Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WOW! What a Sight to See!

I went to another town to see a dear friend today and while there, I got to see a doe and her two new fawns who are just about a week old, walk right up to my friends patio and eat pears off of her pear tree tree as well as those that had fallen to the ground.

My friend called me about 4 days ago telling me that the doe had just had her babies right then and there at the edge of her property.  My friends voice was full of awe.  She got to see the fawns when they were born.  It wasn't long after that that mama AND her twins came to the pear tree,  Of course the babies couldn't eat pears then but she was hungry and she stayed a little while eating pears as the babies just laid on the lawn watching her.,  They moved on to the back of the property and into the thicket.  Since then, she and the fawns have come several times a day.  I was fortunate when I visited today in that they came up to eat, even the fawns, while I was sitting at the table in the dining room looking at them.

My friend has those windows with the blinds built in..those that you push a button to get them to open and close..hence there was no raising them up so as to take a picture, however bad it would have been thru the glass, of the little family.  There was absolutely no way to go outside as they were within 6 feet of the door.  I wanted to take a picture SO bad!!!  I had the camera.  Dang.  But that was a beautiful sight..and one that my friend gets to see every day.

I also got to see the fawns obeying her.  Something across the street got her attention and she stopped eating.  Her ears were moving like periscopes and the babies were standing within 15 feet of her..side by side.  She lifted her right foot and stamped the ground one time.  The babies stood absolutely still.  While she was still looking outward..she lifted that same foot and stamped..hard...again.  She did that a total of 8 times.  The fawns stood stock still not moving an ear, tail, nothing.  Then, the doe walked quickly to the fawns, sort of gathered them up in a manner of speaking and the all walked rapidly- not a run- to the edge of the property and a thicket.

It was a privilege to see all of that so close to me.  If only I could have thru that infernal mini blind mess in the glass you'd have a close up picture right now.  But I carry mine in my mind.  It was a treat like no other.  Red heart

Monday, August 30, 2010

Let me tell ya!

Let me tell you! I was disappointed that one of my favorite eating out places, Ruby Tuesday had revamped their menu to a more "up scale" thing. Well, we rowdy ones who meet so often and tear up the joint we go to were disappointed on accounta we like plain ol' food. I love chicken fangers for example and when I git a hankerin' for 'em..that's what I want or we'll know the reason why not! So..I finished up my agenda this morning..it was 1230 and I had this inexplicable craving for chicken fingers..I mean fangers. So I headed on over to Ruby's, bellied up to a booth and couldn't find them on the menu. I dimpled and asked my server..cute young man, if I could have chicken fingers anyway. He assured me I could and what were the sides I wanted? I looked at the choices and have mercy! Grilled green beans? What??? But--time doesn't stand still for any redneck, so I said grilled green beans, and I had cheddar mashed potatoes too.

When the order came, I hesitantly tried the grilled LONNNNG ol' skinny green beans first. MY WORD! They were past delicious..they were fantastic. The cheddar potatoes certainly were great and the tenders were..tender and delicious. But guy, ladies and kitties..those cheddar garlic biscuits that were served too? Hold me BACK! I didn't know something could taste so good. Now I'm glad they changed their menu! I ate and ate and as always, I'm fuller than a tick about to fall off the dog. You have to try those grilled green beans and cheese garlic biscuits. OH my! That is if there's a Ruby's near you.

My eyes are still rolled back in my head. Miss Catt's doing my blog as well as hers.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stunningly beautiful day

You would almost think it was October the sky is so blue and the clouds so gorgeous.  The weather is quite warm but not too humid.  Altogether a day to make you glad to be alive.  And I am. 

I was going back out again after church but wound up cleaning the house, reading the Sunday paper, posting one to Flickr and admiring the cat.  I have run into a brick wall figuratively speaking and can't think of anything at all I want to take a photo of.  All the flowers except the most plain ones, are done..I need a better lens to get the birdies, and noting is appealing to me.  I just hit a slump.  Me and the camera go out, and we come back with nothing. Ah well..my first slump.

I can still (of course) easily tell that Fall is approaching..so slowly but still,  inexorably. If nothing else, maybe once we have a true cold snap I can get rid of the last of the fruit flies that always no matter what you do..how you wash them, come in with peaches. I hate those things but I never get my hands clapped together fast enough to do them in.

Have to go get my pillow off the deck where it has been sunning.  I am looking around at the groomed carpet with a smile.  The house always looks good for 24 hrs, after I clean it.  How that cat can make such a mess I will never understand but she does.  I have trackable carpet, plush, and I see every single solitary paw print. Every one.
 See you when you blog.  I have been to see Cindy, Granny and Toodie.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can feel it coming in the air tonight...♫

I can see Fall coming..not too far off into the distance. I can feel it. But I certainly can see it.

I was looking out of the big living room window yesterday afternoon and the sun..just the light in general is coming from a different angle. I finally noticed that. The slant of the beams on the ground and through the trees are all about the coming Fall and the changes of September that will come despite the continuing heat of the day. Leaves are getting ready to change in color and rethink their hold on life.

There will be some fabulous morning fogs and have been some glorious fogs already that herald the end of Summer. Following that there will be frosts that will rim the fallen leaves and decorate the glass exposed to their tendrils. A nice little ripple of a chill on your arms and back and legs when you are stepping out of the shower during that transition time between air conditioning and heat. I'm looking forward to it. Pulling the sheet up to my chin..and the first dressing of the bed with the heavy fleece blanket. The middle of the night when I reach with my eyes still closed to pull that blanket up to my arms as well...that will make me smile though I will be mostly asleep. I love Fall and the crisper days and nights before it all goes to sleep for the Winter, only to wake again in Spring.

What a full banquet table the Lord gives us..groaning with beauty and abundance.

I took this picture last Fall for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Need your input

I had several places to head to and wore actual shoes for the first time since the injury. I went carefully and it seems alright.  My knee looks scabby of course but it's just sensitive now.  My ankle has turned that shade of green that healing bruises turn and as long as I am cautious I can get along alright.  I think. I'll check, that the swelling on top if the foot has abated.  Yup.

Today has been FABULOUS!  yesterday was too and we've had sun both days.  No grinding heat and humidity and the evenings have both been in the 60's.  I am so grateful!!

I was supposed to go over the mountains this weekend but I knew I couldn't climb steps in my son's home so..here I am. 

What else for Thanksgiving dinner would you suggest rather than ham or turkey?  Suggestions?  Side dish thoughts?

Also...very important to me:  HOW in the world can I keep those filthy nasty slimy slugs off my house siding???  Please tell me.

I'll check back..anxious for your thought on both.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Stash! August 24th

Well, today a friend and I headed to the big city but we didn't get too many miles outta town and we stopped at Grannie's Attic. Good grief. There was also a place called the Picket Fence. We were done for. I got a quilt the size of a throw..a present for the middle son, (you can ask me in email) a bracelet real small for a real small wrist like mine with hearts made from blue stones which is like my birthstone, sapphires, and I got a crocheted 18X18 in. or so table doily-like thing. What I'll do is put the pictures of the haul into Face Book. It's easier. I also got 10 chocolate covered potato chips for 4 dollars. OH MY WORD! They didn't make it home. Gosh, can't take a chance on them melting!!! Had to eat them. I did give one to my friend who then opened hers and ate a third of them.

I have 5 (I think I am right) pictures in Flickr now that were chosen and honored for Explore. Oh, I am thrilled. I never see it..others point it put. Considering 5 or 6 thousand a minute are uploaded to Flickr a minute..it's hard to tell unless someone knows. Sometimes they will tell you. That picture of Miss Catt's paw made it to Explore. I would never have thought so.

Anyhoo, I just said it to reinforce my desire to do better and better. I owe any and all improvements to my son, Neil. Without him and his gift of the close-up lens..I would never have had the courage to go manual mostly and branch out some.

See you in a few minutes. Have to get the pictures off the memory card.

Monday, August 23, 2010

OK Lean, a little bit toward the left.....

Ah, look. It's Captain A.Fethur Braine poised at the curb cut at a parking lot wanting to join the traffic flow going by and find a median cut to go the other way. Looking..looking..looking...LOOK! There are NO cars coming at him from the opposite direction..that's great 'cause that's the way he wants to go..the other way. Looking again to make sure no one is coming from the opposing traffic, Capt. A. Fethus Braine plunges intrepidly out into the traffic flow, intent on getting to that median cut and go the opposite way.

"What the heck is THAT"!? Capt. A. Fethur Braine asks himself as the vehicle he cut in front of to enter traffic and make his turn, has to grind onto the brakes and screech to a halt to avoid a collision with the good Capt. who forgot to check the traffic flow in the lane he would be occupying for however a short space of time that may be. Other vehicles who were minding their own business along with the unfortunate victim who happened to be passing in that area for Capt. A. Fethus Braine's monumental lapse of common sense also have the rapid onset job of screeching to a halt to avoid collisions with one another in a domino effect.

BUT, Capt. Braine has made his illegal left turn and is serenely motoring on toward a new adventure. His audience are holding their hearts into their chests and saying OM to calm their nerves.

All in a days work, no doubt. Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lavender Blue 8/22/10

My foot is a soft shade of lavender blue with a streak of dark blue near the sole. It could have gotten to look a lt worse so I'm grateful for a not-too-scary coloration. People won't flee from me maybe that is until they see the puffiness of my entire foot. Then they'll go "ewwwww".

I have to change the dressing 2X a day on my knee. That ought to be going down to once after tonight's shower.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral did her blog and has been keeping up with it..well..admirably. Me, not so much. Maybe 2 or 3 folks at Blogspot. The same at Spaces. So I decided to port over some more from my archives on Spaces. It won't matter, and I am, after all, trying to get them all over onto the other place. Looking at some of the old blogs from '05 thru most of '07, I am saddened to see so many folks who used to be a part of our family, gone. Some have passed away, others lost interest rather quickly and quit..some..they just forgot I think that they have a blog and some disagree with this or that and leave a certain gathering of folks for another. I miss them but they are gone, and there is scarcely anyone left here so I cherish the ones who are.

Spaces has changed dramatically with no rhyme or discernible reason that any of us can tell. They, "The Team" @ Spaces took away stats for no reason so we can't see who comes to see us when they don't comment..they took away the ability to comment unless you confine yourself to 3 lines or so. No reason. I know you know all this..I am just reiterating. Again. It's sad around here pretty much. Face Book just doesn't much get it for me as I don't play games at all, but I am grateful to see the friends I am used to here. Just they all play games, so our exchanges are a thing of the past.

Oh well..gotta roll with it I guess. Let me strap on my wheels.Red lips

Happy Birthday third son. You and your brothers are the light of my life..the best part is, you all know that. MUAH!

Back From the Hills 12/06

Women! Here I felt like heck but I had a 1000 hrs. appointment with my salon so, I went. Only the inability to move or coma would have kept me away. Long as I didn't have a fever which I didn't. I would not want to infect anyone.

But headed off the the salon and got my hair done. Then over to the Walk In Clinic as it would be several days or early next week before I could get into my regular Dr. office. The weekend is looming so..Walk In Clinic and they have excellent doctors there.

Turns out I have an ear infection. Glad he looked in there as I forgot to tell him that the pressure seemed unequal during the night when I had to get up due to coughing etc etc. I have what everyone else has it seems, and while some of what's going on can't be treated with meds..part of it can as in my ear infection. So, I have started antibiotics for that, a WOW cough suppressant/expectorant combination (how do they DO that???) for the dry hacking cough and then, something else for congestion. Phew.

But Diane, my Stylist, must have really really done a super great job on my hair as while I get flirted with decently enough usually, today the guys were pulling put all the stops. From the drug store to the waiting room of the Dr. to the grocery. Of course, I flirted back. (I guess I feel better )

Most of the day is gone. The evening will start now...and I can't wait to take the cough meds. Man I hate this incessant cough. Woke me up at 0130 and I stayed up about 2 hrs what with the computer and reading before I could go back to sleep sorta.

I appreciated what you all said and I thank you for that. I was feeling pretty sorry for me long about 0700 this morning. During the night too. Several of you know that without reading it here as YOU all got the emails with the "O woe is ME!".

By the way.  I got a very welcome phone call from a member of the blog family while I was waiting at the doctor's office to be seen.  She had left me a voice mail that had me in stitches.  I was almost looking around to find someone to say " Here.  take this phone and listen to this!" as she had said in jest of course, that my blog didn't have a Southern accent but my voice mail sure did.  Oh that was funny.  And there I stood in the waiting room heehawing all over there by myself! 

Going to take the advice I was given and brew some tea. That just sounds exactly right.

Kitchen, here I come!!


.One thing to Remember 12/06

And that one thing for me to remember is: They really meant it when they warned of side effects. Those weren't meaningless take-up-space words at all. When the paperwork that accompanied the prescriptions I got yesterday said may cause dizziness..why...gasp...it caused dizziness. I thought to go ahead with the treadmill today as I missed it yesterday. All was well for 25 minutes and then, the "better get off before it throws you off" hit. So, obedient woman that I am..I quit. BUT I will try again later and or tomorrow. But I soldier on. slowly but surely.

It is another Spring like day out there. The temps were in the 10's and teens at night mind you..20's-low 30's in the day and now..that is the low at night and it is 65 or more in the day. They have always said something about the roller coaster effect of the weather here and they were right. High one day, low the next.

I had to cancel a lunch as I am infectious. I hated to do that as I was so looking forward to it but once I got so tired on the treadmill and had to sit down, I was glad I canceled anyway. Not at my best but I must look good..see yesterday's blog! I know what that was all about. My hair was gleaming like a newly minted penny when I came out of the Salon. I make it shine too but she has what it takes to make it more high powered than I can. It gleamed! And I was wearing black all over with chunky silver. I looked nice in order to go to battle (the Doctor's office). ( I hate going to the Dr. as I go so seldom) I was telling a blog friend what I meant by flirting yesterday. Well, this wasn't example I am about to write wasn't necessarily a good example but... it was an exchange of pleasantries. Sort of. The Pharmacist is a super neat guy and has a good "presence" about him. After signing for the medicines and hearing him make a humorous remark, I told him (after all, it's Christmas..be nice, children!) that it was always a pleasure to deal with him as Pharmacist as he was always just so pleasant and had a great personality. He just beamed and said thank you. I said " And I am too". (pleasant and easy to deal with) and he just rolled! It broke him up. That's what I meant by his being pleasant to deal with. I love a sense of humor and he can tell also that I have a healthy enough self esteem going. However the two guys who followed me out of the pharmacy were potential admirer material. Just I had to get on home to take my medicines and collapse, and so I had to decline the offer of coffee next door. The whole thing was funny on a gloomy day and one in which I felt bad. You have to make your own sunshine 'cause no one else will.

Meanwhile..I have finished my exercise and need to put on my face and git outta Dodge for awhile.

I've been to see you all. Come see me.

One Thing for me to Remember 12/06

And that one thing for me to remember is: They really meant it when they warned of side effects. Those weren't meaningless take-up-space words at all. When the paperwork that accompanied the prescriptions I got yesterday said may cause dizziness..why...gasp...it caused dizziness. I thought to go ahead with the treadmill today as I missed it yesterday. All was well for 25 minutes and then, the "better get off before it throws you off" hit. So, obedient woman that I am..I quit. BUT I will try again later and or tomorrow. But I soldier on. slowly but surely.

It is another Spring like day out there. The temps were in the 10's and teens at night mind you..20's-low 30's in the day and now..that is the low at night and it is 65 or more in the day. They have always said something about the roller coaster effect of the weather here and they were right. High one day, low the next.

I had to cancel a lunch as I am infectious. I hated to do that as I was so looking forward to it but once I got so tired on the treadmill and had to sit down, I was glad I canceled anyway. Not at my best but I must look good..see yesterday's blog! I know what that was all about. My hair was gleaming like a newly minted penny when I came out of the Salon. I make it shine too but she has what it takes to make it more high powered than I can. It gleamed! And I was wearing black all over with chunky silver. I looked nice in order to go to battle (the Doctor's office). ( I hate going to the Dr. as I go so seldom) I was telling a blog friend what I meant by flirting yesterday. Well, this wasn't example I am about to write wasn't necessarily a good example but... it was an exchange of pleasantries. Sort of. The Pharmacist is a super neat guy and has a good "presence" about him. After signing for the medicines and hearing him make a humorous remark, I told him (after all, it's Christmas..be nice, children!) that it was always a pleasure to deal with him as Pharmacist as he was always just so pleasant and had a great personality. He just beamed and said thank you. I said " And I am too". (pleasant and easy to deal with) and he just rolled! It broke him up. That's what I meant by his being pleasant to deal with. I love a sense of humor and he can tell also that I have a healthy enough self esteem going. However the two guys who followed me out of the pharmacy were potential admirer material. Just I had to get on home to take my medicines and collapse, and so I had to decline the offer of coffee next door. The whole thing was funny on a gloomy day and one in which I felt bad. You have to make your own sunshine 'cause no one else will.

Meanwhile..I have finished my exercise and need to put on my face and git outta Dodge for awhile.

I've been to see you all. Come see me.

New Frontier 12/06


I have begun the process of getting another car. I have a buyer for my Saturn. But it is so old that what I get for it won't even pay the sales tax on the new one. My State has a horrendous sales tax. The second worse in the Nation as a whole.

I will go on out there, a son will come with me he said, and the price is non negotiable they said. It's an Internet deal. I don't want to type out all the ifs ands and buts but it's OK. Not what it seems when I said non negotiable. That is true, but there are things I just don't want to make a book here, typing all of it out as to the whys and wherefores. Not to worry. I called my insurance company to ask the premiums on the new car. Not too bad. I don't have collision on my 10 year old car and if I did, the premium would be about or close to the same.

We'll see how it goes when I show up in person, check in hand. I may or may not ultimately do it.

I was up at 0130. Coughing. the medicine didn't help this time. Hurt my lower abs coughing. Got up. Hope for better tonight. Or at least so much sleeplessness I will sleep in between coughing fits. Didn't happen last night or this morning I should say as I could not quit coughing to have an in between. Oh well. It could be a whole lot worse.

Beautiful day. I am staying off the treadmill but did the weights. Maybe in a while I can head out into the sunshine and get a few rays. as the temps will be high again! 65.

Hope you all's day is good.


 You know what?  Must be the cough syrup.  I was just printing out some instructions as to how to get somewhere and as the ink jet printer did it's thing..it sounded as though it was saying "DIVA DIVA DIVA DIVA" and so on, till the 3 pages were printed.  I thought (via my generous serving of cough syrup) how true.  I AM a "diva" sorta kinda.  At least where my clothes and hair and makeup are concerned. 

I Did It 12/06

I am the proud "parent" of a new car. The Saturn got a good bath and wax this morning, and he is ready for his new owner. Who happened to come by this morning as I was preparing to clean house. I signed the title and gave him the keys and said when he and his wife come by and I'm not here IF I'm not here, just slide the money under the door and take the car. (yep, the trust level IS that high).

Going out to eat tonight. Last night me and the son who accompanied me to Toyota had a celebratory supper afterward. I got home at like 2030 and the dealership's salesperson called and asked did I want delivery then? I said it was going on 2100 and if he wanted to..come on. (I re-dressed )( had showered etc and was in jammies) and by gosh here they come!!! So, when I saw there was no temp license tag on it, he said " yeah, thought of that was I was going down the road" (nothing on the car..no tag, nothing) and he said "I figured if the police stopped me I would just say I stole it!" I LAUGHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE a sense of humor!!!!!

I batted my eyes...turned the baby blues upward gazing thru my lashes..smiled, dimpled, wore a pretty outfit..fluffed my hair, wore my horribly expensive (one of 2) perfume...you name it in hopes of getting even more of a break at the Dealership but alas..they were impervious to my charms..unless that's why he suddenly made the decision to see that I had the car that late at night.

However..I await a State Portrait of my new family member when third son comes back or asks me to his place. My digital camera is dead and thrown away. All I have is a Polaroid. Not your best for detail.

I think I have a girl car though. First one, if I do, in years and years. Too many to count. I am asking the boys for name suggestions. Yep, I already blogged about me, my family and how all but 3rd son do tend to personalize our vehicles with names and assign if they are boys or girls. Not a female in the bunch till maybe now!!!

I had been out to my bank and then called the insurance company to get temporary insurance on the new car..came home and was just about to turn on the loud music when the phone rang and it was Zack's new daddy. (Zack is the name of my car, the Saturn.)

Have no idea if this is a girl car or a boy car and no name yet. It's white, a sport model, has a little spoiler, a somewhat heavier engine..a moon roof, and now I can play my music in the car. All Zack had was a tape player. I am in this century now. I have the CD player, I can see what the temperature is outside..and stuff is digitized. I have cruise control which I detest. I have no idea what does what so soon as I am finished here I will be reading the manual.

I slept better as I called the Dr. and asked what to do as I had about herniated my gut coughing. They said use more of the syrup but don't go anywhere. Well, heck. I was gone from 1400 till 2030 last night and under the influence of the cough medicine. Another jolt before bed and I made it till 0335. I laid there and managed to go back to sleep anyway and woke at 0630. MUCH better now I can take more of the cough medicine. My voice still sounds strange. No fever yet..ear is better..so maybe soon this will be done and over.
Guys and ladies..I've been to see most of you. Your Diva awaits you here.


If it's Morning... 12/06

If it's morning..after 9am and I am in here in front of the computer, it only means one thing. That I am avoiding the treadmill again. I am dressed for it..hair is back in an elastic, all I need to do is get on. I know. I'm waiting for my breakfast to digest, that's it!

I followed Patty's advice and started out the night sitting up somewhat in bed. Propped by pillows of course. Somewhere in the night I sank to the mattress as that's where I was when Her Majesty woke me up. I slept hard enough at one point to wake with what I am pleased to call, a sleep headache. Trying to get rid of that before I get on the treadmill too, as well as give my breakfast a little time to settle.

Talk about great luck! 3rd son had to go to his Company party last night. He was loath to go but he went. To make a long story short (I seldom do THAT!!) he won a drawing for a $2500.00 trip to anywhere he wanted to go! Now that is super!!

We went out to eat last night, a friend and me, and I have seldom enjoyed a steak more. I like how they make them at that restaurant. Had that and the requisite baked potato. My friend wound up leaving the credit card that had been used, there. Actually the server had never brought it back as it turns out. That was noticed later as we were in Wally World for some car mats, clear plastic, to go over my pretty ones in my new car. At reckoning time at the register..I paid cash for my stuff..and then I heard this flurry from my friend who discovered that the credit card used for dinner was not in the wallet any more. That has to be a horribly scary moment. Went back to the restaurant and the card was in the office waiting for it's owner.

I had written a blog not a month ago I think, entitled 'I am not a curmudgeon'. I talked about servers. This was an example of a very bad server. No silverware. It was brought to her attention and she made a crack which was funny then, that 'you can't get good help any more'. However, the silverware never appeared. I had to get the person who brought the steak to give me some silverware to eat it with. No drink refill till I tripped her (kidding) in the aisle. Then she brought a sugary one, not a diet one. Took a long time to even give us a bill..no, it wasn't THAT busy. Just turns out she was right, you can't get good help these days. In that other blog I talked about tipping. I was not led to leave a big tip, you may be sure. Then to find she never brought back my friends credit card..though the friend had the responsibility to know that..still...you can't get good help these days.

I have to get on the treadmill..do my weights, get dressed, and enjoy the day!!!

You all do the same. Come see me, ya hear?

Gop Figure 12/06

Go figure where the blog I was just typing on disappeared to. I was typing along..there was this hesitation and poof! It was gone. So here I am again. Now what happened I have to wonder!!!???

I was saying I had the best lunch at a restaurant I have had in awhile with a good male co-worker and best friend. We always have a blast and again, this was such a good lunch I think I will head back there again.

Yesterday was great. I got my camp chair out again and into my new car..got a bottle of water, a nutrition bar, my cell phone, 2 books and headed to the Lake again. Set up out there with the ducks, geese and seagulls. The temperature was 68. Sunny too and I just could not resist. I opened the moon roof and enjoyed the sun on my head,...the air..oh what a great afternoon. I didn't get to commune with the ducks/geese/seagulls overly much nor did I hardly crack a book. Too busy on the phone. But it was warm, sunny and I loved every second. No concerns about time..getting to bed at 2030, getting up at 0330. Wunnerful! (yes, I spelled it that way on porpoise).

I do believe this is a girl car because it looks girly even though it's a sport model. (no cracks about that please. . ) Since I look girly too..we would make a good combination. I think first son has won the naming contest we had. Miyuki is her name. That is a Japanese name.

The day is just stunning out there and it is killing me to be in the house I want out SO badly. But I cannot as I am waiting on Comcast to fix me up with my internet. They said after 1300...so watch them show up at 1800! Never fails. The last minute in my experience with them so far. heck..I could be at the Insurance office paying up on the new car's collision..I could be at the Lake..anywhere but here. Out flirting..something. me and Miyuki are formidable together. Two divas!!!

Anyway, this will be mercifully short. I could have told you about the morning's sojourn on the treadmill and I didn't so be grateful.

Guess what?  I now have my high speed internet service.  I still get startled when the phone rings while I am in here on the computer.  Also got the money for my Saturn and it is deposited in the bank.  And my girly girl vehicle is now in the driveway all by herself. Her name is Miyuki.  Loosely translated as 'beautiful snow'.  (It is a white car and pretty).

Later dudes and dudettes

Not Summery, For Sure 12/06

Things are moving right along today as always.  I never knew time could go by so quickly.  At work, those 12 hr shifts...those were like each minute was an hour..every hour was like a day and every day was like a year!!!  Now..I look up and wham!  the entire day is gone and it is lowering twilight.  Just trying to get my exercise done in the morning, the treadmill and then the weights alone takes over an hour.  Trying to cool down takes an additional half an hour before I can start getting ready for the day (make-up melts off an exercise-reddened and hot face).

Been out already to the Insurance company to get them up to date as to what vehicle I have now.  Good thing too as they thought I had 2 vehicles now.  Sigh.  This was one of those times where I had to repeat everything at least 4 times.  No exaggeration.  The girl just wasn't all there today.  Finally someone else came in and helped out.  There's a lotta that going around..folks who aren't good at their job.

I have hurried home, have my hair in a wrap while it deep conditions.  Been to the grocery store to get ready for the onslaught of boys.  They'll be here, some of them, Saturday and the rest Monday for certain.

3rd son is trying to make a decision as to where to go with his Grand prize winnings at his Firm's Christmas party.  He's still smiling!!!  He's torn between Alaska and Yellowstone.  It will be for photography.

I still cannot find where the guy put my little Christmas tree and am loathe to buy another as then, I will have two and very little space to store even one, never mind two. 

The temp is 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday.  I did not see the news last night so I don't know for sure but I think we broke a record.  It was 72, far as I know.  Not today.  And it is now overcast as well.  yesterday was the last fine day granted till Spring.  And I had to spend it inside waiting on Comcast and the buyer of the Saturn and whomever else.  I SO wanted out.

Time to rinse and blow dry.  See ya soon,.

Another One 12/06

Going to be another one of those days I can see. Did my treadmilling and so on..waiting to get ready to hit the road. Have to go to The Big City to get the keys and fob that the dealership forgot to give me. AND if flutter my eyelashes just right, I know the salesperson will help me get it right with that sound system. I just can't get it to sound the way I want it to, and it's operator, me, problems, not the sound system. My CD's sound about the same on any mono speaker..so I know it's me when I can't get big sound our of the vehicle's sound system.

Meanwhile..I have been round to see everyone save 2. I will get there in just a little while. I had to get into shorts and up on the treadmill so quit. A lot of Diva-like things to do today as always.

One female thing to say though..I was writing the blog yesterday with a wrap and deep conditioning on my hair and forgot I was doing that. So instead of the usual 5-10 minutes, it had 35 minutes and I will tell you..it looked like a zillion dollars once I had it dried and styled. WOW. I will have to leave it on like that more often!!! Also, probably 10 months ago, I said in a blog that I had noticed a difference in my lips with simply using chap stick. Now wait..let me explain. I said I had noticed that I was applying and re-applying lipstick many times at work. One 12 hr. shifts, it was a lot of applications and a frog about could have sat on my lips there was so much lipstick product on them.

Took years but finally, FINALLY it dawned on me...my lips needed moisture. DUH! Well, some folks don't get it right away ( or for years) and that would be me. All I cared about was my nose to the grindstone and no time to do much. Well, I accidentally swiped some facial moisturizer over my lips and it felt better. One plus one makes two most often, so, I wrote on my to-do list to get chap stick or the like. I bought a house brand at a drugstore for .99 cents. I apply it once in the morning, once at night. Now..back to my story. I saw after a week that my paper thin lips were suddenly plumper. The more I used the chap stick, the more plump they got. The poor things had been starved for moisture all these years! And I didn't know it and thought my lips were thin. Well, they are not after all. So, I said I would report on the chap stick experiment and I am duly doing so. (alliteration on purpose). No use buying those horribly expensive so-called lip plumpers when simple chap stick will do.  I also said I had read in Consumer's Rep*rt that they found the claim of Vick's Vap-o-ru* under a toenail that has runner's fungus under it will help. I said I would try that NOT that I would in any way admit to having such an unlovely thing as...ewww...toenail fungus. Well, it works to a limited extent. Keeps it down to a low roar which is a heckuva lot better than it growing!! Not that I have a nail fungus, you understand.

I see I am starting another book here. I'm going to get into the small room there and do my face, get dressed and help the world go around.

Smile..it does a body good..just like milk!

Thursday 12/06

Whew.  Off the treadmill.  Waiting to cool off so I can get ready for the rest of the day.
I have a luncheon at 1300 and a few errands to run.  I know the phone will ring and there will be more than that to do.  Every day is another adventure.  If the adventure doesn't come to me, I  go find the adventure! 
As with others, I have the final preparations to make for the boys and my grandson for the Christmas vacation time we have together.  This place will be rockin' and rollin' from Saturday on.
I did get the hitherto unknown properties of the car's radio unraveled.  My salesman came out..merely pushed in the knob (not the power knob..the other side that traditionally does the tuning) and after adjusting one of the type of sounds..he twisted the knob either right or left to do the balance.  Um..from reading the manual it didn't look that simple.  The way it was written, I didn't want to bother.  Part of it (my thinking it was too hard) is because the manual included (good thing too, really) the odd letter combinations for the functions and they did not even look like words or parts of words I could recognize.) However, I know now..and he didn't mind.  We  have a lot of laughs.
I am thinking from the several hours I spent there yesterday that they may be thinking of asking me to work there in some capacity.  The bosses boss, another manager and the salesman all occupied every minute of the several HOURS it took to get a key cut and two fobs reprogrammed.  We all had fun and they got to see my so-called "work persona".  They had nothing to gain as I have already paid cash for the car last week. I knew it wouldn't take that long to fill my request  for another key, but I didn't mind and we were all having fun talking and I got a chance to hone my people skills again as it has been 2 months since I needed to.  One of those rare times I enjoyed myself at a dealership.  ;- )
As I said..a luncheon at 1300...maybe Starbuck* afterward and then, who knows?  I don't feel compelled to flutter my lashes at anyone so, that's out.   Wish you could be with me..we'd sure have fun! If not, maybe next time and in your absence I may just go ahead and call a friend for later.  'K?
I have been to see each of you.  You're all humming along great except one who is very sick. 

If I've Done it Once... 12/06

If I've done it once, I've done it a blumillion times..and what is THAT you ask?  Well, I 'jobbed' myself in the corner of the eye again applying make up.  I say to myself "Self!  Don't be in such a hurry.  Take your time around your eye area.  The house ain't on fire and you have time to do this without self injury if you just will!".  Self wasn't listening. Again. So I jobbed myself in the eye again.  Luckily, my fingers know I won't slow down so they deflect the worst of it for me.   I got off with a warning again...a slight "owie".
I was procrastinating a little more than usual but heaved myself up onto the treadmill and then did the little workout with weights for weenies.  I felt like I needed to get a move on..and that's not a good time to head for the foundation and begin applying unless I do so knowing I will inflict an injury on myself.  :- )
Meanwhile I still have the rest of my face to do and I will have to pay some attention to the Queen of the Household here who has been meowing for 30 minutes and standing where I usually brush her.   I traditionally brush her first but instead I got up on the treadmill before the impetus left me altogether.  She is steadfastly reminding me of that.
It is raining, has been raining and will continue to do so till perhaps late tomorrow.  Then, it will rain again for Christmas day with snow showers the day following.
I have one more trip to make to get some grocery items for the onslaught.  I went two times yesterday and forgot them both times despite having written them down. I talk to people I know and get distracted from the task.
Another long one.  I'll quit.  Hope everyone is well or getting better.

Hate it When That Happens 12/06

Headed out one more time to the grocery. I wanted to make honey mustard chicken tonight for them. And so I headed off with list in hand to get what I needed. Most of all, the chicken.

While there I bought Ar*mor All for conditioning the interior finish of a car... leather, vinyl, whatever. Got home, unloaded what I had in the trunk, put it all away and then, I discovered there was no Ar*mor All. Had to go allllll the way back there..find a parking place, blah blah blah. And a somewhat testy clerk too. I was good and didn't "testy" back though I am awfully good at that. Too good. I have to be careful 7/24 not to smart off back at whoever.

Got the stuff and headed back. Have everything now for the chicken and this is a new recipe so hope it turns out well.

Meanwhile, someone who shall remain nameless (but who has 4 feet and a lot of long fur...might be feline too..not sure) is being a pest. I tried to play with her right after the treadmill and she wasn't having any of that. Tried to brush her..nope. Went out and did the grocery scene..tried again with the laser light. Nope. But now, she is in here begging and patting my arm. OH! By the way, I have that so called squirrel proof feeder ( you're way ahead of me here, aren't you?) and while on the treadmill that sorry little sucker was standing up eating out of it.

I have it suspended right now from the hummingbird feeder hook. All I can do till 3rd son gets here finally with the stand for out in the yard. So the thing (feeder, not the squirrel, though I wish!!) is suspended barely above the deck rail. What does that tell you? All he has to do is stand on his hind legs and eat his little squirrelly heart out. The feeder DOES work when you use it correctly. I am just in a dilemma and hung it there not knowing how long it would take to get the free standing hook. Meanwhile he has checkmated me. I can hear his evil little squirrel laugh from here. I was up on the treadmill and saw him eating and since I didn't want to stop the treadmill I watched to see how he was faring. Torqued my jaw enough that I turned up the treadmill to use the extra energy I suddenly felt.

Meanwhile..a sunny beautiful day. 2nd son and grandson have not left CLT. yet far as I know...so they will get here about 1800.

Hope all is well with you all. Want a squirrel? Free. Take one. Two for the effort of taking one.

Bob Barker Says "It's a New CAR!"

Yes, that's right, you've heard it a thousand times on The Price Is Right. You're expecting some idiotic prize that you may win with the old yodeler game or something but then you see these old models wave their arms and then Roddy said it, "A new car!!!" and everyone gets all excited and grabs onto Bob for life. In fact, it's so exciting it makes me use run-on sentences in order to express adequately the fervor and merriment of the moment.
So here, for an internet debut, is the one... the only... son to make this blog entry. With his great cooperation and amazing skills, I was able to get these pics up for you. I suspect that I'll have to slip him a twenty or something as appropriate thanks. But on second thought, that wouldn't be adequate enough to compensate him for his talents and remarkable eye.
And with a mighty crack of his sizeable knuckles, I present to you THE CAR. Rides are available for $5/mile. Please, don't everyone sign up all at once as I can only take 3 people at a time. Group discounts are possible. Fudge is acceptable payment. Firstborn children are not welcome unless potty trained.

And everyone, Merry Christmas to you, your families and friends.  Lots of love and happiness to you all.

The Day After 12/06

What a neat day! We had Christmas on THE day. Those of you who have been my friends for a couple years know I always worked the 12 hr. shift rotation and was always on midnight shifts, all 12 hrs. when Christmas and Thanksgiving came around. Well, not this time. I have been home to cook, clean and slave for both. And it is a pleasure to do. I cannot believe my good fortune to have a normal Christmas and Thanksgiving with family at the normal time everyone else does!!!

This day marked the first time in 2 days I got up on the treadmill. And did my weights. Wasn't feeling the greatest the 24th and Christmas day, it was not easy to commandeer my treadmill. But today, back in the groove even though I am down with the sore throat, post nasal drip and coughing thing again. Round 2.

One thing that my youngest gifted me with was an iPod. I asked as a joke more than anything leading to expectation on MY part, because they are expensive but darned if he didn't get me one. And he told 2nd son he was, so 2nd son got me a speaker thingy for them. Little did he know that 3rd son was getting him, 2nd son an iPod also! So, he also gave 2nd son the speaker thingy also. It was great fun. man, I let out a yelp for sure when I unwrapped that.

I have a secret affection for Sailor Moon anime..and so 1st son got me some gorgeous Sailor Moon cards among other things. 2nd son gave me a horribly expensive Christmas ornament from a specialty shoppe ( I spelled it that way on purpose to indicate an expensive shop.) Anyway, the ornament is a 3D skyline view of Charlotte! That thing is really SUPER looking. Where ya gonna get that again, he asked himself as he plunked down the money. One ea. for me and for him.

I love the Army Navy store. It's like a candy store to me. LOVE it. (it's all those years of wearing BDU's...combat boots...it is embedded in me now) and so they were in there looking for things for me (nothing makes me much more happier than camo clothes or anything camo) and he found a purse with insignia on it. Just all kinds of things. Everyone was happy and glad for what they received.

Mom's and Grandmoms...who knows a sure fire way to clean stuffed animals that cannot go into a washing machine. I thought I read in a woman's mag that there is a stuffed toy cleaner out on the market now? Can anyone help me out?

Hoping everyone is well and happy. I have been round to see you all.

I Got That Old Feeling 12/06

Well, seems I have that old feeling, just as the song goes. Coughing my muscles into a spasm, too warm and then too cold, sore throat and now..ta dah...laryngitis. I'll head off to the Dr. again just to see if there is anything I should be doing. Or not, as the case may be.

I really didn't want to, but I got up on the treadmill anyway. I wasn't going to stay long, maybe 10 minutes as I am not up to my usual level of energy however as I was finally using my new iPod, I stayed longer. My face is still a little reddened...why I am in here instead of getting ready to head out for errands and the Dr. I am, as the commercial goes, trying to get the red out. :-) Of course in this case, I am not referring to my eyes as is the commercial.

I made something new last night for supper. A pizza casserole. A recipe I found in a woman's mag. Pretty good. My grandson ate the rest before bed! I swear, for a skinny looking dude he sure can eat! Wish I were that fortunate! I posted 2 new pix of him in the album with 9 pictures in it.

Keep thinking about the stuffed animal cleaner please and thanks for the suggestions so far.

I loved everyone's response to my 3rd son's blog that he wrote for me regarding my new-to-me car. He posted the pictures for me and since he was sitting here I said he may as well write the blog entry for me too.

I have been around to see most everyone...just a couple left. I'll get there after the Dr. and the errands.

Stay well...

PS. Been to the Dr. and the other errands and I have a round of Zithramax and some whoopty-doo high powered (you don't want to know!) cough syrup again. He said to the nausea, sore throat, drainage, tiredness, blah blah blah an upper respiratiory infection. I swear I wash my hand like it pays me money or something..but I can't stop folks from breathing in my face, I guess.

Gargle 12/06

Gargle.  That's what I sound like laughing with this laryngitis.  And I was laughing helplessly at my son in Wal-Mart.  I couldn't help it..it was something he said.  I had to haul out the bandanna I unfailingly carry with me and wipe the tears. (make-up ya know..can't get THAT messed up..not ol' girly here).

I slept some better..,got to lie down.  Meds are working.

I left them, son and grandson to their friends and their lunch and gift exchange and I came home to a Lean Cuisine.  Later we will all head out again to various places in town before they leave Saturday morning for CLT.  They all headed off to Nashville yesterday and among the stops was the Donut Den.  Hope they made their usual stop at Vanderbilt University  as well so I can beg for stuff they may have brought home.

The Donut Den  has doughnuts that are so good it should be criminal.  Of course they brought some home.  I did well refusing them till this morning at 0700 when I got up and the coffee was made.  I got into the box for 2 chocolate frosted ones.  That sort is my downfall besides any filled one.  I got caught with my hand in the box though.  Seems that my getting up triggered everyone else getting up too.

I'll leave you with this thought though...you never really pay attention to how much you talk while out and about till you cannot!!!  Stands out like a sore thumb. Also, till I went to some websites to learn more about laryngitis who knew clearing your throat is a no-no???  Dr. sure didn't tell me not to.  He also didn't say whispering was even worse than trying to speak.  But the Mayo Clinic has a lot of links for the Inquiring Mind.

Thank you for the well wishes; and the tea Patty brought was most welcome as was the sympathy from all.    You know how some people..me..can be a cry baby.

Reperat After Me 12/06

Anything that doesn't kill me just makes me stronger...

Thus saith my poor son in there with the stomach virus, his son who is complaining about not feeling well and me with my stuff going on. BUT I do believe I am on my way up finally. If I don't get my boy's stomach virus.

Meanwhile it was an absolutely wonderful day out there. Couldn't go far as I needed to apply cold wet compresses onto the 103 temp forehead over there on the couch!! Poor guy and he has to head back to CLT of he can tomorrow. He's an educator and school starts Tuesday.

But beautiful day and about 60 degrees. That is ridiculous for a Winter day. If everyone had been well though, you know me. Me and the camp chair would be out by the lake again!!! Of course this time I wouldn't be doing much talking on the cell! Even the laryngitis is better. I am croaking pretty well once again. Just a little hoarse sounding :-)

I had planned to make spaghetti and 'meata ballas' (remember the old Alka Seltzer commercials?) tonight but of course, ain't no way anyone in here has the appetite for such. Neither of them has done more than drink liquids today. Hey, we know things could be a whole lot worse. We're talking about it but we're not complaining. Oh my..he's asleep again. I hear him snoring.

I will pledge to you not to make any more chronicles of everyone's sickness after this one. That gets mighty old when you go to a blog and see the same ol' same ol' about the blog writer or someone else in the bloggers life's illness when it's such a penny ante deal anyway. So tomorrow..no more of this stuff.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty too. I have a lot of house cleaning to do (believe me..but worth every moment of cleaning to me) so I doubt I will find time to go out and enjoy the weather. There will be more beauty in the weather to enjoy as we go along toward Spring.

Hope everyone in the blog family is well. I think I have been to see everyone but one since I got up this morning. I know of one who is really ill. Got an email from her this evening. She and I have been having problems for a week or more. Just hers are far and away worse than mine.  I will tell you this however, no way have I been on the treadmill in several days/

More tea!! More cookies!!! More soup and home made rolls! And step on it!

Once More With Feeling 12/06

Cool.  I feel much better..they feel much better and are on their way to CLT.

I have been in a housecleaning frenzy.  I wouldn't not have it messy from a visit.  You can always clean! But I have that done except the bathroom (that's after this..I am stalling).  I also got up on the treadmill and did my weights for the first time in three days.  Did great and that iPod really does help.  It is more a reward for working out than the workout itself!!!  LOVE that thing!!! I remember back in the old days walking the track, or up and down the hills here, even the treadmill with the headphones on and tuned to an FM station for the rock music.  Hated the commercials.  Seems like they lasted a lot longer than the songs.  Say you jogged around the track 4, 5 times and WHAM!  There's a really GOOD one on and you can't stop even though your legs are tired.  So you keep on going till that great song is over and hope against hope another great one doesn't come on.  'Cause then you'd have to walk, run or something till THAT one was done. Sure takes the boredom out of the routine, I'll attest to that.

Maybe my 2nd son did not give me the dreaded stomach virus.  I seem symptom free so far.  Have no idea of the incubation time though.  I'm still trying to deal with my own respiratory stuff. Ooops..I pledged not to get into that stuff again today.

All that chicken soup, homemade rolls, fudge, cookies, tea and whiskey that came thru the modem for me from the blogging family really helped!  I can talk now!  I will do the same for you all.  

It's 1430 and I don't even have a face on today.  Was waiting for them to leave noonish..and knew I was going to clean and get on the treadmill so, saw no use in doing my face.  Sure not going to now.  Anything I have to do outside and downtown will wait for tomorrow.

Our Bowl game is on Monday!  GO VOLS!!!

Just Another Day in Paraise 12/06

t is raining to beat the band out there! (where did that expression come from anyway?) And I just came in after a short trip out to get some push pins, a frame for a print of one of my son's pictures...the Cooper's Hawk.  And I got two heavier weight dumb bells.  I will have to start off slowly with those.

Brought the Sunday paper in at last.  By the time I separated out the ads and news print I never read (classifieds, jobs, travel, man stuff like sports places..then there were all the ads for computer supply places, the home hardware places..blah blah...only roughly under a third of the entire paper was left for me to read.  The rest is out there in the recycle bin as always.

I fought myself off and managed not to stop by Krystal's drive thru.  Their ads now..they are right.  Sometimes you've got to have a Krystal.  Small hamburger in a steamed bun w/ mustard, onion and a few dill pickle slices.  OH wow..good I reckon. You guys up North or out West probably never heard of them.

I have been up on the treadmill just as I was yesterday..and did my weights.  Feeling good.  Me and my sons are in a contest these past months to see who gets more time in doing this.  I added mine up and it seemed too much.  Going thru again to see if I made a mistake.  Due to this respiratory thingy I have..I had to miss 4 days total.

I wish I had a big ol' pot of pinto beans cooking.  And some cole slaw.  I don't have the beans..don't have the seasoning meat, no cabbage..looks like I'll be striking out for today.  I'll bet Terrance does though.

It was pouring so hard I didn't even try to get my stuff into the house from the trunk.  I am looking forward to trying the new weights out and seeing if my hawk print will fit in the frame I bought. Quit raining!!!!!!!!!!

I have been to see all but 3 people..saving them for after a while.  You all come back now..hear?

How Many Days Before Christmas? 11/06

Man, Christmas will be here in a matter of weeks!  I have barely got started because no one will tell me what they want!!
I warned them it will be mom's choice if they don't get a move on.
Have a bit to do today.  Re: my blog saying that what we have to do expands to fit the time we have to give to it.
One thing is an already booked luncheon.  I won't stay the entire thing as my oldest is here and i would rather spend the time with him.
He tried hard last night to help me out with the hard drive from the old computer transferring its contents to this new computer.  There was a Code 10 error ( I don't know either) and we Googled it to see what anyone might have said.  We found plenty but nothing that would help us.  He is taking the HD home with him in the morning and giving it a try there at his place. 
The other must do is taking the car to a specified location to attend to my claim along with humdreds of others regarding an overspray of an unknown that coated many employee's cars.  Mine as well as others seemed to be coated with sand.  Paint peeled off just above the passenger side windows too.  Just bubbled up and peeled off.
A strange deviation here but I found at my expense that lower fat bacon is not an option.  Oh, if one always fried it in a pan, perhaps.  But I never do.  I use the mircowave. Since my son is here I microwaved bacon for him.  Atop the requisite 2 paper towels and covered with one.  4 slices, 4 minutes.  The low fat bacon stuck so badly to the underlying paper towels I had to trash can it.  I started a new 4 slices...w/o paper towels.  A mess of grease/water/something and rubbery bacon.  Heck with that.  Don't waste your money. But he got that, eggs and an english muffin out of it. 
I am extremely concerned about Marie Beth.  Has anyone heard privately and can you tell us how she and Jim are?
Hope I don't fry my hair but I am going to take my new ceramic flat iron to it shortly.  How i can get frizz overnight is beyond me.  I bought the flat iron and I have a curling iron but I never use either as I haven't the practice and i don;t want to damage my hair.  Today I decided to give it a try.  Not damaging my hair (I hope) but ironing out the frizz.
I hope everyone had a good evening with the trick or treaters.  There was no one here at all.  Nary a sign.  Usually I am not here.  Work.  So no kids are in the habit of stopping here.
Everyone have a good day, please.  See you later I hope.

Happenings 11/06

Seems as though the blog family has had some rough times here in the past week.  More have than have not.  I am trying to keep an eye on that and good thoughts.
I am taking the oldest back today and when I come home..man, am I going to have to clean house.  But not until I get on the treadmill.  Me first, house next. 
I can't even weigh myself.  I wanted to weigh the laptop that I just took the HD out of and the scale's battery has given up the ghost!  I opened the battery case and there is a quarter sized strange looking battery in there that I will take in the Rad-io Sh-ack and see if they have a replacement.
I am going to see..or my oldest will that is, if i can sell the laptop sans HD. Which is why I wanted to get some idea what it weighed...for shipping purposes.  There are several uses for such a thing (computer w/o HD) but don't ask me to remember what they are.  My son told me and it went in one ear and out the other.  I have a couple more items also that I am hoping to sell.  I am giving him a percentage of what he can sell for me.
I will have you know I finally gave myself a manicure last night.  I never do that.  I just throw on colorless base and let it go at that.  But now I have some time..I filed, buffed, shined, based, polished, top coated..wow.  Now, THAT really enriched my life..not!
Waiting on my son to get up so I can cook his breakfast so I can go out.  I had what I am wont to call my bowl of gruel.  My oatmeal w/ added raisins, flax seed and an occasional crushed walnut.  He will get eggs with that rubber bacon..I fried it this morning and it is STILL not worth eating.  He gets to take home the leftovers too.  I made fried chicken last night with some seasoning that McCormick put out last month.  Gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.  I had some of the greenbeans and a spoonful of potato. He gets to take home the leftover ziti from the night before last as well.  Meat and tomato sauce in it as well as cheese this time.  Last time it was a 3 cheeze ziti.
He's up.  Let's get to the galley and whomp up some grub.
Have a super day!!

Today is the Day 11/06

ell, for me anyway.  I am, as mentioned, headed over the mountains to Charlotte.  I'll leave here at 1430 for the youngest's home and then we'll go together.  We will be back to our respective homes Sunday late afternoon.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.  I said that relative to my on-going joke that if I go to Charlotte it will snow!!! (It has so many times!!) I remember 2 years ago January I headed over..looked like I would be in between systems.  It was sunny and gorgeous all the way there and the night was clear.  Got up Saturday morning and we were listening to the news and weather before going out.  The weather man in Charlotte said there would be snow in Charlotte that night...snow in the mountains that DAY!! and snow where *I* live the next morning.  Like..where did THAT come from????  It was 0930 Saturday morning.  I had only been there close to 18 hours total.  I packed and headed out within an hour..trying to get home.  I made it but only just.  Good thing I left when I did.  There were flurries in the mountains..just enough to concern me, all the way home and then it really got serious just after I passed over them..  I got here and it just opened up and dumped snow all over us.  That's why it's a joke to us in the family.  So many times between middle November to mid March I would pack and head out..I have to carefully watch the systems on both sides of the mountains. Then at the last second, cancel.
Due to not sleeping but a few hours last night I am too tired to get on the treadmill.  Hopefully I will sleep better tonight.  The son we are going to see also has a treadmill so maybe I can hop up on his for awhile tomorrow afternoon.
I hope me and my wallet make it back home alright.  Something happens to me when I get around the big city and all of those shops and stores.  There are two places in particular I am add-icted to going to.  Those are the first 2 places we head out to.
I believe I have been around to see most of not all.  Not leaving for 3 more hours so hope to see everyone.
Most of all, have a fun weekend and I'll check on you tonight from Charlotte.

ello 11/06

ere I am, in glorious Charlotte.  Weather is beautiful. We are going to hang here and watch the UT/LSU football game.
We have been out for breakfast (I had my oatmeal here at the house...they ate out) then we went to a coin store ( we are all avid collectors) came home for a bit..went back out for lunch (just Wendy's) and after a while we'll head down town for some great pictures.  If my youngest is taking them, they'll be wonderful!  We will eat at Rock Bottom tonight.  We'll head back to TN. tomorrow morning. 
Marilyn, if you see this..I know you are right!  I did go to one of my most favorite of all shopping places but came out only spending like 4 dollars.  So, you were able to see through my complaints and know I love spending money when I get here and heck I didn't see anything I really wanted  to buy!!

It's Good To Be Home 11/06

I know my son feels the same way as I stated just now in my title.  It is good to be home.
I loved where we were and we had the best of times..but like everyone else..home is where you can take a shower..pad around looking crummy and just do nothing or everything and not bother anyone else.  :-)
We did have a wonderful time.  Grandson was on a Scouting trip for the weekend so it was just us 3 adults.  Missed him a lot but have to admit it was nice to have some continuous time to ourselves just this once.
We got there in Charlotte very early evening.  He had some NY Strips waiting and some mashed potatoes and green beans.  Cranberry sauce too.  We ate and I am afraid that my grandson's Halloween candy was out.  By the way, he collected 14 pounds of the stuff!!! My diet went somewhat askew.  Not horribly, but sugar is usually my downfall. 
But, we stayed up till almost midnight enjoying talking and  on getting up the next morning..I had already had a bowl of oatmeal so when they opted to eat out, I just had coffee.  However, lunch was a few calories..fast food and been  a long time. So I enjoyed it.  Then supper.
We went to downtown Charlotte which is absolutely beautiful.  N. took his camera and we parked somewhere and took off walking.  We got there when the light was optimal  for any photographs and certainly for the high rise buildings we wanted to get photos of.  And he also wanted to take some after dark pictures as well.  So, we hung around downtown on foot some time waiting.  I admit my ears were cold as was my nose.  But other than say that, I tried not to complain.  I had a great time and a little ear/nose discomfort was well worth it.  Parking was at a premium as there was a professional basketball game going on in the big areana there..so that's why we walked a bit more than we may have done otherwise.
We were going to go to Rock Bottom for supper.  You haven't lived till you've had their white cheddar mashed potatoes!!!  However , the line was out the door so we would up going to Chil-ies.  Great food but too too too much for servings. WAY to large servings.  But good..oh, man.
We took our swollen bellies over to Pet Sm-art and I bought a new carrier for my cat who has a somewhat ample and opulent physique.  Hard to get her into the carrier my more petite little girl used to use when she went to the Vet.  This girl weighs twice as much as my little Robin did.  Came home..watched Va. Tech play football VS Miami.  Watched as one of the blog family is getting her PhD there. So thought of her!
So, we trekked everywhere yesterday and had a great time.  As I said last night..didn;t spend but a couple dollars!!  For me, that's unAmerican! 
We left fairly early.  9-ish I would say, this morning for TN again.  Trip was beautiful and uneventful till we were 2, 3 miles away from youngest son's house.  Accident kept us from getting to his place (where my car was) for a long long time.  Then I had to transfer all that stuff...cat's new Chateau and so on, my luggage, back pack and so on to my car and get underway to MY house. 
But we made it..we had a great time and I was especially happy to have heard from Beth!  That about made my weekend.
Cheryl took a Scissor tail Flycatcher picture that is awesome.  If you haven't seen it, please do.
Viv..I passed that on and I agree fully!  Thank you.  :-)

Do No Harm 11/06

Back to reality and that means the treadmill and the weights.  That done for the first time today I thought I would mention what I was thinking about on the treadmill.  That is:  "Primum non nocere".  That is Latin for "First, do no harm".  All those years of Latin in HS comes in handy.  It breeds a liking for the language and an appreciation of the derivatives that followed.  However..my thought.  First, do no harm. 
The phrase is incorrectly attributed to Hippocrates.  He did not write that phrase.  However some sources say Galen the (Roman) physician did.  None the less, reading the poisonous words that one of the blogging family had to endure from a reader made me contemplate our role (at least as I see it) in this world we are in. 
First, do no harm.  If you come upon a blog and the author of the blog does not seem to echo your own particular  way of looking at things..your own action/reaction....your political or religious views...there is a simple way to deal with it.  Do not return there.  If by and large you find no objection to the blog or its creator, go there if you like knowing you may find objectionable material (to YOU) in the blog.  But you can leave with no comment at all.  Simple.  If the blog has enough content to make you go back sometimes..deal with the antithesis of that and just leave the blog if you do not care for the content.
I seem to be trying to find several or endless perhaps ways of saying the same thing.  Just don't go if you don't like the blog or the blogger.  Don't leave scurrilous remarks or show your lack of breeding or offend others who innocently wander into the same blog you so despise. 
Remember..it is so simple..First, do no harm.

I Can Sure See 11/06

I can sure see this isn't the best day I ever had as far as household things are concerned.  While away for the weekend I was in a pet store and besides the pet carrier, I also bought a large clear plastic "pitcher" to keep about 8 pounds of dry pet food in.  I duly got home, poured the Science Diet into that container from the paper sack Science Diet packaged it in,  and hoped to forever more have an easier time refilling the 2 qt. container I keep on the kitchen counter to refill her small bowl.
I have lived a few years and I pretty much have caught on to the idea that  when you put on a lid...you are better served by making sure it is  on tight.  I did that.  I pulled that big "pitcher" out of the walk-in closet and got ready to fill the smaller container that I keep out on the counter.  The pitcher has a pull out spout.  I pulled it out..turned it upside down to pour out the cat food and I can see most of you are way ahead of me here.  Yes..that's right.  The entire contents of 8 pounds of cat food came pouring out all over my impeccable floor, counter tops and worse still, all over the stove and INTO the stove.  It required taking the stove apart to get it all out, washing the pieces and assembling it all again.
I am well aware that worse things happen in the world, but that was a no fun thing happening right here. 
I did get out to vote.  I never vote a straight ticket.  And I didn't this time either.
It's raining.  I have a headache associated with this sort of weather.  Go figure.  Took a Tylen-ol.  Maybe I will feel like getting back up on the treadmill this afternoon if the Tylen-ol takes hold.
I have been Christmas shopping again.  Truth be known, I am glad I don't have to get 9 additional things for the folks I worked beside.  I was friends with just one and would have anyway for her.  But having to  do so for 8 additional (and they were in the same situation too...certainly I wasn't the only one) was costly.  I wish we could have drawn names, but no one was interested when I suggested that.
That sounded kind of Scroogish I guess.  I'll quit for now and rest my widdle head.

Smokin' 11/06

There are several definitions that come to mind when we hear or see the word "smokin'".  Depending on your age perhaps, you may thing of, well, the act of smoking a cigarette.  Or you may think of any smoldering thing such as a fire almost out. You may as I do if I hear and read that word, think of someone who is good looking to the nth degree and se-xy to boot!!
However- this morning the only definition I have  for that word is the smoldering remains of my wallet/credit card.  I've been Christmas shopping on-line as well as out in the "real" world.  Whew!  Mercy!  I save orders, receipts and so on either paper or email ones in a folder(s) and I will tote up the damage so far. I'm done with one son and the grandson.  Have two sons to go and almost done with the other son.  Just one son to go really and some on the other one.  I really need to start wrapping and getting a grip on what I have in there.  The corner of the bedroom is overflowing out into the room with stuff.
I have (can't NOT tell you about it..it is part of my reward system (and may be a punishment to readers ) been up on the treadmill this morning.  I see I have gone from twice a day to once a day.  Laziness.  BUT as long as I am up there once a day and sweat mightily, I'll be OK.
I have a bit of Christmas shopping to do this morning.  Just one place to go.  Trying to get the red out of my face (exertion) before I do the make-up thing and then I will go on out.
I have been around to most all of you this morning.  I stepped over to you from other's pages sometimes so my foot print may not be there.  But I have roosted on many a blogger porch this past year waiting for you to come out to play..I think you will know I was there by the scent of Joy I left behind. (That was a Christmas present last year from one of my sons, by the way). But if you weren't home or up yet, I'll be back.

I Admit it 11/06

OK.  I admit it.  I am a "Dancing With the Stars" junk-ie.  I sat there the entire time tonight after getting in from dinner, watching it.  I so regret it if I have forgotten it is on as I still am not a TV watcher except for the news. But tonight, I came in...no distractions and tried to read the newspapers while watching.  I gave up and laid the papers aside.
I do not agree with the scoring however.  They let one couple go who were top notch.  All three couples were, but one of the other 2 couples that remained...they are the ones in my opinion that should have been booted. However..it is rather like when that silly Jerry whatshisname was on there.  He can't dance his way off of a banana peel on the floor! And yet because he acted so silly and tried to be comedic, he and his partner were kept on there for weeks..knocking off/eliminating couples who tried so hard and danced so well and worked so hard.  It was not right to allow someone on there  who could not dance.  If they wanted a comedy then they should have formed a separate program just for that.
But no one pays me for my opinion so I guess I may as well stop harping on the show.
Had dinner out this evening. A surprise call in the mid afternoon.  Very nice. 
These have been gray and wet days and nights.  I hope they come to an end soon.  Helps my grass seed that was strewn but I need some dryness so as to blow leaves off my flower bed and so on.
By the way, Staples seems to be taking customer service to a new high these past months.  All you have to do is walk in and if you stand there someone will politely approach you and ask if they can help you find something.  And while standing there later on pursuing other things, someone asked again.  Frankly I appreciate that.  Used to be they had like 3 people.  One at the register and one at large and one at the main desk.  Now I can see they have hired quite a few.  Started noticing that several months ago.   But they close at 2000 hrs.  What a strange hour to close!!! 
OK.  Bye.

Cool Beans 11/06

Got some things done today.  I went out this morning and used the leaf blower to get the worst of them out of the upper flower bed so the pansies can breathe!!! Then I had a date at Starbucks so had to leave after winding up the cord and putting things away.  By the time I got home I didn't feel like hauling out the sheet and transporting leaves down the hill  to throw over the fence into the forested area.  Tomorrow I guess, as long as my lower back will let me.  Had to shampoo my hair anyway and set it for awhile (I don't use heat on my hair).
I can do that several times a day till I get the worst of them up.  Then blow again and start all over again.  If you could see my yard you would understand.  As mentioned, many many MANY stories -tall trees.  Drifts of leaves half way up my calves.
I got a call tonight inviting me to a party the night of the 18th.  Can't wait!  So looking forward to seeing everyone and my escort. 
Ever try to clean a reluctant female kitty's ears out with a Q Tip?  Ain't easy.
I have a big day tomorrow too.  Starting off with the treadmill!  I was up there decently long today.  A luncheon after that.  So..looking forward to that as well.
Looks like I am about the only one save one other who has seen Dancing With the Stars.  If my brain rots, that's OK.  It's about the only TV entertainment I have as I don't watch TV much.  Too much else to do.  Like Amy, I had so few channels who cared.  I know I blogged about that.  I didn't watch so I gave up all the channels.  Have them back now and still don't watch by and large!  :-)
Have a great evening..I have been round to see you all.

Work 11/06

Been out there doing a little work.  Instead of the treadmill as I am expecting company soon.  I didn't think I would sweat as much as I did while hauling sheets of leaves down the hill and hauling my butt back UP the hill each time (my back yard...you need toe claws to navigate it...I live on a mountain after all). However, I got a good workout till I had to quit and try to get ready for the company and the guy for the pest control too.
Been around to see half of you and did a little space walking too.  Did that yesterday and the day before.  Meet some super folks that way.  And what was nice..I see the bloggers I go see all the time go see those people as well.  I just haven't had time to explore other bloggers' friends the way I would like to.  Now that I do have some time I need to remind myself to do that more often.
It is wonderful to see several of our 'family' on the upswing after so many bad times.  I mean it.  It absolutely makes my day when I see that trouble has receded or disappeared (hopefully) after taking so much of our friend's lives and giving such heartache. It is also wonderful to see Faith expressed and lived, every day in their lives.   
I was telling a blogging sister {she knows who she is!  :-) }that I feel the need increasingly to meet a challenge.  I have had enough rest and now I need to set my mind to either continuing my education (likely) or finding another job.  I turned several down as it was too soon and I wanted to wallow in not having anything to do.  Well, I have a lot to do after all...just not reporting to formal work.  I am not here a lot every day and sometimes in the evening..so my life is full but there are no challenges.  I have had to meet steep challenges every day for many years.  It does not feel right to have it so easy.
Keep a good thought for me.  See you in a while.

Secret 11/06

Ah, not too secret I guess.  At least not while I was working where I was.   On midnights when nothing was going on and it was as quiet as the proverbial tomb, I could be caught with it half hidden under some paperwork  at my desk)' Caught with what' you ask?  I got all that typed before I named the vi-ce!!  How to get out of this written blog conundrum?  (I know! I'll spread judicious use of parenthetical statements!  That's what I'll do, in order to explain what on earth I am talking about!) (here it comes)
 I was up on the treadmill...just got off ten minutes ago..still sweating mightily I might add...and  to pass the time, I was reading Star magazine.  It is a celebrity mag and I have that secret vi-ce.  I not only buy it..I subscribe to it.  (along with approximately 10 magazines other) (I am a voracious reader...of books as well).  Anyway, I was up there reading along about Jay Z and his squeeze Beyonce and there was a huge flash!  I was so into reading this silliness I thought it was a flashbulb going off and looked out the window to my left to see who had vaulted up to my deck (like they could!!) and took a photo of me groaning and sweating on the treadmill looking really bad with my thin man's A shirt and a pair of ratty shorts.  And a bandana tied around my forehead and a paper towel tucked bib style into the neckline of the shirt. 
Gee whiz.  No one was out there taking my picture!  I wasn't a celeb after all!  But that flash was followed by a deafening crash and pelting rain.  So looks like I will be spared going out into the yard for some more leaf hauling.  I laughed at Beth's comment in the blog before this whereupon she stated she got out her mower and blew her leaves into the neighbors yard.  Heck, I would too except smarty pants here had a fence put up and so they escape my wrath.
Had my usual bowl of gruel as I like to call it.  Jazzed up some with cinnamon, spray "butter" and a handfull of walnut pieces.  A packet of sweetner too for good measure. 
It is almost 10 and I still have my weight workout to do and my face to apply! 

In Memorium: S.P. Arrow 11/06

It was one of those evening shifts back when I was on 7 day shift rotation.  Those were only 8 hr. shifts.  They changed every 7 days, hence the name....7 day rotation.  The evening shift's hours were 1400-2200 hrs.  I got home at 2217 usually and there were the three boys, lined up on the kitchen step waiting for me to drive in.  The usual spokesperson was the middle son, who would say " You look hungry!" and that was MY cue to say "Hop in and we'll go to Micky-D's".  This happened fairly often while I was on evening shifts.  I was only doing 8 hrs. unless I was mandatoried into 16.  So, if I got home after 8 hrs., I was fair game to persuade  to go out again with them in tow.  No early getting up times to face.  I could sleep till 1000.
Anyway, on return, I stepped out of the Camaro and the middle boy hesitated a little to allow me to see something before I stepped in or over it.  It was a tiny boy- made stick cross stuck into the ground at the side of the porch and a little banner of paper that had the deceased name on it in memoriam.  His name?  Mr. S. P. Arrow.  A former flying friend who was more popularly know perhaps as...a Sparrow. 
He had left this world somehow and someway..I hope it wasn't Miss Robin our indoor/outdoor reigning feline.  Probably not.  Ahem.  But Mr. Arrow got a proper resting place and acknowledgment.  So  did other creatures as they were brought in or just found outside.  The side yard became a cemetery.  Our beloved male cat Hopping John is there as is Ex Caliber.  Robin, the 16 year old is resting just at the edge of the deck's drop off where she always jumped up onto the porch to rap at the window to ask to be let in and where she dropped off to go on her perimeter rounds.  Other birds, chipmunks, mice, poor turtles who were too slow crossing the road...who ever needed sanctuary found it here. Many were named but  Mr. S.P. Arrow's name remains with me after all these 20 years.
This was a good day.  I went to church where the choir sang "Down to the River to Pray" and they were exquisite!  They did that in  four keys!!!  I told the Minister of Music in an email (I am always writing mash notes to the Minister of Music and the choir..always!) that if I had been in the hospital after major surgery I would appear in church to hear that!!!  OH they were so good I got chill bumps!  How can 20 some people sound so professional?  It's this way every week!!
One of my parting gifts at work my last week among many, was another gift card to a popular somewhat upscale restaurant in The Big City.  My youngest volunteered to go with me so I picked him up at his place and we drove over to that restaurant. They won't see US in there any more.  Why?  A rather bad brunch was all they served...eggs were dry and hard and the bacon was dripping with grease...etc etc.  We had our little glass plates filled (by us) (self serve) and ate.  the bill was the entire gift card plus 3 additional dollars and...AND they figured in the tip FOR us.  I am always generous with a tip.  Always.  Unfailingly.  I do NOT like having that figured for me.  And 42.00 plus change for THAT!?  It was not worth it but I guess it was a lesson learned. Just call me backwoods.(I know you are...I heard that!   )
Came home after a little visit with my son, hopped up on the treadmill after mailing some bills and going to the grocery.
Thought I would check on you all and tell you about Mr. Arrow.  he somehow was on my mind.