Sunday, June 26, 2011


not much punctuation here guys.  it's a royal pain with one finger left hand.

i wanted to thank you from the heart for the comments and good wishes.  they mean the world because you guys are all family too.

last xray- bone is knitting well. they took the splint
t off and put on a cast which is more hurty to my wrist.

my knees are banged up but i developed cellulitis on right leg.  that was the source of the crippling pain.  some antibiotics were prescribed and we're knocking it back..little by little.

God bless all of you.  He is present...bidden or not. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Monday, June 13, 2011

So, there I was....

So there I was, hurtling down US 74 W at 65 mph. Cruise control on as the road is a straight as an arrow and not too busy.

And I had stopped at the start of US 74 W in order to get a cup of McDonald's most excellent plain coffee. (I do not like flavored coffees at all). I had the medium cup of coffee and as I said, I was hurtling down the highway when I again lifted the cup to my lips for a sip and lo! I inhaled it instead. Oh, there is not a lot quite as horrible while traveling down the road as the act of inhaling a liquid into your windpipe and consequently, choking horribly.

Tears pouring out of my eyes half blinding me, I take the cruise control off and slow to as slow a speed as I could in as short a time period as possible. I tried to find any decent widening to pull off to finish coughing my entire insides up and then to gasp for breath.

No such luck and just trying to get air into my lungs was some serious work. Finally I got some trickles of air through my gaping maw into my coffeed lungs..that was as sweet a relief as I have experienced in my life. Still couldn't pull over so I crept on down the highway little knowing (or seeing) what passing vehicles passengers saw or thought.

I continued to cough up coffee for quite a few miles and then I was clearing my throat almost constantly. But I could breath. Man, I hate it when that happens. I was very careful with the rest of the coffee.

That above in the header is a picture taken of part of the skyline of the City of Charlotte NC (in my header). I took it last October on a walking tour. Those are ALL apartments. Charlotte is the U.S.'s second largest banking City, second to NYC. It is a beautiful City and I never ever tore of looking at it and enjoying all of its many many features and its beauty. Here is another photo I took walking downtown of my Bank, the Bank Of America's Corporate building. Tallest building there and it is beautifully reflected in another one.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Her Caretaker is Back

That would be me. I was greeted better than any human ever greeted me. :-)

Oh I had a great time. Spent money like it was going to stop being printed. Not really but I did buy an adorable not needed fan because it was so danged cute. I bought some of those awfully expensive artificial flowers that look real. I got me two concrete small (life sized actually), birdies for the garden. What else? I got me some pure nothing but cherry juice. The European store where I bought the cherry tea is out of, so much for that. I got me some sparkling nothing but blueberry, juice. We ate at Bojangles last night, no less a place. We wanted rice and beans at Popeye's but the one that was supposed to be in SC wasn't. So as it was 1930 hrs. and we were hungry so we stopped off at Bojangles. Fried chicken, Cajun pintos, and coleslaw. Oh my word..good I guess.

Wanna see my fan? My kitty friends or rather the Admiral's kitty friends have already seen it. Biggafy for the best effect. :-)


Thursday, June 9, 2011

as always...GOOD GRIEF!

Garry, thank you. That has to be what it is. I really like it. And I appreciate your telling me what's going on.

I'm good griefing because we had one terrific electrical storm complete with ultra high winds..see my picture of my surrounds a week or so ago..and you'll see why that raises the hair up offa my head when the winds are violent and some nickel sozed hail to go with it.. There was a crack of thunder/lightening that was so close both of us jumped practically out of our skins. There are plenty of trees right here to be struck and it has happend quite a few times. Some years ago, the house had a strike and irt went thru the wiring..blew out my TV and destroyed it. It destroyed my window air conditioner, and it set my wall on fire. Didn't do the wiring any good either. I had just come home from a day shift. Glad I weas there. The kids would have had to deal by themselves otherwise. (no, they weren't tiny..grade school and freshman yr. levels.) So, I don't like storms in this highly susceptible area.

Still headed out in the morning. Now that the phone service has been repaired yet again..for the millionth time since I got it..maybe I will have burglar alarm service. They were good enough to come out..and the person I talked to had to do some searching to find someone available on no notice, because otherwise I would be gone and no alarm service. I did appreciate that. I only wish the problem could finally be resolved.

IF I retain service (my internet was down too) I will try and come and see you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Happened was...

Why I thought Blogger was changed was because for the first (and today, I see not the last) time after I logged in, I saw a screen I have never seen. It showed me the blogs I am following, stats, all that stuff as an opening screen. Places to go to your account, make a new post, etc. This page I am typing on looks way different too. I like it.

I have been busy spending money. $529.00 for four new tires, mounted, the labor, disposal fees and all that plus an extra sum for doing something with the brakes..forget what. I would have to go back to the receipt to see what it was.

I have been busy as can be from 0611 on till this moment. AND my weekend trip is still on. YES! Someone will be sad without me but I will be sad if I am always here. Now that she is doing so's off I go. I will come home with all KINDS of stuff. remember last time I went all the way back in October I came home with that oak library card case? H-E-A-V-Y! And the quilted throw and the beautiful dark rose and light blue vase and flowers too that were artificial but horribly expensive so thus..real looking? Well, look out I come AGAIN! And I will go see if the Russian store has my cherry tea too. The camera is going.

LOOK at my tomato plant. Gee WHIZ. That thing is going like gang busters. And I took another of the clusters of them. All of these will be 4-6 inches in size. Get a load of this thing. If I put it in, there will be the pepper plant to. I have a question re: that pepper plant. Are the flowers supposed to fall off? When do the peppers form? I will put the pepper in next time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh MY!

They changed Blogger. I thought I was in the wrong place when I logged in. Is yours changed too?

Maybe some of this awful mess we're going through will stop now.

Thank you sincerely for the help with the cramp situation. Chip..I did go to that link and again, thank you so much. I know my cat was the one to come and say that on your blog but it was too late when I realised I was still in her password and blog.

It's settled. Me and Sis, Michiko, are definitely going over the mountains this weekend as soon as she gets here. As usual, we take turns driving back and forth to Australia and here. This is her turn so she'll drive over. Our cars are able to navigate under the ocean and we get to our homes in great time. Sometimes if we're tired , we let Miss Catt aka the Admiral...or Gypsy, her dog drive and we nap. It all depends. Sometimes just the cat or just the dog drive over and once, it was Miyuki, my Toyota who went by herself as she wanted to speak Japanese and she sure can't do it here. I have a pet sitter lined up. $$$$ but she's worth it. Licensed, bonded and insured and an excellent sitter. Michiko and I will go shopping in the REALLY big city, Charlotte and we'll have so much stuff we'll not be able to close the trunk of the car. No problem when she's driving back to Australia though as my stuff will not be crowding her stuff since I'll have it in my home, so she'll get her trunk closed on her car when she leaves. :-) We have this all planned out.

I'm stalling. I have socks on and ready to put on my shoes so I can get up on the treadmill. Sigh. Gotta do it though. The 2 bananas I ate yesterday maybe helped..and Mario..he's right about the water. I have been slacking off on that. I need to quit right now and get with the program.

OK. Treadmill, here I come. :-(

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ow! OUCH! Rats! Owwwwww!

I bought three bananas this morning. I am the only person in the United States who does not like bananas (except my three sons, they don't like them either). So there are four individuals in the U.S. who don't like bananas. However, several times in the past week or so, last night was certainly the worst, I woke with a cramp in the side of my lower leg. Not the shin..not the calf..the outside of my lower leg- knee to ankle. Man, that was some fancy hurtin'. I am going to first assume dietary reasons and get some probably much needed potassium via the hated banana. I don't want to mess with my electrolytes by taking a potassium tablet. So I will try bananas first. I must have gotten one that was perfection because it was sweet, firm and good tasting. That is like..a first! I have had two total bananas in my LIFETIME that I enjoyed and this was one of them. Usually no matter the skin color..yellow as can be, they taste "green" to me. Tasteless with a slight un-ripe taste to go with it. Hard instead of pleasantly firm.

Therein this ends my treatise on bananas.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

For those who wondered

The variety of tomato is called Early Girl.  And I will say she is.  If you biggafy the pictures in the last blog you'll see there are a squillion small tomatoes on it.  I do container grown by the way. To Mrs Gaelic, that's my 'secret'.  Out there on and in the ground..deer, dogs, cats, people, more insects bother the tomatoes.  I would rather just grow veggies in the relative peace of the deck in a huge container.  I have a green pepper growing too.  next year there will be onions and possible potatoes.  There is some blight or something at the "joints" of the green pepper something or other.  I bought fungicide and hoping for the best.  Sure helps my roses which I happened to have sprayed with fungicide  as well.

Boilng hot as usual.  We have broken records for both heat AND cold in the month of May.  Roller coaster weather.

I'm company ready.  Cleaned house and it's looking squeaky clean..come on over.  I have lemonade.  Here, sit on the couch.  I'll make some muffins.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Busy busy busy.  But that's good.

I was gone a good part of the day yesterday.  I would have been gone all day today but I have other obligations before I was asked.  One thing I must do is some work out stuff.  I have missed that for several days running.  Not good.   I have been gone or otherwise occupied with service personnel in the house for Comcast..for the a/c and so on.  But today, workout, cooking for the oldest who will be here this weekend.  It is unusual for him to be here two weeks in a row but there is a reason..unfinished activity/business from several weeks before.  So..working out is a priority and then some household things that were put off plus the happy activity of cooking.

Glad everyone seemed to enjoy that old Maytag I posted in Face Book. It was fun seeing it at the antique  place.  OH!  I escaped hardly spending any money yesterday when we went antiquing as all I bought was a primitive style rooster which is about 18 inches tall at the tail top.  I put it on top of the china cabinet.

Hot hot hot.  In the mid 90's each day.  Whew.  Heat indices at 100 or so.  MY tomato plant has several DOZEN tomatoes on it for pity sakes!! If they all "come due" at once..I'm in trouble.
Here is my proud family!

The single one is close to a tennis ball size..the rest are golf ball or just under.  Ain't they nice?
Proud Tomato Mama

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Headed out

Going out to eat and make a lot of noise and have fun.  Then I have the Comcast people and the heat and air people coming to fix the digital phone and..the a/c.  Freon leak and I really do need a new system.
That is lots of dollars.

Hotter'n a fire out there.  Each day mid to high 90's and yesterday we broke another record for May.  Several in heat AND cold this month..records I meant.  Amazing weather.  They say La Nina.  OK.  Whatever.  Not a great time for my a/c central unit to be sick.  :-) to the restaurant.  We all gather by 1100 and we're noshing by 1115.  Then it's home for the repair folks. Tomorrow will be more fun as we're  going antiquing.   Come with?