Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Special Birthday

Happy Birthday, Son.

Wow! Were we ever happy to know you were on the way.  Talk about a major event in our lives!  You were certainly that and more.  And a more spoiled baby there never was as we traveled all over  the world with you.

You were born to me while I was still overseas, and I chose to have you at a military hospital.  We had to travel quite a bit, pulling up and going to another Site about every 2 months and that meant living out of a suitcase in hotels etc.  When you arrived, we continued for awhile but it got too much to expect of all three of us so we decided to come back to the US.  But before we did, we paraded you around to every Country we had been living and showed you off to the many friends we'd made.  Then we came home.  The parade continued while we showed you off to all of the family in several States.

I still feel just as happy to have you as my son, just as I am happy for your two brothers who followed you.  There is no greater honor than to have the three of you as my children, and you have the distinction of being the first.   All my love, Son.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

One of my Favorite

Memorial Day or Decoration Day is one of my favorite times of the year.  I am by myself on these holidays as the children are of course, grown and gone so it's not that I am making a big hoopla here, but I am quietly enjoying the meaning and history of the day.  My biggest favorite holiday outside of Christmas of course is the 4th of July.  I look forward to that with anticipation every year.  If I'm fortunate, someone is here and I can fire up the grill.  But aside from that, it is purely the history of that day that captures me and makes me so happy.  I am very patriotic.

Me and the 50mm lens are still going round and round but I manage a few pictures here and there.  I am so used to the long lens that this seems like a pain in the neck since I have to LEARN something again.  The other lens may be back from repair in 3 to 4 weeks.

The horribly expensive new heat and air system is SO much BETTER than the old 15 year old one that was replaced.  Man, I never knew what good circulation  of air was until this unit was installed.  I love the programmable thermostat too.  Just set it as they say, and forget it.  (unless you change your wee mind).

Oh..I bought something I thought the youngest could use (I was wrong it turns out..very wrong) and took it all the way out there where he lives as a surprise.  Well, word to the wise.  Never drink 17 oz. of water right before you leave especially if you have shopped for a not-needed surprise and several other things.  The time involved to rid oneself of the water is legion.  The trip was a bust.  He didn't need what I bought and I was wishing I were home for a minute.  So all that for nothing but, stuff happens.

Here is a photo I took on the way back from that fruitless little trip.  It is taken with the 50mm.  Please biggafy.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Dreary Day Out There

I swear, every week it seems there are 4 days of rain.  The next 3 are sunny usually but then, the same pattern starts again.  We have had the 4 days and nights of rain and gray; today is the 5th day and it is foggy still with the weatherman's promise of lifting fog by noon and then, three days of sun!  Guess what happens Monday next week and the following three days on the weather chart?  Rain.

The pet blogs are sad right now as there are so many of our pets who have passed away all at once it seems.  In other words within a week of one another.  May seems to be a sad month for we pet owners.

I remembered that I have a 50 mm lens for my camera so I got it out and tried to take some pictures without a lot of success.  It is definitely different.  I got a half way decent flower photo but that was dumb luck.  The f stop is tricky for me.  Seems like 1.8 or 2.8 is the range but then, the manual focus seems trickier than it is with my long lens.  Probably just me having NO idea what I'm doing.  I may gear up against the fog and likely rain (for the 5th day!!) and head on out to try again.  My indoor pictures are a disaster with it.  I know I just need someone here to say NO you doofus.  Do it THIS way.  Alas, that person hasn't shown up yet.  And won't.   Dang.

Today I make a birthday cake to give to the oldest who will be here this weekend.  His birthday is not until the 29th but we must do the celebration early this time.  His youngest brother will join us briefly as we have supper at a restaurant in Knoxville.

I hope it is a good day and impending weekend for you.  It will be here.  XOX

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday and some pictures

Guys, my lens bit the dust.  It's going to be repaired so close to a thousand won't have to be paid out, just a third of that for repair.  Sigh. It's broken and I don't know how or why.  It has never been roughly handled, dropped or talked to in a cross voice.  Wait, I take that back.  I have said a few things to it on occasion when I was not able to do what I wanted to do because I found later that I didn't adjust the ISO. So I blamed poor Victoria (that's the camera's name).

I have a cheap little point and shoot not even as good as the point and shoot I used back in my MSN Live Spaces blog days.  I am not used to no view finder and not being able to focus on my own.  This sucker has auto.  So the pictures I post till the camera and its lens are mated again will be pitiful more pitiful. I couldn't get the pictures onto iPhoto as my camera wanted to send them to ViewNX that came with the CD for the camera.  Thanks to Horst, I am now able to get these blurry offerings onto iPhoto and then, onward to your discerning eye.

BUT for me, happy news.  I have a container garden as I live on the edge of the woods and we are caked up with deer, fox, raccoons,  bears, coyotes,  and they eat those that are planted in the ground.  No more of that.  These are on my deck.  I have had great success each year. And dad burned if there aren't two baby bell peppers on it.  I planted red bell peppers.  These guys are green.  I hope they turn red as they grow.  I also have half a dozen tomato flowers.  These are so-called purple tomatoes.  I hope they aren't too too big and that I can keep everything staked up.

Here is my offering of the day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Grief!

Man alive...if it isn't one thing it's another.

My camera lens broke.  It did that on its own as I have never jostled it or dropped it and it is always protected.  Upped and died on me.  I can't afford a new one at close to $800.00 + so I am having this one repaired.  But I won't see it again for a good 3+ weeks.  MAJOR bummer.  Last year I was banged up terribly and broken and swollen so that I could not hold anything till after rehab in mid October.  Guess what?  All my summer and Fall colors flowers and landscapes never happened.  I was so looking forward to this years attempts and the lens dies.  Then..today I bought and paid for a new heat and air system. Sigh.  the old guy was close to death..and it had freon which was leaking all the time and had to be refilled..topped off. The heating part of the unit died on me three times in the worst of the cold of course.

But here is something nice.  The installers  today saw a bad thing had happened.  The previous installer had the unit butted up against the house's side and consequently they cut away my siding before they slid it onto the house's side.  They never should have done that thing of putting the unit right onto the house  but I did not know it at the time. What happened was condensation/vapors got into the cedar shakes that still cover the house (with vinyl siding on top of them) in that particular area and rotted some of them.  Now I have to be concerned for mold- but not too greatly.

  While my workman was under the house in the crawl space inspecting the venting etc.,  he saw my spare vinyl that was stored there and rather than asking me, he intuited that indeed I would like it put on the bare place of my home.  He went above his "call of duty" and installed it on the house and covered up the place that was bare. It was most kind of him to do that. Way past kind.

The new unit, oh it's a beauty and it is about a foot or so away from the house with an aluminum or metal at least, surround covering all exposed area.

Too, I needed a new ceiling fan in my room.  Yesterday I bought it and had it ready.  The electrician got here and put the fan together, then took the old one down.  He discovered and showed me that it was unsafe having a fan there as the electrical box did not settle firmly into place and never had.  He showed me the wiggle and said the weight was largely being distributed onto the sheet rock.  Not good.  He did warm me about cracks IF they formed and what would happen.  I  was so disappointed to no longer have my fan but common sense had me opting to get a ceiling light fixture instead and so he went with me to Home Depot to choose and buy one.  He had already gone out to get a new box.  So that was 2 trips. He installed the light fixture and when I asked what I owed him after 2 1/2 hrs. He said $35.00.  This is a licensed bonded insured electrical inspector type electrician! I said "Benny, you have to charge more!" but he said "$35.00" again.  He said it wasn't my fault as he put it, that the fan couldn't be installed.  But still...$35.00.  What a kind and generous outright GIFT to me that was.  He's a fellow Christian.

So that has been my week.  My youngest son gifted little Katie Isabella with a fantastic tall cat tree which she LOVES! That was so generous when I was already prepared to pay that cost of course.  How loving and kind that was of him.

That has been my week.  Full of gremlins but equally full of loving kindness and the ability to pay for the big expense.  XOX

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you all who nourish and rear children.  If you are a mom, a single dad, a grandparent, aunt or any relation at all to the child you are bringing up..Happy Mother's Day and lots of love to you all.

I have said the same thing so many times since I began blogging, that being that  I feel that being a mother is the single most amazing and important thing that can ever happen for a woman, bar none.  Being a dad is almost up there in my eye but to carry and bring the child into the world and care for the child from birth until he or she goes out into the world, that is priceless and for me there is nothing, not gold nor money, not gems or prestige that I would trade for the privilege.

The children that we have are the pinnacle of reward for living our lives.  I am grateful to have been chosen to have brought three into the world.

Thank you my three sons for being who you are, what you are and just for making my world a good place to be because you are in it.  Here is one rose for each of the three of you that came from my rose bushes in the yard.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So, What's it all about?

I was looking at the news over on Yahoo yesterday and ran across this sobering article.  I knew all of it already but I absolutely did NOT know about UTAH and that horrifying thing.  Read all of this for your own good.  Apparently we all feel helpless and lay down and take it.   Scroll all the way down.


Aside from that horror..give some thought to what is happening regarding the Nation's obesity epidemic as it has been called.  Now folks, there will always be those who over-eat.  I know that.  There will be those who eat so-called junk food.  I am aware of that as well.  But it has been that way since time began.  What I want to know is now why are even babies so over weight that they TOO are called obese?  And you and I both know I am not referring to baby fat as it used to be called.  These infants and toddlers..of course children all the way through school are increasingly obese.  Now guys and gals, sorry.  Sitting around after school isn't going to do all of that.  And what about the infants and babies and toddlers?

Can you say additives and chemicals in our food stream these past years ladies and gents?  I fully believe that additives put in our food supply by foreign manufactures and those manufacturers here in this Country who manufacture foodstuffs- are adding things that never were there in the food supplies thru the years until the last generation who are adults now, fat and with fat children by and large (no pun intended).  Since there is melamine in the baby formula, and this Country apparently allows a certain amount..and who knows WHAT else in the rest of the food stream aside from the antibiotics etc which are scary all in themselves (antibiotics) who KNOWS what we are ingesting with no knowledge and no way to stop it?

Again..yes.  People over eat,  But not to the tune of 45-50% obesity rate for the Country. Something external to their eating habits is at fault these days in my opinion and by the way..what about the horrible rise in diabetes both in little children and adults?

The media NEVER address anything other than acting as though everyone is purposefully eating themselves into oblivion.  Well, I don't think they are, at least no more than did in generations before this one.

Now, our animals are at risk again.  See this recall.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Oh gee whiz, it's raining again.  It showered last night but a very frank rain out there early this morning when I got up with the wind blowing hard as well.  For now that has stopped but it is gray with poetically speaking, more on the way!

Housework.  I get a reminder every now and again that it is unending.  You can feel as though you're in a movie where someone re-winds and there you are again, taking cleaning materials etc out and beginning.  Fast forward, re-wind and the same scene over and over.  The pleasure of a clean and tidy home is transient for certain.  I have said since MSN Spaces blogging days that I still cannot comprehend how one woman and one cat can make such a mess.  I keep up with the worst of it day by day but the weekly dredging and back -hoeing is still needed regardless.

Who knows what a Johnny Cake is?  Apparently here in the South there is a different definition and making of same.  You Yankees (that takes in the entire rest of the Country)  have your own recipe? Just askin'.

Here's the last hail and rain storm a couple weeks ago.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Wander

Good morning.  I am headed to the red Neck Room in a bit to make noise and have fun.  Then, I'll come back, change into "I don't care of they get dirty" jeans or shorts probably since it's supposed to nudge 90 degrees today-- and head out with the camera.  I need to work out first and I likely will put that off until tomorrow early.  I hate working out with a meal in my stomach.  Ugh when you're doing even machine crunches.  What was that daddy used to say?  "Tastes as good coming back up as it did goin' down" I believe it was.

I let the Mac take a picture of me April the first, and then I doctored it up to make it too bright and added a  "grunge" texture to it so as to keep it from being a good likeness. I may put it here and then take it back off again shortly.  It was deliberately distorted which allowed me to satisfy curiosity as to who the crazy cat lady is on Flickr and yet disguise the picture to a degree as well.  Not many folks walk around with brilliant white faces and texture all over them.  (I hope).

Have to get ready for the day.  Hope all is well at your places.  I'll check.  Iced tea would be nice if you have it.