Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And So On

This past weekend gave us here one of the worst rains we have had.  Once in 2001 we had 7 inches of rain over night.  Vast flooding in the low part of town.  I am located on the highest point in town (and that's pretty high)  so no concern for me insofar as my house being washed out is concerned.  I think we had more than that but in three days and nights.  I will have to go to the weather Service website and see.  The sun is partially out today and yesterday so the worst is over.

I hurt one of my Achilles tendons now four days ago.  I can't take anti-inflammatory such as aspirin and ibuprofen or any NSAID.  I am extremely allergic to them.  The tendon area is swollen and I am concerned to be walking in a recreational way for fear of making it worse.  It was pressure on the tendon that did it.  It has  been" touchy" for years, but four days ago I put on a new pair of shoes with sling back heels...a strap...and I could tell it was too tight in that area of the heel, but did that stop me from wearing them? Why no.  I walked quite a bit in them and have paid the price.  The very sensitive tendon area was extremely irritated with the pressure from the heel strap and it looked like half a golf ball under the skin by way of swelling.  It is down a bit.

Guess I will go in and get my face disguised (makeup) and comb my hair and head out anyway for a very short walk.  Can't stand sitting about. Oh for the days gone by when I used to drive around all over the world to pick up blogging friends to go shopping. We had such fun on our pretend trips.  Sitting in the drive way honking the horn to hurry them out.  It was a buncha we women...going to make the rounds of the dress shops and so on.  Buy buy buy!  It was such a fun blog set with all of them.  Those days are gone.  Most are not on Blogger; and several have passed away.  I will miss them always and forever, those who passed. You get very fond of folks.

See ya later, gator.  Gotta assume my disguise as Southern Belle! ❤️

My Sunday Selfie


  1. Love the header photo, Carole.

    We had a rainy April, with more in just 2 - 3 days than we normally get all month, but happily we've had more sunshine as the month has progressed. So I'll wish you sunny skies and a good day!

    BTW, do you ice your tendon, does that help? Not being able to take anti-inflammatories would be challenging. Hmm, maybe you're really a Cat? (Since they don't have the liver enzymes to process NSAIDs.) :-)

    I've only met one blogger in person, not a cat blogger, and of course she has become a very dear friend. She and her hubby live about an hour and a half west of me, so a bit too far to easily get together (as I don't have a vehicle), but still doable from time to time via train. There still is one blogger, not on the CB, who passed away not quite 3 years ago and whom I miss a great deal. Sometimes you just know you would click with someone in real life, and she was one such person.

    Life's a crazy adventure, and we'd best enjoy it while we can! Hugs.

  2. I'm so done with rain. Yeah, I know it comes with the territory for the PNW but we've had more rain this year than we've had in the 14 years we've lived here. I'm ready for sun!

    I hope your tendon heals up soon. No pun intended. When your feet hurt it makes walking so miserable.

    I hope to meet you one day! :)

  3. Oh- ouch on the tendon. I have had tendinitis in my ankle a couple of times and it is just miserable.

    It really is hard to lose blogging friends. Several I know have passed away, too. And, the loss is real, isn't it? It is like they are real life friends just as our neighbors are.....

    Blessings- I hope you have a good week- xo Diana

  4. the rain is finally over here, but we did receive quite a lot.
    Are you suffering from Haglund's deformity of the achilles? those can be painful. ice is key.
    I used to get a very mild variation of that with too much skating, and ill fitting heel in my skates.
    It looks like a decent day out there . go walking.
    I did not know you were part of a band of shoppers on the internets.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your tendon. It sounds painful..hope you get better soon!
    We had heavy rain over the weekend, too. Sun is back today, though :-)

    P.S. About the duckie you saw, I got it from Aflac booth at a festival. Duckie screams "aflac" like in TV commercial :-)

  6. I have been having a lot of pain from my Achilles tendon in my right leg lately and I am not suppose to take ibuprofen because I am diabetic and that is what works the best

  7. Could you try turmeric, it is a good anti-inflamatory. I hope you feel better soon. XO

  8. Hi Sis!
    You cant what you need of everything you are intend to follow your hobby which in bad weather with you now.
    Love and hugs I will be more writing for you soon.
    Sis,katiie miyuki and victoria.

  9. I certainly hope the injury heals quickly. Sounds like you are not allowing it slow you down anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. We sure hope your tendon is feeling a bit better this weekend, Carole. It sounds so painful.

    Hope you got some sunshine, too!