Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday all Day Long

What a gorgeous day!  Katie sent me out for a walkie.

 I see while I was gone she was tearing around the house.  I see feet  prints dug into the carpet where she was running hard.  I can even see where she put on her brakes so to speak.  She had a few bites to eat in addition to her early breakfast but she was and still is sound asleep now. A girl has to rest.

She sent me to a park where the sidewalk or trail in places is smooth and perfect for a first outing in a while.

I am about out of food and that is serious.  I ate down all that I had except a few frozen dinners  and a few cans of veggies.  I will wait till tomorrow when I have a friend come and help me haul all the food I will be buying.  I love the company too.

I was going to include a few pictures but blogger won't load the thingy you use to post pictures.

Just checking in and saying thank you again for caring.  That's a blessing to me.  xxoo


  1. I'm glad you'll have help tomorrow with the groceries, Carole. And glad you got out for a walk. Gave Katie a break from her nursing duties too. LOL.


  2. Oh, I agree....let sweet Katie take a rest while you and your friend shop. :) So glad to hear you are walking to the park.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day for your foray out for a walk. I hope the shopping tomorrow is successful and not to tiring.

  4. I always wonder what cats get up to in our absence? I am sure they don't nap all the time!!! Have fun tomorrow and enjoy! :) xx

  5. You will slowly regain your strength. You should take Katie with you shopping. She might want to help.

  6. Hi Carole. How nice of Miss Katie to send you out on such a beautiful day. It sounds like she had some stuff to take care of in the house, too. :)

    Hugs to you both!

  7. It's good that Katie got you outside! I get enough walking sometimes just in the yard going back and forth between the project and house for various tools. I should get a pedometer some day to see how far I walk while never leaving the yard, LOL!

    I have a lot of leeway when it comes to food though. I'll typically have a 2 lb bag of frozen shrimp, frozen meatballs, steaks, pork, smoked chicken, etc, so I can last a long time if I want. What forces ME to the store is usually being out of fresh veggies and fruit.

  8. ^^ yep. I have to go to the store to get the fresh stuff every single week.
    I buy a boat load of nectarines, pears, blueberries, grapes bananas,and then a pile of salad stuff too.
    Everything else I buy meat and pasta potatoes I usuallly buy frozen. I really do not like cooking. I used to many years ago, but now, it is my least favorite thing ever. That is sad.
    I am happy to hear you got out of the house. It is a slow process, but it will get better, keep slow and steady.
    I love you to pieces, and Katie would enjoy racing around with the boys.
    Miles and Pierro are always trampling and yowling. We have happy kitties

  9. I saw the photo of your walk on Katie's page- looks like a nice day to walk.

  10. I hope your day went well. Getting 'er done is my phrase today I think.

  11. Good to see you posting. I need to get back to a routine. I am glad you were able to go for a walk. I wish I could have gone, too. I would even help with shopping! Hugs! ☺❤

  12. Hi Sis!
    What you had lovely time walkinging with Katie! When you had friend give help all the food of frozen dinners with cans of veggier's.
    I hope you will be some time very soon of pictures that will remine with me it world be even most of the days!
    Sis.katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  13. sending love and (((hugs))) and so happy you are doing so much better!
    Wish I lived near you, I would take you to the store for sure!

  14. Sis...I have an old friend from childhood here this weekend helping me get supplies for stocking up this winter. BIG help that is for sure. Hope you continue to improve. Rest when you need to. Warmest hugs ..take care of YOU!! <3

  15. I saw the beautiful sky in Katie san's blog. She is a sweetheart to send you to such a wonderful walk. I hope you are doing well. Glad your friend will come to help you do the groceries. Sending hugs and love, Tamago xoxo