Thursday, April 6, 2017

Off to see the Wizard

Me and the car are headed--- we HOPE, over the Mountains in the morning.  Trouble is, they are solidly predicting snow in the mountains...even elevations as low as 3500 feet.  Accumulating snow and high winds.  If that remains so, I have to stay home.  I have asked my son about next weekend and he said rightly to wait till morning and see what it says.

Now my wallet is busting to be emptied in the shops in the big city!  I love that shopping.  I have "rounds" I make each trip and I never come back empty handed.  I always show you some of the things or at least what I see what I wish I could have!

I have an assortment of outer wear already hanging up in the car.  The temps will be low in the mountains and I gotta get out at least a time or two.  Want to be warm if I do while in the 30's temps and wind.

He's a teacher, the son I am going to and he has promised a grading party when I get there.  Not my favorite thing but at least I can help a little bit.  It's Science.  AND we are going to watch a video he has and make up questions to of with it to teach the kids about the city in which I live.  It's rich in history.  You can join us!  We could use the help!!

One of my tulips.  The temps are going so low these next several days I fear for them.

Sure hope I get to go in the morning.  See you later Gators....


  1. Fingers crossed that the awful snow head some other direction so you can make it safely to your son's. I'm not sure a grading party sounds like much fun. Shopping on the other hand...that's much better!


  2. I hope the things your wallet buys are long-lasting! And may you find your car in the parking lot... LOL!

  3. Hope the car doesn't get lost and take you along for the ride

  4. I hope you get to go. Have a safe trip!

  5. I love you Carole
    I know you will have a wonderful visit with you good son.
    Family is the greatest thing.

  6. Dearest Carole,
    Yes, we too had some very nasty, nippy weather. For two days the tornado watch sirens kept going off. No fun and there is little you can do, such dark dreary days.
    On Sunday when returning from a friend's home my car gave a tire warning so on Monday Pieter had to take it to the garage. There was a cut in my right front tire, a triangle shape and it yielded us a new tire à $ 270.00 nice way to start off the week.
    That's life and the good thing is nothing happened and we were not on the Interstate going at high speed. It could have been different.
    We visited our CPA so the nasty things seem to be behind our back now. Pieter saw his cardiologist and his heart is stable so we hope we can go on for several more years.
    Hugs and have a great family time.