Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I remember writing about a book called "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova.  I highly recommend it as it is one of the most well written novels about Alzheimer's that has been written in my opinion.  I was telling a nurse friend about it after she had spoken of patients with the disease.  She said that she had read it and she also felt it was likely the best story yet of what it must be like for the victims.  It is written from before the main character, a Harvard professor, ever knew she had early onset Alzheimer's to the last moment. Fascinating and frightening and so gripping I could hardly put it down.  I had it read before a second day was over.

During the conversation with the nurse, I was asked had I read the sequel. I was very happy to know there is one.  It's not a sequel to Alice.  She simply meant that the author wrote another book that is also medically oriented. It is a new story called "Left Neglected" about a terrible affliction in which the left eye does not tell the brain anything and everything to the perception of the victim/patient is truncated down the middle.  You see the right side of anything small or large but not the left and that includes EVERYTHING.  Small medicine bottles or large vistas, your own body.  The journey as to how it happened  and how it drastically affects the victim---far more than you can imagine without foreknowledge is as gripping as is the first novel called "Still Alice".  I had to stop reading half an hour ago as we are expecting two people at staggered times to arrive.  I dislike getting immersed into a book only to have to come back, if you will, to the reality of life when I was deep into someone else's via the written word.

Here is a picture of something I hope to photograph again in a month or so.  This was taken last year by me in the arboretum.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Incredible Shrinking Product + a PS

Guys, here is a good example of what we have read about for some time now.  The manufacturers keeping the same high price but giving a lot less product.

one the left 6 oz. one the right 7 1/2 oz.

I was so shocked when I put the newly purchased one at you may as well say $8.00, in front of last year's leftover.  I thought I had a sample size or something.  Same price, a lot less.  When it first came out, it cost $3.79.  You already know about coffee.  The pound, 16 oz. is now 11oz. Very much higher price.  Yes, I know-world economy etc etc etc all that "they" tell us.  Cereal is another thing.  Have you seen how many ounces less in the box?  And sometimes in the same way over sized box so we won't notice.  The manufacturers call it needed air space.  Yeah, and I have property in south Florida with LOTS of water front, back and sides for ya with plenty of wildlife too to see for you.  I love it when someone sends Consumer Reports a picture or two of a half empty container inside of a big big box.  I guess the manufacturers  think we are all morons.

Just my rant o' the day.  xoxoxoxo

PS  This is the start of our snow today...poor flowers.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Darn Darn Darn

And why must I use commas as though I am being paid to insert them as many times as possible?  I HATE my use of commas. I went through yesterday's blog and took out 7 useless commas.  Now why I don't see those as I make an admittedly cursory glance before hitting publish, I do not know.

My youngest started a kidney stone painful passage two nights ago.  He was hauled off to the ER by his fiancee once she woke to get his text.  They are 16 miles apart so she got there close to 7 and took him in.  They did a CT scan and that was when the stone was discovered. 2 mm so they are allowing it to pass through on its own. He said two days and nights of excruciating pain, some nausea and severe lack of sleep is hard.  BUT unless things have changed the horrid pain at 0530 today may have heralded the last of pain.  He may pave passed it.  I hope so.  The oldest and I went to see him this noon and took him his "sick boy surprise".  I used to give a little car or such to the boys when they were ill as toddlers to the early double digit ages.  I gave him a Hot Wheels car! Bought it before I left for his home.  And a Snickers bar.  :-)

Hope I can control the commas a bit better.  Oh man, I have no idea why I get wild and crazy placing them just any ol' where.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why is It?

I used to blog about this occasionally on Live Spaces when it still existed.  Why is it that every can label or jar label for that matter...doesn't matter which--- is always put into the shelves backward when I put groceries away?  Why can I never ever ever get the label with what is in the can/jar facing out?  I would have to make a deliberate effort with each can to do that.  It never happens by chance for me.  I don't like the idea of inspecting and turning each item as I put it up but looks like I will have to.  I can't even get the law of averages to work for me.  I have it facing in every TIME!

And bread will fall onto the floor when it feels like it and always with rare exception onto it's face where the butter or jelly or mayo is.  Never on it's back which is dry.  Just as Erma Bombeck said "Jelly Side Down".

Why can't I get thru a doorway here at home without a. knocking my elbow on the frame or knob  OR   b.  catching my sleeve on the door knob jerking me backwards as I always walk at the speed of light.

How come when there is a glass or cup with any amount of liquid in it sitting on the table/counter, my outstretched hands' fingers graze it and tip it over.  Sigh.

What's up with going across a scatter rug and my toe 8 times out of 10 will turn up the edge and make me have to stop and turn it back down?

Why does my book close on its own with no warning and my place is gone?  Admittedly this happens when I am trying to handle several things while holding the book open in my left hand...  but still, for pity sakes! Gimme a BREAK on the slamming yourself shut and the bookmark fluttering to the floor.  Sigh.

And I would love NOT to drop the house and car keys onto the porch while juggling things to get the house door open and hold the keys for insertion at the same time.  Slips from my boneless fingers most times.

Just askin'

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring is Close!

This was taken several years ago with my little point and shoot I used to have (hence the bad focus on the stamen...the rest is meant to be softened)  in the municipal gardens here where I live.  But soon...they will be back.  I can hardly wait.  Me and the camera out in the wilds...sweating, collecting bites and ticks and skeeter bites too.

We just had an egg salad sandwich and a handful of chips..a Sprite 0 and with that inside I will head out to get a dress fitted that I bought to possibly use for my son's wedding in May.  I had to buy it large so as to get it to fit in the bust.  The rest is miles too big so she'll pin it onto me and sew it up smaller.  It's an orchid color, fake organza, sleeveless dress with a 3/4 length jacket. I HATE dresses..always have, always will because I have such a big size difference between my top half and my bottom half with the bottom half a lot smaller than the top.  Pear shape I'm not.  It would be easier if I was.  Seems they make dresses with small inches in the bust area and like a continent could hide in the bottom part!  :-)

Anyway,  off to the seamstress.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I can't get over how fast a day can come to an end.  I get up early thanks to a furry alarm clock and voila!  It's time to get back in there to bed. The clock runs seemingly, just as though I were watching a cartoon clock when they want to signify a quick passage of time.

 There is never a bored moment around here any longer... not enough minutes in an hour..nor enough hours in a day---and no time to contact friends the way I used to do over the telephone let alone meeting them for breakfast or lunch.  But again, I would not have it any other way.  It is my privilege to serve my family when they need help.  So while I mention things that I am ttemporarily not able to do---I am keenly aware of the blessing and privilege of serving now.  Soon that part will end and then he will be fully back to his own life and I, mine.  And I assure you, I will miss him.  Of course as he is Katie's FAVORITE brother she sees him every few weeks anyway since she has been Queen here, when he is home and working at his job.

Just checking in..pant pant pant. <3

Saturday, March 2, 2013


What in the world happened?  I know!! I must be getting some actual rest!  Now that my son is doing a lot more for himself I can remain where I was more often.  SO:  Today I completely cleaned the bathroom.  Tub, surround, sink, potty, you name it got a thorough cleaning, rinsing and drying, and I changed the shower curtain too for good measure.  THEN I headed out with son to find some railroad tracks to photograph-- and before I left, I put the parts of the stove to soaking in laundry detergent and hot water.  I liberally sprayed the rest of the stove everywhere with 409 and I also took off the knobs so as to get that part of the stove top that is obscured with hardware cleaned thoroughly. When I returned, I started cleaning.  AH.  I have a gleaming stove now.

The tub and surround- while it looked OK to the casual observer had not been deep cleaned for 2 months!  Nor had the stove.  So while both items looked OK if you didn't dwell on looking at them, they desperately needed cleaning.  NOW all is gleaming.   Next, the wooden kitchen cabinets which need polishing.  Lots of upping and downing the step ladder but worth it for the gleaming result when I do it. If I didn't have supper to make for us I would do it now.

Guys, I obviously have some time to myself finally...well, sorta, and a bit more rest.  I enjoyed the cleaning.

Friday, March 1, 2013

When I whine about cold and snow....

When I whine about the everlasting rain we have had these past several years, and the chill and damp..I have this to remind me of the OTHER side of the coin.