Sunday, February 9, 2020

Oh Yuk. Ingredients.

Guys, I did the "don't do" of grocery shopping, which is do not shop when hungry. I was very hungry.  I was crusinin' the frozen dinner aisle and saw what I thought was a great brand name box with some yummy looking chicken, gravy. 'taters and corn in it.   It came home with other choices too, and I paid no mind to the price at the time of sale.  I missed all the earmarks of DON'T DO IT! Had I noticed the price, it would have been a dead giveaway as to brand and quality, but oh no.  Hungry to the max, it looked good and so I fell for it.

Came home. Immediately put it in the microwave.  Started to eat tasted good...but strangely mushy and all mixed together.  I thought to get up and scan the product code with my phone so as to account for the calories in my "Lose It" app.  So I did.

Friends, Romans and Countryman!  I saw 800 some calories appear on my app...and the makers name which I had not noticed as they changed their packaging design.  I got up, ran in and looked at the box and oh NO!  It was the king of cheap dinners and made with....well, I'll just show you.

One of my better friends was over the other day and  while talking about diets, she just happened to mention how she loved that particular dinner...the one I accidentally bought.  I said nothing except that she might want to look at the calories.  If someone tells you they could eat that 6 times a day...leave them alone.  Never again.  Since they changed their look, I will pay strict attention.