Friday, June 30, 2017

Man. The fun Never Stops

Wellsir, I was on my way home a few hours ago.  Just got off the main four lane road and turned into the meandering road up to my home.  There was a combo quicky mart and gas station on the corner I turned.

I heard loud LOUD revving of a probably 4 cylinder engine car's motor.  My eye followed where the sound came from and it was someone in a very darkly tinted windowed little compact vehicle.  White, gewgaws and furbelows all attached to the body, darkly tinted windows as well, and revving to beat the band with it singer sewing machine engine and its poor mufflers tricked out to make that extremely loud ear-bustin' high pitched whine as they speed on by at whatever revs they can muster.  Loud mufflers/exhaust always make up for a small engine don'tcha know?

So, I had that internal warning  in my head that said "watch it, girl"!  Sure enough--- instead of stopping before leaving the parking lot, he/she gathered himself and sped out of the parking lot right at my passenger side.  Anticipation helped me to slow even more (after all, I had only just turned the corner) and I had to veer over into the other lane to its the sidewalk to avoid him colliding with me.

He/she/it sharply turned away from collision at the first blasts I issued from my horn.  I checked, and saw I could get back to my side of the road again after being run off i by this jerk.

I blew that horn.  I continued blowing it.  I blew it all the way up the road behind him...he/she turned at the nearest opportunity and I blew some MORE.  I am not anywhere near a softie as those who know me I was debating whether to follow him, take a pic of his license plate, generally be obnoxious but, I did not.  I went on home.  Besides, I had HER waiting for me.

Glad I wear a Fitbit.  Heart rate got to 90.  Heeehehe.


  1. People are always in such a hurry and don't even bother to look. Glad you avoided a crash. Probably a good thing you didn't continue after him. You never know what kind of person you may encounter.

  2. "Loud mufflers/exhaust always make up for a small engine don'tcha know?" MOL!

    That funny aside aside, I am so grateful you were not injured. I'd boil just like you did if in the same situation. When I found myself chasing someone who pushed me out of my lane, I stopped, gathered myself together and went on home. Himself was waiting.

    I'm sure Katie was thrilled to see her mommy, elevated heart rate and all.

  3. Dearest Carole,
    Oh my, one never know what the REAL intention was...?!
    Would they want you to get out and be vulnerable or come to your side and approach you...???
    But you did well. We ALL have to stay alert and better be prepared!
    Sending you hugs and hope you managed to decompress, being safely home with Katie.

  4. Oh, I love the vroom-vrooms - well, I did when I was a boy. Now that I'm an adult, I find them annoying, and the people driving them childish. I would've gone home to the cats, too. They make much better sounds.

  5. Thank goodness for the calmness of Katie awaiting you at home! I think that might legitimately be called road rage! Glad you are ok xx

  6. The road is not safe. It matters not what kind of vehicle or time of day. Bill has stories that would curl your hair. I am glad you were unharmed. It is a good idea to call 911 and report drivers like this. Include description of vehicle, plate number, location and direction. We have reported situations.

  7. Defensive driving is the way to go. I always assume no one else knows the rules of driving.
    Have a fun week-end Carole
    I am going to my tiny quilt club this morning, and then to daddy to play pool.

  8. Oh my goodness, good thing you were so alert. Glad you avoided being injured or worse.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Bloody hell that was a frightening experience there are some right idiots on the road

  10. Hi Sis!
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  11. Hopefully I'm back on a more regular basis. Arlene had some health issues but she has recovered well.
    We sure have our share of loony's on the road around here, in fact this area is notorious for that.
    I'm glad that nothing serious happened to you Carole. We've been friends for quite a while now.

    Just got back from a week on Martha's Vineyard. It was wonderful.

  12. I don't blame you for honking away.