Monday, July 31, 2017

Gorgeous Days

Yesterday was a day that was so perfect in weather that nothing could be better.  It was 60 over night and in the morning at rising time.  It stayed wonderful like that the entire day except the temperature rose to 80.  But the humidity was 37% for goodness sake!  It was like walking in a perfect world.  I had welcome company in the morning till after lunchtime and I started my walk immediately they left.  That was close to 1300.

I loved every second of it.  Cool, breezy and such low humidity it was amazing  When I got home, after doing some cleaning up I gathered the market umbrella, and went out to the deck.  I uncovered the little bistro set and put the brelly up..sat down and man alive, it was glorious.  Breeze...hummingbirds right there within a few feet.  A bottle of water, my supper, and a magazine.  I took pictures of the birds but did not have the DSLR out.  I just didn't care so I used my phone.  Not good pictures but this timeI was uncaring of that, and I was enjoying the totally absolutely brilliant, perfect evening. (as was the entire day).

Today I got out for a walk early...well 9 was the time which wasn't early but better than afternoon.  Again, no humidity and the temperature was the same.  I do believe it will be that way tomorrow too.

By the way, someone felt entitled to criticize me on FB day before yesterday regarding my car and the phone problem.  It amazes me how someone can feel entitled to tell you off.  They "read" something else into it that did not happen and decided to let me have it.  I deleted it the mean spirited comment.

Meanwhile after the lawn mowers are finished and I bring Mike back into the drive way, I will enjoy another glorious evening out there with the hummingbirds.

Below is my walk today.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tell Ya What!

Me and that phone and that car are gonna go round and round the next time they smart off at me.  Either one of them.  I said in FB a while ago that even though I threatened untold reprisals to the iPhone, it persisted in its single minded task to thwart me at all turns.   I think it laughed because it knew I was uttering an idle threat.  It knew full well there was nothing I could do on my own.

I paired it with the new car myself successfully by following directions. The fight and wrangling between us, the car, me and the iphone occurred when, with no directions or experience whatsoever, I thought that pairing was all I had to do.  I did not know that there were/are ways to make a call or communicate with others.  I had accidentally turned the radio at first  
on by a flick of my thumbnail on the steering wheel controls while reaching to brush my bangs back.  That was the beginning of a never-win situation for me as audio was then enabled. I turned the radio off. Suddenly... the iPhone's music started up the next time I turned on the ignition and it played the same song over and over and over.

The iPhone and car conspired to keep me from calling my son either manually using my phone, or thru the blue tooth enabled phone/car to tell him I was waiting for him.  We,Siri and I, exchanged heated words.  I had to pull over to wrest back some semblance of control and finally make the call.  Before the new car,  I just said Call whomever and Siri accomplished the call.  But now....oh noooooo.

It's not intuitive, the car's ways of doing things.  I actually need someone to show me.  That's not happening, so I may un-pair the phone and just go on about my business.

Me 0
Car & Phone 5

Here is that mean natured partner- in -crime to the phone!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hot Hot Hot

Guys, it's hotter'n whodunnit out there with 102-105 heat indices.  Others have it worse so while I am complaining, I'll keep it down some.

I have my new-to-me- car now,  Brought it home yesterday afternoon.  I have had a few short to- the- store type trips in it after my return from the big city as I call it, with the new car.  It is a male..and the name is Micah.  Mike for short.  His color is black but they call it mica because of the subtle spark of gleam in the paint.

Hey, after driving my 2004 Corolla for so long, this guy, a 2 year old one, is like the lap of luxury to me.  Has so many bells and whistles that I have been glued to the owners manual trying to figure some of the things out.  One thing that I was sent a video about from one of my kids is how to pair the blue tooth and my phone.  And how else to get it up and rolling.  Believe t or not, I want to hear my very rich music on the speakers in the car.  I can talk at home...I want my own music in the car for entertainment. CD's get bulky though some are in there already.

Have to say Mike looks pretty tuff what with his totally black self.  Not any shine at all anywhere.  Grill, door handles, you name

I had to look up how in the world to do the trip meter.  Sheesh.  With Miyuki, my Corolla S, it was push the button to cancel, zero it out in other words, and start again.  This thing...sheessh!

I have come onto the century I'm in.  No more simple things.

I haven't had clear coat in so long I no longer can think what to wash this car with...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Good Grief # 15

Good Grief.  It's summer so no surprise that the heat index will be upward to 105 degrees F. today.  That's 40.55 for those who use Celsius.

Needless to state, I will not be awalkin' today.  I could leave this second, but I'm not ready.  Face washing, dressing, can't leave without making the bed, and so on to do,  By the time I get out, it will be in the 80's.  While that's not hot, it IS humid.  Miserable.  Needless to say the more I hang here pounding the keyboard, the later it will be.  Gotta fix breakfast for Katie's favorite brother anyway.  He's here visiting till tomorrow morning. He'll have bacon and eggs.  If you smell that bacon cooking, come  on over.  I have plenty more for you.  AND a big enough dining table to fit a few of you.  Be my pleasure.  I'll get dressed first, so don't worry!  :-)

I wonder what car I may come home with tomorrow if all goes well enough?  I saw one at the dealership on-line.  The price is OK, kinda sorta...and their internet prices are lower than the walk in and look around ones.   My present vehicle is getting on to 14 years old.  But still is good looking except for bumps and bruises, and the clear coat is long gone.  I'm responsible for two of the small bumps (only have small bumps) and others are responsible for whatever is left.  However the a/c is intermittent and that ain't gonna work.  Car has a not-too-bad 128,000 miles on it.  Been well maintained but I am not willing to spend money and time on a paint job and air conditioner work along with replacing the insulation or whatever it is around all the doors and moon roof to reduce the considerable cabin noise.  I should have done that repair/refurbishment 50 thousand miles ago.  It's been a loud ride always, but much worse as it got older.   I'll be fortunate to get enough for sales tax on a newer vehicle in trade in, for mine.

The car I looked at is black and I don't care for those because they absorb heat more and show road dirt more.  And no one has more pollen I swear than this region.

My vehicles are always male or female.  The one I presently have is called Miyuki and she is a girl car. Don't know what I will come away with at the dealership but I am pretty sure the one I am going to see--- if it is still there--- is a male car.  Not sure of a name.  It will come to me.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wonderful To Be Grateful.

I got to go for a good, decently paced walkie this morning.   The temp was 74 F but the humidity was not 100% as it was last walk I took.  That was a misery then as I was soaked with perspiration top to bottom.  Not so today for which I was grateful.

But that is not why I have that title up there today.  It is there because, as my dear friend Karen put it-tomorrow is my "re-birthday".

Two years ago on July 17th, I had critical heart surgery.  It was a very difficult for the surgeon type surgery and I am grateful to God for Him getting us, the surgeon and I, through it.   My recovery was said to be "picture perfect" though I did not know that. Looking back and even to this day, it was every bit that.

So I am starting a celebration of my re-birthday that I have been given, for I would have not been here much longer the Dr. told me afterward.  In a manner of speaking, I have gone from 0 to 60 in the six hours of surgery after recovery.

For those friends and blog family that stayed with me and cared, I am deeply grateful.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Good Day Without RAIN.

I was out of the door by just after eight today for a walk in slightly cooler NO rain weather.

I enjoying finding all of the toy surprises when I got back home in differing places done by a "flying through the house" Katie.  I videoed her toy placements this time and her duckie was next to the water dish this time.  She always has a great time the minute I leave in mornings.  She even raids her toy basket and brings out some of those.  I vacuumed early evening yesterday.  Carpet looked good.  When I got home this morning, there wasn't a square inch of caret without her foot prints deeply imprinted and dug in with the speed she generated as she raced though the house and returned to bring out her toys to see what she did. .

Nothing pretty or even there as for as flowers are concerned this morning.  Generally speaking I just have my phone with me but I had had some decent photos through it this past month. The DSLR is large, heavy and it rides along with me in the car in a "Glass Taxi" with the accompanying lenses etc.  Only take it when I am going somewhere that there will not be a lot of extra walking.

I was looking out of the screened window in my room while making the bed last weekend when some men apparently enlisted by the woman next door set about taking the old thoroughly rotted deck down.  It had slipped downward on one side badly, and it was hanging on one side a good two feet down ready to completely collapse.  I got to the window to watch when an older man, very thin I will add, was engaged in power sawing the support leg of the deck that was up against the house.

He succeeded and the deck fell onto his back, knocked him down of course and sent him rolling down the hill.  I was going to call 911 when another man appeared and walked to him apparently asking if he was OK.  He made a dismissive gesture and continued working.  He was stumbling and having a hard time but would not admit, I guess, what happened.  After a week they came back yesterday and the old man was not along with them.  He did raise his shirt a few hours later that day for the other guy to see his back.  I caught a glimpse of fiery red.

He must be inexperienced to have sawn the leg off that was holding the rotted deck up..though it had fallen downward several feet hanging by the proverbial thread.  Poor guy.

That's the fallen deck.  The man was under it and was knocked down.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Family First

My son is in Iceland presently with his best friends.   He posted a picture in Face Book of a family first for us.   He actually caught a fish.  A cod fish.  The first family member to ever catch a fish.

As a child all I ever got were snapping turtles.  Just time after time.  Dad couldn't take me very often so the opportunity to try again in a better place just never happened.  Through time I have occasionally thought to go fishing, but thinking  about where I supposed to go for the will I learn to use a fishing rod,  where to go...all that just caused me to put it on the back burner.  Over and over.  BUT someone in the family finally caught one.  The look on his face as he holds up the fish  in that picture is  delightful.

Made my morning.  And speaking of which, I need to get going and head out.  Nothing exciting.  I need bread.  I will take the camera...just in case.

Happy Sunday to you all.  🌼