. :-)

Here is one I took and posted to Flickr a few days ago.  I swear, it took 25-30 attempts to catch him still enough for a second, so as to take his picture.  Always moving.   This was taken with my Nikon DSLR, with a close up lens.  I only carry my big camera when I am on a quest for macros.  Or landscapes.  Biggafy if you like to see him in detail.

Friday, April 14, 2017


The pansies in the header are some I saw this morning on my walk.  I took the picture with my iPhone. I don't carry the DSLR around on walks, so glad I have a good camera in the phone.
Getting quite warm nowadays and I find I am much more likely do do all my daily steps if I start no later than 9 am for my walking.  I was going in the late afternoon but not now that it has gotten so warm.

I did get the DSLR out however and headed to several dogwood trees in town that aren't totally finished with the blossoms.  Mostly they are gone and those that are left are decaying.  Time for just leaves.  I took a photo of some pink ones and then I decided to go to the arboretum.  Not many flowers there either as has sadly been the thing for four years now.  There are columbine and some "stop overs" for the monarch butterflies.  I saw one there enjoying the plants.  Maybe there will be more as the season goes along but I won't hold my breath.

I put a bee visiting a flower in Flickr this afternoon.  It has been fairly popular.  I usually put my better ones in Flickr.  It took about 25 attempts to get the bee still so I could get him in a close-up.  I had to delete all the others.

It's Good Friday and soon to be Easter.  I will be here alone which is not unusual for Easter.  I won't cook as no kids will be here.  I had two invitations but turned them down in order to observe by myself here and get things accomplished that I must.

You all have a wonderful weekend.  I haven't had candy in 10 months!  Easter is when I could crack and eat till I busted wide open.  I love coconut eggs.  However, if none passes my lips, then I needn't worry.  I'm still "going straight". If I eat it, I can't be responsible for not continuing.  Best thing is not to buy it.  I do eat a heckuva bunch of graham crackers though.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seriously Spending MONEY!

Guys, I went over the snow to scare me and I spent money all over the place.  I bought this:

 And I went to my fave consignment know me!  And I have two pictures on Face Book of my hero.  I came upon him at a moment he would rather I'd not I betcha!

AND I made a new friend!  Who could resist?  I did not buy him.  Just showing what was offered.
Biggafy to read his sign. 

THIS will be perfect for my clothes IF it doesn't scare the heck outta me and the cat in the middle of the night if I get up for some reason.  I didn't buy this either.  Just got a kick out of it.

I have more to bore you with.  I LOVE those stores!!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Off to see the Wizard

Me and the car are headed--- we HOPE, over the Mountains in the morning.  Trouble is, they are solidly predicting snow in the mountains...even elevations as low as 3500 feet.  Accumulating snow and high winds.  If that remains so, I have to stay home.  I have asked my son about next weekend and he said rightly to wait till morning and see what it says.

Now my wallet is busting to be emptied in the shops in the big city!  I love that shopping.  I have "rounds" I make each trip and I never come back empty handed.  I always show you some of the things or at least what I see what I wish I could have!

I have an assortment of outer wear already hanging up in the car.  The temps will be low in the mountains and I gotta get out at least a time or two.  Want to be warm if I do while in the 30's temps and wind.

He's a teacher, the son I am going to and he has promised a grading party when I get there.  Not my favorite thing but at least I can help a little bit.  It's Science.  AND we are going to watch a video he has and make up questions to of with it to teach the kids about the city in which I live.  It's rich in history.  You can join us!  We could use the help!!

One of my tulips.  The temps are going so low these next several days I fear for them.

Sure hope I get to go in the morning.  See you later Gators....

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What a Difference

What a difference.  There were torrents of rain all day yesterday until about 5 pm.  (See?  I didn't say 1700).  It was horrible. MY fit bit said I didn't get the requisite 250 steps in per hour at least, never mind 10000. So when I saw a glimmer of sun at 5, I left the house for a good walk.  Here is what is was like at the Civic Center where I went this time.

water water everywhere 

So instead of dodging dog piles, I got to get extra steps in walking around water "masses".  But it was so nice to be out and walking. Besides, it got me extra steps in.  When I got home, I decided to do what I usually do these days and start walking around the house before going in.  It is a minor work out as my home as are all of them on my street is built on a hill.  The back of the house is a lot higher than the front of the house though it is a one story home. As I descend down to the back of the house, there is a slant to walk along until I start up the side yard to the front.  Across the front and do it again.  Fitbit gave me a "floor" for each pass through the side yard walking upward.  A floor is indicated by a change in elevation.  I got a total of 7000 for the day.  Beats the 2750 I started out with at 5 for a walk.

I headed to the park instead this morning but the mowers were there to dodge.  Can't win.  BUT it was a sunny warm walkie.

Home stretch to the car again.