Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday all Day Long

What a gorgeous day!  Katie sent me out for a walkie.

 I see while I was gone she was tearing around the house.  I see feet  prints dug into the carpet where she was running hard.  I can even see where she put on her brakes so to speak.  She had a few bites to eat in addition to her early breakfast but she was and still is sound asleep now. A girl has to rest.

She sent me to a park where the sidewalk or trail in places is smooth and perfect for a first outing in a while.

I am about out of food and that is serious.  I ate down all that I had except a few frozen dinners  and a few cans of veggies.  I will wait till tomorrow when I have a friend come and help me haul all the food I will be buying.  I love the company too.

I was going to include a few pictures but blogger won't load the thingy you use to post pictures.

Just checking in and saying thank you again for caring.  That's a blessing to me.  xxoo

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rainy Day as Always but Hey...It's a Day, Right?

Hello, Hi and Howareya?  Or is that Hawaii-- pronounced HIwawyee?  That's another way to say  howareya!

WE have had SO much rain that I have three HUGE fungi growing in the back yard.  They are not toad stools.  these are almost leafy looking, tan in color and they are about 18 inches or more in circumference and about that high!!! I called the mower and can't wait for it to stop raining so he can get here!  It's like a jungle out there with overgrown weeds and grass.

I am close to being all better now.  I see a doctor next Wednesday to hear his pronouncements and then, it will be history for me.  Well, not withstanding checkups.  :-)

Katie's favorite brother has been here six weeks and will be going back to his place next Monday or close to that.  Katie will miss him terribly.  They are very bonded.  About as much as she and I are bonded.  She has been snugged tightly into my midriff at night which precludes me turning over without disturbing her.  I won't do that so I suffer.  I can feel her using her feet on the mattress to push herself backward into my midriff all snug and tight.  Sweet girl.

Just saying a few words and Susie, I am thrilled to see you here.  Thank you so much dear friend.  I miss Beth as well and I still have her address in the computer contacts and her phone numbers in my phones.  Can't bring myself to take them out.  No harm that they are there except it's bittersweet when I see them.

Boston Boy, I will send you a quick email.  Hope you see this.  All of you...thank you for staying with me.  Tabbies, you are a smile making lot of fish chomping kitties!



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here I Yam, as Popeye Would Say!

Howdy fellow Popeye enthusiasts.  What?  You aren't one?  What's up with that?  That's alright.  I'll enthuse enough for all of us.

A cloudy day today and it will shower off and on after noon time.  I wish it would not but I have noticed that what I wish doesn't seem to be very effective!  Hm.  I must be---as the saying goes---holding my mouth wrong.

I had a procedure but I am getting around pretty well if I say so myself.  That's good as I have people to annoy and places to go.  All in good time.

Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for not forgetting about me.