Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What a Difference

What a difference.  There were torrents of rain all day yesterday until about 5 pm.  (See?  I didn't say 1700).  It was horrible. MY fit bit said I didn't get the requisite 250 steps in per hour at least, never mind 10000. So when I saw a glimmer of sun at 5, I left the house for a good walk.  Here is what is was like at the Civic Center where I went this time.

water water everywhere 

So instead of dodging dog piles, I got to get extra steps in walking around water "masses".  But it was so nice to be out and walking. Besides, it got me extra steps in.  When I got home, I decided to do what I usually do these days and start walking around the house before going in.  It is a minor work out as my home as are all of them on my street is built on a hill.  The back of the house is a lot higher than the front of the house though it is a one story home. As I descend down to the back of the house, there is a slant to walk along until I start up the side yard to the front.  Across the front and do it again.  Fitbit gave me a "floor" for each pass through the side yard walking upward.  A floor is indicated by a change in elevation.  I got a total of 7000 for the day.  Beats the 2750 I started out with at 5 for a walk.

I headed to the park instead this morning but the mowers were there to dodge.  Can't win.  BUT it was a sunny warm walkie.

Home stretch to the car again.


  1. Oh- My Fitbit gave up on me. lol It only works half the time so I don't know what is wrong with it. It's fully charged....who knows?

    Glad you got our walk in and happy that the rain is over. We had rain all morning, too, but it looks like it is clearing. YAY! xo Diana

  2. We had a nice day two days ago. It rained yesterday. Today is murky. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain hard again then next week looks fabulous. I'll be back with sports after this message.