Monday, April 17, 2017


I never have liked bananas.  I buy them all the time in the past two years but I sure don't like them.  They are rarely tasty.  The ones I get, the two big brands...I don't buy the off brands...and usually banana colored mush sticks with almost no flavor no matter their peel color.  Yellow, spotted, you name it.  But when you get a really truly GOOD one, you see  why people like them.  I got a bunch a week ago with the label from the  "D" corporation...I won't spell it out. THE best I have had in probably 5 years.  Sweet, perfect texture.  It's a crap shoot each time I buy them.  Usually not in my favor.   Now what I am leading up to is:  Fruit flies.  Winter, any season at all, when bananas or peaches come into the house, there are swarms of them.

I finally got a clue and googled  making a home made fruit fly trap.  It WORKS!  I had a good dozen within half an hour.  I saw one more a few minutes ago that didn't get into the trap over night.  I'll take 1 over all I had.  I about don't want to buy fruit that has to stay out of the fridge.  Even with my trap.  That vinegar smells awful in the whole house.

I am hoping the price of grapes goes down soon. They will of course as they become more in season.  Speaking of which, In February no less, a grocery store here in town had out boxes and boxes of lush looking red strawberries.  I opened a box and they were hard as baseballs and had no smell at all.  So I guess they were gassed to turn them red as they do with tomatoes grown in hothouses.  Those two produce items were hard as baseballs and not worth the high fee charged.  If they were giving them away, I wouldn't have any.  I noticed the strawberries went from $3.98 a box to .50 cents. I think no one wants them even for .50 cents.  Tasteless and hard. Give your money to someone who needs it instead. :-)

Here is one I took and posted to Flickr a few days ago.  I swear, it took 25-30 attempts to catch him still enough for a second, so as to take his picture.  Always moving.   This was taken with my Nikon DSLR, with a close up lens.  I only carry my big camera when I am on a quest for macros.  Or landscapes.  Biggafy if you like to see him in detail.


  1. I like bananas but I don't buy a bunch. Since I live alone I find a bunch all ripens at about the same time so I pick and choose individual bananas in various states of ripeness. The produce manager called me a "banana planah". This is Boston after all.
    Close up bees look so nasty. Nice shots Carole!

  2. Our grocery store usually has bananas that are still green which never seem to ripen right. I don't like unripe bananas nor do I like them too ripe so I agree, it's difficult to get them just right. The bee photo is incredible!

  3. Pretty much all of our fruit comes from far away so I guess I've gotten accustomed to the lack of flavor. We do get blueberries and saskatoons (similar to blueberries) in the summer. Oh and then there is rhubarb, which I love stewed.

    Your bee photo is incredible! He's a homely looking dude. :)

  4. I love bananas but sometimes they come with no flavor. For those, I like to add honey or caramel syrup :-) Most strawberries I get don't have much flavor so I rarely buy them.
    The close-up photo of the bee is beautiful!

  5. I fell for the strawberry trick and they were the same way-awful!

  6. I like bananas if they are not over ripe, I am not a fan of strawberries though

  7. Dearest Carole,
    Guess I'm right with you on banana taste. I hate any overripe or mushy banana, also because they become way too sweet.
    For me to really enjoy it they have to be rather firm.
    Fruit flies do enter the home indeed but they are only tiny...
    Love your macro bee shot!

  8. Wow, Carole. That bee picture is fabulous. Such detail! I do like bananas and strawberries, but it's so disappointing when they are not ripe.

  9. Hi Sis!
    Best you had in probably 5 years Perfect was taxfures!
    Fruit flies winter any season at all the bananas or peaches come into the house. You saw one more a few minutes ago that didn't it get into the trap over night, That vinegar smells awful in the whole house.I'm sorry of The Nikon DSLR, Your picture of nice bee so much Only way of I was so sorry Sis! I know so much of your beautiful over time. Are you still good memory of your Mum's sweet flower?
    We had raining for too many days.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria

  10. I've made fruit fly traps myself. Avoid the vinegar smell by using a couple slices of banana instead!

  11. Bananas are something I always have and eat almost daily. I even freeze them in case I might run out and can't get to the store. I read they were good for IRON of all things so yep I needed a boost and take them just to make sure. Can't take the really ripe ones either. I used to make banana bread but now days not baking any more. As for the fruit flies I put my peels inside the fridge inside a plastic container until I am ready to take out the garbage.. keeps the flies away.
    Love the pansy shot.. just gorgeous.

  12. We know your pain: we only buy Chiquita brand organic bananas at Natural Grocer. They get ripe really fast, but they! xoxo