Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Dudes, my fishies are gone and so is Maulkie the cat.  Both are gadgets.  Does anyone know if Google was mean and took them away?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Extra Nice Day it Was

Heeeee. I almost said "KITTIES!" but instead I will say hello.  Katie exerts her influence on me.

It started out to be a wonderful day yesterday right there where I was working out.  When I walked in, the girl behind the desk asked if I came from another area not too far away.  (near the Smokies) and I replied that no, I came from here.  Curious, I asked why she thought I might come from the other place and she said ladies there seemed to be like me.  That got me more curious so asking again, I said how did I seem to her, if she thought I was from that other place.  She then gave me the best uplifting compliment I have ever had and I think it was sincere.  She told me  that I had "the sweetest face".  And that I seemed to be one who would be sitting in front of a fire, creating something and perhaps cooking a lot.  That from a high school senior.  To be told I had the sweetest face not only made my moment, it has continued to make my day to this second.  It will continue to do so.  She saw me as a gentle sweet person. I hope I am.  If I am, I earned that comment because I have worked hard spiritually.

Then, later in the say as I was walking down an aisle of a store after passing a woman who was walking slowly in front of me, I continued on down the aisle and I heard "Carole".  I kept going and I heard "Carole" again.  I knew then it had to be for me.  I turned and it was a treasured friend that I haven't seen in a long while.  I asked how she knew it was me.  She said "you were walking the Carole walk"  I said "what is that like"?  And she said "swift as the passing wind and bouncy"!  True.  I always walk quickly and I do bounce when I walk.  Guys used to laugh at that  during my career and people still do.  Just the way I roll I guess.

Anyway, I just had my dinner and about to toss back an orange water.  And I'll do some dishes and go see you.  LP, I did get the comment and I didn't publish the comment in case you'd prefer your email not be out there.   Otherwise it would be a pleasure to publish.  xox

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day to All

As I always do, I would want to wish a very happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there who have been there for their children.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My Dad was there for ME through it all until I got married.  He was still close to me until he passed away.  He visited as often as he could. He wrote every week, and back when they were popular he and I exchanged a little cassette tape back and forth instead of writing; and we did that once a week as well.

Happy Father's day also to the Mom's who have reared the children by themselves becoming the best Dad as well as mom that they could be.  It is extremely hard and very very important.  I know.  I had to do that.

Have a blessed day to the Dad's everywhere.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doors and Things

I called Home Depot yesterday to ask about when my new doors were going to be here.  They have had a handsome sum of money from me since April 29th.  The door had to be ordered, in all fairness. It is the kitchen door and the door way is more narrow by three inches than the standard doorway.  Hence, they don't have them just lying about in the store.  But this is a long time.  I called and they said it is on the truck making its way and the installer will be calling me before long for a day and time to get 'er done.

I am so looking forward to it.  Not only because it will be far more attractive but because I am hoping that finally there will be a far lessened chance of winter's cold air leaking through the door jams and under. I have weather stripping on this old one, yes.  But I have been forced to stuff paper towels all around the door frame and door when it is cold!  Now that looks like heck and you hesitate to open it to take out last minute trash after all that work.

I have no ability to do any repair or whatever around the house.  I can keep it clean and that is it.  Not having a man can be a detriment as most times they have learned how to do these things.  My three sons are as useless as I am.  Well, not quite as useless at house things, that was an exaggeration,  but with no Dad to teach them they too are at a disadvantage.  The middle son got some instruction from the place he went to in order to get his deck repaired, and they told him how HE could rip off boards and replace them himself and he did a remarkable job!  He just needed being told as do/did the other sons.   He by far, the middle teacher one, is the more talented at house repair.

Sorry.  Got off on a tangent.

Katie said good morning at 0530 with a throw up on the carpet in the bedroom.  Sigh.  That is a sound every pet owner knows by heart.  :-(  Stuff happens.

Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun.  xo

Monday, June 2, 2014

OH, I'm so proud of me!

You know why?  No?  Because I FINALLY went to work and got all the shredding done.  We are talking months worth and the situation was exacerbated by the fact that there were 400 mis-printed personal checks that also needed to be shredded.  I emptied that can three times.  BIG ol' bag of shreds out there in the trash.  But I procrastinated so long.  Each time I saw that horrid pile of papers etc I groaned inside and pledged to do it.  Well, I finally did!!

Last week I tackled the linen closet in two stages.  I have a long table that I set up and I put all the sheets etc on one end and all the towels and hand towels, wash cloths, dish towels and hand towels all on the other end.  I culled out the old and pilled and picked ones and put them in a leaf and lawn bag for the animals at the shelter along with two cotton blankets that came with my son each time he was unloaded from the ambulance several years ago.  They need blankets too.  The personnel can cut them to their preferred size.

I sure have more room in the closet now.  That is essentially what drove me to cleaning it out...that and the animals needed it.  I got rid of some sheet sets that were ew-glee too.  Especially twin sets.  The shelter does not want those. I pitched 'em.  I bought the dogs and cats each a case of Purina One foods and last week I took kitten food and milk and some nursing bottles in.

Closet cleaned up..shredding down, bathroom cleaned again, all the vacuuming done..hey, the girl's got game.

Thank you for putting up with my three a year celebrations of my grown up men sons.  I am that proud of having them.  And Mother's Day and Father's day are equally family (of course) oriented.  Fair warning.  That's six times a year I get all mushy.

Okey doke.  Done.  Just wanted to brag about the shredding. Yes, yes, I know..keep up with it.