Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Family First

My son is in Iceland presently with his best friends.   He posted a picture in Face Book of a family first for us.   He actually caught a fish.  A cod fish.  The first family member to ever catch a fish.

As a child all I ever got were snapping turtles.  Just time after time.  Dad couldn't take me very often so the opportunity to try again in a better place just never happened.  Through time I have occasionally thought to go fishing, but thinking  about where I supposed to go for the will I learn to use a fishing rod,  where to go...all that just caused me to put it on the back burner.  Over and over.  BUT someone in the family finally caught one.  The look on his face as he holds up the fish  in that picture is  delightful.

Made my morning.  And speaking of which, I need to get going and head out.  Nothing exciting.  I need bread.  I will take the camera...just in case.

Happy Sunday to you all.  🌼


  1. We went fishing many times when I was young, but I don't recall ever catching a fish. My brother did and went on to become a conservation officer. Mom said it was the only job he could find where he could go fishing while he worked.

    Have a great day!

  2. From a family of fishers, I loved the experience of your first family fish and your concerns learning how to. I started at like 5 and the first one was tricky to get. I didn't know what to do with it, LOL!

  3. Hi Sis!
    A cod fish that is when your son with best friends caught fish.Before the license picture is delightful.
    You had GOOD the Camera Sis!
    A raining again today. I don't know what is happened in my life few years.
    You have a good with all younger family.
    The fish when I was younger time I can do that in japan.
    But Your Dad was good one.

  4. Well done to him!! Austin approves! Being the granddaughter of a Cornish fisherman I have caught fish, always from a boat and most memorably off the coast of Scotland!

  5. Wow, I wish I saw the photo and his face. I bet that was a thrill.... catching a fish.
    I never caught a fish, but I have been crabbing. I did not know we were going crabbing, and I did not even know it was a date, but I was in 8th grade. Anyway, that was interesting and I do not remember much of it.
    It is so hot. Daddy and I have played three games of pool and we will play another game today, I hope.
    We do not know how to actually play the game, Right now we just focus on aiming, getting balls into pockets, and timing our game, how long it takes to get all of the balls in the pockets. We cheat a little, well, have do overs.
    Today, another hottie.
    I do not eat enough fish. Some fish taste like card board.
    Have a fun Monday

  6. This is the second fishing blog I have read in two days. I used to do a lot of fresh water fishing mainly for rainbow trout. That is a bit strange since I live about five miles from the ocean.

  7. No one in my family fishes -- even my brother who has a boat -- but I did go on a deep sea fishing trip once. Egads, I hated that. I hate preying on anything, but for some reason people say it calms them. I would starve, I swear, if I had to catch things to eat! xoxo

  8. I used to love going fishing with my Dad. I wish my husband would fish with me but he has no interest. If you lived near me I would go fishing with you for sure!!!

  9. Hi Sis!
    I has writing to you send for Tomorrow 5-July. I was shopping and I had nice fished today.
    No rains to 4-00 but starting to rains again. I never played golf for long time. my friend stiles does.
    I going to have nice good memories time with them.
    You having a good day.

  10. Wow, Iceland! It must be a great place to visit. Congrats on the first fish caught by your family :-)

  11. Fishing shouldn't have to do with licences or equipment - just a string on a stick and a worm at the end of it. That's how Huckleberry Finn did it...

    Anyway, it's neat that your son caught the fish. I hope that doesn't start another cod war between Iceland and Britain!

  12. Catching a fish is exciting but I would imagine it's even more so when it's his first and he's in Iceland! I'm thrilled for him! I love, love, love to fish! Growing up in KS, I fished all the time. Thing is, I have to go with someone who'll take the fish off my hook. I will not touch a fish - no way Jose! I can bait the hook with minnows and worms but I just can't touch a fish. Nope. *shivers*

  13. Dearest Carole,
    Congrats on that family first.
    Well, when we did gift Mom & Dad with another trip to the USA, the for-last one, we all went fishing at the lake of our friends. Mom, Dad and me had never gone fishing and it was Dad who caught the first fish at the age of 80! Mom caught one, she got really exited and even I caught one. We've never ever been exposed to fishing before and I really am not that fond of it. I'd rather enjoy nature in a different way!
    Sending you hugs,

  14. Congratulations to your son on catching the family's first fish, Carole! :)

    Iceland ... wow!