Friday, July 21, 2017

Good Grief # 15

Good Grief.  It's summer so no surprise that the heat index will be upward to 105 degrees F. today.  That's 40.55 for those who use Celsius.

Needless to state, I will not be awalkin' today.  I could leave this second, but I'm not ready.  Face washing, dressing, can't leave without making the bed, and so on to do,  By the time I get out, it will be in the 80's.  While that's not hot, it IS humid.  Miserable.  Needless to say the more I hang here pounding the keyboard, the later it will be.  Gotta fix breakfast for Katie's favorite brother anyway.  He's here visiting till tomorrow morning. He'll have bacon and eggs.  If you smell that bacon cooking, come  on over.  I have plenty more for you.  AND a big enough dining table to fit a few of you.  Be my pleasure.  I'll get dressed first, so don't worry!  :-)

I wonder what car I may come home with tomorrow if all goes well enough?  I saw one at the dealership on-line.  The price is OK, kinda sorta...and their internet prices are lower than the walk in and look around ones.   My present vehicle is getting on to 14 years old.  But still is good looking except for bumps and bruises, and the clear coat is long gone.  I'm responsible for two of the small bumps (only have small bumps) and others are responsible for whatever is left.  However the a/c is intermittent and that ain't gonna work.  Car has a not-too-bad 128,000 miles on it.  Been well maintained but I am not willing to spend money and time on a paint job and air conditioner work along with replacing the insulation or whatever it is around all the doors and moon roof to reduce the considerable cabin noise.  I should have done that repair/refurbishment 50 thousand miles ago.  It's been a loud ride always, but much worse as it got older.   I'll be fortunate to get enough for sales tax on a newer vehicle in trade in, for mine.

The car I looked at is black and I don't care for those because they absorb heat more and show road dirt more.  And no one has more pollen I swear than this region.

My vehicles are always male or female.  The one I presently have is called Miyuki and she is a girl car. Don't know what I will come away with at the dealership but I am pretty sure the one I am going to see--- if it is still there--- is a male car.  Not sure of a name.  It will come to me.


  1. Oh my! The Cat Car was purchased with about 120,000 on it already, and it's 20 years old! But she runs like a champ, if there is a bit of rust here or there. Good luck on your auto purch; The Cat Car is the first one that I've named, but I like that you've named all of yours. Usually it's The Toyota or The Camry, or The Civic. Now I need a cool cat-themed front license plate cover.

  2. Ugh, humidity is awful! I can't tolerate it any more since I haven't had to deal with it in a very long time. We don't have high humidity and the mornings are crisp and cool but I still don't get around early enough to go on a walk. I need to change that. :) My hubby's 16 year old vehicle is leaking oil so instead of fixing it we will be replacing it. We already have two new cars in the garage but he needs a work vehicle as well as run around town vehicle. He manages 11 techs in 3 sites so he's out and about all day. We're thinking of a new Prius but I don't have him convinced yet. He'll have to drive it and see. Good luck on your car purchase!

  3. We have been having temps into the mid-80's recently - which is quite hot for us. But absolutely no humidity. We are getting desperate for some rain but the forecast shows none. Hope you get your walk in soon.

    Good luck with the car shopping. I bought mine (black) in 2010 so I totally agree with the heat and dirt comment. I have no desire to buy another, but expect I will have in the next few years.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I sympathize with you about the car. My Toyota Highlander is 12 years old. It has parking lot scratches and dents. The interior is in perfect shape. I even lain down outdoor cut-to-fit carpet in the back. But get this, It only has 27,000+ miles on it!

    I'd love to have a newer car, but the current one just won't stop. I should buy an electric. I only drive around town.

    One thing that stops me from buying a newer car (electric or standard) is all the new internet gizmos. I'm afraid I won't be able to drive it. LOL!

    I get only 17 mpg on the Highlander. But at 2,000 miles per year, that really doesn't matter.

  5. Good luck with the car purchase.
    I hope it is a good solid car. I know more about cars than I ever dreamed of, or imagined. I am married to Mr Car.
    At present I have an Acura rdx. I like it. It was a hasty purchase after I crashed my Mazda 6S back in 200?
    can't remember, maybe 2007
    Next week hubbs and I are going to Summit Point to drive and race (haha) BMWs. I might fall in love with one. I like the higher profile vehicles now. I can see better, and I am a defensive driver.
    My hubbs loves me so much, he would buy me just about anything I wanted (no I would not choose something crazy like a Hummer or a Maserati) We do live in LoCo so there is money here. It is the Silicon Valley of the East Coast. Everyone here is loaded$$$, but we are not and that is okay. Today I am going to see Lizzie and Jerome in Alexandria. Lizzie is 8 months now. One more month and we will have a little bundle of adorableness. I am eager to help.
    Carole, it is boiling hot here too. Today the heat index will be 107º Put on some wold dance music and dance around the house. That is what I do.
    Please give KatieblossomPants a kiss on her head. Miles is lonely. I hope the new kitten we will have in September will be a good playmate. He seems to be a calm puddin in the videos. I miss Pierro and mom every day. I am just grateful for love and memories.
    I have been reinforcing the box fort.
    Have a fun day. Do not buy if you do not love the car

    1. oh by the way, that crash of the Mazda was not my fault. A huge car pulled right out in front of me and I had to chose to hit it broadside or go for the engine part in front. I had to swerve a little to the right and go for the engine. Split second thinking there. You do not want to hit the axel, or the frame as that is more dangerous for passengers. I did not want to kill anyone.

  6. LOL- I name my cars, too. It is hot and HUMID here,too. I can take the heat better than the humidity though.
    Hope you have a great day-xoDiana

  7. Hi Sis!
    Good grief It's Summer, Needless to state, You will not be awalin'today. your dreesing,cant leave without making the bed,and on I Pounding the keyboard,the later it will be. gotle fix breakfast for Katie's, favorite brother visiting has bacon and eggs only be my pleasure.I saw one at the look around ones,your responsible for whatever is left? Willing to spend money and time on a paint job It's been a load ride always good playmate, Buying a newer car electric good engine not us all encomapassing as the full panel is not needed,You never know with them procedures some times and you sure don't know what will be found.
    I have to do it so I live long and prosper, Raining day.
    Sis Katie,Miyuki and Victoria.