Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Day in Tennessee

(Bet you're humming "Rainy day in Georgia". If not, I missed the mark!)

It's raining like it means business. I went out in it and got stuff done..and too, I hate sitting around. Anyway, isn't the national news..U.S. really, something so bizarre that you'd not have thought we'd be having those sort of problems? I am referring to the W#i*k*i leaks. I think that was inexcusable. National security means more than anyone as a business person having their day of fame and all that resultant money. That person will cause serious consequences... I would not be surprised.

Why are the airline pilots and attendants not required to be groped and viewed nekkid like the rest of us? I bet celebrities escape too., Just as chickens..we never complain much about anything We just roll over and say "what can *I* do". Valid question.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hm...carpenter coming to look at the window sills Nov. 29th

Good gracious. It will be DECEMBER! This year has flown by! Blink twice and New year's Day will be staring us in the face.

A carpenter is coming to give me an estimate for making a couple of roosting places at the window sill for the cat. Also a place for plants when her majesty doesn't wish to go to the sills- as in the Winter. His work is too rough looking for me. He is very plain and simple and elemental. Not going to work I fear but what the heck, he can tell me what he'd charge, anyway.

HA! Speak of him..here he is at the door. See ya soon.

Well, he's come and gone. The window ledges I wanted him to fashion would have to match the ones I already have. Those that I have are oak and recycled church pews. He said he doesn't have the equipment at home to do it..so my hope of additional wider sills is just that..a hope. Not likely to be fulfilled. I did get my security lights changed out though. He did that for me. The ground is too slanted for me to safely do it even if I had a long ladder. I paid the price of a service call. Hope they start working again. We'll see tonight.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A beautifully lived Sunday Nov. 28, 2010

Why beautifully lived you may be wondering? That is what happens often when you are intensely grateful for all the blessings that you have. That's when you acknowledge them and how you came to get them.

Sometimes it is so grippingly obvious that you have had so much good in your life. Even the tough times are good and I have had a lot of tough times. I still do. I just don't particularly talk about them except sometimes along the very edges. :-) That's just me. But yesterday was another day when I was, to use that word again, intensely aware of all the good in my life. I count the tough times, as I said before here as part of the good for they made and still make me strong. The harder times have brought great compassion to me and more caring and awareness.

The best of times can be counted in the numeral three. My three sons. I have already spoken of that many times and I will spare you that again (until Mother's Day..then, you're mine!)

Man, it is beautiful out there..frosty and cold with a paint-box blue sky and sharp outlines of the tree limbs with their sheltered squirrels and birds in them.

Here is the sky from September to enjoy !!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Gone :-(

I am not always aware of how much I miss my boys until they are here and stay awhile, but of course, go on back to their own lives and homes.  I admit,  I always miss them but for some reason I miss them more this time.  I really enjoyed having them here and thanksgiving was fun with no stress as we ate out.  It was worth the money (a pretty good restaurant with chefs and everything :-)  )  Home for resting our bellies and taking a few pictures plus a sign of the times..not one of us didn't have their hand held device out later in the evening as we were playing one another in an electronic Scrabble game. I thought it was funny.  (That would be iPhones).  Later on after two of them left, I heard my middle boy playing chess with the computer.  Man, what scraping sounds those chess pieces make when they move.

We did some shopping on Black Friday (no middle of the night for us) and I saved $$$$ on a present for the youngest.  I got a few other things too. 

Miss Catt, aka The Admiral  got all kinds of loves and pets.  Man, she was afraid all the fur would be worn off her head from all the kisses and off her sides and back from petting.  Oh she loved it!  You should have seen her!

Ordinarily I clean up after everyone is gone but not this time.  Watching the game on TV.  Maybe we'll get to go to a bowl.

I'll be around to see you and JennyD I found the water agitator w/ battery and I'm in!  :-)  Thank you so much again.


Friday, November 26, 2010

A Cure A Cure..My Kingdom for a Cure! Nov 26

Does anyone know something good over the counter for sinus drainage?  I didn't know I had a cat curled into my stomach while sleeping on my side..until I started a dry cough.  She got tired of being bounced and jolted so she got up and left..me only then realizing she was there.  After she deserted me, I owuld say 20 minutes later the sinus drainage started.  Ewww!

Do you all know anything to take OTC for drainage and its resultant cough?  Something that WON'T make me sleepy? 

I can't have the cat... um...catapulted over against the wall from my coughing if you guys know a way I can stop the drainage..or dry it up?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks Day 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Family.

I am grateful for each and every one of you.  I love to see you when you visit and I love to go visit you at your house.

It is a family thing that we have kept our friendships forged on WLS and  formed new connections to one another regardless of WP or Blogger.

Love ya!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ready for the onslaught

They're on their way. Well, not yet. Both have to get through their school days. My son as a teacher and his boy, as a student. :-) But they'll be here after the trip of over the mountains and through the Cherokee forest to home. It will be every bit of 10PM before they get here. (that takes gritting my teeth to say 10PM instead of 2200..which is totally natural).

I have a decently hearty snack that won't interfere too much with sleep, to serve them when they get home. Then, I know it'll be off to bed.

It's raining like the dickens and will continue to do so for days they say. Maybe the weekend will be better so it says on the TV. You and I both know how THAT goes.

Tomorrow I get my new glasses,. Hope they work out alright. I have had some major problems with having been given just enough of a mistake in former lenses as to make wearing them miserable added to having to go back several times and the first person to assess it thinking I'm crazy. The last time I went it was a deal of not being able to see distance well with the new lenses. I could not read street signs or overhead signs well at all. I went back..their little flip chart thingy showed nothing. But when I demanded to be shown something in the distance of say 50 feet or more simulated...THEN they could see that indeed..something was wrong with the prescription. Torqued my jaw having to go thru hoops to show them I meant what I said. Like many, they think the patient/customer is ditsy and/or stupid and can't possibly have it right.

Anyhoo..off into the rain. I need some eggs and bread. ♥

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Ready Nov 22, 2010

I am getting ready a little bit for my son to come in from NC.  He and the other two will be here for Thanksgiving.  I am not cooking however..haven't cooked in this the third year.  I do for Christmas but I just don't want to do the same thing twice so quickly together.  My sons don't like ham!  My goodness!  So it's turkey or nothing.  If I could just get a ham, I would go through the rest.  I have a reservation for all of us, all 5, and at one of the better restaurants in town.  I will have a couple of  desserts here however although they will get one there at the restaurant.

I'm changing pharmacies.  Pain in the neck because the couple of meds I do take are spread out all over the calender for renewal.  I am hacked at the one I have been going to since we came here to this town to live a squillion years ago.  The man had the temerity to argue with me when all I was trying to do was pick up my automated refill item. He asked when it was done..said I didn't know as I was responding to a automated call..he went all the way down hill from that.  He repeated his rudeness today..stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Meanwhile, I hope all of you are well and prepared for your Thanksgiving this week.  Going to be raining here.  Bah humbug!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Times past Nov 21, 2010

To those who asked..no, after having had children the decision was made (my decision..husband gladly agreed) that being here for the kids was more important that my flying.  I would have had to rent a craft in any case and that is expensive when you are a struggling young and growing family.  Now I would have to, of course, have a new medical for it, and take a refresher course and show I can still do it.  Too expensive altogether now.  However I do have friends who do so and have invited me to go along.  The invitations have been turned down by and large because I don't want to be hit with the "fever" again.  Ex-pen-sive. 

Thanks for enjoying or at least reading that yesterday :-) with me.  It was a fun for me to recall.  I was and still am full of adventure. I just don't have any money.  :-)

This is not a good picture as his head is in the flowers and the angle is poor BUT here he is..a good reminder of the hot days of summer.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life's Embarrassing Moments

I was hurtling down the highway on the way back from the City a few hours ago when my mind turned to just going through memories apparently. All of the memories presented for my inspection seemed to be embarrassing ones or those that would best be forgotten. One came up as I was looking at the clouds in the sky reminding me of THE most embarrassing moment ever that I can remember, bar none.

As Sophia would have said "Picture it. Montgomeryville Pennsylvania back when I was thirteen years old!"
( we were up North for Daddy's job) Anyway, Daddy had a pilot's license and he took me for lessons and before very long, I soloed. That's going up all by yourself, maps and so on firmly clutched and anchored down through all the wind seeping through the two doors and the flimsy windows. That meant going to an agreed upon point and coming back to the airport ( a large grassy field with two runways and hangars along with tie-downs as well, lining the fields' borders) So..after the pre-flight check/inspection my instructor saw me off onto my very first alone time in the air..part of getting the license. I had a student pilots license then.

There I went down the run way and lift off..up to 400 feet and while still climbing, a gentle turn and rising to 600 feet. Along straight and level for a while and then, still climbing I got to 1000 feet. Turned again and began a slow gentle descent. This went along until I was lined up with the runway and began my actual landing. The aircraft's nose in the perfect position..RPM's exactly right..down..down..down..floating in the air until I made a perfect 3 point landing. Then, I taxied to where I had begun and revved the engine a bit in order to turn the plane around to position it for parking as it were. Then, embarrassing disaster,. After all of that just exactly right work on my part, I ran the belly of the plane (a fabric covered 2 seater single engined one) over one of the field markers, metal field marker and tore a good swath out of the belly of the plane.

The owner came out and said not to be so concerned and horrified as he had insurance. Me..I had to go home and tell Daddy. (one of his friends had taken me out there to do my scheduled solo flight..he was at work).

I thought he would be mad but instead, I don't think I have ever before or sense ever heard him laugh like that!

Anyway it was awhile before I could get over the embarrassment enough to go on back out there. Luckily it was not recorded in my log book which I saved and still have.

There you are..a day in the life.

Friday, November 19, 2010

*Thumps Head Against the Wall*

Well, isn't that something? What. you ask? Well, on the way home from the annual blood letting at the doctor's office I saw the O/D Off light was on, on the dashboard. This is the third time this year so far that I have seen it. The engine was turning at 2800 rpm at 45 mph. Not a good thing. Last time that happened I was on the way back from Knoxville and had to have it that way all the way home. I got home, turned off the engine (of course) and within half an hour, re-started to take it to the mechanic I use. Well, low and behold, no light. So, I went back in the house to live another day. But, as I said, 3 times so far this year it has done that. I called as it did it on my way home this morning and I have to go out of town in a while.

When I got there, he came out, looked and here is something I obviously didn't know. There IS an overdrive button and it is black and located JUST under the chrome button you press to change gears. Who knew? I had been inadvertently pressing that button as well as the gear changing button on occasion, hence, the light. SIGH! I feel silly but grasping at straws to make myself feel better, but I have to say the button is invisible unless you look for it. And I have to say I never went through the owners manual to specifically see where the sucker is located! NOW I know. Good grief!

Story ended well though. No money out of the wallet. ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Customer Service Nov. 18th, 2010

Much of our customer service, no matter what product or company has gone to sites away from this Country. I have had some very unpleasant experiences with one such operation. My health insurance has so-called customer service set up in a Country FAR away. I won’t say here which it is, but I can easily tell. The three times I have had to call regarding information I could not otherwise find, the persons without fail were curt, condescending and aside from that under the impression that I lacked any type of intellect. I did get to talk to an American on another matter making that a total of four calls to that organization in a year asking how I could handle (where to go in an emergency) a rather severe eye injury I suffered. I had called their nurse. She was extremely curt and while I got the information I needed (holding my eye at the same time in pain) she chided me on not having this information ahead of time and written down. Yeah, I really needed to be beaten up over such a !!!grave error!!! on my part, while I was standing there in pain. Insurance companies don’t have to be nice to you. They have you by the hair of your head and they know it.
What do you know? It’s a Wednesday Rant day and it isn’t even Wednesday.

PS This happened last April.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunny Wednesday Nov. 17th 2010

I got off the treadmill..cleaned up and headed out with the camera but with errands to run.  I had gone onto a specialty shop, the Ferrell Shop to inquire about chimes.  I want the deep sounding ones that sound like Big Ben or like that.  Those are not common but she can order them.  meanwhile I will go to their website so that I can listen to them before I commit.  We're talking some money here too..so I need to be sure.

While there, I came across the many planters of Lavender planted in the Square.  I had forgotten about those and  I was so glad I had brought the camera along..  They, the Lavenders, are my favorite natural fragrance.  I have the essential oil diffusing in my room.  Heavenly.  I had my kneeling pad and spent some time there trying to get a decent close up as the flowers can't even be 1/4 of an inch across. I had moderate success.  :-(

Anyway, it is my turn to play Scrabble, cyber Scrabble that is.  I know he did his word earlier and I need to fire up the iTouch.

SUN out there..cold.  But lovely and I feel energized after the treadmill and weights work  out. ♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I Done Did Nov. 16th, 2010

I found out through the kindness of our mutual friend Gerry that Word Press also accepts third parties to come in and take your blogs if you authorize it of course. That now known, I went ahead and had my blog in Spaces go to Word Press and soon, I'll contact the company to come and git 'em. That ALSO means no more annoyances for you all when I was transferring and filling your in boxes because of it..and it means *I* don't have the bother I put myself through, out of ignorance. Woo and Hoo!

I stopped at Arby's and got their pecan chicken salad sammich. First time I had it- it was fabulous. This time it was as though someone put an entire jar of mayo on MY sandwich. That will cure me of craving those again. :-)

Here is the URL for the WP bloggie if anyone cares. This is my main blog through. TechnoGran,. thank you SO much! HUGS to you and to Gerry and Beth too. You guys know how pitiful I am at the keyboard.

Oh..and still being slaughtered in Scrabble but I AM improving. Not killed quite as badly.
Charlotte NC uptown last month. I LOVE Charlotte.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday November 15, 2010

I had one of those dreams last night that you read about frequently in dream explanations and folks telling their dreams.  I spent all night it seems in a school and I did not have my homework.  Nor could I find my books.  And we were about to have a test.  I figured I would ace the test anyway, so that in itself didn't concern me as much as the sudden realization also that I had done NONE of my Science work for the year at ALL!  None.  Zero..Nada! I mean not a PAGE of homework or exercises that had to be done and turned in every so many weeks.  I have had this sort of dream almost more than any other "standard-everyone-has-'em dreams.  Another is the getting to school and can't find my room..getting there late and having to be seen going into the classroom late once I blunder into each room trying to find mine.  I reach for my books and they aren't there.  Sigh.  Can't turn in my work because I don't have any. 

I hate it when that happens.
This was taken at Clark Park a couple of days ago.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hard to Write

Hard to write when you have a warm ten pound little purrson sitting at the top of their little steps purring hard and you have to stop and kiss that furry head every minute or so with lots of loud smoochy sounds.

Oh this cat has come into my room to sound the horns at 0600 or a few minutes earlier,  To her, it's 0700.  She has not adjusted to the Fall Back time change.  Me..I am UP that extra hour and she's killing me with this early -up @ o'dark early.  I have circles over the circles already there under my eyes.  However I would rather she were here doing that than not living any more.  So..we move on.

What a fabulous day.  Not too many left where you get up to temps in the 30's and they rise to 72 by noon.  It was glorious out.  Sunny, warm, fresh scent.  I went with the camera out looking for anything to take a picture of. ( what bad grammar I just committed there!)  Only got a few things.  Trying to stock up as it were before Winter sets in and all is dead.

Hope all is well.  It was a peaceful and loving Veteran's Day in these parts.  More than I have observed in the past  I am grateful for that.

This is a picture in my computer room. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gee whiz. Who Told Him I'm Rich?

I went for an eye exam today and sadly I let it go for 4 years. So there was just enough of a change on my prescription to need a change (which was really the driver that got me there to begin with...I noticed that.)

You know how with most employers insurances these days...corporate or otherwise, added to insurance companies in general-they have all decided to go off the deep end on us and give us little coverage really. An eye exam alone cost me $145.00. My eyes are extremely healthy in all ways except nearsightedness so I went ahead and got new frames. Mine are pretty old. $163,00 for the frames. The rest of $638.00 was for the anti glare coating, the polishing of the edges to make it an easier fit for thin wire frames...light weight lenses and..progressive lenses as well. That was quite a hunka money. I will get maybe $200.00 of that back from insurance but, I had to pay up front. Two weeks from now (LONG wait I think) I will take possession of those things. That's closer to a thousand dollars than it's not. Gee. I know., No one said I had to have nice glasses, but the alternative as long as I can ante up the money, is not for me.

Oh, you should have seen me. My new black blazer that fits like a zillion dollars, and my black top. Hubba hubba ding dong ding!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Another Day in Paraise November 9, 2010

Ported over another months worth.  Now to start 2008.  Gees marie.  But I'm getting closer to the end.  I think I deserve a glass of my famous cherry juice that I get from Trader Joes.  Nothing else in any store anywhere that even comes close.  This really IS the real thing..no additives or other fruits.

That guy I hired to weather proof my new windows (caulking) on the inside (outside is done) and to weatherize my doors..man..what a difference.

I went out with the camera and managed to find  some more late blooms out there.  However..most were slightly soft looking because I forgot to ramp up the speed to 1/250th as I was in the shade and I had been set up for sun.  So, they are slightly soft.  Not crisp looking at all.  Sigh.  Oh well. 

I'll include one so you can see. 

I know that no one but me watched DWTS but I wonder who will be sent home tonight?  There have been some major surprises and disappointments.

Here's a pic.  Then me and her will go get us something to drink.  Juice for me..water straight up for her. 

No use biggifying it.  It's as mushy looking as a 3 weeks old Halloween pumpkin.  :-)

It's December Already 12/07

Ahhhh..here it is, the last month of this year.  Time has, to coin a phrase, flown.  It seems we just had New Years Day and here we are...all the way back to the starting point again.

It has been an active year for me.  the only thing I regret is having had to leave the jewelry store due to my back problems and ultimately because that  Thursday, Friday and Saturday schedule totally messed up my time with my family.  I had to ask, not unnaturally, to have two of the three days off which put a burden on the other person I worked with or brought in someone who had another job, to sub for me.  That made me feel too too obligated.  I think the final kicker was when I had my second big sale all ready for the final touches..i.e. finding a Florentine finish on the gold for the customer...and I asked my co-worker where to find that item if we had it, he stepped in and completed the sale. I still marvel at how betrayed and disappointed I felt.  I said to him in a mild way that I had expected to complete that sale, that I had worked hard for it and that I was disappointed that he stepped in at the last moment instead of just assisting me by saying "we will do the brush finish" and moving on. 

That became the final straw..I was that disappointed. Sales matter in the retail field and I had already made a huge one with the sale of a diamond necklace and earrings.  I wanted the store owner to see I was earning my keep as it were.  That didn't happen since my co-worker swooped in to take the sale. So that being a Saturday and my last day anyway, I turned in my notice Monday.

AND this year has been physically active in non back hurting ways for 14 months.  I have stepped up my efforts by now traveling the hills here where I live instead of being my usually sissy self by treadmilling.  That different activity has been in the past three weeks.  I intend to keep that up.  Days when it snows or it is raining too hard..treadmilling. 

I have found too that I am spending too much time at the computer.  Journaling in a blog (and mine is truly a journal) isn't time consuming in itself.  What is time consuming is the blog walk.  But I want to see what my Friends are doing and how they are.  So I enjoy going to peck on their doors, albeit cyber doors, and saying "Howdy!".   So I have waffled  quite a bit about maintaining this blog.  I could be outside..I could be reading..I could be  doing many things. 
My son is here.  He has a taco thingie I made for supper.  DEElicious!  He will have the usual biscuits, preserves, eggs, bacon, OJ etc this morning when he wakes up.  Come on over..if you don't mind me in my jammies there is more than enough for everyone.

Tis Better 12/07

I was cleaning house and as always that is a good time to do some thinking undisturbed by calls or visitors.  My thoughts turned to those who live with fear and discomfort about love.  I am not speaking of a*busiv-e relationships, as never having had one, I am not equipped to have a say about that.  I am able however, from seeing it happen, to comment on those who are afraid to love.

Perhaps someone has put themselves forward in an attempt to win the love of another.  It could be a man, boy, woman or girl.  Age doesn't matter here.  And as happens most times, especially when one is  first learning about relationships and how those work, and when learning about various personalities of those they meet, they offer their friendship and then, assuming that progresses, they sometimes offer more.  Their love and regard.  Sometimes that is accepted, and sometimes it is not.

That can cause pain, embarrassment and sometimes heartbreak any time we are rejected, but the ideal thing is to learn something from the experience by and by when you can think about it more dispassionately. 

Sometimes the first thing is to realize that inexperience in relationships is normal and natural when starting out, and that there are so many personalities, wants, desires and wishes to learn about and contend with.  One size, in a manner of speaking, does not fit all.   And..if it is alright for you yourself to pick and choose among possibilities..(read reject those people)..why is it not alright for them to do the same toward you, that is to reject you as not what they need at the time. 

It may hard to deal with...it may singe your feelings or make you mad or wonder what is wrong with their heads to not see you as THE one...but it, rejection,  is definitely not a green light to reject yourself or be afraid to stick your neck out yet again, go into a swan dive or to become hardened to others as a protective device.

What if you loved something (pet perhaps)  or someone so very much and they died.  You would grieve of course if you are normal.  But should that experience turn you from ever loving another person or pet again so that you won't have to endure the pain of loss?  Of course not.  Yet I have seen that happen in those who suffered greatly at a death or even at a rejection of their offering of themselves.  Hardened and closed.  What a terrible waste to become closed to others except in the most superficial ways.  It is not living your life the way it is meant to be lived.  I have been saddened to see friends through my experience who have closed their hearts  to others...out of fear of emotional pain.

To be loved, one must offer love.  To have friends, one must be a friend.  It's better to pray and work sincerely to get the mote out of your eye and the ice from your heart. 

Next time, I'll just listen to my iPod while cleaning.  :-)

Thank You 12/07

I appreciate that you read the last blog and commented on it.  It was one I wanted to write several days before but I see it took a good round of housecleaning to get it from my thoughts to my fingertips. I meant every word sincerely and tried to find a way to ask anyone who suffers from fear of rejection to keep offering love.  Love will come back to you no matter how you feel it is not in your future.  It is. I liked and appreciated each comment and I thank you for them again.
I have been out in the cold, gasping and complaining up the hills and finally remembering to stretch my hamstrings first and before I get out of bed.  It certainly helps with stiffness due to the added muscular strain.
I am getting ready for a lunch date,  A nuclear engineer.  And a Yankee.   He has no discernable sense of humor.  Not a plus in my book.  I love to laugh and after quite some time working around the guys...I love to kid.  This lunch will probably be the last far as I am concerned.  I haven't asked Miss Catt her opinion but I feel sure it would reflect mine. 
You should see me though. Tailored black pants, with a white satin/lace cammie and an off- white (open- not buttoned) batiste top...tiny covered buttons and no collar but tiny rows of lace..probably 7 deep.  Heavy silver jewelry and you know I have it!  Smile .  I have my heavy dangle teardrop silver earrings and my black cord necklace with my crystal and marcacite pendent...choker style. Black heeled boots.  How do I look?  Wink Oh, and I am having a good hair day too.  May as well come and go in a blaze of girly.  It has been a while since I put you through reading my dress choices and so on. 
Oh, and my silver ring that looks like a rose.  And my honker diamond ring of course.  There.  I didn't leave a stone unturned in this recitation. 
Oh!  Did you fall asleep somewhere in all this?  I'll turn the light off and shut the door.  Rest well.  Red heartMe and my computer Dec 3, 07 002  I took the picture you see on the computer but what I wanted you to see was the lettering worn off my keyboard.  What a pain for a non touch typist.
I can tell my outside exercise is paying off.  Happily, while I never went up a size...the sizes I have had to squeeze into due to quitting smoking are becoming less vise-like.  Of course, not eating like some mindless amoeba helps. 

Mishap 12/07

I had a hair dresser mishap a couple of weeks ago and she turned my hair quite dark in an effort to do something else I had requested..  While I am grateful to have hair ( you guys don't have to remind me to be grateful) I have not been happy with the color to say the least. All my makeup and clothing is geared to strawberry blonde.  So..I started shampooing 2, 3 times a day these past 2 weeks and have it light (if you can call it that) as a Hershey bar.  The red is shining thru again so..not too bad now. But it sure is sweeping the guys off their feet.  Yesterday's engineer, and, today I had lunch with all the guys and couple of women who could be there and so a few fellows there also expressed their liking of my Hershey bar color.

Of course when it came time to leave this morning, I dressed for the dark hair with creamy white (Oh, no..there she  goes again with the clothing description..I can hear it now.."gimme a break!") blouse, silver jewelry again...really bold, and another good hair day just made it all come together.

One thing you guys did not pick up on in that photo I took of my computer was the tile with writing hung on a peg on the wall to the left.  Of all people I had expected Gandalphe to comment.  No one saw it.  I found that tile back in the 80's.  (Of course I was a mere toddler thenOpen-mouthed) and have had it hanging since.  I would have loved to have taken it to work and slung it on on a leather cord around my neck turned to my back as a warning to those who approached. But no...I would have been hauled to the brig.

Anyway, I have had a great day today  so far and I need to get up on the treadmill.  Too late to take the time outside.  Perhaps tomorrow.

I am headed over the mountains this coming Sunday morning. Only weather will prevent me, and there I am not joking.  You never know this time of year. My grandson is playing his trombone in his first recital and there will be other children as well of course.  A lone trombone playing at this stage of his learning.. maybe not so fab.  Note So I will go there Sunday, the recital is Monday after school I guess..and Tuesday I will return home, and the absence will be to the entire dislike of Miss Catt.

Diva-ly yours,Red lips

A Little Bad Luck 12/07

I took my usual up the hills and down the dales walk this morning.  Skipping right along. All warm and toasty in my heavy Winnie the Pooh jacket with the hood up this time.  iPod plugged into my ears...or the earphones that is.  Phone in one pocket and the camera in another.  On my way back finding nothing else left to photograph, I saw one of the cats of a good friend sunning herself in my friend's window.  Of course I took her photo so as to send to my friend and say "look who I saw today?!"  However, as I progressed home I saw the Cumberland mountain range plainly as the leaves are all down now.  I reached to get my camera and it fell hard to the pavement.Camera  It will not operate and that is no surprise to me.  So I must get a new camera.  I did get sweet LOLA's picture however, from the memory stick.  I may put it in here just as a last tribute to this camera which has serves me well from March till now.  It was my own fault.
Meanwhile, for the first time since my mother passed away, my cactus suddenly and decisively decided to self destruct.  All of it that hung over the edges of the pot and that was a LOT as it was very very long, has dried and rotted.  I have NO idea why.  No actions on my part should have precipitated such a thing.  I am trying to root it but I think I am going about it wrong.  It's not like a Christmas cactus after all.  Those root in water.  This thing has pieces as thick as a finger or more.  I am concerned as that is all I have left of mother.  Advice will be welcomed.
I am waiting on someone to come and give me an estimate on getting these leaves collected.  The operative word is "waiting"  Good thing I have carried on with my day as he sure is taking his time.  I have not been here a good portion.  First thing up was taking that frosty challenge headed up the hill.  Then, Wal-Mart.  He said he'll be here in 45 minutes.  Then it's off again to look for another item. 
My oldest should be here for part of the weekend and then, Sunday as I said yesterday I will be headed to Charlotte assuming the weather is good in the mountains.
Hope you are all doing well.  I've been around to half of you by now. 

Unseasonable Warm 12/07

I really don't like it when it is too too warm for the Fall and Winter.  Here where I live (as in many places) the temperature falls, rebounds, falls again and shoots up to hot..then back to seasonable.  Today, warm, rainy and cloudy.
I have been busy.  Oldest was here till noonish.  Then youngest was here.  We went out to have lunch and hung here for awhile.  First time I have ever seen his iPhone.  ANY iPhone for that matter up close and in person.  Man, that is THE coolest device I have ever seen in my LIFE!  What a device!  Worth the money and more.  I would buy one but I have no need for anything so multi-functional.  Besides, Apple made it and if it is Apple Macintosh, I love it already.  He had the Blackberry too as he is on call this weekend.
The youngest also gave me his older iPod earphones as I cannot find mine no matter how hard I look.  It's not left the house..just have no idea where I put them to be safe.  No earphones are as good as the iPod earphones.  All the other earphones you can buy are like cubic zirconia to diamonds with iPod's earphones the diamonds.
I ran around doing this and that all day long and when I got home I started cleaning the house in preparation to leave in the morning.  I don't want Miss Catt to be embarrassed about the state of the house for the kitty sitter, now do I?  The bed is changed and I walked back through and of course she is spang smack in the middle of the counterpane!!!  Just as I wrote of a week or so ago. 
My youngest managed to muscle the battery area back into some shape on the camera I dropped and he was able with some hard pressing to turn it on.  I am getting a new one this weekend.  This one will just hang somewhere (literally) until I pick it clean for the memory stick and the batteries.  Then, good buy adios!
Hope it has been a good weekend for you.  Other than being too warm I am doing alright here.  Tomorrow early..I get on the horse and head over the mountains.  I will check on you from there.Red heart
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Dang! Dec '07

went thru this morning and did a whole blog.  Hit 'Publish' and poof! Off into cyberspace never to be seen.  If this one does too, I will wait till I get back home to do another.  I am still in Charlotte where they are going to break a heat record.  Not kidding.  Expecting 80 degrees today. 
It rained every mile but the last 30 for me on my way down here.  The flip side is, I arrived safely.
We went to a church service at my son's church last evening.  A candlelight service and Love Feast.  The candles are genuine bees wax and the fragrance is just like honey not unsurprisingly.  There were buns, fragrant and slightly sweet, and hot cider served.  All three items are made according to the old ways in a city away from here that people from Moravia settled.  It is here in the State of North Carolina and takes about 2 hours to get to.  I would love to see them making those candles and the cider was so delicious.  Spiced and not "throat grabby" at all. 
Tonight however is the school concert where my grandson will be brandishing his trombone.  Unfortunately we will be there from 1800 to 2100.  I thought I understood it would last an hour and it does.  No one told me till today that one MUST stay till EVERYONE is finished.  (band members families).
I went to my son's school where he is a teacher and met them both for lunch.  I got lost or took a wrong turn I should say, on the way to and...ta-dah!  on the way back.  NOT fun on multiple lane streets!!
Someone get down here and drive me back!  I am whupped.  Oh well, been whupped before..will be again.
Hugs to all.Sun

Hark! Are Those Sheep Jumping Over Fences That I Hear? Dec '07

am back from over the mountains.  Made it back early afternoon.  But it took me three quarters of an hour to get everything out of the car.  Nope...I did not do any shopping at all.  No time.  When I got there Sunday mid afternoon I needed a little time to settle before we headed out to that early candlelight service I blogged about last.  Then, everyone home and to bed as they had school the next day.  For me, as I blogged, I went out and took several embarrassing wrong turns in heavy heavy traffic.  And that night we had the concert ands school today so, as mentioned, no shopping.  What took so long was carrying in shopping bag after shopping bag of THEIR gifts for up here.  They'll just be stored here till they come and save them having to carry them up.

The concert was as long as I mentioned in yesterday's blog.  What I did not know then was the 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands did as superb a job as I have ever heard.  My son (a teacher)   had told me they were amazing, especially for their respective ages and I want you to know, they were!!!  ALL of them,  Not only my little trombonist.  They were all past excellent.  The 6th graders were amazing.  Then, the 7th and 8th were icing on the cake.  I can't get over the dedication and skill and leadership of the two band directors working with ALL those students.  I also say to you that I am just as astounded at the dedication, skill and practice of those young people that enabled them to sound so wonderful.  I am not exaggerating about how great they sounded.  I wish I could have recorded it.  You should have seen their training.  They are so professional seeming in look.  The band conductors and trainers indicate to the students when they are about to start, and the students all came to the ready,  instruments poised whatever they were.  There were no discernable sour or discordant notes in there.  There were even 4 to sometimes 5 students (from each grade level) between setting up for the next grade to play, that performed CHAMBER MUSIC!  WELL done!  When we all clapped in that big auditorium, we meant it.  My hands hurt after slapping I applauded so hard.

By the way, I got to meet my son's Principal. (I hope I spelled that correctly for this occasion.  You know..Principal-Principle) Anyway, that dude is good LOOKINGGGG!  WOW.  Hubba HUBBA ding dong ding!!!

But, I am back..and horribly sleepy-- hence my title.  My grandson gave up his bedroom for me this time and I was very comfortable.  Just I didn't sleep all the way through the night the both nights I was there due to being in a strange room I guess and too..I am used to my bed with all its extras.  The memory foam, the whoopty-doo sheets, an opulent and a Grande Dame Miss Catt crowding me for room.  But I would never ever miss any chance I can get to be there. 

My new camera will be here tomorrow no doubt but I have to learn to use it.  A Nikon.  I have a Nikon but I decided to upgrade a little bit.  I also have a new printer all in one coming.  My oldest will get hold of it and wait till we see one another again.  hey that reminds me..I need to lay in supper and breakfast supplies.  You know how those visits go.  Fried 'taters and some eggs, anyone?  More than enough, always is.  Come on over. 

I took a photo of my dark (ewwww) hair and now I can't find where the silly thing went!!!  I went thru My Pictures, Documents, Recent..you name it.  I can't find it and I KNOW it's there.  WAIT!  I cropped it in Paint.Net.  Maybe it's still there despite my having said the usual "save as".

Today is Miss Catt's birthday.  She said she is ten years old today.  Many happy returns to her.

You know, I made it back in 4 1/2 hrs. as usual despite the horrible traffic.  It took me 5 hrs to get there...go figure.  The hours coming and going never ever change.

This little one is laying her head on my hand as it is on the mouse.  She missed her attention while I was going though she had a pet sitter each day I learned that she only came out one time to greet and meet.  Little Diva.  I wonder where she got THAT from??

And Now, For My Next Trick 12/07

I have my new Nikon now and I like it.  I managed to only call my one boy 2 times.  Both for reassurance and I can proudly say, I set it up myself!!  Glad it is another Nikon as the instructions are at least familiar.
I am going to try again to find that photo I took of me with the dead camera.  It's all delightfully fuzzy and I love that!!! Gosh, I usually have to put a bedsheet over the lens.  It did it for me in a manner of speaking!  BUT it remains for me to find it and you can see the ew-glee hair color.  It has washed out some more since then, as it is now russet in color.  Far more bearable.  Oh and the blonde highlights are starting to pop out again.  Tongue out  You sure can't keep those guys down long.  Bleach is bleach however foofoo the Salon is that put the highlights there.
I am going to write an email to my son's school and direct it to the two band leaders and trainers so as to compliment them on the excellent work they and the students did the night of the concert.  My son, by the way, is a Science teacher of the 7th grade levels.  Someone had asked and I had forgotten to reply. 
While at the school after getting lost, to have lunch with them Monday afternoon, I, my son and my grandson were all seated at the same table with a number of other students.  The cafeteria was filled with kids.  Afterward, I mentioned something about the number of kids and wondered which were his.  He said they all were.  That was half of the seventh grade.  And that the table we were seated at was the detention table!  I said " WHAT!?  You seated me with criminals??  No wonder they were staring at me." Open-mouthed  I love to go to school and often have to meet the kids.  One day I need to go on Career day and talk to my grandson's class.
They really were staring at me.  Guess they thought teachers came out from under stone or something and never could have a human mother.Open-mouthed
Hope you all had as good a day as I did.  Red heart
For some reason, I still cannot find that photo.  I have NO idea why it is invisible to me.  I went thru my pictures, the whole shebang.  So..till another attempt I guess.

Rain Rain Come and Stay 12/07

t wasn't much but we got about a quarter inch of rain..a lot of wind..record breaking 71 degrees temp. Not a dent in the rain deficit but we will take any we can get.

I decided to stay in on the treadmill for exercise this time.  Blowing rain outside and too warm. Cold front will being snow flurries this weekend. Maybe in a day or so I will head on out again.  I wanted to take some pictures but it was gray and raining or drizzling so, only a few.  I am trying to see what this camera does in the hands of someone like me who isn't that technical.  Maybe when the weather is better.  My youngest said he will wean me from the auto focus as I need to improve technique.

Tomorrow the oldest will be here.  I have laid in some supplies...and he'll have a good supper and breakfast.  Smile 
He will have my new all in one printer.

The temperature has been slowly dropping since it hit the high record breaker temp this afternoon.  There is a faint chill in the house.  I have gone from shorts & tank to fleece yoga pants and T. 

I haven't a thing to say as you can well see for yourselves.  I have been around to most if not all of you.  Come and give me something to talk about.  I WAS going to rant about the mysterious theft of  all turn signal indicators in town as I did a year or so ago.  Perhaps they have all rotted and fallen out onto the roadways though.  The mysterious force that turns brains to jelly was operating in a big way this morning however.  I was coming home and the street I was on is the right of way.  There is a stop sign for an intersecting street..both ways for that street.  At either side of the intersection..but my street...straight on through.  Supposedly.  I was making my way home and for my sons who are reading this, it is where Weigels used to be that I am speaking of. 

Anyway, there were several vehicles in front of me and all were at an all ahead stop.  Therefore making me come to a stop.  There we sat.  Three vehicles in front of me...one each at the side street at the intersection and one vehicle (who certainly has the right of way  as did we on MY side of the intersection) was at a stop facing us.  There was no movement for at least 2 minutes, no kidding when *I* got there.  I was straining to see what on earth was the matter.  Someone layin' dead in the middle of the road or something?  An accident?  No..it was the Mysterious Force That Turns Brains to Jelly. Believe it or not...no one knew who had the right of way.  How can you NOT know????  Oh well.  A piece of fudge would make it all worth while.  I must see to it I make some.

Guys, hope to see you.  Turn your signal lights on though will you, when you pull into my blog driveway!  Sheesh!

On the Cusp Dec '07

We'uns  is on the cusp of some cold weather (as we should have been having all along) and some possible snow showers tomorrow morning.  It's about time.  The wind is supposed to be 25 or so mph and with temps in the low 30's..during the day I may skip toiling up the street.  Treadmill can look mighty good sometimes.
My oldest was here last evening and returned to his place this afternoon.  He has a party to attend tonight.  For me, I cannot quit yawning these past two afternoon and evenings.  So my party will be falling asleep soon as I hit the bed.  Oh, I told you I bought a single silk pillow case didn't I?  Remember? I never thought I would really like the thing but I do.  So much so I keep washing it and putting it back on.  Diva that I am, I bought it so as to keep my hair from being tangled at night,  It works! 
We had, or HE had, eggs, bacon and fried potatoes and coffee this morning.,  I had coffee and a few potatoes.  We had a version of Philly Cheese steak last night.  I am not too good at that and from now on, I will stick with the tried and true.
I did get my new HP all in one printer last evening though.  Oldest brought it with him for me and set it up for me.  This printer is a thousand times nicer and better than that pitiful Canon I bought last Spring.  Why I let myself be talked into that thing I will never know.  Could not print a picture in color at all.  Something went wrong with the color within weeks.  It could not be re calibrated correctly and therefore was good for black and white printing and acted as a scanner..that was it.  Torqued my jaw! That is what happens when you try to save a little money.  Just pay the two dollars as they say.
I think I caught a couple of you pulling into my blogging driveway without your turn signals on AND I do believe you nicked my fence post!!  Fine!  There will be a ticket in the mail!  Watch it!
I have a photo that I will try to find that I took yesterday while trudging up the hill carrying my new camera.  It is three blocks up..and there was a break enough in the trees for you to see out nearby low mountains and the fog rising up off them.  Sorry about the house and other distractions.  I have no idea who lives there and I hoped they would not think I was out there at 0900 hrs. taking spy photos of their house.  Wink  Honestly, one day I may actually be challenged.  I'll tell you if I do and if I get and give a black eye too.
Let me see if I can find the pics.  If so, they will appear right here!  (I hope) Red heartNew camera dec 13, 07 007walka dec 14, 07 002walka dec 14, 07 005No. Trail dec 14, 07
 P.S.  I should have told you that is the North Ridge Trail in our Green Belt.  You have seen MY personal property in a view off the deck.  This is what it looks like (see my photos) beyond my fencing.  No, this isn't mine.  This is City Greenbelt but it is near us who own private Greenbelt.  Thought you would like to see it.  The middle pic is just an interesting tree, to me.  :-)

Three Hour Tour and Whooping Cranes Dec '07

I started out just to get the car serviced  early this morning and wound up being gone till about now.

The car was finished with the tires rotated and then, back to the bank to have the coins in that ever present saucer on my dresser counted (just $86.13 this time..not the usual $106.00 or so) ( not as many pennies) and then on to several stores to get some sale items, and then, the best part, lunch with a feller.  Then, "Home James!" to do some things around here and soon to be leaving yet again. 

I never did get to see any snow showers as were promised to us for Saturday night and Sunday.  Sunny as could be all day yesterday and same today. Colder though.  I may head out with the camera and see what I can find.  My youngest went to the Hiwassee Wildlife Reservation and photographed some migrating Sandhill Cranes.  Last year he managed to get some Whooping Cranes in that mix as well.  There is a group of young Whooping Cranes  that are led here and onwards on their migratory flights Southward.  There were about nine Whooping Cranes this time but he, my son, was not there in time to observe them.  He was fortunate last year to get there just at the time both species were there resting at the Reserve..

These are juvenile Whooping Cranes, reared in captivity for their safety.  As you may already know, these birds are rare and were hunted and killed to almost extinction.  I think there were 28 pairs left in the U.S. before some  entity FINALLY stepped in to save them.  You may also go to Operation Migration at www.operationmigration.org and read the field journal entries.  These young Whoopers are led by wonderful volunteers on Ultralight aircraft...teaching the youngsters their migration route.  Then, assuming all is successful, these will teach their young the route they learned through these wonderful volunteers in this dangerous training for the Cranes.  Dangerous because in our area, it is very mountainous and the ultralights  (and Cranes) have to soar above the peaks...exposed to the air as are the birds, and to below freezing temps.  If I remember correctly there are three main routes for differing groups of Whooping Cranes to learn.  Please see the first web site I provided for a view of the routes.  You will see one bisects my State of Tennessee.  That is where my son went with his camera.

Otherwise, just another spectacular day right here in my area.  From last evening to this morning, I do believe I have stopped at every one of your door steps.  I used my turn signals too!Wink  I may have left something for you or I may have not..but you'll see my foot print (likely in the snow)Red heart

Oh Say Can You See Any Frost Bite on Me? Dec 2007

At 8:30 this morning, and 22 degrees, I headed up the street...camera, phone, heavy coat, U.T. pull down knit hat, gloves and music.  See?  No military time though it pained me to put the time that way..what a waste of keystrokes.
Anyway, I only took 3 photos.  One is already deleted.  My hands must have  been too cold.  Actually, I do believe I forgot to set "Macro".
I found us some frosted over wild strawberry plants and took their picture.  And a cold frost rimmed rose bush.  I took his picture too. 
I whupped right along but did not go as far.  Laziness really,.  I wasn't cold.  My face was sploched red though when I returned..all over.  Forehead too.  Cold, but the exertion is what did it.  This time, I went in the most un diva-like manner.  I applied no makeup..I didn't do any hair styling.  Just combed it as the toboggan slid over it and too, why make up my widdle face when no one was there and dumb enough to be outside but me?  I did apply lip balm though. 
Came home and shampooed my hair and I want you to know..it looks like an astoundingly good hair day! Red rose I had no appointments, no lunches, no friends coming nor I going to see them..so I had to go out of course to show it off!!!  I just came back.  I dazzled the clerks and other grocery store buyers and personnel and the geese at the lake plus the neighborhood animals and all the cars parked along the street.  The cat was totally blown away by my fab hair too, I might add.  For pete sake...come and look at it before it all goes away after I waller on it all night tonight.
Here's a frozen wild strawberry plant(s) for you.
Cold Morning dec 18, 07 004  They still look pretty good really for the end of December!
Shiveringly yours (but with showcase hair)
I remain, yours  truly.  Smile

Cabinet Angst Dec '07

Well..I tried to do a blog and it would not accept "publish" "draft", nor would it allow me to "copy" so I woudn't have to re-do.
I wish I had a way of knowing all this instead of seeing the appropriate buttons not function when it is too late and the blog is done.
It has been a wonderful day.  Gorgeous outside and sunny with the temperature in the high 40's if I remember correctly.  I did not go hauling myself up the street nor did I get on the treadmill.  I just decided to take a break.  Believe me..,my legs are as muscular as any actual athlete...man, I can't believe how muscular they are.  Like rocks.  And by the way, when they say aerobic activity i.e. running and walking diminishes visceral (i.e. belly fat), they aren't kidding.  I have done nothing for anything except my arms and yet, all the treadmilling for 14 months has done just what they said..taken a generous amount of any belly fat I had and pared it down.  Just so you know it does happen just as "they" say.  Trick is to keep it up the way I have..unremittingly. 
Yesterday, I was moaning and groaning to myself about a lack of food storage room when GASP!Light bulb It finally dawned on me! Clean out anything in the upper half cabinets and use the resultant room for needed storage.  That started a domino effect whereupon I stayed on the step stool and down on my knees for the bottom row of cabinets and got the other messy cabinets (3) cleaned out.  Two large kitchen trash bags full of no longer used items laid out for the trash collection tomorrow if the guys want to use them for a yard sale.  I have a lot of things out of the closet now and it is less crowded and those foodstuffs are stored in the cabinets.  Why doe sit take me so long to do things like this!  Sheesh!
I took a gift bag to a woman friend of mine today at her workplace.  Her Christmas present is in there and one for my doggy "nephew" Sampson.  I love this time of year.  Always a joy to have my family about me too.  We will try to have turkey this Christmas.  I am holding off on even buying one till the last moment due to the spoilage of my Thanksgiving turkey.  Remember?  We had roasted chickens instead.
I went to the marina last before heading home and have a photo to show you just how beautiful it is in Tennessee today. 
You will see a few of my friends who dropped in and down to see me as I walked along.
I will see if I can find you today's picture.  I have been to see most of you..come on over and bring fudge, will ya?
sea gulls dec 19, 07 013

A Diva Day Dec 2007

Time never stands still.  Things and events are constantly happening and just as often they are changing.  Many of us have at least one time in our lives, wished we had the power to make time stand still even if for a little while, to savor an event or something so very precious and special to us.  A small example that some may relate to is this one of many occasions when I wished time would stand still.  I was in the bedroom with my baby feeding him.  It was about 2 in the afternoon and as I gazed down at him (I was singing "If I were a Carpenter") and saw his eyelashes were like gleaming gold.  Beautiful.  They shadowed his sweet baby cheek as he lay there with his eyes closed.  It was a special moment.  Quiet and peaceful while he drew nourishment.  It was a few moments forever carved out in time and stored whole, lovely and unchanging in my memory.
Had I the power, I would have stopped time then because I was sure in the knowledge that a beautiful and loving moment such as this exquisite one would not happen again.  Not like this time.  There would be others but none like these special few moments.  I am not even making myself that clear I know.  It likely sounds so mundane. Sitting in a rocker and feeding a precious baby.  But it was not mundane to me... because of the clarion beauty of the baby and the peace and rightness of the moment. 
It is written in many differing ways that we do not appreciate what we have while we have it.  That may or may not be true on some occasions perhaps but I will attest that I cherished every second of each child's life that I was priveleged to have.  I still do. Caring for them was never a bothersome chore.  It was the best thing I could be doing in my life.  I would not trade being a Mother for anything else. 
You know, I had started this blog with the idea of commenting of today's so-called Political Correctness.  That didn't happen. Smile
 sunset dec 18, 07 002
This is the sky across the street Tuesday night.

Time Never Stands Still Dec 07

Time never stands still.  Things and events are constantly happening and just as often they are changing.  Many of us have at least one time in our lives, wished we had the power to make time stand still even if for a little while, to savor an event or something so very precious and special to us.  A small example that some may relate to is this one of many occasions when I wished time would stand still.  I was in the bedroom with my baby feeding him.  It was about 2 in the afternoon and as I gazed down at him (I was singing "If I were a Carpenter") and saw his eyelashes were like gleaming gold.  Beautiful.  They shadowed his sweet baby cheek as he lay there with his eyes closed.  It was a special moment.  Quiet and peaceful while he drew nourishment.  It was a few moments forever carved out in time and stored whole, lovely and unchanging in my memory.
Had I the power, I would have stopped time then because I was sure in the knowledge that a beautiful and loving moment such as this exquisite one would not happen again.  Not like this time.  There would be others but none like these special few moments.  I am not even making myself that clear I know.  It likely sounds so mundane. Sitting in a rocker and feeding a precious baby.  But it was not mundane to me... because of the clarion beauty of the baby and the peace and rightness of the moment. 
It is written in many differing ways that we do not appreciate what we have while we have it.  That may or may not be true on some occasions perhaps but I will attest that I cherished every second of each child's life that I was priveleged to have.  I still do. Caring for them was never a bothersome chore.  It was the best thing I could be doing in my life.  I would not trade being a Mother for anything else. 
You know, I had started this blog with the idea of commenting of today's so-called Political Correctness.  That didn't happen. Smile
 sunset dec 18, 07 002
This is the sky across the street Tuesday night.

Intrusiveness Dec '07

Seems as though there is another witch hunt.  First smokers (which I am not one of) were  and are persecuted and almost tarred and feathered. Now it seems that all teachers are targeted more and more to the point that anyone can now see what their disciplinary record is.  Yes, yes, yes, I know.  You don't have to tell me that there are some rotten apples in that teaching barrel.  I can read too plus I have access to the news.  However as with any other profession there are the majority who are a credit to their calling.  However, what other profession may you or I just decide we want to see the disciplinary records?  Maybe I would like to type in your name..or the other persons name just out of idle curiosity and see what you were called on the carpet for.  There IS no other profession where I might type your name into a search engine and see what personal things I can find out about you. That used to be called personal information.  I suppose one should be grateful that they give the name and birthdate and supposedly no other info to help out the identity thieves.  Right.  Again, you don't have to tell me about a occasional rotten apples..I already know.
It is scary how much witch hunting is going on in the past five years.  And it's also very disconcerting to know that when you show love for your Country or show devotion to God, you usually can't without having to beg someone's pardon.  Freedom of expression seems to be disappearing for some.
I hauled myself up the hills today and came upon one of the most woodpecker riddled-with-holes-utility poles I have ever seen.  That thing has seen some serious action!!!  I'm surprised it's still standing. 
Maybe I can find the picture for you.  It was "holed" all the way to the top and to the bottom.  Must have been a favorite!