Thursday, December 8, 2016

What is Good Here

Goodness, I love seeing this little footie propped up on the edge of my dining table.  He can keep it there forever as far as I am concerned.  He is a baby now and our last concern is his manners.  Nah!  Baby feets are much more important.  And enjoying a nanner is too.

Here below is the living room each time I have the pleasure of seeing James here.  Works for me. Grammie is enchanted.  Katie too, believe it or not.  James is learning manners with her.

I didn't ask permission to feature James and his Mom so I blurred their faces for this one.  I wanted you to see James continuing to look and not touch for now, and Katie taking that to the bank.  She just enjoyed her sunpuddle with no concern.

All is well with us.  And me..I am out in the cold cold wind walking as fast as I can loving every minute.  The rains were terribly hard for three days so I reluctantly stayed home those days, but the past two, cold and windy but mostly sunny.  Gotta walk.  Wish you were there too.  Yu'd love it.  I showed you the park.  Gorgeous place.