Thursday, December 31, 2015

Here Comes Another

Well, here comes another New Year.  Have a HAPPY New Year my friends.  Maybe there are a few who will be as glad to see the end of this year as I am myself.  A tremendous lot happened here at my house this year  A new baby in the family, wedding anniversary of my son and his wife, my surgery, the added "attraction" of the mother of all sciatica attacks and as a farewell of the Old Year,  a sinus infection with a high fever.  BUT!  It's all relative. Truly  Things could be worse.  I could be dead, and the sciatica could have stayed for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving but it didn't  :-)

What is there (at least for me) about hot rich tomato soup.  I love it.  I admit I certainly don't make it from a recipe,. I eat Campbell's.   Oh it is so good.   Many times I don't recall that I have a can of it in the cupboard.  When I do see it, if there is a meal time anywhere even near I get it out.  I like  it diluted with half water and half milk. Just had some for lunch.  "That's what Campbell's Soup is, Um Um Good"!

As always to start my New Year off right...the usual of 2-3 days of sun and then the usual 9-10 days of overcast and gray.  Better than some folks have to have had.  I should learn to stop complaining. It did not used to be like this weatherwise until about four years ago.

I have shown this picture once before.  Took it on my way back from Charlotte.  The meaning of it made me want to learn more and more about what that meant, where they were and why.  I started Googling as soon as I got home.

See you laters

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Little Tuna With That Celery?

A friend of mine was telling me she was going to have a tuna sandwich after we talked.  That set up a longing and a mouth watering for me as I love tuna salad.  BUT I make mine (for me when no one else is involved) differently.

For me, when it is just for me, I use water packed tuna of course, and of the better type if there is such a thing realistically.  I drain it, add maybe a teaspoon of sweet  pickle relish and maybe a tablespoon of light mayo...some black pepper, and then, just for me at least THREE stalks of chopped celery.  All that celery with 6 oz or whatever it is, of tuna.  I pile it on as high as it will go onto a piece of wheat bread, top that extremely lumpy mountain with the other slice, cut diagonally and tear into it.  For other people were they with me, I would not do that.  I would probably ask if it is alright to add a bit of celery.

I am getting a new computer today sometime or there.  I checked the tracking and it is out for delivery.  This one is four years old and while good still it has become slower as the operating system is not lending itself to updates any longer.  Oh I get other updates but not the ones that would come with a current operating system.  It's all good but with 7000 pictures on here, that doesn't help I imagine.

(No, they aren't all of Katie tempting as it would be to think...Admiral either).

Here's an extra view of a former topic here.  I took two pictures of that model plane in a Charlotte consignment store.  I LOVE that place!

Monday, December 7, 2015

How Nice!

Well, I got to go work out today and I went Friday of last week.  All of my physical problems are behind me now.  The surgery of course and I had begun working out after several months recovery only to get sciatica on a long long walk.  BUT!  I am over that too and I have begun to get some exercise at LAST!  I so dislike not being active so maybe now my active times have come again.  I hope so.  I even did lower back exercises on the machines today.

I have spent several months whining and moaning about those ills.  Now thank goodness I can't any more.  I did spend a decent amount of time writing on the website of the hospital I was in back at the end of July. I had nothing but compliments except for one thing, to give.  The fact that I came out of there after eight days and nights after rare surgery with NO infection...that is worth writing thanks for.   So I wrote a long note to the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) of the hospital and said all the accolades that the hospital deserved as well as the surgical group who cared for me.  AND the anesthesiologists!  I still can't get over how they handled the half hour or so before my surgery.  I had been wheeled down to a low ceilinged not garishly lit room and "parked" on my gurney in a far aisle near the wall.  People smiled a bit, murmured good morning and were so calm and I had NO idea who they were or why I was there for.  I thought it was for more testing before the surgery.  No.  It was for my pre-op times and they handled it so well, so nicely that I had no concerns or anxiety at all.  They made sure not to "alarm" me with conversations or other things.  I just know they said something about getting the IV started...I had no idea what type, and all I know is I woke 6 hours later looking at the kids. They were superb as were everyone else I came into contact with except two women.

I checked in the night before the surgery.  When I was conducted to my room, two women were there and commanded that I not sit anywhere, to get into the bathroom and when I got there, they commanded "STRIP!".  Um, pardon me?  "STRIP!".  Why I asked?  "You have to" I was told.  "STRIP"!  So, no matter my protests, I was forced to disrobe in front of them.  Turned out it was only to remove any fuzz I may (I didn't) have.  They could have done that decently once I got into bed instead of showing their power over me with disgusting rudeness.  Then I had to take the antibiotic shower.  I told them no way they were going to stay in there with me then!  They also made fun of my modesty by asking how did I ever have children?  I actually answered in a loud commanding tone of my own that I didn't have them being told to "strip!!" by two strangers who were rude!

I complained in my letter to the CAO about that duo in my room after having said all the positives about the surgical group and the anesthesiologists as well as some of the nurses in particular for attitude toward me, ALL of them however insofar as excellence of the job were concerned.

OK.  Life story finished.

Waiting on repair people to get here.  My new, 6 months old Whirlpool stove had a screw come off or loose when I pulled the burner out from the plug in order to clean the drip pan.  That's gonna cost me $$$ for a defective component in the stove.  I'll get them to tighten all of them while they are here.