Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Dear Friends

Happy New Year dear friends.  You all of you mean a lot to me and I appreciate the care shown toward me through the years.  No matter what happens you are there.  And that is what makes friendship so heartening.  Cyber friendships are just as beautiful and even have a glow. I count them among my treasures.

Just stopping in for a moment till tomorrow.  xoxox

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hello and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all of you friends.  How I appreciate you each one.

I am concerned that one is missing for several weeks now, my friend in Australia and I miss her very much. If any of you have heard from my Sis in Australia, please let me know if she is alright.

Meanwhile, I hope Santa has been by and that you are happy.  We are, and we ate like nobody's business.  YUM.  We had LOTS of food. Turkey, gravy, yeast rolls, macaroni and cheese, pareleyed and garlic mashed potatoes, corn, shelly beans, turkey gravy, dressing and cranberry sauce both whole berry and smooth.  I made a pumpkin pie and a coconut cream one.  NUMMY.

Thank you too for the Christmas cards and the sympathy cards.  We miss the little Boss but she is free and young again now.

I'll be around here shortly to visit.  xoxo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank You For Being There

My heartfelt and sincere thank yous to all of you who have greeted me and sent comfort on the Admiral's page and my Wall these past several days.  Friendship, love and caring are like a salve on an open wound.  It helps stop some of the bleeding.

Some folks who don't have pets or dislike a kind of pet or worse don't love their pet as a family member can't and won't understand what a crushing blow this is.  I know the pain will fade in time.  It faded when Robin flew away 16 years ago.  One day I will not feel the sharp pain as much.  But until that time comes, oh, I am so sad.  Just so so so sad.

Last night I rose suddenly from the office chair which for once wasn't occupied by you-know-who and called to her out loud as I reached the hallway, "I'm coming to feed ya, Baby.  Sorry I'm a little late!" and the words died in my mouth as I realized I was talking to the thin air.  It's habit.  I will lessen.

God bless all of you and thank you for yourselves.  What a priceless gift to ME!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One thing Sunday

After spilling and unsucessfully getting rid of all the evidence of a half a gallon of milk on the floor the other day, I huffed and I puffed and I worked hard.  Here is today's result.


That's the fridge in the left hand side and as I have no laundry room (small house) those are the washer (L) and dryer (R) and the door where this all happened.  The accidental dropping/falling out of the half gallon of milk)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


What a week with yesterday being one I am grateful came good instead of the way it might have been.  All the purrs and prayers for the Admiral are indeed still working as her life was saved yesterday from an awful accident.  She blogged about it today.

Today is gorgeous sunny and cold.  I got ready..wore my new gray jacket, rather a dressy one, and headed out to shop-- but I changed my mind and I went to a restaurant for lunch.  I never have minded doing these sorts of things by by myself Dining out I mean.  It's more fun because of getting to run your mouth when you're with someone's equally OK to go by yourself.    I just went to Shoney's this time and had the so-called country fried steak.  With a cream gravy and a small baked potato.  That will last me all day and part of the evening but good.  Yummy.

Has anyone been to see Puss in Boots after I blogged about it?  I hope you did and that you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow or later today will be quite a chore getting the kitchen wooden floor gleaming again after that awful accident yesterday and Simba if you read this, yes, I sure did have to go buy another half gallon at over $3.70.  Thank heavens that was the only outcome.  It could have been horrible.  Here is a cheerful reminder of late Spring this year. Just before my accident.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainy day in TN

It's raining again but then, we have been getting at least 2 days worth every this is right on schedule.

Headed out to join the gang, both working and not for some fun and loud talking.  The loud talking is the best part. :-)))  I'll have to go work out later.

I hear more woodpeckers out there this morning than anyone else.  Some nuthatches too and some finches but woodpeckers are predominant.  As long as I can I will feed the birds.  I saw a Ladder Back woodpecker on the ground eating under the feeder.  That was the first time I have seen a woodpecker eating on the ground.

I was saying in my WP blog that these 6 weeks so far of working out have brought back the muscles in my right arm and the wrist that was broken and encased so long in the casts. VERY glad about that!  I don't like having a soft arm with no muscle tone.  Wanna arm wrestle?  I think I'm up for it.

Getting ready to put the final touches on to go on out.  Wish you were coming too. You'd have fun.  Especially my WI girls up there.  You all know how to have laughs and fun!  xox

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And then, There's This To Consider.

Far as I know, I don't look to be or appear or act to be hard of hearing nor am I slow of mind.  I'm almost sure none of those adjective apply (but then, maybe close friends would tell me if those adjective did apply).

Then, I will also tell you that I don't look as though I am standing by my to-be grave site with one foot on the proverbial banana peel.  I am not limping, stammering, stooped, whatever.  So why did the salesperson speak very loudly and very slowly to me this morning  as if to a pre-kindergartner while ringing up my purchase?  This was at Penney's.  That-- and to put the cherry on top, she called me "Sweetie" probably at least 15 times in a few minutes.  Plus, as an added treat, she said there was a rebate form that came out with the sales slip.  I murmured that I thought that was rather they'd not done that before to my knowledge....whereupon she said " Hey, I just print 'em!"

I wanted to climb over the counter and cuff her one for being so sickeningly condescending but that smart remark was about all I was wanting to subject myself to.

No..I didn't cuff her one, nor did I return remarks or bad comments to her.  I just took my purchase and left.

The reason I made that comment in the beginning of my blog about appearance is:  older folks have many many times written about being discriminated against by sales clerks, and any other place where they have to deal with people in either a professional, medical or a sales atmosphere.  I have not seen it until today.  There were two very much older ladies ahead of me who got the condescending treatment from the clerk..I guess she was still in that swing of things when I bellied up to the bar.

Just thought I would complain here.  You blog family are used to me by now.  :-)))

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well! I guess *I* got told...

It was 1430, I was hungry as I ate at 0630, and after all my traveling and errands were over, I was turning into the clearly marked entryway..complete with turn arrows for the exit off the main road I took in order to enter McDonalds parking lot and around to the window to order a sandwich when a woman...probably 30 something came bolting out of the parking lot at a fairly high rate of speed considering it was a ramp.  She almost hit me head on...I swerved to avoid it if I could.  I was at a stop by then as she was within inches of the front of my car and I couldn't turn any farther to the left.  She screamed at me, questioned my heritage and called me several names, expanding my vocabulary with her choices and screamed some more.  Then took off on down the entrance ramp after informing me of my inability to drive among other things.

I won't forget her appearance, or of her old box like van.  Her hair was straight, burgundy colored, thin eyebrows and lips, eyes were narrowed while she was spewing filth at me, and her so white.  :-) Thin face.  She must be very sad and very disadvantaged in ways that count.

Well, I guess I am finished talking about that.  I suppose these things will happen while you are left wondering what was that all about?

Picture was taken in my front yard.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Charlotte NC and the Dead Sea Scrolls

This header picture was taken in Charlotte, NC as I was standing on the top floor of a 10 floor parking garage uptown.  I think that's the Hearst Bldg.  Any Charlotteans who happen to see this will correct me I hope, if I am wrong.  I still love Charlotte and if I wouldn't have to start over, I'd move there.  There is any cultural thing you could ever want or hope for available in the City.  The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra is world class (no, really!) and their Discovery Museum, to name just one is awesome.  That is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were on loan from Israel for a little while.  One of the most awe inspiring things I have ever seen in my life or ever will see.  There were a few other places in this Country they were allowed to go and that was it.

No, not reproductions of the Scrolls..the real thing.  I blogged about it on Spaces back when I went to see them.  The lighting was very very dim..just enough to see your way around and the displays of the scrolls were dark except for a 5 second interval when they were lit better.  The light faded after that five seconds and you had to wait there for another interval of light until you were finished looking at that particular one.  It was the same all the way through.  Light would hurt the scrolls so light was very carefully controlled.  The import of these and the sheer majesty of what I was seeing just almost literally took my breath away as there were times I noticed I was breathing very shallowly..just transported by the vision of history we rarely get to see.

I'm hoping that all is well in your homes and Chip, if you see this..I don't know how to see or comment on your Google + blog.  I don't want to start one there..not sure what to do to comment those who are.

See you later..gotta get ready for the day.  XO

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puss in Boots

The day after Thanksgiving, everyone was here again, so we went out to eat and then, one of my sons looking at his iPhone App said that in the theatre not a mile away, Puss in Boots was going to be on in 20 minutes.  We all decided we'd like to see it so we left to go straight over.

Let me tell you how much I loved that movie  It was really good.  I could have waited to see it in 3D the next day or even later that evening but we chose to see it as a family so we saw the standard look.

If you haven't seen it, make an effort.  It matters not if you are 70 or 17.  It's fun and engaging. Antonio Banderos is excellent as Puss.  And later the next day I saw my first Shrek movie!  I have been behind the barn door for a while now it seems.

You know I have never liked apples.  But something prompted me to buy a Gala apple last week and I can't get enough of those.  Take about delicious!  I am eating one now even though I may regret the moisture content so soon before bed.  Finally found an apple I like.  I can't believe it.  Sweet and delicious.

Just wanted to alert you to that excellent movie.  I would never ever have thought of Humpty Dumpty that way though.  :-)))

Faced another power outage last night.  Started just before 8 I think and only lasted till somewhere like 9:45.  Just long enough to get a little uncomfortably cool in here.  Pitch black except the oil lamp I had to guard every second and the flash light too.  This is the second one in a week.  No idea what happened but I heard that awful deep thrumming hum outside as the power went off..came back up, off again, up again and then the third time was the charm.  That makes sense really as it was automatically switching to another "line" when the fault was detected.  That failed too for good that third time.

Hope you have power tonight and I hope we keep it.  XOX

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday and Rain Coming

We SURE have been getting more than our share of rain.  BUT while I wish that didn't happen, I remember our three years drought-like conditions until about three years ago! and can't really complain.

Our University football team lost again and this is the third year we have been P poor.  We have no depth whatsoever and only a few talented men.  A very beatable condition to be in and trust me, we have been beaten every time this year and last, just about.  Only won ONE in our SEC division.  ONE.  The other few wins were outside our SEC teams.  (Southeast Conference)

The house is empty and quiet.  Have to say where *I* miss the hubbub, the cat is happy. I did sleep better last night however as I knew that what ever sound she might make would not bother anyone but me.  So I didn't have that self-imposed pressure.  They don't mind's all in my head that they mustn't be disturbed one iota.  The cat says she's old and ill and she'll say something whenever she dang well pleases- so take it and lump it.  I take it.  She lumps it.  :-)

We get about 3 days of rain a week lately, usually mid week but it's moving backward and it will start today instead.  Just got over the last blast!  Here it is again.

Ever have a so-called friend that until circumstances changed , was using you for whatever they could glean from your work position?  I did and it still rankles a bit obviously.  She was all fine and dandy until I left that job position where I could have been helpful to her in hers, and she dropped me and my real friendship like the proverbial hot potato.  That was my first experience with someone like that.  It did hurt my feelings and I see since I am blogging about it, it still rankles.  Oh well.  Only once in a while.  I'll have to work on that attitude as it sure isn't making anything different.  :-)

Meanwhile, for pity sakes, I'll quit and say I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and tell you that we sure did.  GOOD food and too much dessert!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Family and friends.  You are certainly one of the things I am grateful for.  We've been together a long long time.  Some of us for six years.

I am grateful for my family as well and deeply grateful to have seen them here each year at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for three sons, for food on my table and enough to fund that food and household adequately and get to help others as well. I am grateful for the loving feeling I have when I do donate money.

I'm grateful for my small home and all that is in it including a small four legged blessing who has kept me company for fourteen years.  Helped me get thru many MANY enforced overtimes days and hours. No one could make it better like she could.  A small warm snuggle ball to hold when I got my 4 hrs sleep in between shifts :-)

I hope your day was wonderful and filled with smiles and full tummies.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They're Headed Here

My Charlotte NC son will be here very late this evening.  He teaches and he can't leave Charlotte till after school.  I'm going to go out and find something they might enjoy snacking on when they get here before bed.

It's still raining.  We are just 7 inches or so above no big deal. However,  my neck hurts some and I think it has to do with the wet weather.  Needless to say I have not been out with the camera so my Flickr account is doing without.  It's so dark and gloomy in the house even with lights on that nothing worth trying to use the camera on..not even the cat as the lighting is so poor when it rains.

Hoping you all are doing well.  Us, we are headed to my ex -husband's place for Thanksgiving dinner.   We always eat here or out but this year as we were invited again we decided to do so.  :-)

See you in your blog home soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grateful Saturday

I'm grateful my neck and surrounding muscles (which I must have laid on wrong the night before last) have stopped hurting as much as they were.  I worked out anyway yesterday morning and hoped for relief with that sort of "therapy" but no.

Oldest son is here and that is always good. I made roasted chicken with a savory yellow rice and a side of green peas (what other color would you expect, Carole??) and man, that was good!  There will be no leftovers for him to take home today.  He did his laundry and that's all ready to go.  We always enjoy a visit and he enjoys being pampered a little with my cooking.  He has his usual..biscuits, cherry preserves, bacon and eggs and orange juice this morning.  Yummy.

The Admiral says that when someone mentioned that the mouseie she caught and killed a few days ago may have been what was making her play the trumpet and sound the meow horn all night for a week.  I feel I have to agree as she has gone back to her usual shouting out from 6 a.m. onward now.  Thank heavens.  I had the worst 6 nights in my history while she sounded off ALL night long.  It was the "night (and day) of the walking dead around here where *I* was concerned.  Her..she slept all day.  Me, I couldn't.

The middle and my grandson will be here next Wednesday late for the Thanksgiving holidays.  This year we are all invited over and actually going to my ex husband's place for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Less work for me.  :-)  Unbelievable that another year has come and gone. Good grief.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Talk

Goodness, it's raining still.  The past three weeks it has rained each Tuesday and Wednesday.  The rest of the week before and after those days is sunny.  Strange how it has happened that way each of the weeks I mentioned.

Thoroughly enjoying my workouts still.  Making some progress and yesterday I was able to open a can using a manual can opener (I did that on purpose to see how it went) and while it hurt to do it, it wasn't as painful as the last time I tried several weeks ago whereupon I could only open half of both cans.  They were small too.  This one was large and the whole lid was removed.  Progress.

I have several more Christmas presents here now and the plan will be to wrap those as well and just keep up with it as I go.  The youngest son's things are almost all purchased.  The middle boy, just a few.  The oldest, just a few.

I just checked.   I was thinking of posting a video.  Apparently if it's not from uTube, you won't post a video.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I don't have and don't want a Utube account so, so much for that.

Here is the Japanese Maple tree right outside my living room.  Hope you enjoy.  This is its actual color.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

Well, I got to sleep some last night but only because I fired up the big 20 inch box fan (I covered its face with a heavy shirt draped over it so the blown air didn't circulate well.) so as to get its noise to help mask the cat's calling in the night.  I have tried to address that but she feels badly and that's why by and large. No use in dwelling on that right now.

The youngest is coming over for lunch.  When we had that string of tornadoes in April with the baseball sized hailstones, he happened to have been away from home and so his brand new Ford Fusion hybrid took a horrible battering as did everyone else's cars and trucks.  It took all the way till WEDNESDAY this month to get it back fro the shop.  There were so many claims as well as the dealerships in the area had their cars hammered too.  The insurance companies are totally slammed by the hail damage let alone anything else.  The roofing companies are just as busy as the car repair places and all are backlogged till late NEXT year. That amazing weather happening in the Nome area in Alaska was just that...amazing.  Poor folks. NO one escapes these wild weather swings.

Well, it's almost 8 so I had better get busy getting dressed. I missed my work out yesterday due to a lack of sleep and extreme sleepiness so as they are closed on the weekend I will need to get up on the treadmill and see what I can accomplish.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Energy to Spare

It must be the workout schedule but I am pretty darned back to normal as far as my energy is concerned. I always used to feel this way but it seriously flagged after my nose dive last June.  When I could start some exercise here at the house I found I didn't keep it up so I now go out to do it and I enjoy the process.

I think I told you yesterday that I went thru my clothes closets like a buzz saw thru butter and tried on things, threw away things, got a big bag ready for donations.  Well, those were delivered and today, I got out the wrap and tape and tags and wrapped the Christmas presents I already have.  LONG way to go though in purchases.  It took a good hour nonetheless.

The cat's internal clock told her that what was 6 in the morning on my bedside clock was a bald faced lie and that it was 7 in the morning thank you and- time to eat.  I was rousted rudely out of bed both mornings despite my protestations. WHY don't they find a time, pick it out and stick with it always?  What good in this day and time does it do to switch back and forth?  None.  Farming is automated and adults are stuck in the house with their electronics..just STOP with the time switch already! And to mess with it even more and change the usual times of adjustment is insane.  Oh wow!  A rant!  Coolness.

She's in the hall way snoring to beat the band.  I think I'll take an extra early shower and get warm.  No plan this one's coming over.  Warm PJ's sound good.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working...a night and day of it

It was later in in the evening yesterday..full dark and I decided to go thru another bedroom closet.  I had gone thru my big main closet in my room and took a lot of tops to Goodwill several days ago.  Threw away a lot of older and somewhat faded tee shirts.   I already have enough rags so I didn't cut those up for rags this time.

I put summer things away finally for the most part and rediscovered a lot of winter things I forgot I had.  I have three closets stuffed in this house with my clothes.  I have an entry way closet full of coats, blazers and jackets too.  I got rid of some of those as well and going to cut a swath thru the shoes that I know I won't wear.  Maybe someone else will want to but..I have a small footie.  I worked a lot getting things out of one closet and other things put in..thrown away or whatever you will.  I spent the better part of two hours working.  Today, I have the house thoroughly cleaned.  Floors gleaming the way I like them too (kitchen and bath) and the carpet groomed just right.  Why do I say that?  Because it is my reward for the work done.  I love sitting with the paper perhaps, looking about  (I have blogged this before) and seeing it looking good till I or the cat mess it up. Then it's every man, neighbor and friend for themselves.

The plumber offered to take the flow restrictor out of my shower head when he had taken the head off for another reason..I said yes.  Ladies and Gentleman..BAD idea.  A tiny bathroom..very tiny... and when the water was turned on, I could only take a lukewarm shower because the force was so strong that turning the handle to make it warmer would have flooded the room practically.  The shower curtain billowed into the tub  when the water was turned on, and it clung to the wall!  Nothing would make it stop.  There was runny mist all in the bathroom.  I called and he brought a new head and installed it.  The price was half of a pan of brownies I had made that day,  they were good. I gave the rest to my son who visited part of the weekend.

What's up with you?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Riddle me this

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is the best over the counter remedy for a sinus drip?  It's makingme cough.  I rarely have this problem and usually tough it out but if I can find something to help, I'd appreciate it.  The problem right now is more the post nasal drip rather than coughing.  I'm sure it will progress to that however.

I LOVE my work outs.  Never thought I'd say that.  I can tell a difference already.  Never thought I'd say THAT either.  I was getting so I allowed other things to get in the way of my home workouts which were excellent.  I had, emphasis on HAD the musculature to prove it.  But after falling down and breaking my crown last mid June..that absolutely took away ALL of my gains and then some.  This way though I hate to go somewhere for it..I'm always glad I did.

Any help on the drip would be gratefully appreciated as I said.  The other symptom is stuffy nose and sneezing.

This is one of the windows to the old origional Grist Mill.  The Header is its door.  This is a working grist mill..built in 1798.  This next is taken from the State of TN.

Originally constructed in 1798 along Lost Creek, this mill was operated by four generations of the Rice family. The mill has had many changes throughout its history. At times, the mill was also rigged to power a sawmill, a cotton gin, a trip hammer, and even to operate a dynamo that supplied electrical lights for the Rice home in 1899.

HUGGLES to you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve

Tomorrow's Halloween.  Unbelievable.  WHERE has this year flown to?  I still remember when I was a pre-teen I thought that the years were 10 years long each.  Time seemed so slow.  Nowadays, the past 15 or so years it seems that you have New Year's Day...blink twice and you're sweltering on July the 4th..look away and it's Christmas.  This year a large chunk of time was spent here suffering in the house.  So, that shortened up my perception more than usual.

Hey guys, I'm munching a toasted cheese sandwich.  Just sharp cheddar and toast.  I shouldn't so soon before bed.

I am really enjoying my work outs.  It's way too soon for any changes.  Maybe in a few months.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day being my youngest son's assistant while he did a portrait session for a contest winner.  He does portraits once in a blue moon.  His thing is nature photography.  It was out of doors and the temp was 56 with a brisk not-ending breeze.  The person showed up in one of those tube top like things and a pair of pants.  COLD!!!!!!  I had on a winter weight jacket as we were in shade a lot and the breeze was making it even colder.  She just stood it.  But she was quite a heavy woman so possibly it didn't seem as cold to her.  She never seemed to shiver.

I learned a lot about holding the reflector and the diffuser.  No need for the extra flash's as this was not a studio shot nor in a situation where the light couldn't adequately be controlled with the diffuser and reflector.

I had a good time..bought some $3.27 a gallon gas on the way home and then, work here at home.

I really need to get to the WordPress bloggie and update.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grist Mill

The header is an 18th century grist mill in a TN State Park in Norris TN.  If you look closely you'll see it is still running, meaning the water is pouring over and turning the wheel.  There are several wonderful old things there at this Park including a threshing barn.  We enjoyed touring it a few weeks ago and this Park is where I got the water picture I posted a week or so ago and the spider picture too.

Thursday we go to a Mennonite community some distance away from me..maybe a 2 hour drive.  Looking forward to that.  I won't bring the camera as it's too much to haul around for an all dayer like that.

Hope all is well with you all.  I watched DWTS last night.  I think Terry and I are the only ones in the blog family who do, and I swear if ol' Chaz makes it another week..I will seriously consider giving up watching.  Looks like a sack of grain being heaved around the dance floor. Just sayin'.

Got to get going here.  Busy day.  xoxo

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunny Sunday and an Inquiry

I am  going to try to be brutal and get rid of the mountains of magazines I have NOT read.  Gone are the days when I was on midnight shifts and if there was noting to do..which rarely happened to be sure, but still, if there was nothing to do, I brought out one of my subscribed to magazines.  Now, other things are taking time and I don't get as many read.  I have been trying to chip away at them but..not much luck.

Question:  Has anyone ever figured out how to dry a fitted bottom sheet with the other laundry and it not collect pieces of your other laundry in its corners and those pieces are still wet from being balled up in the sheet?  That drives me crazy and electricity is too expensive to do a set of sheets seperatly.  Thoughts?  I'd hang them out if I could but my line is broken and in my case (you'd have to be here to see its true) I need a son/man/strong individual with toe claws to go out back of the house and try again.  So, hanging clothes is presently out of the question.

I am finishing my face and hair to be out of here momentarily.  Thought I would ask my question though before I go.

That picture I posted with the clock..of course I didn't see the dust till it was too late BUT, that's part of life.  Dust.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Windy and rainy but that's Fall for ya.  I hope we get a few more of the usual gorgeous October days out of it all before cold dreary November.

I started a formal workout program Monday.  Tomorrow will be my third time and I must say I like it.  I got into such sorry shape after the accident I needed this.  I had thought to do my own, as always but I found I wasn't plus it wasn't done with the strain and sweat I needed.  NOW it is.  Twin, you were right. I didn't have a lot of faith in it as it looked wimpy I found out the first day no, it works your muscles and that mandatory stretching is something I wish I could get out of but I can't.  They MAKE you.  I hate stretching but I guess it won't kill me.

The little Mrs. is making me follow her about in a duck walk for 15-20 minutes so as to give her the pill she must take.  That works my thigh muscles, trust me.  She graciously has given in so far after lots and lots of persuasion.  I feel as though I've done a days' work after getting that pill into that tiny gullet!

Got to get my face on and my hair done.  There's places to go and people to annoy.  Horst, are you progressing?  Here's a picture of where all this drivel comes from.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn is here for sure

Leaves are starting to fall..within 4 weeks they'll all be off.  Hard to imagine when it seemed so long before they came out in the Spring.  Well..seasons change no matter what we say about the matter.  :-)

I went to actually work out for the first time since my accident,  Can we say stretched, boys and girls.  My gluts and hamstrings are moaning with the challenge and my knees aren't too happy either.  First time I have gone to a paid facility in ages.  I usually do this stuff at home but I am in sad shape from a lack of exercise what with having to baby this and that due to bones healing etc etc.  I'll try to get going well before I stop there and continue at home.

I took this Saturday.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gee WHIZ!!!

A person could get fractious.  Fancy word for p-i scribble scribbled e-d. Why?  I am supposed to take her Majesty in for a well check.  She has been glued to her condo since 8 am.  It is now1330.  NO bathroom break for her that I can tell..and I took some pictures of her hiding back behind the TV in the condo hoping she'd leave but no.  I refuse to drag her frightened out of her safe place.  bathroom, hallway, under the bed..all fair game but not the condo.  SO..looks like she won't go because I have to leave here at 1530.  If she won't come out, we ain't going to the Vet. We've never had a condo confrontation so no idea why she is suspicious and staying there.

Here are a few pictures for you.  Both by me.  The spider is a Funnel spider..a girl one, and the other are obviously flowers.  :-)))

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

My goodness what a month October traditionally is for me.  I love the weather and the beauty of the days BUT many times including this years things that I wish would not happen, do.  A good friend, matter of fact 2 of them left this world several years ago in early October.  Friends are sick and that's a worry.  family has had a few rounds of serious sickness in this month in the year gone by and me..well, my remaining brother enduring his trouble while we are hoping he can get past this crisis.  And my family pet, Miss Catt aka the Admiral is/was back in dire straits again and will be coming out of the hospital in less than 2 hours.  She will enjoy this respite for as long as it lasts and then she and I must talk from our hearts, one to the other.

I'll be glad when October is over, I always am and I feel the same about the month of March.  For the same reason.

I know..I could have gone the rest of the year and not typed all this out.  Sorry.  This shot is a bit fuzzy..but it reminds me of June this year when I took it and brings me a smile.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Word on Beth Marie...please read

Beth Marie was in the hospital since Wednesday night.  That she hadn't blogged since Wednesday speaking about her tests and that I could not get ahold of her by phone Friday or this morning had me extremely worried.  Thank heaven she is now home and called me to let me know what happened.

I will let her tell you that part as I may say something not accurate.  The great news is...she's home!  I was worried sick.  So please pray for her ultimate recovery as she requested that through her sister Rae.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things happen

Go in peace, Steve Jobs.  I hated to learn of your passing.  You were an innovative genius and that is not too strong a label to put on a man like you.  There won't be another like you any time soon.  I have always loved our Mac's and I join millions of others saying, thanks Steve.

I have a swollen wrist again, both sides and a bruise as well.  In my therapy sessions,  I refuse from this point onward to ever use that light hammer held at the bottom of its handle and allowed to drop left to right, right to left.  It had residual bad effects on my wrist before and just as bad..worse really, today,  That does that!

My remaining brother is in a health crisis I learned just this morning when I woke.  I will see how that goes as the weeks move on.  

I hope all of you are having good days and enjoying cooler weather with brilliant sun as we are here where I am.

Just checking in to see how you all are. xox

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mewsings Meow

I have an appointment at 1430 with the orthopaedic surgeon so as to know what the fate of my therapy will be.  They may be ready to have me do it on my own by now.

Hope you like the picture in the header I look last week.  I was in the arboretum and finally looked down!

RedNeck Room will be opened on Wednesday!  Looking forward to that!  Noise and food.  What's not to like?  A blog friend started that RedNeck Room thing when I was talking about the fun   we have and all the noise and he made a comment when I said we were going to meet the next day "I'll go get the RedNeck Room ready!" Always makes me smile.  Any of you remember J in Georgia?  It was him.

Well, I have helped her Majesty on her blog and I am about computered out.  Whew.  Lot of commenting she has to get done.  Wears her claws to the bone.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming to an End?

Went to therapy today and from the conversation..especially when they asked if I wanted to continue, I gather it's possibly my call?  Chip?  I made an appt. to go see the orthopedic surgeon anyway..Monday and see what he says.  I am not back to rights yet.  I've come a long way but I still have weak fingers and missing some range of motion.

Absolutely stunningly beautiful day these past two. Typical October days in appearance even though we are still here in September at least through tomorrow.  Deep deep blue sky as in the daisy picture I took and put in as the header.  Brilliant cool sunshine..low humidity..glad you're alive days.

I have been very busy this past week.  Amazingly so and have not attended to much of anything computer-wise except Her Majesty's blog and Twitter.  Oh..oh, I can tell I am feeling better mentally as I have been applying fake tan again!  Sure sign.  No, really.

That and being an awful flirt. Oh well.  That's me.  I took the flower pic in the Spring.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lecture on Photography

 I got to attend a lecture given by the brilliant photog, Bill Fortney entitled "Learning to See Photographically". What a great 2 1/2 hours. I loved every WORD! I am always so blind to everything around me. I have always known that but looking at all of those fabulous (298) examples of his..breathtaking. I have no imagination but right now, I am inspired. He was talking about the craft of photography to some small degree  (hardware, settings, etc) but he emphasized the ART of photography in the lecture. Seeing art and interest in the simplest of things..things I have always just passed on by, and things I just see and take no note of! What a night. Loved it. It opened my eyes so much that looking at a storm grate on the way to the car got my interest.  I also loved that he said whatever light you happen to be in (when things change from the ideal) make something good from that light.  Look until you find what works in it, to photograph.  

Horst, you would have LOVED this presentation.  The guy has a great personality too.  Very humble (for real, not fake) and so filled with ideas and information that you can use.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


WHOA Nelly!  Rose up out of my chair today!  Bending my hand backward.  (therapist)  WHOOOO WHEEEEE!

Going to a lecture on photography tonight. Hope I can find it..the place I mean.  I will have the GPS but you know how they are.  Unless you pay a kazillion dollars they don't tell you street names, just that there's a turn ahead so many yards.  In the dark, that's not always helpful.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral says she is taking her pill but..she's not eating as much as I wish she would.  Before long she will have to go back and get her nails cut and then, she'll be weighed.  I hope against hope she will not have lost more weight.  She can't afford it.  But mind she is feeling better than ever now and has been since getting sprung from Vet Jail.  She IS eating, just not heaps.  No need to worry yet.

Beautiful day after several days of rain and drear, so grateful for that.  One of the things I got for my birthday is a small painting of my most favorite flower of all..always, and that is a violet.  It's 12 by 12 inches with mat so I can't find a frame.  Hence I took it off to the framers place.  $60.00 later...and three weeks (they are backed up) I will have it on my wall.

I also got Jackie Kennedy's memoirs book..hard back.  Came with many CD's.  I need to get started on that as I am busting to see all she has said during their time in the WH.  It IS historical. I also got a mirror that looks like an Apple iBook!  I love that thing.

See you at your houses..if you have cookies, I'll stay a spell.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Even Better

Oh goodness, talk about a great birthday.  Not only all I wrote yesterday but today about 1530 I got a phone call from my teacher son in Charlotte and he asked the class to sing Happy Birthday to me and boy, did they ever!  It was great fun, I enjoyed that so much.  All combined I have had the nicest birthday ever.  Seriously.  I am so fortunate to have three sons who are the way they are.  One thing for sure..I love them each dearly and as always, I feel fortunate to have had them.  What a privilege.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

WHAT a BIG Surprise!!!

Guys and Ladies, I had THE best surprise ever.  Today is my birthday yes, but yesterday is when I had my BIG day!  When I wrote yesterday's blog and said I had to get cracking..little did I know that a couple hours later, I would get a birthday shocker a day in advance.

My youngest was coming to take me to lunch as Saturday was easier what with commitments on Sunday. So when he came in the door he said to hurry, he was hungry.  I went to the car, and there was my oldest boy.  Not a surprise there really as I half way expected it.  So I piled into the back and off we went.  When we got to the restaurant which he insisted we were going to despite my suggestions otherwise,  and took my gifts in TOO..I tried to dissuade them. Seemed so unnecessary.  Let's open them at home I said. As we went in..instead of waiting to be seated, the sons led the way back and I thought.."that kid looks just like my grandson!  Just like him!"  I was going to point that out to my youngest but he was hurtling forward at the speed of light. Then I saw cameras! That WAS my grandson and he was videotaping me and the rest of us as we steam rolled into the restaurant. There was a surprise party and even my son and grandson from Charlotte had driven all the way here to be present!  I was shocked! I loved it.  There was a centerpiece of, what else but Hello Kitty..and those blowy thingies that you blow into and they unroll..just a fun loud party and I was caught completely unaware. Best birthday (and shocker) I ever none. So happy birthday to me today and yesterday which was the birthday eve so to speak.  My son and g-son are gone now..he's a teacher and work awaits tomorrow and lesson planning and grading all the way home (g-son doing the grading) and here I am with a big smile and a wonderful memory of the big reveal yesterday.  I was shown the text messages too that flew back and forth before I got there.  Cars were parked where I couldn't see to spoil the surprise before we got there.

I am blessed!  Here's a few of those blowy thingies and the centerpiece and my grandson.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


The girl is home as some of you know and doing extraordinarily well.  It was worth every green paper to see her this happy and normal.  She still has her hypercalcemia but for now, it is knocked back into the corner and allowing her some relief and happiness.  Me too.  She's an older lady too..we mustn't forget. :-)

Chilly out today and when I leave in a few minutes I will be wearing a jean jacket. By the way, if I were still married, I would be celebrating (?) my anniversary today.  I'm not married now and so I can just smile as the day goes by.  :-)))

Have a lot to get done.  The youngest is coming over at noon..we'll go out to lunch and it'll be great having him here for a bit.

Gotta get cracking..just wanted to tell anyone who knows the Admiral that she is back and shining like the sun right now.  Never did get mad at me for taking her there.  That is a surprise.

See you soon.  Been by to several.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Grief

Good grief.  When I wrote that last blog I didn't know I would be in a drama here with the cat.  She was far sicker than I thought.  I thought she was just out of sorts and needed some different med for her appetite.  I was wrong and she diminished in size to just over 6 pounds,  down from 8 which was down from 11.  And the thing wrong is her blood calcium.  She will always have the condition and it will take her from me eventually.  But we try to keep her comfortable and eating.  So far we have and she's been fairly happy until the past 2 weeks.  She went to the hospital Monday and she's still there.  Hoping that she will come home tomorrow.  She will have another blood profile in the morning to see how she has progressed.

Her arm is shaved for her IV..a metered one..nutrients and meds in it aside from the liquids she needs.  I take her food in for her since she didn't eat until I did (which broke my heart) and fed her from my hand.  I laid my arms inside her cage and loved on her for half an hour at a time and told her things she should know..get her caught up on her bloggie and Twitter furiends..of which she has plenty.  She felt all the love and purrs and prayers coming her way.  I am hoping she gets sprung tomorrow!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

You Never Know

It's a given that you never aren't always (or even usually) in control and again, you never know.

I was noting to my oldest who was here over night that as I ran around crisscrossing my own invisible tracks in and out of the house..handling everything with ease and getting a lot of things done that as per never fully appreciate what you have until you don't have it any more.  My accident with the horrible blow to my leg and the resulting infection that set up..the pain, swelling and yes, fear regarding that infection..the broken right wrist..all of it put me to only sitting barely able to move at all for weeks though I wouldn't say it here in the blog how bad it really was. (some blogger family knew because they called me up and had to hear all the torrid details) Thank goodness (literally) that family gathered around me to assist while I was helpless.

Why say all of this old news? Just that you never appreciate what you have till it is taken from you.  For 6 weeks I was as helpless as any infant almost only that I could make a stab at bathing..sort of..and I could talk.  That's about it.

So today, as I whizzed around getting everything that needed doing, done, I was as I have always been..deeply thoroughly appreciative of the gift of a normal life..and in this case- again.

As I was coming out of a store this afternoon, a woman was driving too fast through the pick up lane in front of the store and almost hit me.  She and I locked eyes in her rear view mirror.  There was no use in accosting her, though just a few years ago I would have done so and she'd take a while to get over it.  But I have put those days behind me I think as it accomplishes nothing and diminishes me.  I hope I am made of better stuff.

But, you never know.  From one second in time to the next you don't know what will happen, why, to whom and how.  Food for thought.

PeeESS:  Some of the blogging family in the Admiral's blogging family and here were such staunch and continual support to me in that really black time that I can never say enough how grateful I am.  The Admiral and I both have friends of the heart.  Though we have not met, still the genuine love and caring is there..both ways.  Mary, Simba, Rosemary,  Michi san, my Sis, Beth, Carol Dee are among the ones who cared enough to call and email frequently, sometimes every day and though I could only say how much in pain I was, they never flagged in their friendship and care. Twitter friends and the Twitter prayercircle there and constant mention and my Flickr cat family there..they are gold and gems....was uplifting and  I feel like a rich woman with the kindness and love and get better gifts and cards that I received. Know you are loved in return.  xoxoxox

Friday, September 16, 2011

Is it me?

Is it just me or does anyone else feel that the freedom of speech that is usually spoken of in this country has disappeared in a large part.  Seems if you say something not "politically correct" the press and other media attack you. Not the everyday person usually as we aren't important enough in their eyes--.not that they won't ask slanted questions of the so-called man in the street to try to bear out their "potitically correct" opinions, but the media.  You must not even remotely appear to disagree with the "politically correct" or they, the media, mostly TV media will bring fire and other horrors raining down on you.  No..not referring to anything in particular as I don't watch the news because of the other blogs I wrote a week ago.  Just sayin'.  If anyone celebrity or other personage has had brimstone rained  down on them, I am blissfully unaware as of this moment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday waiting

Well, I tried to hurry up the street to get a picture of two giant sunflowers.  By the time I could get off the phone though without being rude, it was 1015 before I got there.  Too much sun.  There was a bumblebee waking on and enjoying the center of the sunflower face and I took their picture anyway.  What happened was the bee cast a shadow onto the sunflower from the strong sun behind them.  Sigh.  No one came out to chase me away with a broom (I have been challenged before by folks including this house).  I will try again this evening about 6PM in the hopes the evening sun won't interfere.  Regarding this house, as per the time he challenged me because I was taking a picture of his cold frame a few January's ago, I was on the side walk..not trespassing and pointed straight at the cold frame.  However, I can understand why someone would come charging out hollering "what are you doing??" as I walked away.  I came back and told him what I truthfully felt..that he had the most superb garden ever and that I admired the cold frame and the fabulous lettuces growing inside of it.  I showed him my entire collection of the morning's pictures so he could see it's all innocent.  He told me I could come into the yard if I wished any time.  That was gracious.  However, that was 6 years ago..don't know if he remembers me now.

Also, I have a small light box in my possession.  I am going to experiment with it and take a picture..experiment..with whatever objects inside of it.  The light is from two special light devices out side of the light box.  Inside is all white except a drape in the back of royal blue.  Anxious to see if I can get into that right or not.

Therapy tomorrow,  There'd better be, that is.  Here is a just lifting of the fog, morning.  Last Fall.  Clinch River.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Waste of my Time

Well, the therapist had two others there at the same time I was..she had to make- by tracing their hands on something- forms for both of them, custom molded to their hands and I just sat there more or less..mostly more, wasting my time.  Since I only got 1 day, Tuesday last week, as she had a class on my second day, Thursday, I did not appreciate sitting there with a couple things to do that were no challenge at all.  Maybe Thursday or I will have to protest. Don't overbook your appointments.

Other than that, I was hoping you'd like my insect picture.  That was one of my best technically and I liked it.  That's rare for me.  I posted it on Flickr and I guess for some inexplicable reason, most didn't appreciate it so I posted a flower last night.  People came to see that.  Not near as technically good as the insects but, oh well.  Lesson learned.

I suppose I need to get in there and do another therapy set of exercises.  Man, that takes a fair chunk of time.  And for some reason, just like some little kid would do..when I sit at the table doing those exercises the cat comes and cries, stands up and lays her hand on my knee and looks into my face..little meows. She wants attention.  WHY couldn't she have asked before I went to sit at the table?  If I go in and she's asleep..soon as I start doing the tendon stretches..she's asking me for attention.  I almost feel like going outside and doing them where she can't see me. rants, nothing much.  Been around to see ya..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rants are Over

Well,  I got the rants out of my system for awhile.  I'm sitting here pecking on the keyboard when I need to be in there doing my therapy exercises.  Stalling again.

Went out and got some really good pics last evening around 6 when the light was perfect.  My son has told me and told me to cease taking outdoor pics until early EARLY in the morning or after 5 at night.  I got the best illustration of that yesterday for though I went was never really the right time.  Sun was still too bright even at 9:30.  

I am attending my first Garden Club meeting tomorrow whereupon they will vote on whether or not I may join.  I'm good either way as I just wanted to give back after taking so many pictures in their gardens.  :-)

I will get off of here..go do my therapy and head out for, what fuds.

Here is a couple I found last night.  I asked permission from them to take their picture and they just ignored the request.  So..I took the picture.  To every thing there is a season..and in every season a time.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh Dear, Here's Part 2

And then, though folks who were with me on MSN Spaces already have read from me on two occasions, I am dead set against what I call "yellow journalism" in the papers as well as television.  It's far far worse in television nowadays.  This harrangue of mine concerns when tragedies happen..wrecks, fires, accidents of any type..shootings, you name it and what happens when the media is there.  National news and local news makes no difference.  They are there with a microphone thrust dead into the face of the poor dazed victim, asking horrible leading intrusive questions aimed at making the victim or victim's family which time...the camera goes for a close up so we can see the tears and hear the halting voice as the poor person who can't think straight (otherwise they wouldn't allow themselves this "honor" of being interviewed), IF we can hear their pitiful words over the smarmy piano playing in the back ground that was cued up for such an event.  That disgusting music is of course meant to evoke pity from the viewing audience.

The pity part however is the horrific spectacle that the media puts these people thru. They do it for money..because some people out there actually enjoy seeing other folks' misery and misfortune.  It sells papers, gets advertisers and makes money but the poor victim...not at all.  They are being used.

What happened to the times when, if a crime was committed, they reported it as a crime, what it was, maybe who committed it and the possibility of them having gone to jail.  NOW we have to know who..what happened in gruesome detail down to the last drop of blood and the pictures of same are spread out for our "enjoyment". We have to know every single useless detail down to the size of underwear (kidding) the killer/perp was wearing and what color.  But the more blood..the more gruesome the better.  The pictures are paramount.  If it's children..oh..they REALLY play it up.  I watched a so called Dr. interviewing a child on ABC the other day deliberately asking questions to make that boy cry.  And he did.

OK.  That's my last treatise on this..just had to say it.  I won't usually watch news at all for the very reason stated here and yesterday.  Plus..the TV news..all of them, are not balanced and the media are very happy to show their political favoritism and slant the news accordingly.  Done.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Two Cents

Here is my thought.

Media is again having a field day dredging up horror for us.  No, I am not referring to the memories of 9-11.  I AM however referring to all the done to death and beyond coverage of suspicions etc regarding another attack.  Lets see if I can put it better.  Probably can't.

We  do and should be warned when something is imminent and/or about to happen or will happen within a certain time period. We have to know so as to try to protect ourselves.  But what we don't need is unconfirmed suspicions spun so far out of control..droned on about and served up in a variety of ways.  If it is known that whatever is going to happen or a strong suspicion of such..for pete sake, tell us.  But don't go into great long dissertations over and over and OVER again and thrust the mircophone into whoever's face for more of the same.

Most of all...I wish there would cease being hour and two hour long "news" if you want to call it that, shows that tell exactly how to hurt the Country.  All that telling over the air and on news channels what the bad guys could do, how they could do it and how much death and destruction it would cause.  Like they don't already know this? Like copy cat madmen already here won't think "Gee, what a great idea.  Let me try that for my few seconds of fame."

OK.  I suppose no one will like this entire blog but it irks me and scares me to hear on broadcast TV right here in our own country all the ways to hurt us broadcast over the planet.  SHUT UP already and quit with the hows and where at's.  Telling us poor citizens how to hurt ourselves is only accomplishing one thing:  money for the advertisers who sponsor this stuff.  And maybe ideas to the nuts out there.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drool Drool

Looks like several folks DO know about fried potatoes and onions.  I can't peel a potato yet I don't think.  If I can, it's all over but the chomping for I love them dearly and yes, I'll use canola oil..not Crisco.

I am due for another go round of therapy exercises so soon as I say Howdy here I will go do those and then, get on the treadmill.  Ugh.

OK.  Who..and I bet NONE of you but maybe Kassey's mom, knows what fried apples are and knows how to fix them?  A Southern person knows and eats them.  Daddy made the best in the world and he learned from my Grandma whom we all of us called "Mama".  He learned most of his cooking from her and certainly from my mother and Daddy is the one who taught me how to cook.  Needless to say, he and consequently I was/are very plain cooks.  No..not in appearance heehee, but in how we cook(ed).  Daddy came up with some originals too brought about by not having that much money and having to make food feed us kids.  One of them was something you guys would not like but we loved and still do.  My now only brother and I were reminiscing about this dish while talking on the phone just a few weeks ago.

It's simply a large several pound bone in (Dad didn't have much money remember) piece of beef..the cheapest cut..put it in a large pot..add one really large onion, quartered, salt and pepper..boil it to death till the meat is falling off the bone.  Remove meat only and shred it off with a fork..add it back to the broth and then, while your fresh biscuits are baking to go with this...Daddy always took a 8 oz. measuring cup..half filled it with flour, added water to fill the cup..stirred rapidly with his wooden handled fork (I still have that precious fork) till it was mixed, and he slowly added it to the broth and cooked it till the broth thickened just right.  Not thick per se..just held together enough to stay on the biscuit halves in his and our plates. Heavenly although extremely plain.   I love and miss you Daddy.  This month-- on the 1st was, or would have been your birthday.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I could do without!

Here's something I could do without.  Waking with a start at 0404 hrs to the sound of a crash/thump with a slide sound all done in a hurry.  Woke me right up.  I laid there straining to hear any more and what with the white noise machine I have in the room, that wasn't an option..hearing any softer sounds.  SO..I finally gave up, turned on the light and started from room to room.  The Boss of the house accompanied me.  We also looked out of the windows in case there was a..pardon the expression..thief in the night.  Didn't see one.  Headed to the bathroom and then back to bed.  Chilly too.  Anyway, I fell back to sleep and the Boss allowed that to go on till 0655!  I got up, checked each room and I think it had to be the stained glass (the real thing) piece I had, emphasis on had, hanging up on the big living room window.  I saw it on the floor as I came into the living room to open the vertical blinds.  It is heavy enough to make a decent thump and I guess the slide sound was it making its way over the cat scratcher pad and window sill.

They opened up the Red Neck Room for us today.  Not quite as many of us but were we ever always.  We meet for lunch.  I had a decent, a large amount of veggies..all the carb ones like mashed potatoes and corn, a tiny piece of meat (my choice) and then..I went back for cherry pie.  hence I had a BLT tonight for supper.

You know what I want?  Probably just Southern folks will really know what I mean here but I want a big ol' mess of fried potatoes and onions..fried in some grease..i.e. Crisco maybe, generous black pepper, some salt and fry, turning till it's golden brown..the slices I mean.  I don't like it but us folks raised with 'em do.  Nummy.

No therapy tomorrow as she will be attending a class.  So no more till Tuesday. I come to see what you've said.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday = Therapy

Well, today's visit to therapy brought about something new.  She was bending my poor hand and I felt and heard crackling.  I looked her in the eyes..which entailed bringing my eyes back up from the tightly shut, teeth clinching stage of looking see what was THAT! She said "I broke some scar tissue up!"  Rather than celebrate this painful accomplishment she commenced to bend my fingers back this time and more crackling BUT the pain this time actually got a sound out of me.  Usually I just hiss air thru my teeth or say "Uuumph!" under my breath but this time I said in a normal voice loudness "that hurts" and made to leave the table.  She quit as soon as she heard the scar tissue break up and put my arm and hand in ice.  And trust me, my normal everyday voice was loud enough.  It's people like me and my colleagues who were always talking above a radio's loudness and other noises that earned us the red neck Room when we meet every month.  They get us off to the back in a room where we can't drive others out with our loud talking..guffawing and other obnoxious sounds.

Meanwhile, got my hair done this afternoon.  That was nice and it looks better than it has for three months.

Meanwhile I have several new is called by her.."knock knock and it isn't a joke.  Have to form a fist (hard to do) and make up and down wrist movements as though I were knocking on a surface. AND hold a water bottle in my right hand and let my wrist droop over a table edge and hold it for 5 minutes.  No fun at all.  But I hate being a wuss so I will.


Monday, September 5, 2011 about rain!

I think we have had, in 24 hrs. about 5 to 6 inches of rain so far.  Started around 5 yesterday evening and has not stopped even for a second-- and it's very hard.  Flooding everywhere but not where I am as I am on the highest point in town.

Therapy tomorrow and for those wondering about how long a time I must do this..until it is back to normal.  I can use my arm and hand some..very weak still but I can use it.  I can painfully lift half a gallon of milk for example.  BUT the range of motion for my hand/wrist up and down is almost nil.  Very little.  That is where the next pain will come.  When she bends it forwards and backward even though I see stars I will be hissing thru my teeth.  If she doesn't bend it, I'll never get anywhere.  When you for example bend your own wrist down (hold it out in front of you and watch) you get a gentle V shape where the hand/wrist drops down.  Me..I get a straight line.  No bend at all.  Very discouraging but surely in time it will pass.

Totally amazing how much damage can be done to tendons  and membranes inside the arm and hand with just 6 weeks in a cast.  Scary too.  Therapy at 0930 this time instead of 9 and hair appt at 1300.  Looking forward to that.   Red-Neck gathering Wednesday and I'm REALLY looking forward to that!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mail scare

Get a load of the label attached to a piece of mail that wasn't even first class and was soliciting money from me.  I waited for the postman to come back to his truck and asked him what was THAT all about?  he allowed the Post Office had done it indeed.  I said WHY?  What possible thing could I have done to elicit a warning like that and why tell me not to open my own junk mail?  He couldn't answer so I went to the PO which was closed as it was then 3 in the afternoon on Saturday.  This happened last week so I went to my post office early Monday morning and they said it was NOT their sticker.  I said the mailman said it was..they said was not.  That the sender had done it.

Not satisfied with two opposite opinions, I called the Government 800 number and asked them about it, explaining carefully after the horrible voice mail tree I had to negotiate over and over-- what it said, what it was on..etc.  He, the responder, said the Post office did not do it.So I gathered then that I could open my junk mail without being fined or going to prison. I also called the sender and said if they wanted money..don't send scary labels that make people run to the post office or feel they need to call a lawyer!  Lot of good THAT did.

Hope all is well.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Git 'er Done Saturday

I finally got up on the treadmill for the first time since the accident.  Mind it was walking at 2 mph!! My knee is still tight i.e. swelling in it as is the same with my ankle on that leg so I decided to go exceedingly slow.  I will make an appt. with my own doctor within a week if possible and see what he has to say about exercising it.  I would go to a gym where there are more options but two things keep me from it.

  One, I have never needed those options as my treadmill and being outside on the sidewalks or track was enough before the accident and-- I lifted weights.  The second reason why I never joined one was their "me me me" thing going on.  They want to rake in the money so they force you to pay for a membership.  Three years sometimes..minimum of one.  They are banking on you not showing up after the first few months and that is what generally happens.  So they rake in your money and you gave it to them and made it worse by not showing up perhaps and someone else who will likely quit too after a few months takes up your space for awhile and so the vicious circle continues.  :-)))

Meanwhile I have done that..treadmill albeit very slowly and I have done the first set of therapy exercises. There's nothing left but to get myself ready to head out of doors and walk..not run..down by the park.    Twin, come with?  You know you want to.  Boston Boy..come on and bring the camera!  Later we'll all three sit and see what's happening with College Football even if you're more of baseball fans.  Nancy?  How about some chocolate bread? Sit here in the honored place on the couch.  Miss Catt!  Get off!

Sis, your turn to drive over.  Watch those traffic cameras under the Pacific.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Friday

Me'n'Her are getting good and ready for the day.  I have cleaned her area up..fed her all she will eat changed the furnace filter, I have done my therapy exercises for now.  4 more times to go for the day.  She's in her Spa and Pool area (the bathroom) meowing through her closed mouth.  I love it.  Unless I'm trying to sleep.

Hope you like the new header picture.  I took it at the docking area of one of the restaurants on the river here in town.  I think it's so pretty even if I did take it myself. I will present a winter view by and by.

I still need to get my face on and my hair combed.  What with house work I haven't really done more than get dressed.  Hey!  Totally unrelated but I wonder if I can peel a potato yet?  Love potatoes and unless they have been baked, there have been none cooked in this house for two and more, months.  :-)

You know how I am about clouds..or maybe you remember.  Here is a display that occurred right after I left a receiving of friends for a young man who passed suddenly that was a dear friend.  I always think of Mitch when I see this photo and I think it is beautiful.  Just for him.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chamber of Discomfort

I was going to say something else for the title but I knew it would get unpleasant hits if I mentioned the word tor*u-re.

I will be headed out to that very therapy here in a few minutes.  I will know I am almost done therapy the day I can fasten/hook the female only undergarment.  :-)  So far, it's the old fasten the garment  in front and slide the fastened hooks back around where they belong.  Glad I even have the agility to fasten the hooks!

I was out antiquing yesterday and among the un-antiques I got a beautiful (judging fro the coloration etc) rectangular tablecloth and napkins (white on white w/ embroidery) for 35.00 as I am a linens type frenzied  "collector".  I know where to stop though.  I won't go past what I can use.  Anyone's hand embroidered pieces always catch my eye.

I joined the Garden Club yesterday.  They saw my picture of a blossom in the newspaper last week from one of their beautiful small gardens in the center of town and who knows..I may become their volunteer photographer!  :-)

Guess I will be leaving in 5 minutes and for those who asked, I do take Tylenol before I go..does no good while the bending is happening.  She brought me up off the chair seat two times last before yesterday.  I hissed to her that I couldn't take much more of that.  She stopped bending it backward (has to be done unfortunately) long enough for me to say that and then, she resumed bending.  It's unfortunate in a way but it's for the better good.

Sigh...guess I've stalled long enough. Bye..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Well, not a gift really.  I made salmon patties last night with the best canned salmon out there.  No, seriously.  There is a taste difference.  Royal Pink is the brand.  Anyway, I made the patties and I could hardly wait for them to cook, I just wanted some so badly.  They did and I had two.  Nothing else..just the patties.  As expected and as usual, hours later I had the salmon patties a current thing going on.

I can never eat them without memories lingering on and on and on.  In other words, they were right there nearby..indigestion-wise and urpping-wise.  I keep saying it's worth it but admittedly I don't fix them nearly as often as I would like to because they are so hard to digest for me.  I went straight to the TUMS and had two.  Took care of it. Thank goodness.  This morning my mouth was watering wanting more so that was my breakfast too,  and yes, it's time for the TUMS again.

Our blogging family seems to be alright so far with those I have heard from in hers or my blog.  WHEW!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


I am deeply concerned for those in the path of the hurricane.  Both humans and animals.  Pets are always a concern but the poor animals out in the open who have no choices at all in the matter...large and small animals, it is also a concern to my heart.

Things are beautiful here as they have been for several weeks.  We could really use some rain however.  That won't be any time soon.  The grass is brown and shriveled but that's how it has to be as the town charges us gazillions for water and even more for sewer. So I, and many others don't water unless we just must.

News will start here in about four minutes so I'll head on in there to see what they say about the path of the hurricane..whether or not it has deviated.

Please lets all hear from one another with posts if power is available and if possible..those of you in the pathway.  xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not an auspicious beginning to the day

I went to therapy early this morning and after having seen the Orthopaedist yesterday and heard his pronouncement that he would like to see even less swelling (this despite the fact that the swelling has gone down well)  and the prescription he called in for me.

So...I mentioned this swelling and the gel the Dr. had called in  that I was going to pick up right after I left the therapy visit.  She knew what the gel is and so applied some to my wrist before mashing and bending me into a arm shaped pretzel.  So.with that, I headed off the the drugstore whereupon the pharmacist herself spoke to me and requested confirmation that I am deathly allergic to apririn/ibuprofen.  I acknowledged that I was indeed and she told me that the gel is an anti-inflammatory with aspirin-like substance in it.  "Oh noes" I said.  I told her that it had been applied to my wrist both sides and ultrasound applied.  Se said that as it was a topical application the results would be slower for me allergy wise.  I should be cautious.  Cautions my toe!  I headed straight to my doctor's office where they worked me in pretty quickly.  The left side of my tongue in the back started a half-hearted swell, but that was it.  WHEW!  So, word to the always, when you are allergic to something, try your best to prevent exposure.  All of my doctors have the notice that I am allergic to it but..Dr. who prescribed must never have noticed.   That was a close call.  Could have been a close call I should say.

The cat has spent last night and the night before making absolutely sure that it was indeed me in the bed all night.  Multiple inspections, sniffings of my hair and ears and sounding her meow horn let me know that her valuable patrols were in progress.  A load off MY mind, for certain.  Sigh.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bizzy day

Today August 22 is my youngest son's birthday.  He was a blessing to me when he was born as were all three of my sons and certainly he still are they.  I am the most blessed of all mother's in the world as far as I'm concered to have these three young men to call my own..even though they are adults..they are still mine. A great and loving gift to me from which I can never say often enough how grateful I am they are in my life.

The new header picture is one I took last week.  It's about a mile away from here and of course, out of the city.  I hope you like it.

I got back from Charlotte late yesterday where we, my youngest and I, had a wonderful time.  Saturday we went to my son's school where he teaches and helped him arrange his room.  They--the Principal-- surprised several of the teachers and unexpectedlychanged their rooms..hence a big "move it all out and rearrange everything" was in order.

We didn't take a single picture other than the ones at school that I may post.  I smiled at his class room which has the stamp of Tennessee sports in it..despite the fact this is North Carolina and Panther country, etc.  There's more than shows in the classroom picture as he hadn't gotten it all out of the boxes yet.  The other picture is the main entryway into the school proper.

I kept up decently with my home therapy exercises while gone.  Sunday was a bust though.  Got one done at his kitchen so-so one in the car, two more decent ones here at home and so for 2 days I lacked 1 each therapy session.

I have one last orthopaedic doctor visit and that should do it for me.  I will keep on with therapy for some time though.

My little girl was sure glad to see me as she expressed in her blog yesterday and today.  I was equally glad to see her but she did make it a little hard in the night to sleep..both of us as she kept checking to make certain that was me in the bed and not some impostor.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who's In My Chair?

Three guesses who took over the computer office chair while I made a sandwich?  Oh, and another three guesses as to who is on the three legged wooden stool.  Yepper, that would be me.

Today was the last day for me to get my hair shampooed and styled at the salon.  I can now gather my hair up for night time as I used to..thank you therapy!! And I will bumble thru trying to style it.  Amazing to be this far along.  Pain in therapy makes for faster progress it seems.  I can painfully gather my hair up atop my head and manage to get an elastic band around it.  No more pitiful going from person to person begging "will you put my hair up for me please?"  Not an exaggeration.

Anyhow, that new picture in the header is one I took in Charlotte NC last October.  It is a reflection of the Bank of America Corporate HQ in another beautiful building..whose name escapes me just now.  I'll ask my son.  Charlotte is to me one of the most lovely cities there is.  Their downtown (they call it uptown, go figure!) is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  Clean, wiring is buried or otherwise invisible..I love seeing it over and over.  If I didn't own the home I'm in free and clear for so long..and so on..Charlotte is where I would love to live.

I gave the cat a pouch of food...a flavor she hasn't had before and she sure showed me what her opinion was...she tried to bury it.  She kept kicking it with her front feet as if she had used the litterbox.  Needless to say, I removed it from her royal presence.

I hope all is well with you all?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday and Tomorrow is Therapy Day. :-(

I have 2 of five daily therapy exercises done and soon as I publish this, the third one will be underway.

I went out, shifting my car's gear shift with my right arm,  and whoa Nelly!  But ultimately it's good for me.  I headed to a large woodland park and took some pictures. The one of a little whirlpool was not I failed to adjust the speed with which I took the photo.  :-(

I went out for a combo heat and cool pad ( microwave or freezer..whichever you need at the time) at the drug store yesterday evening and an old lady, guess nearing 80 walked up to me pointing at my brace and edema glove.  She'd made up her mind I had had surgery and so wanted to know all about it.  As I didn't have surgery it was a little difficult to get her from that mind set until I decided who harm  done if that was what she needed my story to be. Though I didn't know her, I allowed close to half an hour of standing and listening to her talk about her children, her life and all the places around here she has lived.  She needed to talk or she wouldn't have approached me.  I hope I made her evening better. I'm glad there was no pressing reason to leave.

Have my lesson to study here in a few..soon as I do my exercises.  See you later.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day o' Pain

Back to the therapist today.  I did not know that there is a difference between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  I have an Occupational Therapist who specializes in hands.  Occupational therapist gets you ready to get back into you regular every day life or work.  Physical therapist works with whatever is ailing and as with legs for example, gets you walking again.  Occupational gets you back into the normal everyday things.  Such as with me..eating with my right hand instead of my left as I have had to do..combing my hair. etc etc.

But man, tears to my eyes again.  No, not rolling down onto my face but my eyes smarted with them as my hand was bent backward since it is as stiff as a cardboard cutout..and as each finger was forced down into my palm..when they don't "meet" my palm by two inches or more,  yet.  Too painful and stiff.  But I had no choice today, down to my palm they went.  However, on the last few moments she said not to baby my hand any more and let it do anything it could in every day things.  To try regardless and yes, it will hurt.  Not to be ridiculous like trying to lift pounds of things..not now, too weak, but to go ahead and let my right hand assist with driving in any way it can..and to try to lift ordinary household things with my left hand assisting.  I actually went out, started the car with my left hand..too hard with not hardly any range of motion to turn the key...but..I used the gearshift and shifted.  First time in weeks and yes, it hurt.  A lot.  :-)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Many folks, if not the majority have completely lost their listening skills.  I have noticed that increasingly thru the past 10 years.  You are in a conversation with start to state something and they chime in with an answer/thought already!  Though you are not finished, they jump in because they have presupposed what you're going to say and they are completely wrong.  OR you do get to state whatever it is, and while you yet speak they change it in their mind to something  completely NOT what you said because they change your words to something that fits their way of thinking.

I have found myself repeating what I just said a few moments before because whatever they thought they heard had nothing at all to do with what I said.  Amazing phenom.  Scary too.

Today I was in charge of cleaning the house with no help forthcoming so I took it slow and one handedly cleaned and shined my kitchen wood floor the way *I* want it to look..not some clouded mess that the hired women would do.  It wasn't their floor so why take any pains at it?  I paid $18.00 an hour for some pretty poor help BUT!!! It beat nothing at all.  I polished all of my counter tops again.  That felt so good.  Everything is gleaming. I cleaned the bathroom in 2 day stages.  Today was the tub and surround which is white and I want it blindingly clean and shining so that when I walk in, assuming the sun is shining in the window toward me, I can see myself reflected in the tub surroud and area. (I can)  All this for the first time in 8 weeks.  Ah....Took the pillow out to sun and managed to one handedly change the sheets. Did the wash and believe it or not, got the sheets folded.  Life and God are good.  I am progressing and Mercy was shown to me through this ordeal.

Here is another attempt.  Of 60 pictures, 10 survived as not quite as out of focus.  Painfully but joyfully taken.  I was having the best time in two months out there struggling with the camera.  Truly happy and I came home feeling like a million dollars albeit a painful million.  :-)))

xoxoxo  You friends are the best.  Don't mind my clean house silliness.  No one can see under the beds and in the closets.  So I have everyone fooled. Love you all.