Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Dear Friends

Happy New Year dear friends.  You all of you mean a lot to me and I appreciate the care shown toward me through the years.  No matter what happens you are there.  And that is what makes friendship so heartening.  Cyber friendships are just as beautiful and even have a glow. I count them among my treasures.

Just stopping in for a moment till tomorrow.  xoxox

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hello and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all of you friends.  How I appreciate you each one.

I am concerned that one is missing for several weeks now, my friend in Australia and I miss her very much. If any of you have heard from my Sis in Australia, please let me know if she is alright.

Meanwhile, I hope Santa has been by and that you are happy.  We are, and we ate like nobody's business.  YUM.  We had LOTS of food. Turkey, gravy, yeast rolls, macaroni and cheese, pareleyed and garlic mashed potatoes, corn, shelly beans, turkey gravy, dressing and cranberry sauce both whole berry and smooth.  I made a pumpkin pie and a coconut cream one.  NUMMY.

Thank you too for the Christmas cards and the sympathy cards.  We miss the little Boss but she is free and young again now.

I'll be around here shortly to visit.  xoxo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank You For Being There

My heartfelt and sincere thank yous to all of you who have greeted me and sent comfort on the Admiral's page and my Wall these past several days.  Friendship, love and caring are like a salve on an open wound.  It helps stop some of the bleeding.

Some folks who don't have pets or dislike a kind of pet or worse don't love their pet as a family member can't and won't understand what a crushing blow this is.  I know the pain will fade in time.  It faded when Robin flew away 16 years ago.  One day I will not feel the sharp pain as much.  But until that time comes, oh, I am so sad.  Just so so so sad.

Last night I rose suddenly from the office chair which for once wasn't occupied by you-know-who and called to her out loud as I reached the hallway, "I'm coming to feed ya, Baby.  Sorry I'm a little late!" and the words died in my mouth as I realized I was talking to the thin air.  It's habit.  I will lessen.

God bless all of you and thank you for yourselves.  What a priceless gift to ME!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One thing Sunday

After spilling and unsucessfully getting rid of all the evidence of a half a gallon of milk on the floor the other day, I huffed and I puffed and I worked hard.  Here is today's result.


That's the fridge in the left hand side and as I have no laundry room (small house) those are the washer (L) and dryer (R) and the door where this all happened.  The accidental dropping/falling out of the half gallon of milk)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


What a week with yesterday being one I am grateful came good instead of the way it might have been.  All the purrs and prayers for the Admiral are indeed still working as her life was saved yesterday from an awful accident.  She blogged about it today.

Today is gorgeous sunny and cold.  I got ready..wore my new gray jacket, rather a dressy one, and headed out to shop-- but I changed my mind and I went to a restaurant for lunch.  I never have minded doing these sorts of things by by myself Dining out I mean.  It's more fun because of getting to run your mouth when you're with someone's equally OK to go by yourself.    I just went to Shoney's this time and had the so-called country fried steak.  With a cream gravy and a small baked potato.  That will last me all day and part of the evening but good.  Yummy.

Has anyone been to see Puss in Boots after I blogged about it?  I hope you did and that you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow or later today will be quite a chore getting the kitchen wooden floor gleaming again after that awful accident yesterday and Simba if you read this, yes, I sure did have to go buy another half gallon at over $3.70.  Thank heavens that was the only outcome.  It could have been horrible.  Here is a cheerful reminder of late Spring this year. Just before my accident.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainy day in TN

It's raining again but then, we have been getting at least 2 days worth every this is right on schedule.

Headed out to join the gang, both working and not for some fun and loud talking.  The loud talking is the best part. :-)))  I'll have to go work out later.

I hear more woodpeckers out there this morning than anyone else.  Some nuthatches too and some finches but woodpeckers are predominant.  As long as I can I will feed the birds.  I saw a Ladder Back woodpecker on the ground eating under the feeder.  That was the first time I have seen a woodpecker eating on the ground.

I was saying in my WP blog that these 6 weeks so far of working out have brought back the muscles in my right arm and the wrist that was broken and encased so long in the casts. VERY glad about that!  I don't like having a soft arm with no muscle tone.  Wanna arm wrestle?  I think I'm up for it.

Getting ready to put the final touches on to go on out.  Wish you were coming too. You'd have fun.  Especially my WI girls up there.  You all know how to have laughs and fun!  xox

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And then, There's This To Consider.

Far as I know, I don't look to be or appear or act to be hard of hearing nor am I slow of mind.  I'm almost sure none of those adjective apply (but then, maybe close friends would tell me if those adjective did apply).

Then, I will also tell you that I don't look as though I am standing by my to-be grave site with one foot on the proverbial banana peel.  I am not limping, stammering, stooped, whatever.  So why did the salesperson speak very loudly and very slowly to me this morning  as if to a pre-kindergartner while ringing up my purchase?  This was at Penney's.  That-- and to put the cherry on top, she called me "Sweetie" probably at least 15 times in a few minutes.  Plus, as an added treat, she said there was a rebate form that came out with the sales slip.  I murmured that I thought that was rather they'd not done that before to my knowledge....whereupon she said " Hey, I just print 'em!"

I wanted to climb over the counter and cuff her one for being so sickeningly condescending but that smart remark was about all I was wanting to subject myself to.

No..I didn't cuff her one, nor did I return remarks or bad comments to her.  I just took my purchase and left.

The reason I made that comment in the beginning of my blog about appearance is:  older folks have many many times written about being discriminated against by sales clerks, and any other place where they have to deal with people in either a professional, medical or a sales atmosphere.  I have not seen it until today.  There were two very much older ladies ahead of me who got the condescending treatment from the clerk..I guess she was still in that swing of things when I bellied up to the bar.

Just thought I would complain here.  You blog family are used to me by now.  :-)))

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well! I guess *I* got told...

It was 1430, I was hungry as I ate at 0630, and after all my traveling and errands were over, I was turning into the clearly marked entryway..complete with turn arrows for the exit off the main road I took in order to enter McDonalds parking lot and around to the window to order a sandwich when a woman...probably 30 something came bolting out of the parking lot at a fairly high rate of speed considering it was a ramp.  She almost hit me head on...I swerved to avoid it if I could.  I was at a stop by then as she was within inches of the front of my car and I couldn't turn any farther to the left.  She screamed at me, questioned my heritage and called me several names, expanding my vocabulary with her choices and screamed some more.  Then took off on down the entrance ramp after informing me of my inability to drive among other things.

I won't forget her appearance, or of her old box like van.  Her hair was straight, burgundy colored, thin eyebrows and lips, eyes were narrowed while she was spewing filth at me, and her so white.  :-) Thin face.  She must be very sad and very disadvantaged in ways that count.

Well, I guess I am finished talking about that.  I suppose these things will happen while you are left wondering what was that all about?

Picture was taken in my front yard.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Charlotte NC and the Dead Sea Scrolls

This header picture was taken in Charlotte, NC as I was standing on the top floor of a 10 floor parking garage uptown.  I think that's the Hearst Bldg.  Any Charlotteans who happen to see this will correct me I hope, if I am wrong.  I still love Charlotte and if I wouldn't have to start over, I'd move there.  There is any cultural thing you could ever want or hope for available in the City.  The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra is world class (no, really!) and their Discovery Museum, to name just one is awesome.  That is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were on loan from Israel for a little while.  One of the most awe inspiring things I have ever seen in my life or ever will see.  There were a few other places in this Country they were allowed to go and that was it.

No, not reproductions of the Scrolls..the real thing.  I blogged about it on Spaces back when I went to see them.  The lighting was very very dim..just enough to see your way around and the displays of the scrolls were dark except for a 5 second interval when they were lit better.  The light faded after that five seconds and you had to wait there for another interval of light until you were finished looking at that particular one.  It was the same all the way through.  Light would hurt the scrolls so light was very carefully controlled.  The import of these and the sheer majesty of what I was seeing just almost literally took my breath away as there were times I noticed I was breathing very shallowly..just transported by the vision of history we rarely get to see.

I'm hoping that all is well in your homes and Chip, if you see this..I don't know how to see or comment on your Google + blog.  I don't want to start one there..not sure what to do to comment those who are.

See you later..gotta get ready for the day.  XO